Chapter 745: Huang Seeks Feng

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Su Xing extended his hand. Li Shishi’s enchanting smile was even deeper. Her white palm emitted fire that transformed into a beautiful Phoenix Fan. Her left hand attacked at the same time. The Phoenix Fans were spry and lively, radiating flames all around. Her slender waist spun around, her body techniques like a dance.

Dance steps.


Su Xing naturally did not believe he would actually dance with Li Shishi. The instant she made her move, his Flying Swords flew out at the same time. The Five Elements Flying Swords each released spirit-light and spiraled around. Their sword-lights were resplendent, descending.

Li Shishi’s “Feng and Huang” closed and opened, flapping like actual phoenix wings. Gorgeous flames directly struck apart the Flying Swords’ assault, and Li Shishi reached in front of Su Xing at the same time, her fans sweeping upwards.

Su Xing shouted, opening the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, but Li Shishi’s technique was valiant. The Phoenix Wings sent Su Xing directly into the air, surrounding him in flames and igniting. Su Xing’s blossoming Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was surprisingly scorched away in the blink of an eye. But Su Xing’s powers were not limited to this. He snapped his fingers, firing Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

Purple thunder rolled.

Li Shishi showed a bit of interest. The graceful woman’s legs stepped into the air, her phoenix brilliant as she took flight with her wings. Her slender waist seemed to dance. The true killing move was emerging, like a phoenix’s arrogant wings. Purple Thunder was immediately smashed.

Su Xing flipped before he landed, thus avoiding ending up in a sorry state.

He lifted his head to look, but his chest scorched with pain. Two wounds appeared. Li Shishi gracefully landed, her Phoenix arrogant and lofty, just like the proud bird itself. Even the most outstanding Gongsun Huang showed slight astonishment at Li Shishi’s gorgeous attack.

Li Shishi slightly smiled.

That was her Dark Technique just now.

Spreading Wings!1

So powerful.

Su Xing’s heart sank. In their brief encounter, the Dark Technique broke his Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and Flying Swords. The smoothly flowing attack completely dazzled his field of view. Su Xing did not expect he would be unable to receive the attack.

“If you are unable to keep up with This Girl’s dance steps, This Girl is unable to inform Mister of things.” Li Shishi slightly smiled and said.

“I understand.”

Su Xing spat out a mouthful of Essence Blood, manifesting the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber. The moment he grasped the hilt, the dragon phoenix on the blade seemed to let out a cry. The next instant, Su Xing’s body was like an arrow, already pressing the attack. The sabertip broke open a scorching heatwave.

The Phoenix blocked. Li Shishi spun around, rendering Su Xing’s attack futile, but the fierce assault only just began. The Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber’s qi erupted, rolling over like a tidal wave. A chilling winter spring became an enormous bird that swooped down upon Li Shishi.

The cold tore apart the air.

Li Shishi’s wonderful hands and technique changed.

The Phoenix Fans were held together. The beautifully began to spin. Her magnificent feathered robe started to flutter, each feather like a singing phoenix, and as Li Shishi spun where she was, she danced. Rays of light flooded out that intertwined with the Dragon Sparrow’s baleful aura.

Endless destruction.

Endless nirvana.

Endless, harsh collisions.

An indescribable sense of beauty practically captivated all of Su Xing’s wives.

If it was not for knowing this was Yan Yizhen’s Heaven Rank Incarnation, Hua Wanyue would have somewhat impatiently fired an arrow into this dance party.

“What did you mean just now by saying I lacked destiny?” Su Xing asked, using Light Smoke Dance Steps, blossoming the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower at the same time for protection.

“Is destiny not what is in Mister’s hand?”

Li Shishi warmly replied.

The scent of orchids assailed him. The Phoenix Fans stuck at Su Xing’s vitals. Su Xing’s expression chilled, and Purple Cloud East Approaches emerged. The surroundings filled with purple qi, seemingly becoming his world. The Purple Rose Transforming Qi’s highest Realm, Purple Cloud east Approaches, could make purple clouds fill the world at any time. And in these purple clouds, Su Xing seemed to create a world that was a different sort of wonder when compared to Chao Wuhui’s Colored Glass World. Ordinary people would be suppressed if they intruded into Purple Cloud East Approaches.

But Li Shishi ignored it. Purple Cloud East Approaches was completely unable to touch her clothes.

Her dance.

Subjugated Purple Cloud East Approaches.

“This is her Innate Skill Country Ruination?” Su Xing suddenly understood what Li Shishi’s Innate Skill Country Ruination was.

Li Shishi grinned.

She danced before Su Xing, her slender waist twisting. The Phoenix Fans in her hands pincered from above and below, assuming Feng Seeks Huang. Beautiful flames leapt off her body. Subsequently, the girl’s fans rushed towards Su Xing, like a pair of dexterous arms about to hug him.

Although Su Xing resisted with all his might, he was still seized by the unstoppable fans.

The beauty that could inflame all things was now in front of Su Xing.

In Lin Yingmei and the others’ eyes.

The scene in front of them could be said to be filled with a suggestive atmosphere.

Li Shishi joined her arms around Su Xing’s shoulders as if embracing him, twisting her waist and raising her butt. Phoenixes danced around them, bringing Su Xing above the nine firmaments, startling everyone.

The experience was indescribably painful for Su Xing. Although Li Shishi danced as she embraced him, his entire body from head to toe had been restricted. His body was unable to refuse any one of Li Shishi’s movements. The beautiful flames nibbled at Su Xing’s consciousness. A warm and soft feeling from the opponent’s body made him unable to resist.

“You have the fortune to be the first man to accompany This Girl for her Earth Dance. If you can keep up, Shishi shall inform you of Destiny and the Star Duels!!”

Li Shishi opened her full lips. She did not speak, but her voice was already transmitted into Su Xing’s mind.

The world dimmed its tenderness in the subsequent approach.

Earth Rank Dance

Feng Soars The Skies, Four Seas Seek Huang!2

Seven Worthies Village. Fang Moujia slowly roused from her slumber.

“Your Highness, you slept somewhat long this time.”

Shi Xian and the others knelt deferentially before her. In comparing their manners, Shi Xian’s tone was somewhat contrasting. 

“What changes have occurred?” Fang Moujia lowered her eyelids, a half-asleep, half-awake appearance.

“Your Highness, your vigor is not very good.” Pang Shu tugged at her bow.

“The Star Duels are already approaching their end. They ought to reach Maiden Mountain within two months, but there is a problem.” The girl wearing dark blue dragon patterned robes while exposing her snow white thighs stood up.

Fang Moujia cast a calm glance.

The charming Niang General of the “Xian Liang Shu De” replied: “I used ‘Dragon Spirit’ to learn that there is a Fiend Star Purple Thunder Monster in these Star Duels. The other Star Masters are very afraid of him. They have formed an alliance, so they will not reach Maiden Mountain before then. Rather, they will choose an unavoidable place to encircle and kill the Purple Thunder Monster. Shall we take action or spectate?”

“Of course we must take action. An internecine strife is boring. Your Highness, what do you say.” Pang Shu stuck out her chest, offering to head out.

“But there is also another piece of information. There is a strange rumor saying anomalies have appeared in these Star Duels. Some are able to scale the peak without using a contract. This ought to be information that the Purple Thunder Monster leaked in order to wedge apart the alliance. That there would be such a smart man, I want to meet him.” The woman licked her lips.

“In the end, everything will be arranged according to Your Highness.”

Fang Moujia pondered then said in a low voice: “Do you feel that if we allow these Star Masters to scale the mountain, perhaps that will change our tense relationship with the Empress?”

These words shocked the generals. Even the Deng Yuanjue whose eyes were closed in rumination opened them, showing astonishment: “Your Highness, how is this possible. The Empress personally arranges the Star Duels between the Star Masters. They would only stand on the Empress’ side.”

“But these Ninth Star Duels are already abnormal. Even we were able to descend the mountain. Perhaps things will be different from what you think.” Fang Moujia’s tone was gentle: “Even if we exterminated all the Star Masters here, in Star World, we would still fall into an impasse with the Empress. This Highness is already a bit tired…” The Fang Moujia who loved to sleep somewhat exhibited a weary tone for the first time.

This startled the Four Generals.

“Your Highness, pardon my rudeness. Liangshan Continent’s Star Masters are all short-sighted people. They are unworthy of your belief, let alone that their strength is unworthy of any of your trust.” Leader of the Four Generals, Shi Xian, spoke. The others agreed.

“Is that so. Then we shall wait and see for the time being. Perhaps there will be a great difference in the result.” Fang Moujia did not press the issue.

Fang Moujia walked over to a waterfall in the bamboo grove, her beautiful feet bare as she gazed into the horizon.

Shi Xian walked over.

“Are you asking what I saw in my dream?” Fang Moujia did not let her initiate with her question.

“Yes. Why would Your Highness suddenly trust those people of Liangshan Continent. Your Highness must know that they are merely puppets that the Empress has sought out. Even these Star Generals are merely True Spirit puppets. Their destinies have long been controlled by the Empress’ hand. Why does Your Highness believe in them.” Shi Xian narrowed her eyes, unconvinced.

“Song Jiang’s mandate of Heaven has been awakened. The Major has emerged into this world. Can it be these do not signify a change in these Star Duels?”

“The Major???”

“Another of the Purple Thunder Monster’s titles.”

“Your Highness, you went to see that man?” Although Shi Xian had already thought of this, she was a bit in disbelief.

Fang Moujia did not answer.

“How can you believe in someone as ungrateful as a man. Your Highness, you must not be deceived by his silver tongue…” Feeling these words were somewhat unbecoming, Shi Xian lowered her head.

“Shi Xian. This Highness is deeply aware. But…Too tired…” Fang Moujia propped up her chin with her hands, her blue eyes calm as a dry well, like a placid lake. This Highness is somewhat weary of the lack of change. The Empress has been led astray by the Four Ministers. Perhaps a man with a silver tongue is precisely what is needed to go clear her vision.” Saying this, Fang Moujia could not help but smile, as if she was imagining that to be a very interesting scene.

With that man’s responsible nature, this would indeed be very wonderful.

She truly was a bit eager to see this.

“If Your Highness feels weary, then please leave everything to This Subordinate!” Shi Xian’s expression was grim. She suddenly knelt on the ground, a blade sticking into the ground with its bloody edge. The woman’s expression was solemn: “But please, Your Highness, dismiss these notions. That man is not worthy of your expectations…Can it be that Your Highness is disappointed with This Subordinate??? If that is the case, please grant Shi Xian death!!”

Fang Moujia sighed: “You have accompanied Me for tens of thousands of years. How can Moujia not understand your intentions? Fine, This Highness speaks of this no further. It would be better for us to see just what virtue and capabilities he has. We shall discuss more in the future.”

Shi Xian nodded, her eyes slightly narrowing. No one could tell what she was thinking of.

But Fang Moujia noticed Shi Xian’s tightly clenched fists.

That kind of killing intent was clear.


If he can defeat you, then he ought to be able to persuade you…

While she thought this, her heart was very conflicted.

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  1. 展翅
  2. 鳳飛翱翔,四海求凰


  1. ….I’ll never understand the completely irrational man-hating from these arrogant af Star Generals. It’s honestly kinda gross.

    That said, Su Xing is coming for ya!
    …I’m still curious just why and how Moujia is so attached to Su Xing….

    1. The other situations don’t always make that much sense usually.

      Here it seems like there is a reason having to do with something those silver tongued four ministers did and it sounds like it has to do with why the Star duels even are.

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