Chapter 686: The Night Before The Heavenly Books

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Great Liang, Bian City Imperial Palace.

Corridor to Emperor Liang’s study.

Zhao Hanyan strode lightly, leisurely walking towards her father’s study. All of the palace maids, guards, and court eunuchs to the side saluted her. Zhao Hanyan did not pay them any mind, wrinkling her brow as she thought about her preoccupation.

“Imperial Sister, you surprisingly are still willing to return. I thought you would be reluctant to leave the Purple Thunder Monster’s Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

A slightly derisive voice interrupted Zhao Hanyan’s contemplation. The Ling Yan Princess looked. It was that Imperial Little Brother of hers, Zhao Heng. At Zhao Heng’s side was Impatient Vanguard Suo Qingshuang, elegantly made up and with her hair bound in a cloud bun. She was dressed grandly, and to a stranger who did not know her status, she appeared more like Zhao Heng’s concubine rather than a Star General at first glance.

Zhao Heng seemed to smile. He had just come from Emperor Liang. His mood was pretty good, so it appeared he had received many benefits.

“Zhao Heng, Imperial Sister has something to say to you.” Zhao Hanyan paid his attitude no attention. Although she did not like him, this guy was, surprisingly, still her own Imperial Little Brother. After the Heavenly Books, the Star Duels would enter the final massacre that was the Seven Stars Assembly. Zhao Hanyan saw that Zhao Heng honestly was not particularly hard-working. Although his cultivation was Supercluster Middle Stage, to obtain a position at the Seven Stars Assembly was completely unlikely, so she wanted to urge Zhao Heng to join Su Xing’s faction.

This way, she could avoid fratricide.

Zhao Heng naturally knew Zhao Hanyan’s thinking. This prince laughed: “Imperial Sister feels that these Star Duels are in the Purple Thunder Monster’s bag, yes? No wonder, this Monster has so many Star Generals, he indeed makes people sneer.”

“He is your brother-in-law. Mind your words.” Zhao Hanyan shot him a stern warning.

Zhao Heng was more afraid of this genius Imperial Sister, but he did not want to accept any help from Zhao Hanyan. He joined the Star Duels originally because he wanted to prove himself. If he needed this Imperial Sister’s pity, then he would rather die. “Imperial Sister, Worthy Little Brother also has a word of kind warning…The Purple Thunder Monster disobeys the way of the Star Duels, and Maiden Mountain naturally will not let him go. That the previous Overlords have manifested is proof of that. At the Seven Stars Assembly, Worthy Little Brother asks that Imperial Sister think clearly. There is still time to turn back. THis Purple Thunder Monster is powerless to defend himself. Worthy Little Brother is worried that you have been deceived by that Monster. Avoid making Father Emperor sad.”

Zhao Hanyan furrowed her brow, feeling that Zhao Heng’s words had some dark implication. She did not know where this confidence that the Purple Thunder Monster would lose came from. As for the so-called Overlords, Zhao Hanyan was aware, but at the same time, neither did she really care. Originally, she wanted to ask, but Zhao Heng and Suo Qingshuang had already left.

Impatient Vanguard turned her head back to glance at Zhao Hanyan. The woman’s eyes were full of scorn.

Zhao Hanyan shook her head. If a person does not know themselves, then they could only blame themselves for bring about their own doom.

“Hanyan. You have come.”

Emperor Liang crossed his arms behind his back as he stared in the direction of Maiden Mountain. After Zhao Hanyan entered his study, Emperor Liang turned around, his expression very kindly. “Hanyan has come to see Father Emperor.”

Emperor Liang looked at this preeminent daughter of his with an expression of gratification. Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation and even more outstanding than he was back then. Now, she had surpassed the Most High Path’s Xie Zhenyuan and became the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master. “Hanyan saw Little Brother Heng just now and spoke to him about the Seven Stars Assembly. He is somewhat unreasonable.” Zhao Hanyan said with difficulty. “Hanyan fears that in the future Seven Stars Assembly…”

“Let him do as he pleases.” Emperor Liang calmly said. “A person must be responsible for his own decisions.”

Zhao Hanyan grunted.

“And is he alright?” Emperor Liang asked.

“Su Xing is fine.”

“The quadruple Starfall at the White Tiger Territory is related to him, correct.”

Zhao Hanyan did not hide anything. She spoke of Shi Xiuxiu’s sacrifice, the battle against Li Taisui, Han Bing’s Starfall and more. After hearing this, Emperor Liang could not help smiling: “This Purple Thunder Monster truly is a monster. He definitely will not rest until he has swept over Liangshan’s Four Territories. The White Tiger Territory has been surprisingly pacified by him. That Li Taisui was the Liao Emperor’s mount, the Cloud Dream Thunder Pond. Unimaginable. No wonder he was aware of the Liao Emperor…Ai, Star Word, huh. We truly want to see with our own eyes how it is.” Emperor Liang gazed towards his own endless mountains and rivers, feeling this was insignificant.

“Father Emperor is still young. You can definitely break through to Transforming Star of Annihilation.” Zhao Hanyan consoled.

Emperor Liang smiled: “Hanyan, Father Emperor is satisfied that you care. This time, We have sought out you brothers and sister. We know that these Star Duels are very dangerous. Your relationship with Su Xing, Hanyan, you know your heart much better than Father Emperor does, so Father will not say more. But We do have something to give you. In the coming Heavenly Books and Star Duels, it will be a helping hand.

National Scholar Mo Shangxian took several steps forward and presented a box.

Inside the box were twelve majestic puppets. “Princess Highness, these puppets are ‘Servants Of The King.’1 His Majesty specifically had Your Humble Servant prepare these beforehand for the Star Duels.” Mo Shangxian offered her the box. 

From the hands of the Mo Clan, it was obvious that these Servants Of The King were extraordinary.

“All earth in the world is land of the king. All people on the land are servants of the king.2 Father Emperor will not hide this from you. We have just given your little brother Heng ‘Land Of The King.’ Its abilities are much more formidable than your Servants Of The King. However, you are the Imperial Sister, someone who does not bother about these.” Emperor Liang knew that Zhao Hanyan was smart and spoke frankly.

Zhao Hanyan had already anticipated this. No wonder Zhao Heng was so giddy and pleased earlier. However, he could not only have obtained the Land Of The King.

“Zhao Hanyan thanks Father Emperor.” Zhao Hanyan remembered something. She snapped her fingers, and a jade strip floated out. “This is a piece of the Longevity cultivation method. This was prepared by Tang Lianxin. Although it does not have the efficiency of the Longevity Stele’s cultivation method, it is not inferior to Bright Moon Sage. This is something that Su Xing specially allowed Hanyan to gift to Father Emperor.”

Even the solemn Emperor Liang’s face could not help but light up when he heard the words Longevity Cultivation Method. He knew that Su Xing obtained the Bright Moon Longevity Palace and was extremely curious, but owing to his dignity as the lord of a country, he did not go. “Hanyan, that you can have a Prince Consort like this, We are happy for you. In the future Star Duels, we hope that he can properly care for you.” Emperor Liang took this strip of jade. In his heart, he sighed. Although he had a good impression of Su Xing for the time being, he could not help but feel pity when he recalled that there could only be one Overlord at the end of the Seven Stars Assembly.

Zhao Hanyan faintly smiled. She had never worried about this.

“For him to give Us such a great gift, We must thank him properly.”

“He is the Prince Consort of the Great Liang’s Ling Yan Princess. He ought to treat Father Emperor well.” Zhao Hanyan pretended to be angry.

Emperor Liang said: “If you have the opportunity, then give him this message. We shall personally pay the Longevity Palace a visit to thank him.” 

“Daughter understands.”

“When you return to True Immortal Hall, Immortal Outside Heaven is waiting for you.” Emperor Liang paused and said: “The Heavenly Books is very important for your Star Duels between Star Master, but regardless, all sects participating in the Star Duels covet the Heavenly Books. Yet you have norms. After all, she is your Senior Ancestral Master.”

“Hanyan knows.”

Most High Path, Clear Void Field.

After Xie Zhenyuan paid his respects to the Headmaster, he walked out of the main hall. His mind still recalled the words the Headmaster just told him. Now that the Most High Path had declined, the Headmaster placed his last hopes of reviving the sect completely onto Xie Zhenyuan. In the final Heavenly Books, he had passed on the first-rate abilities “One Qi Becomes Three Clarities” and the “Three Clarities Boundless Sword Array.”

Hou Ruolan was carried in one arm by Xie Zhenyuan, staring at him with her big eyes.

“Ancestral Master Zhenyuan, the Heavenly Books are starting. This Sect rests completely in your hands, Ancestral Master.”3

“Ancestral Master Zhenyuan, you must obtain the most powerful Heavenly Book.”

“Ancestral Master.”

A crowd of disciples surrounded him, each of them wearing hopeful expressions, anxious. They probably looked at Hou Ruolan and honestly thought he had no way to compete in the Star Duels. They feared for Xie Zhenyuan’s status in the Seven Stars Assembly, however, on second thought, this was fine as well. At any rate, he only needed to obtain a Heavenly Book to resurrect the Sect. He may as well forget about the Star Duels. In all likelihood, the Xie Zhenyuan who had no interest in the Star Duels also understood.

Xie Zhenyuan calmly nodded.

“Quickly protect Three Clarities Paradise for Ancestral Master, allow him to comprehend great powers.” 

“As you command.” The disciples cried loudly.

Xie Zhenyuan left under everyone’s cheers. A shadow came to the entrance of the hall, snickered, and then entered.

“Oh, so it is you, Qingxuan. Is something the matter?” The Headmaster Most High was somewhat exhausted. He nodded when he saw his uninvited guest. Bing Qingxuan’s talent was second only to Xie Zhenyuan and was already equally matched with him at the peak of Supercluster Late Stage. The future of the Most High Path was completely entrusted to Xie Zhenyuan, so the Headmaster Most High was not the slightest bit angry when he saw Bing Qingxuan suddenly come, in spite of the impropriety.

Bing Qingxuan cupped his fist: “Headmaster, Qingxuan has come to discuss the matter of Qingxuan breaking through to Supervoid.”

“The Sect is also putting forth all its effort for this.” The headmaster said.

“Then good. Qingxuan also wants something from Headmaster.” Bing Qingxuan heedlessly took a step forward.

“What is it?”

“The Heaven Sword and the ‘Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Three Clarities Sword Chant.'”

The Headmaster’s expression changed, “How do you know of this?” The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Three Clarities Sword Chant was a secret that only a few people in the Most High Path knew about. Most were completely unaware.

“Because…” Bing Qingxuan took another step forward and was just about to explain.

All of a sudden, a ray of light flit extremely quickly across Headmaster Most High’s nape. Then, he saw Bing Qingxuan’s expression had become incomparably frightening and merciless.

“Since we are in decline then please do not struggle on death’s door.” Bing Qingxuan sneered. He gazed into the starry sky outside the hall, finally taking hold of the Heaven Sword. “Xie Zhenyuan…”

At this moment.

The other sects.

The Lifeless Path’s Yan Wudao, the Dragon Palace’s Long Nü, the Purple Firmaments Immortal Palace’s Hu MI and other Star Masters were all receiving conversations with their Sect Ancestral Masters. These sects all clearly attached great importance to this, discussing and advising matters pertaining to the start of the Three Heavenly Books. Some even had plans for the Seven Stars Assembly.

Not only them, but in the Black Turtle Territory, Nine Dragons Sea, Nine Dragons Palace.

Dai Xingyue returned from the White Tiger Territory with countless treasures and secret rumors. When Dai Xingyue brought up the news of Li Taisui’s Starfall, all of the women were stunned. And when they learned that Shi Xiuxiu Starfell for Su Xing’s sake, they were even more resentful.

“This Purple Thunder Monster really is a scourge. Daredevil Third Brother surprisingly sacrificed herself for him, this is truly unreasonable.” Jin Qiongyu said.

Huangfu Youyun was more curious about this Purple Thunder Monster’s powers. 

However, these merely made Song Qingci ponder slightly for a moment.

“Elder Sister, what do we do??? That Purple Thunder Monster is so formidable.”

The girls asked.

Song Qingci looked at several top-notch magic weapons that Dai Xingyue brought back. Her mind shifted, “We had better prepare for the Heavenly Books first.”

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  1. 莫非王臣
  2. 普天之下,莫非王土,率土之濱,莫非王臣, from the Shijing, “Classic of Poetry.” This is my original translation to fit the context of the story.
  3. So enormous pressure is now on Zhenyuan. He is the highest ranking person as well as the sect’s last hope.


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