Chapter 739: Bury Favor, Destroy Hatred

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Only after Su Xing entered the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda did he realize Chao Gai’s might.

The interior of the pagoda was not vile nor was it full of scorching holy fire like he had imagined. On the contrary, it was extraordinarily beautiful. As far as the eye could see, it was a vast world of colored glass, full of Buddhist lotus flowers everywhere, an endless expanse. It gave him a kind of extremely peaceful feeling. 

Su Xing was honestly puzzled. He used his Divine Intent to scan, only to discover this empty space had an incorporeal spiritual pressure, surprisingly making him unable to manifest his powers in the slightest. Furthermore, his magic energy was completely gone without a trace. Any other cultivator perhaps could not escape easily. However, Su Xing was accustomed to this. He once crossed the Buddha Kingdom’s Seven Story Stupa Pagoda’s Eight Distresses of Life, and he also blossomed Buddhism’s greatest power, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. He did not dare say he had an understanding of Buddhism’s mysteries, but few Buddhist powers could hinder him. This was also one of the reasons Su Xing dared to enter Chao Gao’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda.

“Ksitigarbha’s wish, the four elements are vanity.”

Su Xing chanted, forming hand seals. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower unfurled behind him, showing a Buddhist image. Two rays of colored glass light flowed in Su Xing’s eyes, suddenly making those eyes shine like amber. This endless realm of tranquility immediately retreated to reveal its true form to Su Xing.

An enormous pagoda towered over him. Let alone that this colored glass world was endless, in truth, if you actually tried to search for an end to this realm, then that would be waste of a lifetime of energy for naught but a futile struggle. Su Xing lifted his head. Sure enough, high above, there was already a spiral spreading outwards. At its center was a radiant light.

Su Xing stamped his foot, leaping upwards. Lotus flowers bloomed, trailing behind him like a flight of stairs.

Just at this moment, an anomaly occurred.

A scorching flame suddenly leapt right at him head-on, burning Su Xing’s organs and bones with rolling fire. Su Xing’s limbs and orifices trickled golden flames. This was the true face of Chao Gai’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda.

Transforming Star of Annihilation was achieved when a cultivator compresses their magic energy into their dantian in a return to their true self, to the brink of destruction and rebirth, before finally becoming a Transforming Star. During this time, the cultivator could not utilize anything up to the moment of annihilation. Against the incoming holy fire, Su Xing could only resist it.

These Buddhist holy fires merely came from the fundamental seven emotions and six desires. Fortunately, Su Xing had cultivated the Heart Like Mirror and Chaotic Tail Escape already to their pinnacle states. This pain was not worth a mention. Just like this, he did not know for how long he flew upwards, but the Buddhist images along the way became more and more numerous, and slow chanting also grew louder.

Behind Su Xing, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was beginning to quickly wither away. The higher he went, the more penetrating the unimaginable burning became.

Su Xing’s consciousness gradually became hazy. All kinds of memories vanished one by one from his mind.

This is bad.

Su Xing shook his head, but there was no way for him to circulate his cultivation. He could only force himself through with spirit. The dozen Star Crests on his forehead flickered. With a rumble, the sky caved in. Countless lotus and polo flowers rained down, as if overflowing the heavens, once again about to push Su Xing down into the depths of the abyss.

His vision instantly collapsed.

Seven days afterwards, the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda slowly spun, twinkling.

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Wuhui was currently sitting close-eyed in meditation. A while afterwards, a slight smile brushed across her lips.

“It appears you lot are not at all confident in your own Star Master.”

She had only just finished speaking when several figures flew out from the forest. The light subsided, revealing several girls of unparalleled beauty.

“Chao Wuhui, I trust you have been well since we last met.” A girl dressed in a blue short skirt and white silk smartly strode forward. She carried in her hand a feather fan, appearing as if she was free and unfettered. At her side was a white fox, its eyes glinting, fantastical and elegant.

Behind the girl was a rumble of wind and thunder. Chains like serpents were vaguely visible.

Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Yong.

“This One never imagined that even you would reach True Phoenix Realm, Resourceful Star. That man has so many Star Generals. Not only is your power not diminished, on the contrary, it has surpassed the past Knowledge Stars.” Chao Wuhui smiled and said.

Wu Xinjie smiled back without saying a word.

“You have come seeking something of This One.” Chao Gai looked around.

Surrounding her on all sides were girls that need not be described.

They were naturally Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang, Hu Niangzi, Hua Wanyue and the rest.

Their True Phoenix Realm auras were manifested. A kind of might made even Chao Gai raise her brows.

“The Seven Stars Assembly has already begun. You do not kill those Star Masters right now, yet instead, you come seek This One out. Is there some sort of plan?” Chao Wuhui asked, stopping the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda.

“Young Su came to find you, Wuhui. We came for a capture.” Zhang Yuqi giggled.

“This One actually wants to see him.” Chao Wuhui faintly smiled.

“Xinjie, we had better be forthright with her.” Lin Yingmei brought out the Seven Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear. The Panther Head had always handled herself directly and efficiently. “Young Master only wants to end the Star Duels, but in order to end the Star Duels, if we do not defeat you, then that would be meaningless.”

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear pointed directly at Chao Gai.

“Lord Husband has always clearly differentiated gratitude and grudges. He has received much favor from you, but if we cannot defeat you, then our wish will be meaningless.” Wu Siyou then said.

“Furthermore, I also want to know after we defeat you, whether or not we can learn the reason these Star Duels began in the first place. Why else would we do this.” Hero Star Hua Wanyue drew her bow, displaying a graceful curve.

“Wife shall offend you on Dear Husband’s behalf.” Hu Niangzi’s bright eyes were full of love, the Golden Wind and Jade Dew in her hands adopting a combat posture.

“Sadhu, sadhu.” Lu Shaqing murmured.

Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang and the others grunted.

“End the Star Duels, can it be that you truly have the confidence for this?” Chao Wuhui was not angry, rather, she was very curious.

“Su Xing said that for us to make rapid and brilliant progress, to unite under the radiance of recklessness…” Shi Yuan also leapt out and spoke.

“The radiance of recklessness?” Chao Wuhui was speechless. Just what ideas was this Su Xing imparting.

“It was the radiance of togetherness, wasn’t it?” An Suwen timidly asked.

“Oh, right. Reckless, huh. Recklessness, otherwise, we would not dare face Maiden Mountain?” Shi Yuan patted her chest. As a very professional robber, what she loved most was recklessness.


Although she felt that Su Xing probably did not mean this, An Suwen remained silent.

“In short, we need to be strong to end this kind of internecine strife.” Shi Yuan’s memory was not very clear. Anyways, this was what Su Xing meant.

“This One has gained a new level of respect for you all. This One did not give him the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower in vain.” Knowing their final objective, Chao Wuhui was instead very happy.

“But you wish to face This One with only your forces alone? Are you not afraid to die?” Chao Wuhui released her power. The entire valley spring seemed to freeze. Powerful phoenix wings sprouted from her back, stifling the airflow in a range of a hundred li.

Her awe-inspiring might burst forth, making the girls face a great enemy.

“True Phoenix Eighth Stage. So this is your Realm, Chao Gai.” Wu Xinjie’s Seeing Clearly discerned this. Chao Wuhui’s Realm made her drawn in a sharp breath.

“This One shall give you another opportunity to leave without This One pursuing.” Chao Wuhui was stern.

Although Chao Wuhui’s Realm was extremely strong, Wu Xinjie did not shrink back at all.

In truth, she had thought over this confrontation against Chao Wuhui for a long time. What she mentioned just now about defeating Maiden Mountain’s guardian first before facing Maiden Mountain was merely one of many other goals. The other reason was that Su Xing had gone to seek out Chao Gai to grasp Transforming Star of Annihilation and was trapped in the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda. For the sake of giving their master the greatest opportunity to break out of the pagoda, they must use all of their power in battle to weaken Chao Wuhui as much as possible, even if only a little bit to give Su Xing that much more of a chance to survive.

“For our sake, Young Master dare to seek you out to comprehend Transforming Star, Chao Gai. How can Your Servant just stand by and watch.” Lin Yingmei shouted, ice-cold, unleashing her True Phoenix Realm.

“Then do you wish to interfere as well?” Chao Wuhui directed her question to Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, and Xi Yue.

“To be able to teach the famous Chao Gai a lesson, This General truly can die satisfied following this man.” Dong Junqing shamelessly licked her lips.

Although her language was vulgar, she nevertheless represented the position of the other girls present.

“The Seven Stars Assembly has finally become a confrontation against Maiden Mountain’s guardian. Such a marvelous show, how can This Princess miss it.” Zhao Hanyan smiled.

“Your power is indeed very formidable, but it is still not enough to scale the peak.” Chao Wuhui disdainfully said.

“It truly is as Xing’er said. Maiden Mountain has met with trouble. You have met with trouble as well, Chao Gai.” Chai Ling stroked Xing’er, ruminating.

“He is a careful man. In that case, allow This One to properly lecture you on his behalf.” Chao Wuhui nodded.

At this time.

The foreheads of all of Su Xing’s wives flared with Star Crests, an acute and unbearable pain. They immediately sensed that Su Xing had encountered danger inside the pagoda. At once, they no longer hesitated.

The most powerful fighting intent was unleashed towards Chao Gai.

Outside this valley, atop a peak.

White clouds rolled, an unending sea. Two girls were currently gazing through the endless abyss towards this place. One girl was petite and delicate, with pink clothes and an adorable face. Her beautiful eyes glittered, appearing very cute. The woman standing at her side was the stark opposite, beautiful but aloof. She was dressed in a pure white long robe and a black girdle. Her slender fingers grasped the hilt of her saber, curved like a crescent, a steady sword-light.

“Your Majesty, shall we intervene?” Uesugi Musou asked.

“Against Chao Gai?” Koito ate a sakura bun, her face elated.

“Your Highness, have you forgotten?” Uesugi Musou shook her head.

Koito’s happiness was immediately dampened. She remembered that this trip to Liangshan Continent was to help Song Jiang scale the peak. Uesugi Musou’s Innate Skill “Commander” could grant an all-around increase to the Realms of Star Generals under her. Originally, they thought that Harm Star Wu Song would follow Song Jiang’s Uprising, but… “Things are completely different from what we expected. The Seven Stars Assembly has begun, and there surprisingly has been no news at all concerning Song Jiang. Instead, Su Xing-nii has almost replaced Song Jiang.” Koito swallowed and then handed a meat bun to Uesugi Musou.

The indifferent girl did not decline. Her slender and beautiful hands took the meat bun, and she took a small bite.

“Su Xing-nii is quite a good person. We do not need to concern ourselves with him.” Koito nodded.

“All is as you wish, Your Highness.” Uesugi Musou was apathetic.

“Do not call Koito ‘Your Highness.’ Being the Empress was only for fun.”

“If only you can actually face Maiden Mountain. You must know that Maiden Mountain has Star Names that are more formidable than even the Heavenly Stars.” Koito murmured. She then lifted her gaze, looking at the pillar extending into heaven. The cute and innocent loli showed a bit of exasperated worry.

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