Chapter 685: I Am Afraid You Would Be Lonely

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The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s expression sank. He naturally could hear the disappointment in Li Xiangfei’s tone. Li Xiangfei stared at this man that soured her hopes. She recalled the time they first signed their contract back on the Endless Sea. He said that he would defeat her on the sea.

The chief of the seas Li Xiangfei merely smiled when she heard these words. No cultivator could possibly defeat her on the seas. In fact, this was indeed so. Each and every time the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon challenged her, Li Xiangfei easily repelled him.

One day, two days, three days.

One month, two months, three months.

After three months, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon still was not Li Xiangfei’s opponent. He was abused quite coldly by her. But no matter how merciless the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Devil Swords were, River Dragon Li Jun was invincible on the seas. But in the end, Li Xiangfei still agreed to this man’s request. The reason was nothing special – she very much admired the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s brashness. Correct, his brashness. It really was not a haughty air of arrogance, rather, he disregarded how he was defeated or maltreated. But this man recently did not show that insufferable boldness from that time.

It was that persevering self-confidence that made Li Xiangfei agree to a contract.

But now, although the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was still as domineering as when they first met, the original intent had already changed. In Li Xiangfei’s perspective, the current Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s arrogance was rooted in poor self-esteem, a kind of low self-esteem collected from fear, dread, and defeat. The more his esteem grew, the more he wanted to domineer his opponent. And it was in this kind of Star Master that Li Xiangfei felt extreme disappointment. 

“Elder Sister Xiangfei, how can you say such things of Young Master. This is all because of that Purple Thunder Monster always facing against Young Master.” Fan Ming hurriedly mediated.

Li Xiangfei glanced into the distance.

“Su Shengxiang is also becoming stronger step by step. Holy Lord, please think carefully just why it is you fight.” Li Xiangfei indifferently said. She fell into the Black Turtle Sea, entering the depths like a dragon. The Black Turtle Sea raised a giant wave, and it descended like a torrential downpour.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon let the seawater drench him.

“Young Master, do not mind Elder Sister Xiangfei’s words. She has also been confused by the Purple Thunder Monster.” Fan Ming promptly said when she saw the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s expression was silent.

The Holy Lord of Draconic merely remained in thought, not uttering a word.

When Su Xing opened his eyes, he saw a picture of the Western paradise, so Su Xing’s first thought was that he had gone to nirvana? When he took a closer look, that was actually the ceiling.

“Young Master.”

When the Lin Yingmei standing guard at his side saw Su Xing had awoken, she promptly sat on the bed and poured Su Xing a cup of water.

“And Shaqing?” Su Xing’s consciousness was not too clear. His body did not have any strength. He seemed to have nearly entered Buddhism’s great Realm, Nirvana. At that time, Su Xing did not think at all. He only wanted to bring Lu Shaqing back. He had seen too many times the scene of someone sacrificing themselves, and he did not want this to happen ever again.

Lin Yingmei slightly smiled and said: “Young Master, Shaqing is already fine.”

“No death? Then good.” Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief. His efforts were not wasted.

“All thanks to Young Lord.”

“Yingmei.” Su Xing took hold of the girl’s hand.

“Young Master, what are your orders?” Lin Yingmei softly asked.

Su Xing had originally wanted to tell them what to do if he was unable to bring Lu Shaqing back and had instead died with her, but he was unable to say these types of words. Lin Yingmei knew what he was thinking. THe Majestic Star used her arms to hug Su Xing. Although Su Xing had previously used this embrace specifically for Lin Yingmei, at this moment, Lin Yingmei’s arms were full of tenderness. Her soft breasts were exceptionally soothing and warm.

“Yingmei knows that Lord Husband would never leave us, so Lord Husband would definitely bring Shaqing back.” Lin Yingmei murmured into his ear.

Su Xing smiled.

The answer was already in his heart.

The two of them cuddled for a moment, and then Lin Yingmei waited for Su Xing to rise. After bathing, they went to the Stupa Pagoda’s All Things Hall.

The other wives were already sitting on prayer mats around a light purple-haired young woman. The girl’s expression was solemn and pious. Her expression was calm, slowly explaining the most recent Chan revelation about the Star Duels. Even the most fidgety Shi Yuan at this time had forgotten about the All Things Hall’s splendor. She listened with a serious face.

“Lord Benefactor.” Lu Shaqing stopped her sermon. She calmly nodded when she saw Su Xing and Lin Yingmei.

Benefactor and Lord Benefactor differed by a word, but their relationship nevertheless advanced.

Wu Xinjie smiled: “Young Lord is truly amazing. You need not even fear Buddhism’s highest Nirvana Realm. Shaqing truly was moved.” The Nirvana Realm was the Realm where life and death completely terminated. But this Realm could not be achieved by normal relations.

The implication was that Su Xing could, with Lu Shaqing’s resolve to die, considered to truly have entered Lu Shaqing’s heart. If it could be said that before was only because they were in the Stupa Pagoda, Su Xing’s words had stirred something. But when they were going through nirvana, their relationship truly was like the meaning of reincarnation and life.

“Should be.” Su Xing apologetically said.

“Just now about Shaqing’s sermon, what are your thoughts?” Lin Yingmei asked. 

“We are asking just what do Shaqing’s words mean.” Wu Siyou said.

“What does this mean?” Su Xing recalled that phrase, “Now I Finally Realize That I Am What I Am.”

“Shaqing is not sure either.” Lu Shaqing shook her head.

In the end, the final Chan had narrowly slipped away. Su Xing walked over and gently said: “Don’t do anything this foolish ever again. Whatever the Star Duels are, we’ll know when we scale Maiden Mountain. We don’t want to lose you.”

“Shaqing understands. Lord Benefactor can be at ease.” Lu Shaqing was already fully aware.

“Can you truly ascend Maiden Mountain that simply?” Chao Gai’s voice entered the hall. All of the girls immediately adopted a battle formation. Lin Yingmei tightly clenched her fist, staring coldly at Chao Wuhui.

Su Xing already learned from Lin Yingmei that Chao Wuhui unexpectedly made an exception and launched an attack against him for the sake of stopping him. Lin Yingmei and the other girls barely held her back, otherwise, they dared not even think of the consequences. Su Xing nevertheless found that he himself was not angry at all. On the contrary, he felt that Chao Wuhui’s uncharacteristic behavior somewhat belied an ulterior motive.

“Chao Wuhui, other than Three Overlords together, just what else will Maiden Mountain do to stop us?” Su Xing smiled and asked.

“The path to Maiden Mountain is much more challenging than you imagine. This One hopes you can understand.”

“I am very aware.”

Chao Wuhui smiled and shook her head, “You must remember that This One said before that if you contract with a Star General, then This One shall confer a calamity upon you…”

“En. Now, there should be eight calamities.” Su Xing remembered this very clearly.

“Do you want to make things difficult for Lord Husband again?”

“We will not allow you to do this.”


Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Hua Wanyue, and Hu Niangzi suddenly showed killing intent.

Chao Wuhui very calmly gazed at Su Xing. “This One wishes to confer unto you calamities anew. Do you dare accept? Should you refuse, This One will not force you. Everything follows your decision. However, these calamities will be even more challenging than before.”

Su Xing’s eyes contained a certain glint, “No problem, I like challenges, let alone ones you arrange, WUhui.”

Chao Wuhui slightly smiled. “Very well. In three days, the Heavenly Books will begin. Now, the first calamity This One will confer…Obtain three Heavenly Books!”


Su Xing was stunned.

Chao Wuhui said nothing more. She sent a ray of spirit-light into Su Xing’s consciousness then faded away into thin air, leaving behind a mysterious smile.

Everyone looked at each other.

“So is this Heavenly Book calamity a good thing or a bad thing?” Shi Yuan was very confused.

“In short, let us go prepare for now.” Wu Xinjie contemplated. Everyone rose from their prayer mats. It was time to leave the Buddha Kingdom. At this moment, everyone turned their gazes to the Solitary Star Lu Shaqing still sitting down. 

They wondered what this paramount of Buddhism Lu Shaqing thought.

“Are you willing to come with me?” Su Xing extended his hand.

Lu Shaqing took hold of it and rose gracefully from her prayer mat.

All of the girls were astonished and showed pleasant surprise.

Lu Shaqing stared at Su Xing and merely whispered.

“I am afraid you would be lonely.”

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