Chapter 750: No One To Accompany

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White Silk Ten Thousand Ren Breaks Blue Nether! 

Li Xiangfei’s hands spread out, and the White Night Dragon Carving Sword stopped. The entire Coalesced Dragonpools immediately roared. Countless water dragons soared into the sky, innumerable, stretching as far as the eye could see. Under the moonlight, each water dragon glinted with a crystalline luster. Ten thousand water dragons arose together, shaking the entire night. Even though she came from the Crystal Dragon Palace, the Long Nü who had beheld countless wonders in the water was stunned upon seeing this scene.

If this Heaven Rank had been used in the Crystal Dragon Palace, even the Connecting Heaven Ocean Settling Pearls’ barrier would have been unable to protect the Dragon Palace.

“So impressive.” Zhao Hanyan inhaled sharply. Truly worthy of a first-rate Heaven Rank used upon the water. No wonder Li Xiangfei dared to declare she would destroy everything just now. She truly was serious.

“Prince Consort, do not goof off too badly.” Dong Junqing muttered. She immediately escorted Zhao Hanyan and the others faraway to avoid being caught up.

Li Xiangfei placed all of her mind onto Su Xing. She pointed a jade finger at him.

The ten thousand water dragons in the moonlight immediately dove downwards, swooping towards Su Xing like sharp blades. They brandished fang and claw, full of aggression.

The Su Xing caught in the center of the water dragons was practically suppressed to the point he could not draw breath. If it was not for his being at Transforming Star of Annihilation, perhaps he honestly would have been unable to resist. “Go!!” Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved. Heaven Tearing, Langya, Frost Powder, Jian Feather, and Time Immemorial drew five rainbows. Then, he blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and used Purple Cloud East Approaches.

The ten thousand water dragons that filled the skies flung themselves towards Su Xing. Five sword-lights twisted, shredding the incoming water dragons. Then came the second water dragon, the third, the fourth, fifth…hundred, all the way to the ten thousands. More and more came, finally forming a torrential downpour that struck at Su Xing.

The Five Elements sword-lights continuously disintegrated all incoming attacks under Su Xing’s powerful Divine Intent.

The innumerable water dragons exploded in Su Xing’s surroundings like rain. The Heavenly Spirits Earthly Fiends Purple Rose Five Elements Flying Swords’ rainbow-lights were glittering to the extreme, but Li Xiangfei’s Heaven Rank was already exhausting her strength. Even the most powerful Flying Swords could not possibly counter her perfectly. Li Xiangfei’s eyes were determined, bright as lightning.

“Be careful.” The feeble Long Nü could not help but call out in concern for Su Xing.

The water dragons that were filling the sky soared high, even concealing the heavens. The moonlight dimmed and lost its color. Immediately, they all descended at the same time.

An instant later, millions of water dragons attacked Su Xing. The edges of the Flying Swords were drowned out under these tidal waves. Water dragons collided, and the only thing audible was a heaven shaking reverberation. All of the Coalesced Dragonpools trembled. Even villages a million li away could clearly feel this quaking.

An ear-splitting noise was about to rupture their eardrums. Even Zhao Hanyan felt very uncomfortable. She and Su Xing shared the Thousand Year Contract. Even though she was already very far away from the range of Li Xiangfei’s Heaven Rank, she still felt unable to breathe.

“Dear Husband.” Hu Niangzi was just about to kill the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, but upon seeing Li Xiangfei’s Heaven Rank swallow Su Xing, her heart was filled with incomparable worry. Her figure warped. The Seven Star Double Sabers released multi-colored lights. Saber-qi rolled across the Coalesced Dragonpools like a storm, shredding the water dragons.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon also urged on the Boundless Bell with all his power.

He attempted to use the Boundless Bell to break Su Xing’s Purple Cloud East Approaches and the Five Elements Flying Swords abilities.

Waves wildly crashed, and knells lingered.

A wretched sight was upon the water, spine-chilling.

A long while afterwards, the water dragons finally dissipated one after another. The Coalesced Dragonpools regained their tranquility. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s eyes widened, staring in Su Xing’s direction. He waited for the mist to part, which revealed an upright figure that immediately made him sink to the valley floor.

Su Xing wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth, blossoming with a wide grin.

Fifty Flying Swords hovered above his head. Although the struggle against the Heaven Rank was very difficult, their lights did not diminish.

Purple Cloud East Approaches was already washed away by the mist, and the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was half-wilted. Even so, Su Xing still relied on his immense strength to endure the River Dragon’s top-notch Heaven Rank.

“No way…” Li Xiangfei was utterly speechless. She had already used all of her power to wield her Heaven Rank at its maximum. Even the Devil Star Palace would have been destroyed. But Su Xing’s cultivation was excellent. Each of his powers were wondrous to the peak, and with the True Phoenix and Seven Star Destined Weapon Hu Niangzi for protection, killing Su Xing was simply impossible.

Su Xing took a deep breath. His figure warped. Arriving in front of Li Xiangfei, the White Night Dragon Carving Sword she thrust at him was stopped by the Five Elements Flying Swords.

The noble woman stared at Su Xing like this, not fleeing nor attacking. The two of them stared into each other’s eyes.

“How regretful…” Su Xing said, unclear as to whether he regretting that Li Xiangfei’s Heaven Rank was unable to kill him or if he was regretting that he was unable to meet and sign a contract with her before to turn her into one of his own.

“There is nothing to regret.” Li Xiangfei calmly replied.

Su Xing nodded. He extended a finger and tapped the woman’s spotlessly white forehead.

Purple clouds entered Li Xiangfei’s body through his finger. The River Dragon did not resist. She shut her eyes, at peace.

“Xiangfei.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon screamed.

Li Xiangfei groaned, falling into the Star Nest.

“Im-impossible.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was hysterical, unable to accept the reality in front of him. Li Xiangfei had used her Heaven Rank upon the water battlefield she was most confident in yet was surprisingly unable to kill Su Xing. In the end, she was slain by Su Xing.

Just what Realm had this Monster reached.

“Purple Thunder Monster, tomorrow’s Star Duel will be your doom. This Holy Lord will definitely take revenge for Xiangfei!!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon turned and fled. The instant he turned around, a whistling Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow was fired from the Bright Moon Longevity Palace a thousand li away. The resplendent arrow-light shot into the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s chest.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon screamed, nearly dying. Fortunately for him, his Prehistoric Heavenly Demon Body had already reached the peak. Even the True Phoenix Realm Hua Wanyue’s Dark Rank was unable to kill him.

How could Hu Niangzi let him escape. The girl leapt high into the air, light as faint mist. True Phoenix Wings unfurled from the Bright Star’s back. Hu Niangzi caught up to the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon in a split second. The Seven Star Double Sabers descended. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had no way to escape this time. But just at this moment, Su Shengxiang finally rushed over, crying out in panic upon seeing this scene. “Lord Husband, use the Yin Yang Strange Qi.”

Her hands formed a hand seal. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon coordinated, activating his at the same time.

A ray of Yang qi emerged from the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s cranium. Simultaneously, a ray on Yin qi flew out from Su Shengxiang’s cranium. These two Yin and Yang qi twisted in midair and entangled Hu Niangzi. This Yin Yang Strange Qi was a cultivation method a man and woman cultivated together. By exhausting all Essence Qi to create its form, it would harmonize heaven and earth, yin and yang to form a blade. This was very troublesome to handle.

Hu Niangzi’s double sabers danced, unable to cut down the combined Yin Yang Strange Qi for the time being.

Hua Wanyue again fired several more arrows from the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. Similarly, she was unable to break apart the Yin Yang Strange Qi’s formation.

“If it is possible, Shengxiang would very much like to climb Maiden Mountain and end these Star Duels together with Your Distinguished Self Su Xing.” Su Shengxiang slightly smiled. She grabbed the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and departed. In the end, she cast a glance at Su Xing, but it was unclear what she was thinking of.

Su Xing followed the woman’s departure with his eyes, his brow wrinkling ever so slightly.

“Young Lord, what has happened?”

Wu Xinjie and the others finally rushed over. They were terribly frightened when they witnessed the spectacle of the ten thousand dragons. She had thought the Monster Slaying Alliance had launched a sneak attack.

“I just bumped into Li Xiangfei a moment ago.” Su Xing indicated there was no issue.

“We had better let Little Sister Suwen examine you. You just faced the River Dragon’s Heaven Rank.” Zhao Hanyan said with concern.

An Suwen stepped forward and checked. Fortunately, his wounds were not very severe, but his meridians were still jolted quite badly. The average person would probably have been fragmented.

“A pity that we let that Holy Lord of Draconic Demon escape.” Dong Junqing was somewhat upset she was unable to intervene just then.

“Ha,ha, he truly is the cockroach that cannot be caught.” Zhao Hanyan chuckled.

“Yuqi feels we should return for now. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Star Generals have fallen into the Star Nest. To recover to peak status is unlikely without half a year’s time. A Star Master without Star Generals is basically no threat. Young Su actually must return first to properly console the Elder Sisters.” Zhang Yuqi dubiously said.

“What about her?”

Zhang Feiyu looked at the forgotten Long Nü, the Blazing Fish King Saber in her hand stirring restlessly.

The Heaven Rank just now was too powerful. Zhao Hanyan had used her Flying Swords to shield Long Nü, otherwise the girl perhaps would not have made it.

Long Nü weakly looked at Su Xing, her eyes very calm. Even if Su Xing was to kill her right now, that would have been logical. She did not have any complaints.

“The legendary Crystal Dragon Palace’s Seventh Princess has a fine heart, an upstanding character. This really is the case it seems. Su Xing, why not take her into the Longevity Palace as one of your own.”1 Zhao Hanyan asked.

Su Xing nodded. He had a relatively favorable impression about Long Nü and was very clear about the girl’s personality.

“Bring her back with us.”

Somewhere in the marsh, Su Shengxiang stopped. She looked at the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon with an arrow stuck in his heart and wrinkled her brow. She scolded him in a low voice: “Idiot, why are you always so short-sighted, to think of facing him alone.”

This defeat was more discouraging than any other time to the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.

After all, this was established as a “fair” Star Duel, but this defeat was more wretched than any other time. “Is this Holy Lord not still alive? Hmph, that Purple Thunder Monster does not seem so exceptional. After This Holy Lord recovers, This Holy Lord will definitely return today’s humiliation a hundredfold.”

Su Shengxiang’s smile was somewhat ice-cold.

“Su Shengxiang, we must quickly dual cultivate. For tomorrow’s Star Duel, This Holy Lord must have Xiangfei join the formation. This Holy Lord must recover right now.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon hastily said to Su Shengxiang. The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow severed all of his meridians. To recover to a degree that could allow Li Xiangfei and Fan Ming enter battle, his only hope was only to dual cultivate.

With the Yin Tang Strange Qi Dual Cultivation Method, by borrowing Su Shengxiang’s magic energy, he could recover. He would make Su Xing regret letting him off today.

Hearing the phrase “dual cultivation,” Su Shengxiang showed a fleeting expression of derision. This stupid, arrogant man was vainly attempting to have her damage her own cultivation just to help himself.

“Lord Husband is so short-sighted. Shenxiang feels that there is no more need for you to Star Duel.” Su Shengxiang smiled fully, a ripple in her gaze.

“What are you doing.”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s heart stopped. Suddenly, he felt his neck chill. A pair of dexterous hands wrapped around his neck, and a demon mask revealed malice.

“It would be better to have Shengxiang bring Lord Husband’s soul up and into Maiden Mountain.” Su Shengxiang said coldly.

There was a sharp crack. Before the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon could let out a scream, Du Yunxiang had already snapped his neck from behind. A Crimson Star fell into Su Shengxiang’s chest. The girl then opened the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol and absorbed the corpse. Refining the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon granted Su Shengxiang’s cultivation an enormous boon. “A pity that I wasted the Yin Yang Strange Qi.”

Su Shengxiang turned her head back and gazed at the horizon, noticing there was no Starfall.

It appeared that Purple Thunder Monster did not kill that Long Nü.

“Had I known that I could become that Purple Thunder Monster’s woman, Your Servant’s Star Duels would not have been so onerous.”2

Su Shengxiang thought idly as she walked alone on the lake, her parasol held open above her.

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  1. The harem grows.
  2. 早知成為那魔頭女人,妾身斗星也不用這麼辛苦了啊. This sentence is really ambiguous as to who the Purple Thunder Monster’s “woman” is. The dependent clause can be interpreted in 2 ways since the actual subject is not mentioned. Given the independent clause and the previous sentences, I think this is what Su Shengxiang meant: She knows that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon is an utter fool, but she only clung to him because the Devil Star Palace had the greatest resources available. Already aware that Su Xing is compassionate by nature, seeing Long Nü be spared only reinforces her belief that she had picked the wrong horse to bet on. Thus, she expresses regret that she unnecessarily made her own Star Duels harder on herself.


    1. Su Xing most likely would be wary of her, but he’d be willing to collaborate with her. Remember, Xi Yue herself is a Black Turtle Territory cultivator, and while I don’t know if her particular sect is among the Devil Cults, it would be safe to assume she is capable of darker powers. She just chooses not to because she’s afraid Su Xing will reject her. Plus, Su Xing has offered to cooperate multiple times with enemy factions.

  1. “Dear Husband.” Hu Niangzi was just about to kill the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, but upon seeing Li Xiangfei’s Heaven *Rnak* swallow Su Xing, her heart was filled with incomparable worry.

    Rnak > Rank

    Su *XIng* nodded. He had a relatively favorable impression about Long Nü and was very clear about the girl’s personality.

    XIng > Xing

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