Chapter 743: “Phoenix Reincarnation” Li Shishi

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The quiet valley was already split apart. All kinds of severe saber-light and sword-marks crossed in a disorderly chaos, stripping the valley of its original appearance layer by layer. Lin Yingmei raised her spear, her breathing quiet and slow, adjusting her rhythm. Sweat slid from her forehead down to her chin, the droplets evaporating away before they fell by formless killing intent.

Reflected in Lin Yingmei’s unwavering eyes was the likeness of Chao Gai.

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Wuhui already lacked her previously haughty attitude, and her golden armor was already mottled with cracks. The light of the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda hovering over her head was receding, its power weak.

Under the combined assault of Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, and the others, even the Chao Gai who was outside the Star Duels cut quite a sorry figure.

Chao Gai was not angry, however. Rather, she was beaming with joy, unfathomable.

“Good, very good. This One did not favor him in vain.”

“Chao Wuhui, you laugh, but you do not look the slightest bit alright.” Wu Xinjie stuck out her tongue, speaking dispiritedly.

The battle already was dragging onto nearly its seventh day and seventh night.

Now, it was a full moon suspended in the sky again, and they were finally at their limit.

The instinct of the Star Duels was compelling Wu Xinjie and the others to set out for Maiden Mountain, but each day Su Xing remained trapped was a day they were unable to be at ease. Now that the power of the Thousand Buddha Pagoda was like a candleflame in the wind, gradually ebbing, Wu Xinjie once again spurred herself on.

“Sisters, renew your efforts and even Chao Gai will not be able to continue laughing.” Lin Yingmei breathed deeply, once again gripping her Arctic Star Serpent Spear tightly. As everyone’s Sister and the first to follow Su Xing, she was the strongest, the first wife in both name and reality. Her every word and action now represented all of the girls.

“If you are unable to proceed, your Lord Husband will die under Guan Ying’s blade.” Chao Wuhui provoked them.

Wu Siyou cracked a cold sneer, “Your Concubine does not believe this will be the case.” When she finished speaking, wind rose across the level ground. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus split apart into twin swords, their sword-qi filling the valley, becoming countless white lotuses. Beneath the snow-white lotuses, black flowers bloomed, contrasting beautifully with the snow lotuses like pitch-black ink. This honestly was purity that grew out of the mud unsullied.

Wherever the twin swords passed, peach blossoms and lotus flowers bloomed. Unsurpassed beautiful killing intent suffocated the space in a range of several dozen li.

Following Wu Siyou’s determination, it descended straight towards Chao Gai.

Earth Rank.

Ownerless Peach Tree Is In Bloom.

On the other side, Lin Yingmei acted at the same time. The girl became an ice-cold shooting star. Wherever she passed, breath turned to frost, and ice and snow encroached. An enormous sun and moon behind Lin Yingmei’s spear froze solid.

The black and white figures pincered from the left and right, teamwork that would make anyone envious.

Chao Wuhui bellowed, not daring to overlook the Earth Ranks of the Harm Star and Majestic Star. She immediately defended, golden lotuses emerging from her sleeves, filling the world. The golden light was blinding, resisting the black lotuses and peach blossoms. Even when the True Phoenix Eighth Stage Chao Wuhui was weak, Wu Siyou could barely persist, but the Pilgrim’s attack merely pulled open the curtain on one last overture. 

The others promptly rushed out like raptors, moving swiftly.

All of their most powerful techniques were unleashed in a flood.

“This Hatred Faces Wind, This Passion Leaves Moon.”


“Phoenix Execution Sky Break.”

“Phoenix Dances Nine Days!”

“Bright Full Moon Fills Heaven And Earth.”

“Weather Is Not Predictable.”

“Sound Lingering A Millennium.”

“Throw Money Away Recklessly.”


Countless techniques flocked over, the most indescribable scene in the world. Bodhisattva and Buddhist light, heavenly wheels, phoenixes, and a bright moon were among the incomparably beautiful sights, unable to be described.

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, White and Black Unicorn Tiger, Snow Treading Frost Eye Beast, Nine Tailed Spirit Fox, and the other Star Beasts lent their masters a hand, inciting their strongest offensive. Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, and Xi Yue were not idle either. Their strongest powers, Flying Swords, and magic weapons attacked, sparing no effort. Even if they posed little threat against Chao Gai, they hoped to contribute their humble efforts.

The Chao Wuhui who did not give way smiled.

She raised her palm, using her Heaven Rank for the first time in her life against Star Generals.

“Nirvana Of All Things.”

The valley scenery surrounding Chao Wuhui vanished in the blink of an eye, transforming into an All Things Treasure Wheel, like an impregnable cycle of bliss. Their magnificent killing intent vanished within this, and a kind of heavy and formidable power descended from the Heavens, barreling towards Lin Yingmei and the others in succession. Goddesses, treasure wheels, immortals, and other phenomena instantly encircled them.

A kind of feeling of loss came from their souls. They were completely depriving the girls of their strength.

“Heaven Rank.”

Wu Siyou grit her teeth. This was the power of the Buddha Star’s Heaven Rank. Even with their teamwork, they were surprisingly defeated in an instant. A pity that they currently had yet to comprehend their own Heaven Ranks, otherwise, they would still have a chance in battle.

“This One shall beat you back into your original shapes.” Chao Wuhui waved and was about to end this battle where they had overestimated themselves.


Wu Xinjie laughed.

“You finally used your Heaven Rank. Then do not blame us for spanking you on behalf of our Young Lord, Chao Wuhui.”


Chao Wuhui was taken aback.

All of a sudden, she saw all of the girls had knowing looks. Past them, Chao Wuhui caught sight of the indifferent maid. The maid was in a leisurely pose, both of her hands held out. Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Yizhen’s crimson pupils were very penetrating, the tattoo on her snow-white back vividly beginning to glint. The Yin Yang Carps leapt out from her hands, swimming around her.

Two fantastic colors of fire and ice ignited on her body, slowly morphing.

The maid strode forward.

Her steps were elegant.

Fire and ice peeled off her body, like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

Even Chao Gai was stunned.

Her already slender thighs became even more slim and developed. Then, her waist narrowed, extremely thin. Her chest was full, on the verge of bursting out. Her maid clothes became a gorgeous long skirt. Her layered clothes were beautiful as phoenix feathers. When the two carps finally left Yan Yizhen’s face, Yan Yizhen had already transformed into another beauty. 

Thin brows with clear and bright pupils, glinting pure and gorgeous.

Her fresh and rosy lips curled into an elegant curve.

Her fair skin was like ice and snow.

Let alone that alluring figure, even the most beautiful dancer in the world could not compare.

Hu Niangzi was known as the pinnacle of beauty across the nine generations, but when this girl appeared, she was still a dazzling beautiful, someone that could not be looked straight at. To say nothing of Chao Wuhui, even Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Gongsun Huang and the others stared in shock.

“This is Little Yi’s Heaven Rank, Phoenix Reincarnation?”1 Wu Xinjie was envious.

The girl grinned and walked forwards. Her fingers spread open, and a bright flame ignited, finally turning into two gigantic, gorgeous phoenix-like feather fans. Matching with the girl’s temperament, she honestly was unmatched in the world.

“Feng and Huang.”

Chao Wuhui recognized this Destined Weapon, and her expression became grim.

The girl’s hands gripped the fans, stepping into the Heaven Rank Domain of “Nirvana of All Things” so gracefully, comfortably, calmly, easily.

“Please accept This Girl’s dance.”

The girl spread her wings, smiling gorgeously.

Who was she??

Who else.

Heavenly Splendid Star.2

Li Shishi.3

Star Position: Tranquil Star4

Star Name: Xue Yong5

Nickname: Sick Tiger6

True Name: Xue Mingxi7

Rank: Eighty-fourth

Star Weapon: Good And Evil Karma Banner (Four Star)8

Star Beast: Death Sound9 

Realm: Extreme Realm First Stage

Innate Skill: Incurable Disease10

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Technique: Funeral Rite11

Dark Rank Technique: Corpse Beheading12

Earth Rank Technique: Evil Has Its Retribution

Current Status: Crimson Star Covenant13 with Earthly Speed Star Arrow-hit Tiger

Star Position: Speed Star14

Star Name: Ding Desun15

Nickname: Arrow-hit Tiger16

True Name: Ding Wanjing17

Rank: Seventy-ninth

Star Weapon: Under Heaven Arrow Force (Five Star)

Star Beast: Insect Carving18

Realm: Extreme Realm Third Stage

Innate Skill: Anger19

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Technique: Ten Thousand Arrow Array20

Dark Rank Technique: Weary Bird Forest Return21

Earth Rank Technique: All Stars Kill Moon22

Current Status: Crimson Star Covenant with Xue Mingxi

Detail Materials: …

Song Qingci looked at the information presented upon the Birth Treasure Outline, an endlessly ruminating expression towards the two girls before her eyes. The others were astonished and curious. “They really are Sisters, to surprisingly sign a contract with another Sister.”

Wang Jingzhi cried out this was inconceivable. Even with Leader Star Song Qingci’s Uprising, there were surprisingly other Star Generals that could contract with other Star Generals. This was honestly unprecedented.

Originally, Dai Xingyue had wanted to wanted to understand the details of this Star Master and Star General pair, so she used the Birth Treasure Outline. She never expected this line of information to surprisingly appear when she directed it towards Xue Mingxi.

“Mingxi, we cannot disguise ourselves as pigs to eat the tiger.” Ding Wanjing furrowed her brow.

Xue Mingxi rolled her eyes.

Hearing her words, Song Qingci’s faction broke into laughter.

“Perhaps you can inform Qingci just what is happening with this?” Song Qingci softly asked.

“Why must we inform you.” (Ding Wanjing)23

“This is the secret between Mingxi and I.” (Ding Wanjing)

“Mingxi, do not tell her anything.” (Ding Wanjing)

Before she could say anything, Ding Wanjing blabbered on and on.

“Can it be you actually want to join those Star Masters in that foolish Monster Slaying Alliance?” Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun’s gaze returned from the window. She vaguely felt that Wang Lun was currently taking those Star Masters through training. That power was indeed very formidable.

Although they had Wang Lun training their martial arts, Shi Jinglun actually was not envious. Her gaze then turned to the rear courtyard. A woman powerful enough to be without equal in Liangshan drank wine. With a tipsy expression, she gave pointers to the martial arts of Sun Yueying and the others. Even Li Longkui had been drawn over. 

“Once I fall into a state of poor health, I am able to sign a contract. This is My Innate Skill.” Xue Mingxi powerlessly said.

“But she can only contract with a Star General.” Ding Wanjing pursed her lips.

Meaning, if the previous Overlord Wu Song had signed a contract with Sick Tiger, then she could have ascended Maiden Mountain? A pity that the Star Duels were too merciless. The probability for a weakened Sick Tiger to sign a contract were too remote.

“But it must be after half a year from the ending of the Third Phase.” Xue Mingxi continued.

Shi Jinglun was very skeptical why she would know this so clearly. Ding Wanjing continued to chatter: “Because we were always together. Wanjing originally saw that she was suicidal and wanted to find a place with good fengshui to be buried in.” Saying this, the two of them recalled past events, distracted for a time.

Even without saying anything, Song Qingci could discern that the sisterly bond between these two was very profound. She recognized that they had quite the tale.

“Little Sisters, would you follow Your Servant up Maiden Mountain?” Song Qingci softly asked.

Ding Wanjing wrinkled her brow and asked her partner: “Mingxi, what do you think?”

Xue Mingxi very weakly said: “Can we refuse?”

Song Qingci smiled and nodded.

“Then I shall agree after all. Perhaps Elder Sister can make Wanjing shut up for once.”

“Huh? Can it be that I am really noisy?” (Ding Wanjing)

“I just like to talk, that’s all. You surprisingly despise Me.” (Ding Wanjing)

“If it was not for Me, how could you have heard so many interesting stories about the Purple Thunder Monster.” (Ding Wanjing)

“You forget favors and violate justice.” (Ding Wanjing)

Song Qingci and the others were speechless.

Xue Mingxi vomited blood.

“I will have to decline after all, Elder Sister. Please have that Big Sister bury me right here.”24

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  1. 鳳凰轉生
  2. 天艷星. Not among the normal 108 Stars.
  3. 李師師. Just a bit of background: It looks like this Heaven Rank forcibly incarnates Li Shishi, a Star General of Star World, into the body of Yan Yizhen. She has an entirely different repertoire of techniques and skills, and for all intents and purposes, is a completely separate Star Maiden borrowing the body of Yan Yizhen for the duration of the technique. Li Shishi is the wife of Skilful Star Yan Qing in the original work, The Water Margin.
  4. 地幽星
  5. 薛永
  6. 病大蟲
  7. 薛明晰
  8. 善惡因果旗
  9. 亡音
  10. 膏盲
  11. 超度
  12. 斬屍
  13. 赤星簽約
  14. 地速星
  15. 丁得孫
  16. 中箭虎
  17. 丁莞晶
  18. 雕蟲
  19. 怒氣
  20. 萬箭陣
  21. 倦鳥歸林
  22. 眾星戮月
  23. I’m putting this in parentheses just to illustrate who is speaking.
  24. LOL


  1. What the hell! Little Yi’s Heaven Rank is what, like a possession or substitution technique!?

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. It’s a form of possession, but judging by what happens, it’s an incarnation technique. A good analogy would be Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei, just instead of summoning a dead person to inhabit a living vessel, it’s summoning a being from a higher realm.

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