Chapter 751: Please Walk Together With Me To The Very End

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“As expected, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was killed anyways.”

Su Xing watched two Crimson Stars in the sky fall at the same time. It was obvious. Other than the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon who had contracted two Stars, there could be no one else. That Su Shengxiang indeed did not let the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon go. However, he did not see the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon Starfall last time. This was already very much outside of Su Xing’s expectations. It seemed that Su Shengxiang had no way to bear the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s self-destructive stupidity any longer.

Because the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was greedy for the advantage of an aquatic enviroment, he finally met a wretched end. As far as Su Xing was concerned, this was an unexpected gain. There was now one less formidable foe for the final Star Duel tomorrow. To Wang Lun’s team, this was nevertheless a serious blow. The internal atmosphere of the alliance was frozen, depressed.

This night passed with a nervous atmosphere.

Bright and early the next morning.

The sea of clouds billowed around the Bright Moon Longevity Palace, and the sun rose in the east. Su Xing walked through the corridors, discussing the impending Star Duel with Wu Xinjie. Lin Yingmei tagged along, silently listening. Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling at this time walked out from the Moon Embracing Pavilion.

“Ling’er, why not sleep a little longer.” Su Xing knowingly smiled when he saw her.

Chai Ling was taken aback. Perhaps because she felt that she was somewhat unpresentable having only just woken up before she could groom herself, but she covered herself with her hands: “Yet you are up very early. Have you finished discussing how you will Star Duel? You face more than a dozen Star Masters who are but itching to turn you into scattered ash.”

“As long as we do not let them use their Heaven Ranks, there will be no issue. We actually want to talk about you…” Wu Xinjie said.

“This Palace will become a burden to you?” Chai Ling guessed what the Knowledge Star wanted to say. But it was no wonder, after all, this was the first Star Duel the Noble Star had ever joined, so Su Xing was a bit worried. Chai Ling also had the Red Ink Iron Certificate Destined Weapon. It was not hard to imagine that she would become everyone’s target. 

“This will be the first time that This Palace will head into battle for a Star Duel. You must not get in This Palace’s way.” Chai Ling beckoned, and the Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast leapt into the girl’s arms, snuggling into her bosom. This beast was quite pleased with Chai Ling’s softness.

Su Xing saw that he was unable to persuade her. He could only be a bit more attentive in that case, but with his current strength, this was not much to worry about.

Passing through several corridors, Su Xing then saw the Gu Tong carrying Tangtang. The proprietress had an expression of nervousness, excitement, and depression written all over her face. Gu Tong had never imagined that she would join the final Star Duel at the center of the Seven Stars Assembly, which left her a bit restless, but upon thinking of her Sisters of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, that agitation vanished like smoke. Although Su Xing deliberately avoided the topic of Song Qingci, Gu Tong still could surmise that Su Xing and Song Qingci’s forms were as incompatible as fire and water.

“Papa.” Tangtang’s clear call interrupted her worries.

Bai Yutang stretched out her little arms and threw herself into Su Xing’s embrace.

“Tangtang, today, you’re going to stay in the Longevity Palace with a few of your big sisters…” Su Xing teased Bai Yutang’s nose.

Tangtang blinked her bright large eyes and obediently nodded.

“Tong’er, you’ll have to take good care of Tangtang today.” 

Gu Tong nodded. She wanted to say something but hesitated.

Carrying Tangtang to the Longevity Palace’s courtyard, it was at this time that the other wives had awakened as well. Even the meditating Lu Shaqing was in solemn attendance. Seeing Su Xing appear, everyone showed smiles to welcome him. Each pair of clear and beautiful eyes were focused on him.

The radiance of dawn draped the Longevity Palace in a gorgeous hue.

Illuminating each pair of knowing eyes, it made their smiles even more brilliant. Su Xing walked towards them. Along the way, Gongsun Huang leisurely landed on his shoulder. The gazes of all of the girls were fixed on Su Xing from start to finish. At the border of the Longevity Palace, Su Xing looked down upon the vast earth.

The sea of clouds parted. He could already catch sight of a boundless desert of yellow sand.

Heat waves leapt into his face, accompanied by his boiling blood.

The Star Duels had finally reached their terminus.

“My beloved wives, please walk together with me to the very end!”

Su Xing turned his head and brightly smiled. He then leapt down into the clouds. Lin Yingmei followed without hesitation. Then, Wu Siyou, Hua Wanyue, and the others resolutely descended from their altitude of ten million li. Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, and Xi Yue did not hesitate either. Their graceful figures immediately descended from the Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

Yu Plains.

Scholar in a White Robe Wang Lengji turned her head back to look at everyone spread out. Although the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Starfall the other day was a serious blow to the Monster Slaying Alliance, this made everyone deeply aware of the Purple Thunder Monster’s cruelty. On the contrary, their unity could be considered a significant gain.

“Has everyone already consumed the Dark Yellow Blood? This time, go all out to your heart’s desire. Do not leave behind even a bit of regret.” Wang Lengji coldly said.

Everyone was silent. The other Star Generals already assumed a formation.

“The Dark Yellow Blood is miraculous, as expected. This time, I will properly lecture Lin Chong.” Huyan Shuang felt the Dark Yellow Blood in her body. She only felt boiling under the Yu Plains’ heat. An intense desire to fight broke out of her chest.

Wang Lengji nodded in satisfaction.

Although some of these Star Masters were stunning and peerless, it was a pity they still did not possess sufficient qualifications to face Lin Chong, Wu Song, and Hua Rong. Wang Lengji recalled when she first met with Su Xing and Hua Wanyue in the Double Sevens. They gave her a lot of pressure, so she was well aware that this so-called Monster Slaying Alliance was only putting up one last struggle.

No matter.

These people were basically cannon fodder anyways. So long as they could stall the Purple Thunder Monster, this would have been worth it. At that time, this would allow Song Qingci to become the fisherman that took the snipe and clam. With that previous Overlord present, even if Su Xing was any more abnormal, he would be helpless.1

Leader Star Song Qingci.

You must not disappoint Me, Wang Lun.2

Just as she thought this, a whistle came from the sky.

Everyone raised their heads spotting a dozen figures descending from the heavens. Danger hit them in the face. Everyone stretched their bodies taut, assuming battle stances.

In an instant.

Those figures landed before them, stopping as gracefully as feathers a hundred meters away in this barren wasteland.

The newcomer was an elegant and righteous man, extraordinarily imposing. Flanking him were absolute beauties of every description.

This naturally was Su Xing.

“What a fine Purple Thunder Monster. Tsk, tsk, the people following you are surprisingly all beauties.” Wang Lun clicked her tongue and laughed.

“Wang Lun!” Hua Wanyue was speechless.

“Wang Lengji, you came out of the Double Sevens?” Su Xing smiled.

“Not bad, not bad. You still remember This One’s True Name. With this alone, Lengji can let you die with some satisfaction.” Wang Lengji grabbed her White Jade Long Staff, propping it over her shoulders.

“Xinjie did not expect for even you to appear. Can it be said that Maiden Mountain is already at wit’s end?” Wu Xinjie curiously looked at this Heavenly Scholar Star, guardian of the Double Sevens. She was dressed in a white muslin tunic. Her wonderful figure was vaguely visible, enchanting. With Seeing Clearly, Wu Xinjie discerned that she was True Phoenix, around Fifth or Sixth Stage. Compared to her original True Phoenix Stage from the Double Sevens, she was a level higher.

“If you want to know the answer, then see whether or not you can take my staff.” Wang Lun smiled.

“Xinjie will not, but you can have Yingmei.” Wu Xinjie helplessly said.

Lin Yingmei stepped forth. It was only a single step, but her powerful aura was not reserved, practically suffocating everyone present. Each and every person changed expressions. This Panther Head was somewhat of an ill omen. Wang Lengji’s smile froze.

“Do you really want to be enemies with me?” Su Xing finally said.

“If it were possible, we actually would not want to be enemies with you. We also want to climb the mountain and end the Star Duels together with you. However, you must unleash your abilities and defeat us in order to do so.” Su Shengxiang said.

The others did not say anything.

“Stupid Imperial Brother, you get over here this instant.” Zhao Hanyan berated Zhao Heng.3

In the face of such a rebuke, Zhao Heng’s expression was even more unsightly: “This Highness does not have an Imperial Sister stupid enough to have been deceived by the Monster.”

“As a Star Master, you surprisingly became the woman of another Star Master. You truly disgrace the Zhao Imperial Family. His Highness disdains to be associated with you.” Suo Qingshuang coldly said.4

Zhao Hanyan narrowed her eyes.

“You need a good lecture.” Dong Junqing smiled.

Both sides stared at each other. At thsi time, the situation was already at the stage where a Star Duel was inevitable. Whether it was Su Xing or the Monster Slaying Alliance, both sides understood this.

“To be frank, I don’t want to treat you as enemies. At the foot of Maiden Mountain are enemies that are even more formidable. They are who we should be facing off against.” Su Xing shook his head, somewhat disappointed.

“What are you saying?”

Wang Lengji thought that Su Xing was speaking of Song Qingci. Fearing his words would begin to arouse suspicion, she immediately declared: “No more small talk. If you want to become the Overlord, then show us your power. Everyone, what are you waiting for?” Scholar in a White Robe swept her cold gaze over everyone.

Prestige Star Double Clubs Huyan Shuang, Agile Star Featherless Arrow Zhang Biluo, Magnificent Star Wood Dog of Well Hao Bingxin, the Xie Twins and other Star Generals each manifested their Star Weapons. Xie Chang’an, Yan Wudao, Ye Futu, Xin Lao, and all the rest of the Star Masters spurred on their cultivations, Flying Swords, and abilities.

The twinkling of sword-lights filled the heavens, becoming a starry sky.

Su Xing held nothing back when he saw this. He waved his hand, and his sixty Immemorial Flying Swords flew out at the same time, unperturbed in the face of heaven-shaking killing intent.

He only felt regretful.

Truly regretful.

The final Star Duel had begun.

Leader Star Protector of Righteousness Song Qingci had long already passed through the Yu Plains. Accompanying her were the dozen or so Sisters of the Uprising. Because Dai Xingyue went to Maiden Mountain first but had not returned after so long, this made the others nervous somewhat. Thus, they hustled without stopping. A thousand li away, an enormous jolt came from the Yu Plains. It seemed to shake even Maiden Mountain, the pillar that supported the heavens. Song Qingci stopped and turned her head back. That pair of bright and picturesque eyes were full of reluctance.

It was not that she was reluctant leave this Liangshan Continent.

If she could have climbed the mountain with Lord Su, perhaps ending the Star Duels would have been even further in her grasp. What a pity that, in the end, the two of them walked their separate ways.

“Elder Sister?”

“The Purple Thunder Monster and those Star Masters will massacre one another. This is truly too good.” Shi Jinglun struck her palm, her expression cold.

“It truly is a pity that we cannot go witness the battle.” Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang said.

“Right. I have never met that legendary Purple Thunder Monster who is able to contract Lin Chong and Wu Song. I still want to have Mingxi perform rites to help his evil soul find peace.” Ding Wanjing innocently said.

Xue Mingxi rolled her eyes. Thank heavens this Monster did not make My soul find peace.

Everyone smiled. Compared to that raging battle, their atmosphere was more relaxed.

“Be on your guard.”

Just at this moment, Sick Yuchi Sun Yueying suddenly changed expressions. The woman raised and twisted her Thousand Snowpiles and Ten Thousand Clouds, shattering an arrow.

Everyone was stunned.

There was an enormous noise that seemed like the buzzing of bees.

The fog was ripped apart. A hundred light arrows were fired at them.

They all combined their powers to defend.

Just at this moment, a bell clearly rang in the mist.


“This is Xingyue’s bell.” Song Qingci waved her hand, suddenly feeling something ominous. She hastily summoned the Heavenly Star Birth Banner. Just at this moment, a figure rushed out. Sun Yueying was about to intercept but immediately ceased her attack when she saw the incoming individual.

Speed Star Dai Xingyue was drenched in blood as she staggered along. Several arrows stuck out of her chest.

The girl’s eyes were full of fear.


“Dai Xingyue!!”

All of the Sisters lost their composure.

“Elder Sister, run away, hurry…” Before Dai Xingyue could reach them, a blood-light exploded upon her body. Song Qingci’s Heavenly Star Birth Banner had only just unfurled when she was shocked to see Dai Xingyue’s body turn into stardust. A Crimson Star fell. The Speed Star had Starfallen.

The mist parted. Then, four figures slowly walked out.

An unprecedented feeling of terror like a knife at their backs firmly seized their bodies. A dispassionate, bloodthirsty voice then said.

“Song Jiang, your lot has finally come to die.”5

Author’s Note:

New book(s) coming in two days, please hang on. There will be some about the Three Kingdom, some about history, some about xuanhuan. Maiden Mountain has entered its final plot, and the conclusion will be very satisfying. There will be even newer chapters right up to the end. The new speed sill be even more arduous. I’m thankful to persist to see friends at the end.

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  1. At this point, the true purpose of the alliance is revealed. They will stall Su Xing long enough for the Uprising to occupy all slots of the Seven Stars Assembly, leaving no room for whoever survives.
  2. Referring to herself.
  3. Listen to your sister when she scold you.
  4. Big words, especially since Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan are actually Emperor Liang’s favorites.
  5. WARNING! Your Party has encountered a hidden boss! You are officially screwed!


  1. 1. [ “Stupid Imperial Brother, you get over here this instant.” Zhao Hanyan berated Zhao Heng.]
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    2. So Wang Lun was just stalling. Well, damn. Kinda backfired in the long run though, ironically enough….
    3. Wait, shouldn’t those 4 monsters know what Moujia wants? Like, as in for this BS to finally end? Why get in Qingci’s way now, of all times…. I mean, other than Shi Xian being a stupid, flat as hell OP psycho lesbian, I guess…
    4. Damn…. it’s really amost over! How long have I stuck with this mostly great series? Dood, seriously. Thanks for such an awesome job!
    Also, will you epub this after it’s over? And what about after? Any new projects/gems in the TL works?

    1. Shi Xian is psycho, but definitely not lesbian. The correct terminology would be “fanatic.” Shi Xian is under the impression that Fang Moujia needs protection from these Star Generals (as if), so she’s just lashing out at what she perceives to be a threat. The four are probably aware that Fang Moujia wants nothing more than peace, but Shi Xian is too self-absorbed in her own self-righteousness to actually care about what Fang Moujia wants; Shi Xian is probably bullying the other 3 into following her orders.

      Epub is not in the works for now, but the new project is 108 Maidens’ sequel, Maiden Galaxy.

      1. Okay. I get the fantacism, but the opaque manhating doesn’t help me not picture her that way.
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        And there’s a sequel?
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