Chapter 680: Seeing Shaqing Again

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Su Xing embellished his words, yet the populace of the Buddha Kingdom felt this was a profound mystery, endlessly incredible. But that impermanence, nirvana, and truth body that Su Xing spoke of was in accordance with the dharma of the Nirvana Sutra. They gazed at Su Xing with particularly awed expressions.

Senior Monk No Buddha that had been preaching upon the plaza about the removal of idols was very resentful that his wind had been stolen by a little brat, but hearing those words, he could not find any reason to refute. This was an admonition from the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch, how could he have found anything. After a while, Senior Monk No Buddha could only use his magic energy to shout: “Azure Dragon Territory, do not mislead the Buddha Kingdom.”

Su Xing was currently Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation. He could cross the entire Buddha Kingdom unhindered. This Senior Monk No Buddha nevertheless did not discern Su Xing’s cultivation. In the range of the Central Celestial, he did not place the Azure Dragon Territory in his gaze.

“Senior Monk, please speak if you wish to refute.” Su Xing smiled.

Senior Monk No Buddha paused for a while before he finally solemnly replied: “What is there to refute against embellished words. Everyone, the Azure Dragon Territory Cultivator dares to speak to us of Buddhism’s Nirvana Sutra, do not be taken in by his glib tongue.”

“What is this monk talking about. The ‘Murdering Buddha Chan Sect’ you are currently preaching is a sect of Buddhism first established by Su Xing.” Shi Yuan was upset. She felt this Senior Monk was a bit jealous and did not have that previously refined attitude.

“Ha, ha, that is truly nonsense. How can the Murdering Buddha Chan Sect’s Great Dao be comprehended by a frivolous cultivator like you…” He had already heard about Wu Xinjie and Hua Wanyue’s suggestive agreement just now. He was inwardly resentful these cultivators were powerless yet would unexpectedly make a bet on Buddhist theory. Originally, this Senior Monk had thought Su Xing spoke cryptically to swindle. He would properly rebuke the brat and make everyone impressed, expanding his sect. He never imagined that Su Xing’s words were extremely profound. Senior Monk No Buddha was surprised, thus he raged against Su Xing with a sort of embarrassment from being duped.

“In the Buddha Kingdom’s Nine Firmaments, everyone knows that this Murdering Buddha Chan Sect was originally created by the Purple Thunder Monster. This Monster burned the Buddha upon the pagoda’s Sea of Bitterness, making the Six Patriarchs speechless. Miss Benefactor…” Saying this, Senior Monk No Buddha suddenly stopped. Legend said that the Purple Thunder Monster contracted numerous Star Generals, and among them was the Harm Star, cold and elegant beyond compare.

Senior Monk No Buddha glanced at Wu Siyou and abruptly felt this cool and elegant attitude was quite like the legendary Pilgrim who faced the Six Patriarchs.

Long, flowing black hair reaching past her butt, ice-cold eyes, and an icily arrogant and independent temperament.

“Could you be the Buddha-killing Ghost?” Senior Monk No Buddha was astonished.

“Sorry to disappoint.” Su Xing blinked: “Just what is this Buddha-killing Ghost name?”

Every single one of the Buddha Kingdom’s people gasped in alarm and surprise. When the Holy Monk chose his disciple back then, the Purple Thunder Monster could be said to have shocked the Buddha Kingdom. In the end, not only did he surprisingly defeat the Six Patriarchs and become the one to receive the Holy Monk’s mantle and the Five Dragons Lantern, even blossoming the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, the entire Buddha Kingdom simply treated this Monster as its newest idol. And the entirely new idol brought up the Great Dao of eliminating idols. For a time, his name was as famous as the Six Patriarchs.

Thus, Su Xing’s sect, the Murdering Buddha Chan Sect, could be said to be flourishing. In just a short half year, it had become the newest of the Buddha Kingdom Six Sects.

Because of his feat of burning the Buddha on the Sea of Bitterness, the Buddha Kingdom changed the name of Purple Thunder Monster to the Buddha-killing Ghost.

The Buddha-killing Ghost of Buddha Kingdom

Their adoration could be seen.

A lotus flower blossomed behind Su Xing.

Everyone had their doubts erased.

“Disciple No Buddha does not have eyes and asks Buddha to be compassionate.” Senior Monk No Buddha knelt in worship.

“A false reputation is like a drifting cloud. No need to worry.” Su Xing feigned profundity. He was very clear that the Buddha Kingdom most loved this kind of act. The more profound he acted and the more cryptic his words, the more they revered him.

All of the Central Celestial was shaken. Multitudes of commoners ran over to personally see the face of the Buddha-killing Ghost, to burn incense in ritual, which made the Su Xing who had originally thought to tease them very depressed. I’m not dead yet, why are you burning incense for me.

Su Xing’s wives looked at each other and were at a loss of what to do.

“Holy Monk invites the Buddha-killing Ghost into the pagoda for an audience.”

At this time, a small boy ran over and saluted.

Su Xing wanted to break away from the situation.

“Founder, Poor Monk will surely turn the Murdering Buddha Chan Sect into the number one school of Buddhism on behalf of Founder.” Having seen the Buddha-killing Ghost in person, Senior Monk No Buddha’s old face was very moved.

Su Xing followed the boy away.

Atop the pagoda of the Central Celestial, Su Xing spotted Holy Monk Four Noble Truths. After greeting him, Su Xing went straight to the point. “Holy Monk, Your Servant has come this time to see Shaqing. Your Servant wonders how she is right now?”

“Shaqing has waited a long time for Benefactor.” Holy Monk Four Noble Truths took a good look at Su Xing. Something else was in those aged eyes.

Su Xing’s brow wrinkled, hearing a deeper meaning in Holy Monk Four Noble Truth’s words. However, Buddhism has always loved deeper meanings, so Su Xing did not take much notice.

So as to not disturb Lu Shaqing’s meditation, Su Xing came to the prayer room alone.

He opened the door and sat down.

And then saw the Solitary Star Lu Shaqing that he had not seen for so long. 

Just like the first time they met, Lu Shaqing was dignified and pious, her eyes extremely calm, her rippling hair flowing past her shoulders like a waterfall. Boundless feelings were inside his heart, and he had wanted to take her by the hands and hug her, but the moment he saw Lu Shaqing’s pious expression, that expression immediately vanished into thin air, as if hugging and touching would profane her.

“To see Benefactor Su Xing is safe and sound, Shaqing is relieved.”

Lu Shaqing also sat down and prepared tea for him.

Green as a spring, soaking into his heart.

“How have you been here?” Su Xing gently asked: “No one must have dared bully you? I’d definitely help you vent.”

Lu Shaqing slightly shook her head and smile: “Benefactor worries too much. Shaqing listened to the Holy Monk’s sermons and advanced her meditative mind.”

“I could tell.” Su Xing smiled. Although she had meditated in the Buddha Kingdom for a long time, his Seeing Clearly could discern this. Lu Shaqing’s Realm had contrarily increased by a great amount. She was already nearly matched with Lin Yingmei, at True Phoenix Realm.

Su Xing knew that a meditative mind could increase Realm, but Lu Shaqing’s realm at this time had reached a bottleneck.

“Shaqing, have you seen through the Star Duels?” Su Xing curiously asked.

Lu Shaqing pondered a bit and answered: “In seeking bodhi, feelings exist in a thought. Shaqing has yet to understand.”

Su Xing was somewhat puzzled and said: “Now the Buddha Kingdom has a Buddha-killing Ghost among the Six Patriarchs. I feel you should go seek him out Shaqing.”

“Shaqing wonders what prayers this Buddha-killing Ghost Buddha1 would have for her.” Lu Shaqing smiled and asked. 

“Shaqing, you are comprehending the Star Duels, but you are placed outside of the Star Duels, and in the end, are unable to comprehend.” Su Xing pondered and then earnestly said: “It would be better for you to come with me. If a so-called Buddha-killer can become a Buddha, then you can comprehend the Star Duels in a Star Duel. If meditation isn’t working, then it’s time to change paths.” 

“So the Buddha-killing Ghost turned out to be Benefactor.” Lu Shaqing smiled.

“Shaqing, what do you think?” Su Xing eagerly asked. Although he did not oppose Lu Shaqing meditating upon the Star Duels in the Buddha Kingdom, ever since Shi Xiuxiu sacrificed herself, Su XIng’s mind had a sort of unsteady feeling. And Su Xing’s words were not wrong. To comprehend the Star Duels, it was best to place oneself in them. As the Buddha said, “If I do not go into hell, then who will.” Of course, Su Xing at times felt, “If I do not go into hell, then let whoever loves to go into hell go there.”

Lu Shaqing stared at Su Xing, her eyes calm. After a long while, she gently said: “Benefactor, let us go out for a stroll.”


Author’s Note:

Because I wanted to add in an atmosphere for the Buddha Kingdom, the previous chapter actually used a passage from the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch. That Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch in front of my bed is making me dizzy.

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