Chapter 742: The Major And Guan Ying

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Polo flowers bloomed as far as the eye could see. Brahmanistic chanting was loud, resonating bliss.

A giant sumeru Buddhist idol was in front, its appearance very venerable, firm and calling for piety. Armored idols, boddhisattvas, Buddhas, and more filled the surroundings of the sumeru idol. Some people were prostrate in worship, others read scriptures, doing different things.

The Su Xing who had gone through myriad sufferings was immediately solemn when he saw this scene.

This was the seventh level of the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda.

“I should be able to leave the pagoda through the level, and Guan Ying is sealed inside the sumeru idol.” Su Xing said.

The Fang Moujia beside him was silent.

“I really am grateful to you for these past few days.” Su Xing turned to smile at the girl.

In the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda, he was to overcome the seven feelings and the six desires, however, because she was here, Su Xing actually was not affected too negatively. On the contrary, countless lap pillows under the starry sky were fully enjoyed by Su Xing.

Towards this mysterious and ephemeral young woman, Su Xing honestly could not see through her. However, Su Xing had an intuition that this girl absolutely was not as simple as a trial of the pagoda. Ever since he saw the Liao Emperor, he never saw them afterwards. Perhaps she had something to do with it.

Despite this, the young woman still made Su Xing feel dazed. Each lap pillow made him unable to help but open up. Speaking of, he had never mentioned his past on Earth to Lin Yingmei and the others. The girl from start to finish listened quietly and attentively without uttering a word. Occasionally, when she would soothingly help Su Xing organize his bangs, Su Xing could even see from her eyes much yearning and suffering.

“This Highness ought to go.” Fang Moujia quietly said.

Su Xing was somewhat reluctant to part, mostly because he liked the girl’s quiet listening. “En. You and I have a connection. You’ve helped me so much, it really isn’t too good. Do you have a wish you want me to help with?”

“Wish?” This was the first time Fang Moujia had heard a person tell her they wanted to help her achieve a wish. Her expression turned absentminded. “You are unable to fulfill This Highness’ wish.” She shook her head.

The Su Xing that had wanted to show off suffered an enormous blow to his pride. “You say I can’t fulfill it before you even tell me what it is. Tell me then, I actually may be able to help you, as long as it doesn’t go against my conscience.”

Fang Moujia stared and then smiled. This was the first time he had seen her smile. This was quite a perturbing blow.

“Wait until you reach Star World.”

“Star World…” At the present time, Su Xing honestly could not fulfill this. “Just who are you?” Su XIng curiously asked. “Why would you appear in this place?”

“Unliving yet also undying, infrequent yet also unceasing, unusual yet also unremarkable, unarriving yet also unleaving.” Fang Moujia abruptly said softly.

Su Xing’s brow wrinkled tightly. Though he possessed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and a great understanding of Buddhism, he naturally knew this was gibberish.

“Now go fulfill your wish then – Major.” Fang Moujia calmly said.

That last phrase shocked Su Xing.


It felt like a long time since anyone called him by that rank. After his astonishment passed, Su Xing suddenly had a sort of unreal feeling as if he was in a dream.

“How do you know my rank as a major?” Su Xing had never mentioned this at all when speaking about himself.

Fang Moujia merely looked at Su Xing without saying a word.

“She is waiting for you. Go then.”

Su Xing asked over and over, but Fang Moujia did not want to answer this question at all. Su Xing bitterly smiled. He had a dozen wives. Each addressed him differently, but whether it was the deepest Young Master or some other, none of them could make him lose himself as much as Fang Moujia’s “major.”

This truly should not be.

“I will come visit you in Star World. At that time, I will help you fulfill your wish.” Su Xing earnestly said. This was a promise between two people.

Fang Moujia was calm as a dry well, as if she was saying, “I will be waiting for you.”

Then, Su Xing set out for the sumeru idol.

Watching Su Xing’s departing figure, Fang Moujia softly sighed. She opened her slender fingers. A light mist and purple light swirled about, forming the shape of a great blade. Upon careful inspection, this blade was none other than Guan Ying’s Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade.

“This Highness shall first help you achieve one final wish.”

Fang Moujia opened her hand. The purple light shot into the sumeru idol.

Casting one final glance, Fang Moujia’s figure then abruptly vanished from sight, like the blossoming and withering of the Queen of the Night.

As if nothing had ever happened in the first place.

Su Xing reached the top of the sumeru idol. He saw this place had a platform, a great number of white pagodas, a hundred sarira floating in the air like stars in the sky, scriptures, and even more sonorous chanting.

This place ought to be the center of the pure land. If Guan Ying was refining the Devil Star, she would absolutely be in this place. But Su Xing had yet to see Guan Ying.

What is going on?

Su Xing was somewhat uneasy in his heart.

At this moment, he heard a sharp laugh.

“My Buddha of compassion, to surprisingly have brought you into the pagoda, This Enviless is truly delighted.”

A figure emerged. Astonishingly, it was Enviless of the East, and beside Enviless of the East was a Golden Crow Demi King who also had a cold gaze.

“You two haven’t been refined.” Su Xing chuckled.

Because Enviless of the East and the Golden Crow Demi King offended Chao Gai during the Vermilion Bird Territory’s struggle over the Ten Thousand Year Gu, she sucked them into the pagoda. Ever since he saw the Liao Emperor, Su Xing had thought this encounter may occur, but the disparity between the Liao Emperor’s Realm and theirs was too great. For them to survive was fundamentally impossible. He never expected that not only these two were still alive, they had contrarily survived intact. Su Xing saw the dignity in their eyes. Surprisingly, they had been refined into Buddhist disciples.

“Your cultivation has decreased. Are you comprehending Transforming Star of Annihilation?” Enviless of the East could see clues, and he was unable to help but be surprised.

To surprisingly be able to reach Transforming Star of Annihilation, this man truly was a monster.

“If you are peak cultivation, This Enviless honestly would have been helpless against you. But right now, you have no one to blame but yourself that Hell has no gates. Your time has come.” Enviless of the East laughed, raising his palm.

Against a Supervoid Middle Stage palm, the Su Xing was merely an ordinary person right now definitely could not bear this. Fortunately, Su Xing had Battle Doctrine and excellent martial arts, evading handily.

Although the Golden Crow Demi King bore no enmity towards Su Xing, hearing Enviless of the East mention the matter of Transforming Star of Annihilation, he raised killing intent.

He opened his mouth and breathed out the essence fire of the sun, like a coiling dragon. Even Su Xing’s body techniques could not dodge an ability like this.

Su Xing gloomily wanted to vomit blood. Transforming Star of Annihilation was exalted as Liangshan Continent’s strongest cultivation. In the end, he was currently no better than Stardust Stage.

Just at this moment, a ray of purple light broke over, splitting the Golden Crow Divine Fire in two. The Golden Crow Demi King’s expression changed. A chilling blade-light emerged, stunning.

The Golden Crow Divine Fire assumed the form of a three-legged crow. Its power swelled, but that blade-light also became a purple phoenix. The Golden Crow Divine Fire appeared impressive, however, it was completely destroyed by this purple phoenix after only a few exchanges.

The remaining power directly broke the Golden Crow Demi King’s chest. Before he could react, he was split in two by a blade, vanishing.

Enviless of the East’s eyes were dazzled. A figure was already next to him at this time. He immediately activated the Three Clarities Sword Chant, but the Sword Chant was similarly swept aside by this gorgeous great blade. Similarly stunning and breathtaking blade-light filled the sky. Enviless of the East’s Sword Chant was completely unable to resist and immediately was destroyed.

“It’s you.”


Enviless of the East did not dare believe the Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade that appeared before his eyes.

A pair of unwavering pupils did not give him an answer, but they gave him an absolute promise of death.

With this, Enviless of the East very quickly ended his aggression.

Everything happened in but an instant.

Su Xing was taken aback, looking at the woman who suddenly appeared on the platform.

That was a figure he would never forget. A countenance of supreme dignity, composed as a painting or poem. Clad in armor and fluttering clothes, her jade body was awe-inspiring.

Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying.

“Guan Ying.” Seeing her, Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief.

“You have finally come, Your Distinguished Self Su Xing.” Guan Ying gripped her great blade, speaking in a low voice.

“Have you finished refining your Devil Star? I’ve come to get you out of here. I need you in order to end the Star Duels.” Su Xing said.

“End the Star Duels…” Guan Ying was momentarily absentminded: “You are still considering this?”

“Of course, a real man keeps his word.” Su Xing calmly said.

Staring at Su Xing’s eyes, Guan Ying did not see within any bluff or high-sounding words past Star Masters used to deceive their Star Generals. Guan Ying nodded, muttering quietly: “Since this is the case…Allow This General to lend you a hand.”

Before Su Xing could be elated, Guan Ying suddenly revolted, the Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade drew a unique slash, an unrivalled blade-light.

“Guan Ying.” Su Xing looked at the cut on his chest, incomparably flabbergasted.

“If you want to scale the peak, then become Transforming Star. Allow This General to help you reach this Unrivalled.” Guan Ying wielded her great blade, her tone stern.

She strode forward, lunging.

Hey, hey, hey, things aren’t going as planned. Su Xing was depressed. He wanted to seek out Guan Ying for a return to the Star Duels, not to continue old enmities nor to return to their past state of irreconcilable adversaries.

Su Xing completely lacked any intent to fight, relying on his body techniques to evade.

Guan Ying was furious.

“If you do not use full power, This General shall cut you to pieces.”

“Why are you doing this?” Su Xing asked.

“This General is still the head of the Five Tigers Generals. How can I serve a second master. Do you still not understand? Su Xing!!” Guan Ying’s voice resonated, ear-splitting.

“Even if This General has rescinded her contract, she will not contract a second master. Besides, This General is refining the Devil Star. This General owes too much blood to the Sisters. How can This General show her face and return to end the Star Duels.” Guan Ying’s tone became gentle.

“Ending the Star Duels is the common goal of your Maiden Mountain Sisters. How can you just cower here in the name of your so-called face.” Su Xing shouted.

Guan Ying shook her head.

“If Your Distinguished Self Su Xing cannot bear Guan Ying’s resolution on this, then This General can only destroy you here.”

Guan Ying slowly spoke. Her aura became more and more powerful, more and more eerie.

The air around her was like a sheet of white paper stained in black ink. This blackness slowly spread, and at the same time, the purple heavenly phoenix of the great blade in her hand became a black phoenix, appearing overbearing.

An indescribably wicked beauty rendered Su Xing speechless.

But regret and agony filled his heart.

Devil Star Guan Ying’s true stance.

“Why haven’t you refined it…” Su Xing was completely at a loss.

Guan Ying’s black pupils were dazzling. An evil grin blossomed on her lips, yet it was full of a strange gentleness: “Then help Ying’er remove it right now, Your Distinguished Self.”

Use the promise of this life…

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  1. Su *XIng’s* brow wrinkled tightly. Though he possessed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and a great understanding of Buddhism, he naturally knew this was gibberish.
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    He opened his mouth and breathed out the essence fire of the sun, like a coiling dragon. Even Su Xing’s body techniques could not dodge *and* ability like this.
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