Chapter 762: Lin Yingmei’s “Cold Dream Freezes Thousand Years”

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Ever since the previous Star Duels’ Wu Song obtained the Overlord position and was unable to scale Maiden Mountain, it was a hundred years later when the Star Duels began again, yet Wu Konghou unexpectedly did not Starfall, remaining all this time in Liangshan Continent. As for what the Star Duels meant to her right now, Wu Konghou herself was not very sure. After finally receiving the end result of the Star Duels from Chao Gai today, the last shred of melancholic reluctance in Wu Konghou’s heart finally faded away.

Deng Wude’s arms had been severed. She stared angrily at Wu Konghou. The Pilgrim smiled languidly. She stepped forward, jumping in front of her. Her twin swords rose to kill Deng Wude when at this moment, a white light rolled around Deng Wude and saved her from Wu Konghou’s swords.

Wu Konghou did not pursue, but she looked in the direction that the white light fled in. It was precisely towards that peaceful and quite bamboo grove.

Towards Fang Moujia.


Pang Shu was enraged, using her bow and arrow to stop Yan Yizhen’s boxing. The girl’s delicate body burst forth with inconceivable power. True Phoenix Wings sprouted, forcing Yan Yizhen back. Skilful Star Yan Yizhen’s fists became yin and yang, her Nine Yin Nine Yang Life And Death. 

“So annoying.”

Pang Shu cursed, irritated. Her arrows released light, completely absorbing the power of Yan Yizhen’s boxing Yin and Yang. Then, the girl furiously fired an arrow towards Yan Yizhen’s body.

Hua Wanyue simultaneously fired an arrow, but Pang Shu’s arrow became a hot and cold light midflight, surprisingly devouring Yan Yizhen’s power completely. “Now, die!!!” Pang Shu aimed at Yan Yizhen’s crimson eyes. She prepared to fire an arrow at these loathsome eyes.

Yan Yizhen was still apathetic, not showing any emotion whatsoever. The Wanderer spread her arms, and a gorgeous flame ignited over her entire body. In the blink of an eye, the maid had transformed into a woman of extreme beauty. Her slender hands held two enormous Feng and Huang Fans. On her face was a smile that could topple nations.

“Pang Shu, Little Girl is pleased to see you.”

Pang Shu was shocked: “You are Splendid Star Li Shishi?!”

“Bitch that kneels before the Empress, see how I shall kill you.” Pang Shu continued to loose arrows. Li Shishi spread her fans, using Dark Technique “Spread Wings.” After entering her psychic transformation state, Li Shishi did not have any injuries whatsoever. Her Realm was also True Phoenix Fifth Stage. Against the current Pang Shu, she was not at a disadvantage at all.

Li Shishi’s “Feng and Huang” opened and closed, comfortably spreading like phoenix wings. Magnificent flames directly brushed aside the arrow barrage, and at the same time, she arrived right in front of Pang Shu, sweeping her fans upward in an attack.

Pang Shu’s True Phoenix was unable to shake off Li Shishi. Li Shishi’s country-destroying dance was not finished yet, however, for she used an Earth Rank “Feng Soars The Skies, Four Seas Seek Huang!” She directly became a phoenix, taking Pang Shu into the nine firmaments. Waves of flame pounded Pang Shui, making the girl suffer unbearably.

“Damn you, Li Shishi.” Pang Shu was struck into the air, her body completely covered in injuries. The Feng and Huang Fans practically gave the girl no room to think, but she was one of Fang Moujia’s Four Marshals, after all. She had experienced countless battlefields. Even under such vile circumstances, Pang Shu still fired an arrow that forced Li Shishi back.

“Watch this Heaven Rank.”

The girl was furious.

Heaven Rank Archery “Heaven And Earth Falls” fired an arrow.

A qiankun pattern appeared around Li Shishi that locked the Splendid Star down, the arrow directly piercing her heart. This arrow could destroy True Spirits, let alone return them to the Star Nest. Li Shishi was nevertheless unfazed. The reason the Splendid Star had the confidence to maintain a charming smile came from behind her.

Hero Star Hua Wanyue was behind her.

Her bow was like a full moon.

She gracefully strummed her bowstring, a gentle sound.

The light of a waning moon shot out from the arrow, directly cleaving apart even space. That space seemed to be like a disintegrated flower, scattering in this world. The so-called fragmenting of space was no more than that. The comet arrow shot into the formation. Nine formidable powers endlessly attacked. Even something as powerful as the qiankun was shattered, flabbergasting Pang Shu.

Hua Wanyue’s.

Heaven Rank “Waning Moon Falling Flower Smoke Layer.”1

“You think that this is able to contend against This Young Lady??” Pang Shu sneered. Her eyes were even more penetrating, an Innate Skill known as “Finest Detail” that was as its name suggested, that is, allowing her to be able to fire at even the finest speck of dust with an outstanding degree of accuracy. Just as Pang Shu was preparing to activate her Heaven Rank again, this time, she was prepared to aim at Hua Wanyue’s movements.

How could Hua Wanyue let her do as she pleased.

The Hero Star’s body gracefully landed in front of her.

“Courting death!” Pang Shu fired.

An afterimage.

Killing intent attacked from the surroundings, surprising Pang Shu. Hua Wanyue appeared beside her. Before she could react, another Hua Wanyue appeared from another angle, firing another Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow. “What is happening…” Pang Shu was bewildered. All around her, Hua Wanyue’s figure multiplied and appeared. Each one was a fake, but the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows they fired were nevertheless real and substantive.

The Pang Shu who had used her Heaven Rank was debilitated, completely unable to defend. She looked at Hua Wanyue and was immediately overcome with grief and indignation.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill- “

“Please accept My and Milord’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow – ” Hua Wanyue’s voice was gentle and cold, Too Young To Have Learned About Sorrow. Several hundred Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrows brimming with fury surrounded Pang Shu from every single corner of space, sealing all routes of escape the girl had. Although her powerful True Phoenix Realm helped Pang Shu resist greatly, death was merely a matter of time.

The first arrow pierced into Pang Shu’s body, followed by a second, then a third… “Your Highness, save me.” Pang Shu screamed in terror.

A white light flashed on her body.

Pang Shu suddenly vanished.

Hua Wanyue ceased her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, her beautiful hawk-like eyes coldly gazing into the quiet world of the bamboo forest.

“Gongsun Sheng, hm, hm. If I cannot toy with your Master,2 then toying with her disciple will be very good.”

Bao Niang’er was currently facing Gongsun Huang continuously in Star Magic.

The loli’s magic energy was limitless, wind, fire, and thunder continuously bursting out from her Pinebrand Ancient Sword. Occasionally, she would strike with a hurricane, occasionally with raging flames that scorched Heaven, occasionally with rolling thunder. The contest of a magic energy Star General was in magic energy. Seeing Gongsun Huang’s magic energy was inexhaustible, Bao Niang’er was somewhat afraid. No longer bothering about the pride of a magic energy Star General, she used her Earth Rank Star Magic.

“Comet Tail Evaporates Ocean!”3

Flaming meteors filled the skies and fell. Gongsun Huang’s expression was still refined, still indifferent. Before the meteors fell, a resplendent starlight suddenly flew out, rolling those comets together, surprisingly counterattacking. “The Stars Have Moved!” Wu Xinjie giggled, holding her Heaven Concealing Star Fan and using her Earth Rank to break Bao Niang’er’s Earth Rank Star Magic.

Bao Niang’er did not expect the Knowledge Star to appear, which slightly astonished her. The next second, Wu Xinjie had already acted.

“Come witness the method that inevitably could comprehend the Heaven’s Stars Heaven Rank.”

Wu Xinjie pointed her fan.

Countless bagua patterns appeared behind the girl. Then, the patterns became a mysterious array that locked Bao Niang’er within. Heaven Rank “Formation of the Beginning.” Bao Niang’er urged on the white dragon spirit body on her skirt, dealing with the bagua patterns. Wu Xinjie proceeded to wave her hand. Bagua continued to appear in empty space.

“Little Huang.”

Gongsun Huang knowingly nodded, silently chanting, activating her Pinebrand Ancient Sword. As she chanted, the air surrounding Gongsun Huang seemed vanish in an instant. The world grew silent. With an indescribable aura of danger choking her, Bao Niang’er felt a feeling of foreboding, similarly using her Heaven Rank.

Countless evil spirit white dragon charged out from between her fingers. Bao Niang’er’s Star Weapon was somewhat strange, being ten false fingernails, named “Cold Night Spring Heart.” The fingernails sparkled all at once, and the countless white dragons rushed out. Wu Xinjie immediately sensed that her own Heaven Rank Formation Of The Beginning was already somewhat weakening.

Finally, Gongsun Huang’s Heaven Rank announced its completion.

The world surrounding Bao Niang’er abruptly dimmed. An ancient air of primordial chaos vigorously appeared, making people shudder in fear. Bao Niang’er’s eyes widened. A gigantic ancient divine dragon showed her head from that dark chaos. That pair of giant dragon eyes seemed able to suck in a person’s soul. Its unapproachable dignity filled all things with a feeling of insignificance. 

“Torch Dragon!!”

Bao Niang’er was alarmed, fully unleashing her magic energy.

“Torch Dragon Extinguishing!”

Gongsun Huang pointed her finger.

A dragon roar pierced through the nine firmaments. The ancient flames it spewed plunged straight down upon Bao Niang’er’s head.

Bao Niang’er finally broke Wu Xinjie’s Heaven Rank, but at this time, she was unable to escape. She could only withstand it. Countless white dragons tumbled over each other as their swarmed towards the Torch Dragon. Under the Torch Dragon’s enormous might, those white dragon shadows of hers were as insignificant as tadpoles. Torch Dragon Extinguishing annihilated her dragon spirits. Enveloped by flames, Bao Niang’er hastily defended using her Star Magic.

As expected of Fang Moujia’s strongest magic energy Star General, she surprisingly blocked the Torch Dragon Extinguishing’s might with her own magic energy alone.

Gongsun Huang leisurely proceeded to wave her Pinebrand Ancient Sword. The Torch Dragon’s breath showed no signs of ending at all.


Bao Niang’er was shocked. Her clothes were disintegrated under the Torch Dragons’ flames, revealing her fair and graceful body. Every inch of skin over her body was full of allure and was absolutely able to drive anyone mad, but the next moment, it was covered by the ruthless ancient dragonbreath.

The Torch Dragon ended its power that swept through primordial chaos, restoring the world to clarity. Gongsun Huang’s forehead was drenched in perspiration. The loli was incomparably exhausted.

“Little Huang, are you alright?” Wu Xinjie looked at her, concerned.

“She is not dead.” Gongsun Huang shook her head, shifting her gaze.

In the verdant green bamboo forest, there was a quiet girl and a silent time and space never once disturbed.

Looking at that girl, Wu Xinjie sighed, unclear whether from regret or helplessness.

A blood-light was cleaved open from Shi Xian’s shoulder. Then, a second sword-light similarly brought her another injury. Shi Xian felt surprised to see the drunken woman standing in front of her, with slightly rosy cheeks and a gaze that was honestly charming to the bone. Cold-blooded as she was, even Shi Xiang could not help but feel a bit moved.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill?” Shi Xian looked at the numerous wounds over her body and narrowed her eyes as she smiled.

Wu Siyou’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield could allow her attacks to become unfathomable. Even the powerful Shi Xian could not defend against her completely, finally suffering a few blows. However, with her formidable Realm and excellent Innate Skill, Shi Xian still held an absolute advantage. “This General truly do not have the heart to kill a beauty like you, what a pity, what a pity.”

Wu Siyou’s footwork slightly swayed, confusing watchful eyes.

“This General has already seen through you.” Shi Xian lifted her sword. Phoenix Splitter let out a shrill cry, Yellow Rank – “Broken Destiny!”

The sword’s tip tracked Wu Siyou’s figure. Blood-light nipped at the Pilgrim, about to devour her, but a silhouette intercepted it. With a clang, Broken Destiny was stopped.

“You…” Shi Xian’s tone was ice-cold.

Su Xing smiled, standing in front of Wu Siyou. The Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber in his hand unleashed Yellow Technique  “Nine Consecutive Hellfire Demonic Slash.”

Nine earthly fires exploded in succession, but they posed no threat at all to Shi Xian, merely somewhat dirtying her face.

“Wifey, let’s go.” Su Xing pulled the already gradually sobering Wu Siyou back, fleeing.

“Are you humiliating This General?” Shi Xian’s gaze was cold.

“Shi Xian, now there is only you alone.”

Wu Xinjie coldly shouted.

Li Shishi, Hua Wanyue, Hu Niangzi, and the others surrounded Shi Xian one after another. The three other marshals of the Xian Liang Shu De were already defeated.

“Then simply attack as you like.”

Shi Xian slightly smiled, raising the Phoenix Splitter in her hand.

A kind of indescribable feeling of danger sunk straight into their bones. A sense of danger filled everyone present, as if they were prey that had been targeted. “An Earth Rank!!” Wu Xinjie was alarmed.

“Young Master, be careful.” Lin Yingmei shouted.

The girl’s figure swayed, wielding her cold spear. Everything visible in the world turned into ice and frost under Lin Yingmei’s freezing spear. A blizzard filled the skies and fell, very quickly turning Maiden Mountain’s surroundings into a silvery-white world.

Fang Moujia slowly opened her eyes, unclear whether she had been chilled awake by this ice-cold snow world. She was amazed and impressed as she looked at the chill the girl’s spear released. Even the area of the Seven Worthies Forest she was occupying was surprisingly covered in layers of frost, the bamboo grove frozen solid.

“How formidable.”

Fang Moujia exclaimed.

Panther Head Lin Yingmei.

Heaven Rank.

Cold Dream Freezes Thousand Years!!!4

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  1. 殘月落花煙重
  2. Meaning the one from her Heavenly Book dream, not Su Xing.
  3. 星火蒸海
  4. 冷夢凝千年


  1. Yingmei’s Heaven Rank yes!!!!

    And did Moujia save her Subordinates…. in her sleep!?
    ….So, she apparently astral project, one hit KO ppl just by willing it, has heavenly thighs, and can save ppl while not even being awake!?

    ….Um, I’m glad she’s a decent girl… I’d hate to imagine if she were even HALF as blood thirtsy and battle crazed as her psycho simper Shi Xian…

  2. Li Shishi’s “Feng and Huang” opened and closed, comfortably spreading like phoenix wins.
    wins > wings

    Bao Niang’er was currently facing GOngsun Huang continuously in Star Magic.
    GOngsun > Gongsun

    However, with her formidable Realm and excellent Innat Skill, Shi Xian still held an absolute advantage.
    Innat > Innate

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