Chapter 677: No Matter The Time, Any Place Is Home

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Brave Star Sick Yuchi Sun Qingyu’s Realm had already reached True Phoenix Fifth Stage. She was able to dominate any cultivator in all of Liangshan Continent. Even top-notch Star Generals would find it very difficult to engage in close quarters, let alone sneak attack from afar.

But this arrow came so abruptly and swiftly that surprisingly even Sun Qingyu did not anticipate this.

Just as this arrow was about to strike Sun Qingyu, Xiaoyao Tan’s Star General Hua Moyan took action in the nick of time. The Hero Star drew her bow and fired an arrow, knocking this arrow down. She broke Sun Qingyu out of this situation. The Brave Star was not rash and promptly fell back.

“So annoying. Shu’er1 was obviously so close to hitting her.” A slender figured woman hefted an enormous bow and spoke resentfully. That attitude seemed to treat the True Phoenix martial general Brave Star as a bird, as if she was shooting for sport.

“My Buddha of compassion.” The Buddhist woman gulped wine, ambiguously saying.

“De’er, the Buddha would nearly be infuriated to death by you.” The woman who was alluring as a flower smiled.

“Ladies, may we be so bold as to ask your names. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding.” Xiaoyao Tan cupped his fist and said. The Sixth Overlord being killed seemed to be unrelated to him. This composure and refined behavior perhaps deserved praise or even disdain.

“Your Servant kindly invited you all to drink tea, yet you drew your blade at first sight. This is truly disrespectful to Her Highness. You should die.” The always smiling woman drank her tea and spoke frivolously.

“Just who are you people. If you have superior skill, announce your name.” Sun Qingyu sneered. Her body glowed, and the image of a phoenix manifested. The spear and club in her hand gathered killing intent.

“You lack the qualifications to receive Her Highness’ name.” The woman grinned.

“Elder Sister, do not waste your breath on them.” The flat-chested girl who called herself Shu’er eagerly held her giant bow.

“Smoke and mirrors, this is not worth a mention.”

Sun Qingyu shouted. She aggressively burst forth. The woman’s hands gripped her spear and club, continuously stirring up the air. The Six Star Thousand Snow Piles and the Five Star Ten Thousand Clouds glowed with strange light.

A hazy, white mist flowed out from the Thousand Snow Piles, covering an entire range of hundred li.

The Ten Thousand Clouds unleashed a frightening multi-colored light. At first glance, it was like the first rays of sunshine emerging from the sea of clouds. “Huh, Heaven Rank?” Shu’er was astonished.

The woman drinking tea beamed even wider, her smile turning even stronger.

“Allow Poor Monk.” The Buddhist woman clapped her hands. Her left hand grabbed at Sun Qingyu. The chains on her left arm squirmed like a vengeful spirit, blood-light flowing out from her arm.

Sun Qingyu roared, displaying her aggression to the limit.

She attacked.

With her Heaven Rank.

“Hazy Ten Years All Four Seasons!!!”

Ten thousand rays of multi-colored light, a sea of clouds instantly bore down upon them. Intense killing intent and power intimidated every living thing in a range of a million li. The Buddhist-clothed woman also yelled explosively and stepped forward.

Without any fancy movements, she surprisingly caught Sun Qingyu’s Heaven Rank in her arm and poured everything into her palm. The scene of of haze scattered like an illusion, leaving Sun Qingyu shocked.


The entire teastand collapsed under the enormous force.

“Thousand Li Dragon Killing Arrow!”

Xiaoyao Tan was a shrewd character. He knew that the situation was already unable to be retrieved. After Sun Qingyu used her Heaven Rank, he immediately took action. They retreated to the side. Due to Sun Qingyu’s Heaven Rank being too strong, Lu Chanyou brought out the Six Star Crescent Moon Devil Sealing Buddhist Staff to defend Xiaoyao Tan, and Hero Star Hua Moyan straightened her body, drew her bow and saw an opportunity to fire her Dark Rank Archery.

The Thousand Li Dragon Killing Arrow released a dragon roar as it flew towards the Buddhist-clothed woman.


A blade severed the Dragon Arrow.

Shu’er giggled: “The Hero Star, correct? Come play with Shu’er.” The girl looked weak, but her arm strength was extraordinary. She fiddled with the enormous bow as if it was as light as a willow branch. Her bowstring stretched.


An arrow fired.

It unexpectedly became more than a dozen chilly rays of killing intent.

Hua Moyan’s Realm was True Phoenix Fourth Stage. Her speed was exceptionally fast, consecutively firing four Thousand Li Dragon Killing Arrow to directly break the opposing arrows. Shu’er moved swiftly, leaping by.

Arrows descended like rain.

Rays of powerful force drilled down.

Hua Moyan used Earth Rank “Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow.” The unparalleled rainbow light broke through all of Shu’er’s arrows. Then, the calm woman quickly leapt and urged on the rainbow light. She stepped, and arrows circled around in the sky.

Another Earth Rank Archery.

Arrow Broken Unbounded!!!2

All of fate and the atmopshere were completely disintegrated by this arrow. Shu’er gasped in amazement and happily said: “It looks like Shu’er will also need to use an Technique. Watch this Dark Technique Archery – Sun Shooter.”3

These words nearly made Hu Moyan vomit blood.

This woman wanted to use a Dark Technique against her Earth Rank?

A blazing hot light descended and obliterated the Arrow Broken Unbounded.

The composed Hua Moyan could not help but stare in disbelief.

A Dark Rank broke an Earth Rank??

“And watch this Dark Technique Archery – Bright Moon.”

An arrow fired from the giant bow with a whoosh, drawing a beautiful trajectory. Hua Moyan caught sight of it and dodged backwards. Unexpectedly, this arrow abruptly turned into a crescent moon’s curve, surprisingly circling around her to target Xiaoyao Tan.

Xiaoyao. Hua Moyan subconsciously turned her head.

“Moyan, look out.” Xiaoyao Tan promptly said.


Hua Moyan had only just turned her head when she suddenly noticed that the curving arrow had once again shifted trajectory. The crescent had suddenly become a full circle. Even the True Phoenix Realm Fourth Stage Hua Moyan could not react to this arrow’s speed in time.

Her chest was pierced by this arrow.

“Ohhhh, bullseye.” Shu’er was as happy as a child whose arrow had finally struck prey.

This archery contest ended in Hua Moyan’s complete defeat.

Xiaoyao Tan and Lu Chanyou promptly came over.

“Ten Thousand Swords Returning Sect!!” Xiaoyao Tan extended and waved his hand. In the sky, ten thousand Flying Swords of chilling cold light appeared. They were very imposing, as if all space behind Xiaoyao Tan was crammed full with Flying Swords, stifling.

Even Sun Qingyu was struck dumb.

As expected, this man was hiding his strength.

The ten thousand swords descended all at once.

The woman whose tea stand was crushed held a teacup, her brow wrinkled. From the very start, she did not look at Xiaoyao Tan’s Ten Thousand Sword Returning Sect Sword Array. “This Young Lady likes this aggressiveness.” The sexy woman charmingly blew a breath. 

A magic spell was activated.

The ten thousand Flying Swords’ silver sword-light turned around in the blink of an eye.

“Give your swords to This Young Lady to play with.”

The ten thousand Flying Swords were suddenly controlled by her as if they were her own arms. With his Life-cast Flying Swords disabled like this, Xiaoyao Tan could only use his ability “Extreme Clarity Immortal Light” to barely knock them all down, but when his Divine Intent moved, he was surprised to find his Life-cast Flying Swords did not obey his commands.

Scattered Immortal Xiaoyao’s face was unsightly to the extreme.

Yellow Technique.

Arhat Boxing.

Dark Technique.

Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Staff Technique.

Lu Chanyou also took action at this time. Her opponent was the similarly Buddhist woman. “My monastic name is Wu De,4 what is yours.”


Lu Chanyou shouted.

Earth Rank.

Fury Uprooting Mountain Rivers!

This punch’s power was unmatched. Add on Flowery Monk’s Innate Skill Monster Strength, her strength could be described as tyrannical to the extreme. She very much had power in her palm to take Mount Tai, “I, Wu De, shall play with you.” The Wu De woman similarly made a claw with her hands and caught Lu Chanyou’s punch.

Power flowed wildly from her arm, slamming into the Wu De woman’s arm. The skun on her arm was split apart by that tyrannical force. Blood splattered, but the woman was nevertheless unfazed, still as Mount Tai. 

Even Lu Chanyou felt disbelief.

Her Monster Strength surprisingly was unable to shake the opponent.

“Now, it is Poor Monk’s turn.” De’er savagely smiled. Her fingers clenched.

Unimaginable force crushed all of the bones in Lu Chanyou’s hand.

Thus Buddha Has Gone.

Her palm then pushed. Lu Chanyou unleashed her powerful Monster Strength to guard, but her body was nevertheless beyond her control. All of the muscles and bones in her body seemed to break, sending Flowery Monk flying into the ground.

“Amitayus.” De’er held up her palm.

“Just who are you?”

Scattered Immortal’s simple expression was already incomparably shocked. These mysterious women were simply unimaginably strong. Whether it was Brave Star Sun Qingyu, Hero Star Hua Moyan, or Solitary Star Lu Chanyou, all of them were martial generals at or above True Phoenix Fourth Stage, but they were surprisingly completed defeated. This was the first time that Xiaoyao Tan had ever felt a sense of powerlessness.

And that woman who was most friendly yet also most dangerous among them had up until now been drinking that last cup of tea in her hand.

Finishing her tea, the woman rose and threw the cup away.

“Shu’er, Niang’er, De’er, you wasted too much time.”

“Sister Xian,5 these Star Generals are very strong.” Shu’er quibbled.

The woman slightly smiled and looked at her, as if ironically asking: “Very strong?”

“That was a Heaven Rank just now, Sister Xian, so exciting.” Niang’er said.

“En…” The good-natured woman called Sister Xian did not utter a word and only stepped forward.

With the Old Monster dead, Sun Qingyu was already in no mood for niceties. She looked at the woman with genuine fury and attacked her. The True Phoenix Realm Sun Qingyue’s strike was flawless. Xiaoyao Tan promptly took the hint.

Hua Moyan gathered her power to activate her Heaven Rank.

Lu Chanyou also prepared her Heaven Rank.

Sister Xian slowly walked forward, not minding their aggression at all. Just as Sun Qingyu pounced, the woman raised her head and abruptly vanished. Sun Qingyu was shocked. Then, she felt her chest turn cold. She lowered her head to look and at some point in time, she had been slashed by a sword, and the woman had stepped past her as easily as if she was lifting weights.

How the hell.

Sun Qingyue’s True Spirit dispersed.

This woman killed the Brave Star so easily, it made Huo Moyan and Lu Chanyou grim. Lu Chanyou’s Heaven Rank activated.

“Bitter Sea Seals Immortal!!”

Her Buddhist staff attacked, and the Seven Worthies Forest was immediately submerged in the Sea of Bitterness, unable to break free. Even the Daluo Immortal would be at a disadvantage in the Sea of Bitterness, but the smiling Sister Xian held a broadsword in her hand, indifferently passing by, surprisingly easily emerging from the Sea of Bitterness. Lu Chanyou turned pale, and then she was cut down by the sword. Then, the woman was instantly in front of Hua Moyan, whose Heaven Rank Archery was too late to fire.

Hua Moyan immediately interrupted her Heaven Rank and used the Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear’s Earth Rank. “Hooked Frost Like Blood!”


Sister Xian wielded the broadsword with one hand, easily stopping Hua Moyan’s Earth Rank Spear Technique. Then, she stabbed. Her speed was honestly too quick. The True Phoenix Fourth Stage Hua Moyan could only see a blur. By the time she saw clearly, her stomach had already been run through by the broadsword. The blood-covered talisman script on the blade sucked away Hua Moyan’s Star Energy, ravenous.

Hua Moyan collapsed, her True Spirit dissipating.

Xiaoyao Tan did not dare believe the reality in front of them. In just a few moments, two generations of Overlords had been annihilated. Furthermore, this woman had killed three top-notch Star Generals in one move. This was like a nightmare.

“Phew, do not disturb Her Highness’ rest.” Sister Xian exhaled, her smile amiable.

Only now did Xiaoyao Tan notice that there was a mysterious woman napping in the teahouse. Their battle had been world-shaking, but the woman was completely undisturbed, sleeping very sweetly.

This shook Xiaoyao Tan even more than this Sister Xian who easily killed first-rate Star Generals.

“Is it possible to make Your Servant die with understanding, just what is the name of that Highness of yours. To satisfy Your Servant.”

“Seeing as you are so pious, then Your Servant shall inform you of Her Highness’ fame.”

The woman smiled and waved her sword.

Xiaoyao Tan heard the last unforgettable eight words he would hear in this life.

“No Matter The Time, Any Place Is Home”6

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  1. 淑兒
  2. 箭破無極
  3. 射曰, lit. to shoot the Sun
  4. 無德, lit. “without virtue”
  5. 賢姐
  6. 某年某月,四海為家, lit. Any month, any year, the four seas are my home.

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