Chapter 740: Mysterious As The Queen Of The Night, Gracefully Appear

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Lotus flowers filling the sky then descended like a wave overflowing the heavens, drowning Su Xing. The holy fire inside his body burned his organs, making Su Xing endure enormous suffering.

Transforming Star of Annihilation was easy to talk about. Past cultivators that wanted to comprehend the borderlines of life and death often were unable to pass the checkpoint of death. To degrade unparalleled cultivation to the most ordinary of bodies was not something the average person could bear. Su Xing only felt his consciousness become increasingly hazy. If it was not for the support of his Star Crests, the Seven Story Pagoda would have already refined him into his quintessence. Even so, Su Xing still felt powerless. Several times, he wanted to expel the qi in his dantian, to unleash his powerful magic energy.

But when a cultivator stepped into the world of Transforming Star of Annihilation, there was already no room to turn back at this time.

This was not death.

This was rebirth.

Every kind of dazzling illusion threw themselves at him.

Su Xing gradually gave way. In the middle of these myriad illusions, he suddenly heard a voice, a mysterious call that was unprecedented in its pleasantness.

“Su Xing?”

Su Xing soul regained its splendor.

The lotus flowers scattered. A hand reached out and grabbed him.

Su Xing seized his counterpart’s wrist. From the touch of her skin, he could discern this was a girl.

Guan Ying?

Just before Su Xing’s consciousness slipped into endless tranquility, he suddenly felt matchless safety.

Su Xing seemed to have had a dream of golden millet. He dreamed of everything that happened after that moment when he first fell into Liangshan. The heroic Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong pointing her spear straight at his throat, making her pledge. The Song Lu of myriad schemes who turned out to be the clever Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Xinjie, who fell in love and offered advice; then, the Thief Star Flea on a Drum Shi Yuan and their walk through the Ten Thousand Li Corridor, their kiss that shocked the world, the Efficacious Star Divine Physician An Suwen’s Health Cottage and her Spiritual Aura Distribution, and then more.

Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Yizhen’s Three Checkpoints and Six Generals, her Heavenly Star Master Recruitment. Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang afflicted by the Snake and Scorpion Beaty, her mutterings of “Your Highness.” Solitary Star Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Lianxin crossdressing, receiving the favor of the Four Styles. Rat Star Daylight Rat’s song in Evil Smiting Hall, the sweetness of candy. His ninth Star General, Solitary Star Lu Chanxin’s dharma in the rain, monastic name Shaqing. 

Then, the Black Turtle Territory’s Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi, whose eyes and Golden Wind were laden with grief, who exchanged a pledge of love with the Jade Dew in her hand. Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi, the beauty who tread the waves.

Wu Siyou’s “Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield,” who undermined a millennium. Hua Wanyue’s “Too Young To Have Learned About Sorrow,” who resolved to call him “Milord.”

And finally, the fourteenth Star General Gu Tong, whose voice shook Liangshan. Watching the plot development, everything passed. This last memory seemed to be viewed from faraway, as if it was a bubble about to burst. Su Xing’s heart was extremely worried, yet he found that his magic energy had completely vanished. He grasped onto those departing memories, suddenly opening his eyes in the midst of his struggle.

What entered his eyes was the complexion of a graceful woman.

She had a pair of dark blue eyes, deeper than the ocean and full of mystery. Not even all the words in the world could describe the feeling this girl gave Su Xing.

She was very beautiful.

So beautiful she did not seem real.

“You have awakened?” Those mysterious and beautiful pupils reflected Su Xing’s face drenched in cold sweat.1

“Who are you?” Su Xing smelled a darkened scent, something very mysterious. But he was certain he did not know this girl.

The woman calmly stared at him.

Only then did Su Xing notice he had been sleeping on her lap, his hand tightly grasping hers.

“Su Xing? You need to rest.” The girl said, her voice gentle. It seemed very much like the voice of that girl who called out to him just before Su Xing finally lost consciousness.

Su Xing’s head hurt terribly. He did not know what that dream just now meant, retelling everything that had transpired since he arrived in Liangshan Continent. It seemed as if it was consciously transmitted, making Su Xing nearly believe he actually had a great dream.

Right now, his body was completely without strength. The mysterious woman gracefully remained silent. Since she did not oppose him sleeping on her lap, Su Xing accepted her invitation. The girl’s thighs were extremely comfortable, also with a mysterious scent. It could make a person feel extremely calm.

While he rested, Su Xing first checked his magic energy. There was no recovery at all. It seemed that dream really was not the effect of attaining Transforming Star of Annihilation. He looked at his surroundings. It was a strange place of nature, with pagodas in great numbers, and there was an enormous statue of Buddha.

The girl’s finger quietly left Su Xing’s forehead. A red light passed by that slender white finger.

“You are a person not of this world.” The girl said.

“What world? This place’s myriad worlds? I am not.” Su Xing answered, feeling this woman probably had been sealed by Chao Gai.

Chao Wuhui truly was abnormal.

Such a beautiful, graceful and cute beauty had been shut inside the pagoda.

He would have to ask her properly when he returned.

How could Su Xing have known, if Chao Gai learned that this woman had surprisingly inserted herself into the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda, she probably would have gloomily vomited blood. 

The girl did not say anything. If Su Xing carefully looked at her, he would notice that reflected in his counterpart’s blue eyes was not this scene, but Earth instead.

A long while after.

Su Xing finally felt his body recover a bit of energy. Although sleeping on the girl’s soft thighs was very pleasant, Su Xing did not forget his objective at all. He rose and thanked the girl: “I’m called Su Xing. Could you tell me your name?” 

The girl gracefully stood.

Su Xing originally felt that Hero Star Wanyue was already the most elegant woman he had ever seen. Regardless of her figure or manners, they were all excellent, giving off an eminent and unapproachable feeling. But only when he saw this woman did he discover that there was someone who surprisingly competed against even Hua Wanyue.

The girl’s elegance possessed a kind of indescribable signature. No matter her temperament or build, she honestly could not best Hua Wanyue. But when she stood there, she seemed to be the center of this world, making him unable to overlook her. Every one of her movements showed meticulous care, but each of her actions were like nature itself, as if she was that most beautiful moment when the Queen of the Night bloomed.

Could a girl like this actually have been tamed by Chao Gai?

Su Xing curiously used Seeing Clearly, but as if she was a mystery itself, he was completely unable to see anything.

“Call me Moujia.”2

The girl said.

“Moujia? Is that really your name?” Su Xing felt this name was honestly too special.

Seeing the girl did not object, Su Xing tacitly assented. No matter what, she should count as his savior.

“What is this place?”

“The Seven Story Pagoda.” As expected.

“Who are you? Why would you be trapped by Chao Gai in this pagoda.” Su Xing asked.

“This Highness is sleeping.”


Su Xing briefly did not understand.

“Do you wish to go find Guan Ying?” Fang Moujia said.


But this Seven Story Pagoda was too strange. Su Xing was completely lost right now.

“Do you know a lot?” Su Xing was somewhat puzzled towards this mysterious girl. Could she be a trial in the Thousand Buddha Pagoda??

“This Highness has seen her before.”

“Where is Guan Ying?” Su Xing immediately asked.

Fang Moujia closed her eyes and fell backwards. Su Xing promptly caught her.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“This Highness is weary…” Her head nodded off. The girl surprisingly fell asleep just like this. Just like the most beautiful moment after the Queen of the Night bloomed, silence quickly resumed.

Su Xing was even less able to see through her.

Seeing the girl doze off like this without any vigilance, she did not fear him in the slightest.

Su Xing was unable to ignore her. Thinking, he bucked his shoulders, placing Fang Moujia on his back. A very soft sensation pricked him. Only then did he notice that this girl’s overwhelming mysterious temperament made him overlook the young woman’s full breasts and gorgeous figure.

Fang Moujia slept very deeply, her long eyelashes slightly trembling, not at all minding that she was sleeping on the back of a man.

Su Xing felt this girl actually was innocuously adorable. He knowingly smiled and carried her on his back swiftly towards the endless pagodas.

On his back.

The girl’s eyes slightly opened and then slowly closed once again.

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  1. This girl’s identity was admittedly a surprise, even for me.
  2. The fact that Fang Moujia is “here” without Chao Gai’s knowledge should be a testament to how powerful she is compared to Chao Gai.

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  1. ….Wait, what!?

    Iz this one of those ‘out of body, astral projections into a dream world’ things?
    Cuz, isn’t Moujia like, not even anywhere near Su Xing right now?

    And, she seems REALLY fond of Su Xing here….
    Personally, I think she’s one of the Star Maidens he ‘resonated’ with when he ended up in Liangshan.
    Y’know, that weird moment way back in Ch. 1?

    But, she knows for a fact he’s from Earth….
    And it seems she’s the ‘only one’ who does… That’s, actually rather odd.

    As for her realm…
    Isn’t she one whole realm above True Phoenix? That pretty much oughta makd her the absolute, most powerful Star General(?) in the whole series so far too…


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