Chapter 682: Go With You To The Western Paradise

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Dying also for nirvana, the chanting contained complete fulfillment of virtues, the destruction of vices. This was the greatest achievement for Buddhism.

Solitary Star Lu Shaqing’s mind entered meditation. She had a spirit comparable to that of Guan Ying, the martial general. When Lu Shaqing opened her meditative mind to its limit, she began to burn her own Star Energy and finally comprehended the truth she sought. 

Yesterday upon the Qiantang River, Lu Shaqing had already seemed to grasp that vague truth, but she could not decipher it. So as to understand the meaning of the Star Duels, to be able to allow the Sisters Su Xing led to truly see where the significance of Maiden Mountain lay, Lu Shaqing embraced nirvana to comprehend this thousand year battle.

How could Su Xing ever allow this sort of thing to happen. He really wanted to end the Star Duels, but this was the wish rooted in the hearts of all his wives. If he needed to sacrifice them to accomplish this, Su Xing could never accept this.

Su Xing shouted. He sat directly across from Lu Shaqing and put his palms together, chanting: “…Like the sunlight and moonlight, all light is sublime. All light cannot be bested. The light of nirvana is also thus. Therefore, the light of all sutras and samadhis is the most victorious. The light of the sutras and samadhis cannot be bested. And the reason. The light of nirvana can enter every pore of every living thing. Although all things are without enlightened minds, they can become enlightened. Therefore, this is the return to nirvana…”1 This was a verse from the Nirvana Sutra.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloomed. Golden lotuses formed, filling the area with endless Buddhist light.

Any way it was put, Su Xing’s cultivation in Buddhism was still outstanding, worthy of the Six Patriarchs. Furthermore, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was the most precious treasure of Buddhism. When this flower bloomed, a thousand petals wrapped around Lu Shaqing and Su Xing. Su Xing read scripture, and the bright light of Buddhism suppressed Lu Shaqing’s nirvana.

A unique scent filled the room, and a white rainbow rose.

Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Wu XInjie and the other girls anxiously watched the display of each of Su Xing and Lu Shaqing’s powers.

“It is rare for a Solitary Star to comprehend the meditative mind, is it truly appropriate for you to obstruct her like this?” Chao Gai’s voice entered Su Xing’s mind.

“I don’t need this kind of comprehension that uses death as its cost.” Su Xing resolutely answered.

“This One informs you that should the Solitary Star pass away, as her successor, you would raise her meditative mind to the same extreme of comprehension. You would obtain the Solitary Star’s supreme realm, her powerful martial force, and the meaning of the Star Duels for the wives beside you…Would you still refuse?” Chao Gai slowly said. These were indeed enticing words, and it was the hope she held deep inside her heart.

She hoped that Su Xing would complete the Solitary Star.

“I have no need!!” Su Xing’s four word answer left no room for argument.

“Do you really think that you can aim for Maiden Mountain with just Wu Song and Lin Chong? This One will tell you, you have no idea at all how dangerous it will be to scale Maiden Mountain. Listen to This One’s words. If you truly want to protect Lin Yingmei and the others, then you will complete Lu Zhishen’s nirvana. This is the only way that you can have even a chance at reaching the summit.” Chao Gai’s tone turned serious.

Su Xing had no interest in even answering.

“Su Xing!!!! You have to think about your other wives.” Chao Gai showed rare anger.

“Even if women the likes of Fang La2 or Wan Yan came down to stop me…I’d still have the same answer: I have no need.” Su Xing was strict. Buddhist light glowed brightly, solemn, continuously inhibiting Lu Shaqing’s death.

Chao Wuhui was shocked, “Could you actually have descended from Star World…”

Su Xing did his utmost and began overdrafting his magic energy, similarly wielding his meditative mind to its limit. The two of them were surprisingly resonating in her death.

“Young Lord!!” Wu Xinjie was terrified.

If this continued, in the end, Su Xing could even die alongside Lu Shaqing because of Buddhism’s highest realm. The Knowledge Star was alarmed and about to stop him, but a hand firmly held her in place.


The ice-cold woman at this moment only held endless sentiment in her eyes. “Yingmei, what are you doing. Quickly stop Young Lord, we cannot allow him to be with the Solitary Star.” The Knowledge Star promptly said.

“Please believe in Young Master.” Lin YIngmei’s gaze was fixed on Su Xing.

“That is not the point. If we do not pull him back now, if Young Lord enters the nirvana realm, there is no combing back.” Wu Xinjie urgently used her other hand to grab at him.

But she was held back again by Wu Siyou.

“Please believe in Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei’s thoughts were the same.

“You two.” Wu Xinjie looked at the two girls, dumbfounded. Their composure gave the Knowledge Star a feeling of defeat. “But…This nirvana…”

“Even if we Starfall, Yingmei wishes to be together with Young Master.” Lin Yingmei had no complaint.

In all her life, this was the first time she saw Su Xing unable to contain his anger, the first time she saw Su Xing want to do something even if it meant death. She knew about Shi Xiuxiu’s death, and she also knew that Daredevil Third Brother’s Starfall gave the ordinarily proud Su Xing who protected them a great shock.

But she, the Majestic Star, did not know how to console him. When she looked at Su Xing who was without a smile for anything, Lin Yingmei also could only force herself to look happy. This was the first time she had such an upset feeling.

“Just let Young Master do this, he is our master.” Lin Yingmei smiled and said.

“Sister Xinjie, just listen to Sister Yingmei.”

“Su Xing can definitely stop Shaqing.”

“Even if he Starfalls, I will accompany him.”

“Niangzi is also willing.”

“Your Highness…”


Other than Xi Yue and Zhang Yuqi3 who had gone to the Black Turtle Territory, all of the girls showed their own thinking. Without exception, all of them stood at Su Xing’s side. Wu Xinjie lagged behind for a while, bitterly smiling. “Xinjie truly is not very qualified…If only Lu Shaqing could undertand Su Xing’s sorrow…”

“You lot honestly make This One too disappointed.”

Chao Wuhui’s harsh voice ripped open the girls’ harmonious atmosphere like a sharp blade.

Chao Gai appeared in the courtyard, lotus flowers blossoming.

“Su Xing does not understand. Could it be even you do not understand, Knowledge Star? You do not know at all about the dangers you will have to face in the future Star Duels. You think you can scale Maiden Mountain and end the Star Duels like this? This One has misjudged you…Su Xing, you make This One disappointed…” Chao Gai sighed.

“Chao Gai, your words are ridiculous. Li Taisui is already dead, so Young Lord is now number one in the Star Duels. No one is a match for Young Lord. Even if they were to unite, Xinjie has no fear.” Wu Xinjie sneered in return.

Chao Wuhui did not answer, but she shook her head in regret, “This time…This One shall make an exception.”

“The Solitary Star’s death is the best outcome for Su Xing. You will inevitably come to understand this later.” Chao Wushui pointed her finger. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda activated, about to break Su Xing’s dharma.

“Your Servant will not let you do as you please.” Lin Yingmei took up her Arctic Star Serpent Spear and stabbed.

Wu Siyou, Hua Wanyue, Hu Niangzi, Gongsun Huang and the others used their techniques to obstruct Chao Gai.

Chao Wuhui raised her hand. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda emitted a ray of Buddhist light, deflecting Lin Yingmei’s powerful Five Star Spear. Then, Hu Niangzi’s Six Star Golden Wind Jade Dew Sabers immediately followed up with an attack through the beautiful pose of the Flying Star Magpie Dance.

Golden lotuses bloomed, blocking the light of the double sabers.

Chao Gai leaned back and entered the array. “This One is acting in your interests.”

“But this time, Your Concubine asks forgiveness for disobeying.” Wu Siyou attacked with Snowflecked Black Lotus. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ killing intent gathered into a black lotus flower, cutting down Chao Gai’s golden lotus. The Pilgrim moved, flashing past her figure.

Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck already blossomed from Chao Wuhui’s neck.

“Wu Siyou, could it be you want to see Su Xing and Lu Shaqing die together? For the sake of this insignificant and stupid belief?” Chao Wuhui coldly said. The pagoda rose and attacked Wu Siyou.

“Chao Gai, Su Xing is our man, not yours.” Hua Wanyue sneered.

The bowstring twanged.

The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow shot forth.


Chao Wuhui swatted this Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow down with her palm.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda released blinding Buddhist light, covering the pagoda. The entire pagoda glowed brilliantly, reaching the horizon. All of the Buddha Kingdom’s millions of people took this as a sign and bowed in worship one after another.

Chao Wuhui used her powers, and a rain of light descended, a heavenly dragon coiled about.

A Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloomed.

“Nightly Wind Rumbling Thunderclap.” Gongsun Huang pointed her sword. Thunder and astral wind blew through the courtyard without restraint, sending trees and rooftiles flying. The Buddhist light was dimmed by the thunder, blowing away the blooming golden lotus, but Chao Wuhui’s Star Energy was strong, her Realm extraordinary. The Thousand Buddha Star formed a hand seal.

The golden lotus glowed even brighter, like a never ending rain.

Gongsun Huang was unmoved and finally finished it off.

“This One is doing this for your sake.”

Chao Gai broke though their defenses and threw out a Buddhist seal. She moved for Su Xing, attempting to destroy his magic.

Just as it was about to descend upon Su XIng’s head, all of a sudden, chains moved through empty space, forming layers of nets, entangling this Buddhist seal. “Knowledge Star, you as well?” Chao Wuhui was flabbergasted.

“No matter what, Xinjie is but Young Lord’s woman. How could Xinjie let you disturb Young Lord’s affairs.” Wu Xinjie sighed. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain used Bind Silk Before Rain.

The chains intertwined out of thin air and very quickly trapped Chao Gai.

“Thousand Buddha Star, how about you take a break.” Wu Xinjie suggested.

Chao Wuhui’s expression was imposing. Not uttering a word, she pointed a finger, and the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s Dark Technique Bind Silk Before Rain disintegrated link by link. Chao Gai’s magic energy skyrocketed, and the girls did not dare be careless.

Lin Yingmei raised her spear and rushed. Her black hair turned white as frost, her body like snow. She was as pale as ice, the Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear carrying a powerful chill. She froze this Buddhist light and even the pagoda.

“Ice-heart Seals Sun And Moon.”

Wu Siyou also went for Chao Gai. The Pilgrim leapt into the air, her long hair spilling like a river. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ sword-qi blossomed, like budding flowers. In the wind, they scattered. Every swing of Wu Siyou’s sword had blooming peach blossoms. After they bloomed, they became powerful killing intent. The Pilgrim’s attack flowed like water, magnificent.

Similarly, this was Dark Rank Sword Technique “Ownerless Peach Tree Is In Full Bloom.”4

Hu Niangzi’s Earth Rank This Passion Faces Wind, This Hatred Leaves Moon, also stunning the world.

“Phoenix Execution Sky Break.”

Gongsun Huang became an absolutely beautiful phoenix that charged towards Chao Gai. Her wings extended more than a hundred thousand meters, gorgeously extending past the horizon.

Against the powerful Earth Rank of a martial general, Chao Wuhui was unflustered. She raised the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda. “Your Realms are still insufficient.”5 The nine-storey pagoda. Blossoms fell and flowers grew, sandalwood wafted. Eight segmented heavenly dragons revolved around, and on each storey sat a Light King’s dharma body, like a purifying flow, brilliant and unsullied. Her hands clapped together, and she chanted.

Following the revolutions of the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Pagoda, a rain of light sprinkled in all directions, completely binding all of the killing intent surrounding her.

Chao Wuhui’s complexion was pale, somewhat unsightly. She also chanted: “Break All Magic!”6


The pagoda shook, and the heavenly dragons flew off at the same time.

Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Gongsun Huang, Hu Niangzi and the others were all repelled.


A Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow wrapped in ice-cold light shot over at this moment.

Under Lin Yingmei and the others’ Earth Ranks, Chao Wuhui’s reactions seemed to slow a bit. Unbelievably, the arrow surprisingly struck Chao Wuhui’s body. Even the Hero Star herself did not think she would be so successful. Chao Wuhui vomited blood.

Seeing Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai surprisingly sustain injury, not only was everyone not delighted in the slightest, instead, they were shocked.

“Chao Wuhui, just what happened to you? Were you already injured?” Wu Xinjie inquired.

Chao Wuhui wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth.

In the stupa, Holy Monk Four Noble Truth’s private room.

The battle of the women outside already shook the the pagoda to the point of collapse. Holy Monk Four Noble Truths opened his eyes from meditation. His calm eyes showed a slight ripple. “Benefactor Su Xing’s dharma realm is sensitive. Old Monk shall aid him.”

“Kongdu,7 bring Old Monk’s Treasure Chest Lotus Platform here.”

A delicate boy nodded in assent. A short while later, he moved over a nine segmented, five colored lotus platform. This lotus platform was Holy Monk Four Noble Truth’s magic weapon. Ever since he joined Buddhism and subsequently comprehended the Chan, up until he became Buddha West Approaches, he would only release it to give his disciples development.

“Buddha.” Little Kongdu was an assistant that Holy Monk Four Noble Truths had carefully raised. Ever since he was small, he had a level of comprehension equal to the level of the Six Patriarchs. It could be said that he was the true successor to Buddha West Approaches.

“Good thinker, you must see your teacher’s speech clearly.”

Holy Monk Four Noble Truths said.

“I solemnly obey.” Kongdu clapped his hands together.

Without any gestures, Holy Monk Four Noble Truths sat upright on the Treasure Chest Lotus Platform. In that moment he sat upon it, heavenly flowers fell, their scent drifting, filling the boundless world.8 In colored glass Buddha Kingdom, polo Pure Land, Western Paradise, arhat, vajra surprisingly emerged without any need for abilities, enveloping the entire Buddha Kingdom in a canopy.

“According to this Dharma door, sitting in meditation does not primarily mean that the mind should be grasped, that purity should be clung to, nor that it should be motionless. When you talk of grasping the mind, the mind is fundamentally unreal and is known to be illusory. Therefore, there is nothing that can be grasped. When you talk of clinging to purity, the self-nature is essentially pure…If grasped of mind and purity, then this way is blocked.”9

In the vast Buddha Kingdom, there was suddenly boundless dharma.

When Chao Gai heard this verse, her heart sighed, “‘Tis fate, eh.” She immediately clapped her hands together. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Pagoda rose up, and sutra script converged at the same time with Holy Monk Four Noble Truths.

Meanwhile, Su Xing continued to inhibit Lu Shaqing’s death. He had used all of his energy, sparing no effort even though he himself could die. Lu Shaqing stepped into the supreme Chan, yet she could see clearly. But she still did not die. She believed that Su Xing would renounce her at the final juncture, after all, compared to her, Su Xing had other wives that he loved more than her waiting for him.

Their deaths reached the final juncture. Her thoughts were close to a state of blankness, and a gate appeared in her mind. It seemed she need only open this gate to be able to receive the truth she had been pursuing.

At tis moment, she heard the Buddha’s clear dharma, temporarily brining Lu Shaqing back to her senses.

Buddhism’s great path, in front of the gate to nirvana.

The two of them looked at each other.

“Why does Benefactor Su XIng not stop?” Lu Shaqing was at a loss. “Could it be you would abandon the other Sisters for Shaqing?”

“If you don’t stop, then I’ll go to the Western Paradise with you and bring you back.” Su Xing slowly said, not hesitating in the slightest.

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  1. I really tried.
  2. AKA Fang Moujia…
  3. In the raws. It’s not clear to me right now if she’s detached from Su Xing’s unit at the moment.
  4. 桃花一簇開無主
  5. The following passage sounds kind of broken and fragmented.
  6. 破萬法, lit. Break ten thousand magic.
  7. 空渡
  8. Again, the following sentences are fragments.
  9. From the Platform Sutra, adapted from a translation by Lu Kuan Yu


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