Chapter 681: Now I Finally Realize That I Am What I Am

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The polo flowers blossomed, and chanting continued.

Su Xing and Lu Shaqing walked along the streets of the Central Celestial. The dharmic atmosphere was thick, as expected of the Buddha Kingdom’s Central Celestial, surprisingly making him unable to feel even a bit frivolous. It was rare to be invited to walk through the Central Celestial with Lu Shaqing. Su Xing walked along side her, and the Solitary Star did not utter a word. Su Xing believed he was quite talkative, glib, and even eloquent.

But when he was alone with Lu Shaqing, he did not know why, when he saw Lu Shaqing’s profile, he felt she had a kind of refined aura free of worldly influence. Tranquility of the mind was manifested brilliantly upon her body, as if chatting to Lu Shaqing about worldly topics would taint her, so much so that the Su Xing that did not bother about trifles was somewhat mute.

Lu Shaqing said nothing either. The two of them silently walked down the street.

The surrounding polo trees and pagodas became increasingly sparse.


Awkward silence.

Su Xing racked his brains for a way to break this atmosphere without making Lu Shaqing feel abrupt. At this time, Su Xing truly was extremely eager for second gen, or a dandy, or a Long Aotian sort without eyes to spy Lu Shaqing’s beauty and come heckle them. This plot was perfect to break the silent atmosphere.

Despite his imagination, the Buddha Kingdom was not like the Azure Dragon Territory. The people in this place were mostly adherent to dharma and were particularly attentive to wuwei. Of course, there were many heretical Buddhism sects that were occasionally jealous or temperamental, such as the Happiness or whatever Sect that was. However, sects like these now looked at Su Xing like a Fiend Star. The Buddha Kingdom’s Six Great Patriarchs were ordered into self-reflection by Holy Monk Four Noble Truths because of him. His popularity in the Buddha Kingdom now was illustrious, and his cultivation was even Supervoid Middle Stage. Other than the Six Great Patriarchs that despised Su Xing, they could not help but show him deference if they left seclusion, nod and bow.

Briefly indulging in his imagination, only then did Su Xing notice they had already left the Central Celestial’s hustle and bustle.

“Is Benefactor thinking of something to discuss with Shaqing?” Lu Shaqing smiled: “There is no need to be awkward about chatting with Shaqing about anything.”

“Shaqing, you wouldn’t ever be interested in trivial stuff.” SU Xing was helpless.

Lu Shaqing did not express an opinion: “Does Benefactor want to discuss the ‘Nirvana Sutra’s’ doctrines about permanence and impermanence?” Because the boy from earlier mentioned what happened to Su Xing when he came to the Central Celestial, she knew that he gave a lecture at the Central Celestial’s courtyard about the profoundness of the Nirvana Sutra’s dharma.

Su Xing promptly waved his hand, “No more, any more talk about this will blow my lid.”

“…” Lu Shaqing.

“Shaqing, what do you think of my opinion? Yingmei, Siyou, and your other Sisters really want you to come back, and I do, too.” Su Xing pondered and gazed at the girl, very directly speaking his thoughts.

Lu Shaqing did not care for the atmosphere. When she heard Su Xing’s question, she said: “Does Benefactor regret his initial decision?”

“I am very respectful of your decision, but I also want to make you stay at my side.” Su Xing was very conflicted.

Lu Shaqing smiled and said: “Benefactor, do not be confused. For now, come with Shaqing to a place.”

“What place,

“Qiantang River.”1

“Qiantang River? This place also has a Qiantang River?” Su XIng asked in astonishment.

“Does Liangshan Continent have a Qiantang River somewhere else?” Lu Shaqing had never heard of this.

Su Xing could not easily say that he was referring to Earth’s Qiantang River, so he deflected: “I just heard about it.”

“Benefactor will know when he sees.”

The two walked for a short while and then came to a river bank. He glimpsed the endless river, the continuous enormous white waves washing down the banks, raising a thunderous sound. As expected, it was similar to the Qiantang River that Su Xing saw before, however, the one on Earth was not this spectacular. Those white waves did not crash with the shape of dragons, and neither were its sides planted with countless polo trees.

Along the banks, Su Xing spotted many monks meditating, quietly listening to dharma. The waves of the Qiantang River smashed into the rocks beside them, rumbling like thunder. Occasionally, several white waves would swallow them, but these monks remained unmoved. It was clear from a glance that they were very dedicated monks. 

“All monks will meditate upon the Qiantang River whenever they find something perplexing, allowing the waves to smash against them, clear their minds. Some monks have even sat here for several months, only giving up when the waves have washed away the vexations in their hearts.

“Months, I do not have this time.” Su Xing bitterly smiled.

“Benefactor is preoccupied. Is it possible to talk with Shaqing.” Lu Shaqing’s slight smile was very soothing.

Su Xing understood her intent. As expected, he was still unable to conceal his thoughts from her. The disturbance hidden in Su Xing’s heart was that time Daredevil Third Brother Shi Xiuxiu sacrificed her life. Su Xing thought he could calmly accept defeat, but when he thought of the girl’s blooming back during All Out, converting her life into victor seemed to block him up.

Especially when he was merely that bit off from taking care of Li Taisui.

If Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou had been there, the outcome would have been completely different. Perhaps Shi Xiuxiu would not have had to forfeit her life.

This kind of feeling truly was very terrible.

Lu Shaqing calmly listened to him vent the depression filling his heart. The gentle woman’s rippling hair was blown into a mess by the wind. “Atop Maiden Mountain, Shaqing believes Benefactor will meet her once again.”

“I think so, too.” Su Xing smiled. After talking about his issues, he suddenly felt very relieved. “But I still hope you can scale Maiden Mountain together with me, Shaqing. At that time, the true mystery of the Star Duels will finally be comprehended, right?”

Lu Shaqing’s eyes were bright, pondering slightly.

To make the Solitary Star think was already pretty good.

“Right, there was something I wonder if I should talk to you about, Shaqing. Maybe it can solve your meditations.” Su Xing recalled there was something else he was uneasy about.

“What is that?”

“It’s that kind of…” At the Qiantang River’s white waves that overflowed the horizon, he spoke of that matter hidden in his heart. It was when Lin Yingmei and the other wives made love to him, when they reached climax, Lin Yingmei and the other girls’ bodies seemed to feel unreal. Even the Hua Wanyue who had gone through the Double Sevens had this sort of feeling on her body.

Recalling that prophecy’s line “Dream of Golden Millet,” Su XIng’s heart was even more nervous, not knowing what it signified.

Lu Shaqing was taken aback. This was the first time she had heard of a Star General’s body exhibiting such a change.

“Shaqing, what mystery do you feel is within?” Su Xing asked.

Lu Shaqing gazed at the Qiantang River.

A vast expanse of white upon the river, its power drawing increasingly near like an army. This white line expanded in Lu Shaqing’s mind, as if she had vaguely grasped something.

Suddenly at this moment, they heard a displeased voice.

“Su Xing, you truly are reckless, to surprisingly engage with a Star General in matters between a husband and wife.”

In the air, a golden lotus formed. Then, in the blink of an eye, this lotus morphed into a woman’s appearance, drawing the shocked stares of every monk present.

Su Xing was stunned as well.

“Chao Wuhui.”

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Wuhui walked out of thin air, having heard Su Xing’s words, glaring somewhat indignantly at Su Xing. If it was any other Star Master, Chao Gai would definitely executed them, but right now, Chao Wuhui was weak. Her Buddhist light was dim, her clothes torn.

“Chao Wuhui, what’s the matter?” Su Xing was very astonished to see that the unequalled Chao Wuhui was cutting a very sorry figure.

Just as Chao Wuhui was about to speak, a ray of blood-light burst out from her chest all of a sudden. Thousand Buddha Star’s expression changed. She staggered in pain. Su Xing deftly held her up.

This was the first time Su Xing had ever been in such close contact with Chao Wuhui. That hgih and lofty Star Duel Guard in his mind now being in such a feeble state made Su Xing preplexed.

“Did you get into a fight with Konghou?” This was the only rational explanation Su Xing could think of.

Chao Wuhui had never let a man touch her before. She circulated her magic energy and pushed Su Xing away. Her expression was still dignified. “Do you feel This One is unable to defeat her?”

Su Xing sized up Chao Wuhui and very mercilessly nodded.

Chao Wuhui snorted.

“Just what the hell happened?” Su Xing felt that this was not so simple.

“It does not concern you. Are you prepared for the Overlord trial after the Heavenly Books?” Chao Wuhui asked.

“Three Overlords together, right? Let them come…Shaqing, when the time comes, do you want to see the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Overlords?” Su Xing suddenly remembered this was a good opportunity to convince Lu Shaqing.

After Chao Gai appeared, Lu Shaqing had continuously stared at this legendary Thousand Buddha Star. Hearing Su Xing’s question, her expression was still deep in contemplation. Su Xing had originally thought the Overlords would more or less make her astonished, surprised, or eager, but Lu Shaqing continued to be as hallowed as before.

“This One came this time to inform you, if you wish to scale Maiden Mountain, then you must personally defeat the Seventh Overlord.” Chao Gai sneered.

“Personally defeat?” Su Xing blinked.

What does that mean?

Was he to fight the Overlord himself directly?

Chao Gai clearly did not want to say more. She looked at the Solitary Star and expressionlessly said: “Solitary Star, This One admires your comprehension of the meditative mind. I wish you will not come to regret it.”

“Chao Wuhui, what are you saying now?” Su Xing was displeased.

Lu Shaqing’s brows carelessly wrinkled, as if she understood something.

The second day.

Early in the morning.

Outside the guest room, there was suddenly loud, endless chanting. Su Xing was jolted awake, and the wives beside him opened their eyes as well.

“What is going on?” The bleary eyed Hua Wanyue appeared very elegant.

Su Xing was dumbstruck.

“Lord Husband, come quickly, something has happened to the Heavenly Solitary Star.” All of a sudden, the door flew open, and Wu Siyou ran into the room with a serious expression. Hua Wanyue face was completely red, and Lin Yingmei had just happened to rise from Su Xing’s other side. The two women were absolute beauties, their bodies stunning Wu Siyou.

But the Pilgrim had bigger worries.

“What’s the matter?” Su Xing also cleared his head.

“Lu Shaqing has comprehended the mystery of the Star Duels.” Wu Siyou gravely said.

“Really? That is truly too good.” Lin Yingmei said.

“No, not good at all, she is about to die.”2 Wu Siyou’s expression was unsightly.


Su Xing was astonished. He flew off the bed and instantly reached Lu Shaqing’s meditation room. Outside, many monks were currently chanting, and inside the room came the wails and sobs of Wu Xinjie and the others.

“Lu Shaqing!!” Su Xing instantly spotted Lu Shaqing.

She sat on the bed, the window to her room open, facing the Qiantang River. Her whole body was surrounded in golden light. As her Star Energy was dissipating, she spotted Su Xing’s entrance and put together her hands. She solemnly said: “Comprehending the truth of the Star Duels required the pinnacle of the meditative mind. Buddha said, if I do not go into hell, then who will. Yesterday, Lord Benefactor gave Shaqing an epiphany, enlightenment. Shaqing shall now help Lord Benefactor and the Sisters see through the mystery of the Star Duels.

As she said this.

Lu Shaqing then uttered a mantra. 

“In my life I never cultivated goodness, relishing only murder and arson. Suddenly my golden shackles have been opened, here my jade locks have been pulled asunder. Alas! Hereby the river tide cometh, now I finally realize that I am what I am…”3

Jiang Shuishui dancing in the rain.

Shi Xiuxiu burning her life away.

These scenes flashed before Su Xing’s eyes.

Now, it came to be that the Solitary Star was using her meditative mind to its peak, to inform Su Xing of the Ninth Star Duels’ greatest mystery.

Su Xing’s forehead seared with incomparable pain. His Star Crest with Shaqing was like a white hot branding iron.

Su XIng became extremely fierce, yelling in a stern voice truly befitting of a ghost.

“No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!”

At this moment, the Buddha-killing Ghost’s voice shook the entire Buddha Kingdom.

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  1. 錢塘江
  2. 圓寂, a Buddhist phrase for death.
  3. Taken from wikipedia. This is Lu Zhishen’s poem from the Water Margin.


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