Chapter 683: Xi Yue Battles The Draconic Demon

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“Can it be that Benefactor truly does not want to know our mystery in the slightest?” Lu Shaqing asked.

“Come back with me, I don’t care about the mystery. If you aren’t here, then what meaning is there in the mystery of these Star Duels.”

The Solitary Star was silent.

That pair of pure as lakewater eyes stared at Su Xing. Lu Shaqing remembered that day when they first locked eyes.

That day, it was raining.

There was a chan in that rain.

A very shallow chan intent, but it made Lu Shaqing recall that moment countless times.

“But Shaqing truly is desperate to help Benefactor see through the mystery of the Star Duels.” Lu Shaqing knew that Su Xing’s Star Generals were very numerous. It would be worthwhile to lack her if she could at least see through the Star Duels.

Yes, this was what Lu Shaqing wanted most to do.

The Solitary Star’s hand touched the gate of nirvana.

Just when she was about to push open the door at last, Lu Shaqing looked back.

Su Xing merely smiled at her.

Neither shrinking back nor moving forward.

“Why, Benefactor?”

Lu Shaqing had already decided. Solitary Star Hua Heshan should live and die for chan. Death, to her, was merely a kind of rebirth, not a form of end. But Su Xing only used one phrase to break the resolve in her heart.

“Push it open, then…I’ll go with you…” Su Xing tenderly said. “I’m afraid you’ll be lonely.”

Lu Shaqing only felt a moist fluid flow uncontrollably from the corner of her eyes. The blaze in her heart was instantly extinguished. She collapsed against Su Xing’s chest and sobbed, completely without strength.

At this moment, the meditation room.

Su Xing became increasingly endangered. The resonance between him and Lu Shaqing was already incomparably weak, and their bodies were becoming more and more transparent, as if they were about to disappear like air from this world.

When Wu Xinjie saw this, she immediately shouted.

“Sisters, quickly resonate with Su Xing.”

The hearts of the girls trembled. They each activated their resonance, and upon their foreheads, multicolored Star Crests shimmered nonstop, dazzling. Their Star Energy reverse flowed into Su Xing, for the sake of allowing Su Xing to be able to maintain his last bit of consciousness.

“Tangtang won’t let you hurt Papa…”

The only one who could not resonate was Bai Yutang. She spread out her feeble little arms to block Chao Wuhui. The girl opened her eyes wide, afraid yet also somewhat courageous.

Chao Wuhui could not help but smile. She retracted her fighting intent, and the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda returned to her palm.

“Nirvana within nirvana. For such an outstanding man, why must Benefactor worry about his future circumstances. Even if there is more hardship, Old Monk has faith that he can walk out.” An old man strolled out, each step full of a Buddhist aura, evoking awe.

Even Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai was incomparably solemn. “Holy Monk Four Noble Truths.”

Holy Monk Four Noble Truths kindly smiled. He gazed affectionately towards Su Xing and his wives. “Buddha-killing Ghost, Old Monk is sincerely impressed.”

“If only.” Chao Wuhui mumbled.

“Benefactor, you appear injured. Why not enter the stupa and listen to Buddha’s sermon for healing.” Holy Monk Four Noble Truths said.

“By all means.” Chao Wuhui nodded.

Although in terms of Realm, Chao Wuhui could pinch this Buddha West Approaches to death with one hand, on a different realm, this old man truly did make Chao Wuhui feel like she was looking up at a mountain. He inevitably would comprehend Transforming Star Of Annihilation.

Chao Wuhui stared deeply at Su Xing.

“To what Realm will you comprehend. But it will be far from enough to Transforming Star of Annihilation.”

Chao Wuhui thought to herself, turned and left.

Inside the room.

The Buddhist light of death finally subsided, and the world recovered its normality. Su Xing and Lu Shaqing suddenly vomited blood, finally returning from nirvana, but this time contained unprecedented danger. They had been just a step away from destroying their corporeal bodies when they returned at the last moment. Su Xing and Lu Shaqing had thoroughly lost consciousness.

“That was close, but he finally stopped Lu Shaqing’s nirvana.” Wu Xinjie had lingering fears. Buddhist cultivator nirvana was a very profound ability. When comprehended to its limit, it was practically impossible to come back. She did not know what Young Lord said, but he unexpectedly changed Lu Shaqing’s mind.

“Sister Yuqi went to the Black Turtle Sea to help Su Xing fetch Gen Wu Divine Iron. This won’t affect her, will it?” Shi Yuan was somewhat concerned about White Stripe in the Waves.1

Because Su Xing’s Earth Element Flying Swords had been destroyed, it was necessary to once again reforge them. Fortunately, Gen Wu Divine Iron was not abnormally hard to find like the Golden Dragonscales or Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Considering that Su Xing did not have much time, Zhang Yuqi volunteered herself to excavate at the Black Turtle Sea. As the White Stripe in the Waves, the Black Turtle Sea was like her own backyard, so everyone could be at ease.

Along with her was also Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue.

When she learned that Su Xing had faced enormous danger in the White Tiger Territory to dispel the Chilled To The Bone she was afflicted with, Xi Yue blamed herself. It was because of this that she ended up profiting from his disaster. Having absorbed the soul of the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian, her strength had drastically increased. It was inevitable she would also go to the Black Turtle Sea.

However, the Black Turtle Sea was very deep, and the Gen Wu Divine Iron was relatively thorny. Shi Yuan worried whether or not this Elder Sister would be affected along the way. If something happened to her, then Su Xing would be distressed.

“Nothing will happen.” Wu Xinjie said.

“Yingmei, that Young Lord could successfully bring back Shaqing this time is all thanks to you. Look after Young Lord properly.” Wu XInjie winked.

Lin Yingmei nodded bluntly.

Black Turtle Territory, Black Turtle Sea. Several escape lights flew over, revealing the figures of three beautiful young women. One wore blue water patterned silk garments, a happy smile upon her face. She continuously pointed a beautiful ring on her finger towards the Black Turtle Sea’s depths. One wore crimson, disheveled clothes, revealing the side of her breasts. The middle woman could only be described as very beautiful.

A red brocade spread like clouds and billowed. Her skin was rosy and her eyes thin. The girl’s cloak had several magnificent feathers that flickered with gorgeous flames, eye-catching.

“Little Sis, found any Gen Wu Divine Iron yet?” Zhang Feiyu yawned.

“En, right here.” The petite girl with skin whiter than snow was naturally Zhang Yuqi. She retracted the White Water Mirror Heart and nodded.

“Little Sis, ever since you wanted to help that man get Gen Wu Divine Iron, you’ve always been in heat. Is that place really moist right now.” Boatman Zhang Feiyu looked at her Little Sister with a lewd giggle, speaking shamelessly.

Zhang Yuqi rolled her eyes at her Elder Sister. She was already accustomed to her delinquent language: “Ever since we left the Black Turtle Territory, Yuqi has felt that she has been unable to help Young Su. To help him like Big Sis Yingmei, of course Yuqi is happy.”

“Is that so? Little Sister, you often blabber about blowjobs, Feiyu feels you can help him in that regard.” Zhang Feiyu’s mouth was even more damaging than Zhang Yuqi.

Zhang Yuqi adorably stuck out her tongue.

“We had better first help Sir obtain the Gen Wu Divine Iron.” The red brocaded beauty spoke.

“Xi Yue, Elder Sister, are you ready?” Zhang Yuqi nodded.


“Then let’s go.”

Zhang Yuqi flashed the White Water Mirror Heart. The Black Turtle Sea suddenly parted, and the girl dove into the depths like a mermaid, her slender figure swimming and dancing freely in the water.

Zhang Feiyu and Xi Yue dove at the same time.

Meanwhile, Devil Star Palace.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon that had been sparring with Demon King of Chaos Correct Star Fan Ming received this information.

“That bitch has returned?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was furious.

“Reporting to Holy Lord. The disciples indeed saw the Water Illusion Fairy enter the Black Turtle Territory and then enter the Black Turtle Sea.” The disciple answered. After the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon entered the Devil Star Palace, he had ordered its disciples to monitor the entire Black Turtle Territory, especially for the whereabouts of the Water Illusion Fairy.

“Is there anyone else?” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon restrained the excitement in his heart and asked in a low voice.

“There are also White Stripe in the Waves and the Boatman.”

“Only these two?”


“Ha, ha, the Heavens are helping me.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon laughed. The Purple Thunder Monster surprisingly did not appear with the Water Illusion Fairy. He wondered what quarrel the two got into, to unexpectedly make the Water Illusion Fairy run to the Black Turtle Territory. “This Holy Lord shall make you regret it.” For sake of safety, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon issued orders to have all of the Devil Star Palace’s disciples monitor the Black Turtle Territory and immediately report any activity.

“Is Holy Lord going to kill the Water Illusion Fairy?” River Dragon Li Xiangfei walked over. She had just been practicing Star Magic in the water. She was like a hibiscus out of the water, a nobility carrying allure.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon ogled her, “Xiangfei, what do you feel?” Pausing, he grit his teeth and said: “This Water Illusion Fairy was supposed to have been one of my cauldrons. I never imagined she would climb onto the Purple Thunder Monster. Hmph, This Holy Lord and the Purple Thunder Monster are already like fire and water. Although I cannot defeat him now, if I can kill the Water Illusion Fairy, This Holy Lord will be satisfied.”

Li Xiangfei wrinkled her brow: “The Heavenly Books are already about to begin, and you want to go to a Star Duel now? For her to be able to come to the Black Turtle Territory, the Purple THunder Monster must have given her some magic weapons. Xiangfei fears that she will not be so easy to face.”

“Xiangfei, you would surprisingly say such things. Did you not hear just now that she came to the Black Turtle Sea. Hm, hm, that place is within range of your power. Forget that bitch, we need not even fear Lin Chong.”

Correct Star Fan Ming coolly said: “What Young Master says is reasonable. If we seize this chance while the Water Illusion Fairy is away from the Purple Thunder Monster, then we can cut off one of his arms.”

Li Xiangfei knew that she could not dissuade these two and did not oppose. “Shall we call for Su Shengxiang.”

“Who knows what that woman has been up to recently, so secretive and sly. Hmph, who knows what words that bitch used to convince the Devil Ancestor to halt dual cultivation with This Holy Lord. She thinks things are fine with this, hmph, how could This Holy Lord not know of such thinking. If it was not for the Three Heavenly Books, This Holy Lord would have long already smelted her into a Devil Sword.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon glowered. The matter of Xi Yue had originally made him very angrily thwarted. Then came along Su Shengxiang. Not only did she take his Star Energy to break through to Supervoid, but she also found every excuse to not dual cultivate with him.

If it was not for the fact he knew this Su Shengxiang was indeed exploitable, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon would have already refined her.

To make her realize the consequences of toying with This Holy Lord.

“Besides, if we kill her, her Star Energy is mine. There is no need to split another share.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon chuckled.

“Holy Lord, you are now becoming more and more impatient.” Li Xiangfei warned him much like a senior would.

“Xiangfei, even you would lecture me?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shouted. After he spoke, he felt this was a slip of the tongue. “Ai, apologies, Xiangfei. This Holy Lord is perhaps indeed a big failure.”

“Li Xiangfei, do not blame Young Lord. Blame that Purple Thunder Monster who suppressed the Holy Lord in all respects. Now, we must work together to kill the Purple Thunder Monster’s property for revenge.” Fan Ming said.

Li Xiangfei nodded, wondering whether she agreed with those words or if she felt that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had truly been suppressed by the Purple Thunder Monster’s might.

The three of them set out for the Black Turtle Sea.

On the Black Turtle Sea.

Escape lights broke out.

“Phew.” Zhang Feiyu heavily panted, nearly drowning on the ocean floor.

“I never thought the Gen Wu Divine Iron was this sturdy.”

“Aiya, Yuqi thought that Elder Sister liked the harder ones.”2 Zhang Yuqi giggled.

“You would dare mock your sister.” Zhang Feiyu glared at her.

“However, thanks to Elder Sister’s Falling Red3 and Xi Yue’s help, we finally got the Gen Wu Divine Iron.” ZHang Yuqi sighed in relief.

Zhang Feiyu pursed her lips: “Just listen to you. When you originally gathered the Gen Wu Divine Iron, that man wasn’t even Supervoid Stage. I truly don’t know how you managed that.” Recalling that narrow escape just now, Balance Star Boatman Zhang Feiyu still had lingering fears.

Even Xi Yue’s Supervoid Middle Stage level cultivation was unable to last under the ten thousand li depths. White Wave and Falling Red (name of the Burning Whale Star Beast) used everything they had in order to finally excavate the Gen Wu Divine Iron.

“Let us go for now. Sir must be waiting very anxiously.” Xi Yue smiled and said.


Just as they were about to leave, all of a sudden, an omnipresent specter formed all kinds of demons both near and far. They attacked XI Yue and the other two. Wherever the Devil Swords passed, qi as black as ink gushed like a tide.

Xi Yue’s Divine Intent moved. The Water Moon Paradise Weave Marked Flying Swords unfurled. The emerging ripples formed a paradise that protected them, but the Ancient Devil Sword Sword Chant was extremely violent, nibbling away at Xi Yue’s Flying Swords.

“Water Illusion Fairy, long time no see.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon emerged from the specter. He gestured, and the Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword released demonic specters, malevolent and fierce.

Li Xiangfei brought out the White Night Dragon Carving Lance and pointed using a Yellow Technique. Iron Hooves Treading Mountains and Rivers, the Black Turtle Sea’s waves roared, like a galloping army to break Xi Yue’s Flying Sword defense.


The enormous tsunami’s roar and the Iron Hooves Treading Mountains and Rivers crashed against the Flying Swords, surprisingly splashing away.

It did not break?

Li Xiangfei was relatively surprised her Yellow Technique and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demons Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword together were unable to break Xi Yue’s Flying Swords.

“Her cultivation has increased?” Li Xiangfei wrinkled her brow.

“It seems she has learned many skills under the Purple Thunder Monster.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon laughed.

“The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, you truly are in good spirits. Xi Yue did not come to find you, but you have come to find me.” Xi Yue was expressionless.

“Bitch, why are you so arrogant. Today, there is no Purple Thunder Monster to protect you. I want you to die very horribly.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon lowered his face. His Divine Intent moved, rising towards the sky without any hesitation.

A black bell appeared over his head and rang, deep and sonorous.

Xi Yue’s Flying Swords immediately shook. Her defense was broken.

“Careful.” Zhang Feiyu and Zhang Yuqi were somewhat spent, but they still acted with all the strength they could muster. Li Xiangfei raised her hand, and a dragon-like wave on the Black Turtle Sea entangled the two girls. Her Star Beast Dragonling Kiss also swam in the sea, instantly injuring White Wave and Falling Red.

The Zhang Sisters and their Star Beasts were being suppressed, and Holy Lord of Draconic Demon immediately laughed. “Bitch, you brought doom upon yourself coming to the Black Turtle Territory!!” A specter suddenly covered Xi Yue. Practically without any thought, this woman’s flesh and blood had become nutrients for his Devil Sword.

Before the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon could vent out in joy the depression filling his heart, the baleful aura was swept clean away. In the middle of the Devil Swords burned a magnificent flame. This flame was bright, even mysterious, for it burned upon the Devil Swords. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon could even feel the scorching pain.

What is the meaning of this.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon hastily recalled his Flying Swords.

The Flying Swords scattered, and the scene of a dead beauty did not appear.

Xi Yue hovered in the air as if nothing happened. Her brocade fluttered, and the long feathers on her cloak quivered. At first glance, she was like a phoenix. Bright flames burned on her body, giving her a vague sense of beauty like a divine bird.

A powerful aura flowed out.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was dumbstruck.

She was surprisingly Supervoid Middle Stage.

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