Chapter 744: Beauty That Can Ruin A State, Please Dance With Me, Sir

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Su Xing looked at the woman leaning on his shoulder, at her clean brow, her fine hair, her charming lashes. Her forehead was outlined with an indomitable spirit, and her facial features were carved as if from jade. Further down was her pure white neck, which was stuck with some strands of her fine black hair due to the intense exercise earlier. Her breastplate was carved with flamboyant dragons and phoenixes. 

She leaned against his shoulder. The soft touch of her body was extremely distinct, but Su Xing did not have any doubts at all about the strength under this softness. Just now, he had been suffering under her. The woman’s legs were folded. Under her armor and skirt, those slender thighs that met together were like an impregnable dam in the tranquility. In battle, they became storming footsteps, turning into powerful weapons full of fatal allure.

This was Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying.

When they finally set aside their fighting intent, only then did Su Xing discover that the unsurpassed woman who was like a god of war still possessed in her tranquility an aura that gave him the urge to protect her.

In this Pure Land World, the colored glass was already beginning to wither. The faraway temples, treasure idols, and white pagodas were slowly disintegrating.

The fluttering polo, the space in front of his eyes, Su Xing could not help but recall the battle earlier with Guan Ying.

Of course, the process and result of the battle was already not worth mentioning. Having gone through Hu Banzhuang’s strongest Overlord baptism, Su Xing’s martial arts were already sufficient to contend against Guan Ying for a hundred bouts without defeat. And the battle with Guan Ying, rather than say it was to make a clean break, it was more appropriate to say that the Brave Star was imparting to Su Xing the last of her martial arts.

Thus this battle was knowingly held back at the very end, so currently this kind of tranquility remained.

A while after.

Guan Ying broke this atmosphere: “Why do you not leave?”

“I came to get you out. If you won’t leave, I won’t leave.” Su Xing calmly replied.

“This General has already withdrawn from the Star Duels. To participate once again would be a shame to the past Brave Stars. Su Xing…Do you want to disgrace This General?” Guan Ying shut her eyes, sleeping against his shoulder, her tone very apathetic. The Guan Ying who had turned her life of martial arts into a teaching noticed that after the battle, this fleeting moment of gentle tranquility was very comfortable. Presumably, Lin Yingmei and the others were very fond of this.

Su Xing, who had been a soldier, was very aware that honor and duty were more important than life, so the Su Xing who was able to reverse black and white and speak with a glib tongue was silent at this moment.

“Maiden Mountain has powerful enemies waiting for you. You must properly protect my Sisters…This Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade shall be entrusted to you.” Guan Ying slightly closed her eyes. She pointed her finger, and the Five Star Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade appeared in front of Su Xing. A coiling dragon manifested, purple light glinted, and that single Devil Star originally on the blade had long already become one final shining Star.


“It is regretful that This General has only comprehended Earth Rank. If it is you, perhaps you can help This General fulfill her wish.”

Su Xing continued to be silent.

Guan Ying said nothing earlier. They continued to enjoy these final moments.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda suddenly shook.

This illusionary world fired a ray of white light. It flew straight towards them. Su Xing knew that the time had come to leave, that there were still people outside waiting for him.

“I know. Take care of yourself.”

Su Xing held Guan Ying’s hand, tightly grasping her palm, just like a chain. Guan Ying was taken aback but did not resist. She allowed Su Xing, who was reluctant to let go, to hold it. Her heart softened without reason. Guan Ying left the most gentle order in all her life.

“This General shall wait at Maiden Mountain for your triumph.”

The white wind blew, and flowers fell like rain.

By the time the wind stopped and the flowers ceased, that hand Su Xing held had already vanished. All traces of Guan Ying disappeared into the wind.1


Su Xing sighed.

When Su Xing emerged from the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda, Lin Yingmei and the others were currently somewhat pacing back and forth in worry. When they saw Su Xing appear, they finally sighed in relief.

“Chao Wuhui, many thanks to you this time.” Su Xing cupped his fist in gratitude to Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai.

“You’re injured?” Su Xing saw that Chao Gai was cutting a bit of a sorry figure, leaving him a bit surprised, but he immediately realized what had happened. “Little Sister, please help heal Chao Wuhui.”

An Suwen walked over.

Chao Gai said: “No need. If seems you have passed through the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda well. This One has not undertaken this in vain. For the road henceforth, you are on your own.” Saying this, she raised her brow. Chao Wuhui coldly swept her gaze over the others, vanishing from this place in the blink of an eye.

“She left so fast. I still wanted to ask her about Moujia.” Su Xing was helpless.

“Young Lord, have you completed your wish?”

All of the girls cared more about what happened to Su Xing in the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Pagoda. Su Xing also explained the sequence of events. When he mentioned Moujia, all of the wives glanced at each other. When he mentioned Guan Ying’s Starfall, that she left behind her Reclining Moon Blade, they were unable to help but be silent. However, in the end, he still did not comprehend Transforming Star of Annihilation. Although Su Xing felt he was already past the peak of Supervoid, even facing off against Guan Ying in battle, which had the greatest likelihood of Transforming Star of Annihilation, he felt he was lacking something.

“Lacking levitation to Star World?” Hua Wanyue was pensive. According to records, Transforming Star of Annihilation could levitate to Star World.

“Maybe.” Su Xing was not clear on this. He had contracts on him, so levitating to Star World was perhaps not very realistic.

“You are lacking destiny.” 

All of a sudden, a lovely and pleasant voice rang out.

Su Xing paused. This voice was honestly nice to listen to, like the mellow song of an oriole yet also clear like a windchime. Each word was full of an extravagant feeling. Su Xing was well aware of the voice of each of his wives, but this voice did not belong to any of them.

“Where is Little Yi?” Su Xing did not notice Little Yi’s presence.

All of the girls’ expressions became somewhat strange.

“Sisters, why not introduce Xing’er to our newest Sister…” Chai Ling held her cat, sitting faraway and seemingly smiling.

“New sister?”

“Little Yi is over there.” Wu Xinjie stuck out her tongue and pointed at the lakeside.

The girls parted, and then Su Xing saw.

At the edge of the lake, under the willows and cliffs sat a sweet and elegant woman.

The woman’s skirt was like a cloud, her clothes like snow, her smile delicate as a flower, a jade beauty. The hibiscus of the pond did not measure up to the woman’s beauty one bit, and that serene scent lost appeal before the graceful woman. Honestly, this was the feeling of “the beauty outshines the hibiscus, the water palace’s wind brings the fragrance of pearls.”

Even Su Xing could not help but be captivated for a moment.

“Willows hang straight, strands of green in the the mist. Upon the dike, I saw them many times, floating off in the water. I climb up to gaze at the old capital. Who knows me? I am a tired guest away from the capital’s bustle. The years pass by the long pavilion path, broken stalks piled on for a thousand chi.” The woman rose, walking towards Su Xing with slender elegant steps. She spoke softly, sang gently.

“Does Lord Husband know who she is?” Wu Siyou lowered her head, and a smile curled along the corner of her lips, speaking ambiguously.

“Little Yi…” Su Xing wrinkled his brow, but he felt something was off. This woman was honestly too beautiful, too dazzling. To use the phrase “beauty that ruins a city” would not be an apt description. Yan Yizhen was very beautiful, but not this much.

The girl walked before Su Xing. Shi Yuan jealously ground her teeth. As they were similar woman, how was it that this woman’s steps were so beautiful and charming. Out of everyone, perhaps only a queen could compare in charm and nobility, beauty and purity.

“You were singing Lanling Wang just now?” Su Xing took a deep breath. Yan Yizhen had once sang of this Lanling Wang before as well.

The girl slightly curtsied. She spread her hands, and two beautiful Phoenix Fans appeared.

“This Woman Li Shishi greets Mister…”

“Li Shishi.” Su Xing said in astonishment. “Your True Name is Li Shishi?”

“Does Mister have any objections?” Li Shishi thinly smiled.

Su Xing blankly looked at Wu Xinjie and the others. All of the wives helplessly nodded. “She is Little Yi’s Heaven Rank Incarnation…”

“Incarnation? Shishi comes from Star World, both in name and reality.” Li Shishi said.

“Is that so? Then mind if I take a look at you?” Su XIng asked.

Li Shishi very alluringly winked: “Shall This Girl undress?”

Please do…Su Xing chuckled. How could he tease her in front of Lin Yingmei and the others. He said nothing, turning over his wrist and manifesting the Birth Treasure Outline. However, like that time with Chao Gai, there were practically only question marks.

Star Position: Splendid Star2

Star Name: Li Shishi

Nickname: Flying General3

True Name: ???

Star Number: 188th

Star Weapon: Feng and Huang (Double Fans)

Star Beast: ???

Realm: ???

Innate Skill: Country Ruination

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Technique: Spread Wings

Dark Rank Technique: Phoenix Dance

Earth Rank Technique: ???

Heaven Rank Technique: ???

Current Status: Psychic Communication (Cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“The Birth Treasure Outline. If Mister had four, then you could have seen even more clearly.” Li Shishi said.

“Presumably you exerted great strength against Chao Gai, Shishi.” Su Xing saw that she was Yan Yizhen’s Incarnation and was very sincere, but he had a question: “When will Little Yi return?”

“Does Mister feel Shishi is annoying? You are in such a rush to have Shishi leave.” Li Shishi played with the Feng and Huang Fans, speaking softly.

This girl’s voice was indeed mesmerizing. If it was not for the Heart Like Mirror Soul Technique, Su Xing honestly would be somewhat unable to resist.

“What are you planning? Fine then, if you want to replace Little Yi, I must inform you…Little Yi and I often take intimate baths together and do some fun things.” Su Xing saw her nobility and was still unable to help crack a joke. “You want to try?”

Li Shishi remained unperturbed. “Mister truly is impatient.”

“Wait a moment.” Su Xing suddenly recalled some things, “You said you are from Star World? Then you must be very aware of Star World’s affairs.”

Li Shishi wore a small smile upon her face.

“Li Shishi and Zhao Ji…You must have some relation to Star World’s Empress?” Su Xing paused.

“Why is Mister so certain?” Li Shishi showed slight amusement.

Su Xing naturally could not say that he recalled some poetry or something. “I saw that you are an incomparable beauty, and your Innate Skill is Country Ruination. How can this be a misnomer in Star World.”

“Indeed, the Empress is fond of Shishi’s dance and song performances.” Li Shishi said. Then, she interrupted Su Xing: “Shishi knows that Mister wants to ask about ending the Star Duels. Over the course of a thousand years, only the current Skilful Star was able to unite with Shishi’s mind and body. Presumably, her master is also an incomparably accomplished person. To end the Star Duels, you indeed require the Empress.”

“How do we do it?”

Everyone was anxious.

“To have Shishi deliver a message to the Empress on behalf of Mister is not difficult. But…”

“She wants my virginity? Ah…” Su Xing was about to recommend his services when Zhao Hanyan stepped on his foot from the side.4

“Please dance with me, sir!”

Li Shishi extended her hand that was white as frost and gave a thin smile.

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  1. Personally, I think this wasn’t actually Guan Ying and that she was already killed back then against Fang Moujia’s four generals. I also think this Guan Ying is only a perfect replica that Fang Moujia created to fulfill Su Xing and Guan Ying’s promise. But that’s just my opinion.
  2. 天艷星
  3. 飛將軍
  4. Oh, it’s adorable how jealous she can get.

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  1. To expound on the TL notes…. Yeah, I think this Guan Ying was a ‘Trace of True Spirit’ like the past Overlords were.

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