Chapter 761: Eighth Overlord Wu Konghou

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“This Shi Xian is too abnormal.”

Su Xing panted. Having taken Arrow-hit Tiger’s Heaven Rank and killed the Prestige Star, Shi Xian still showed no signs of defeat at all. Meanwhile, on his side, Wu Siyou and Hu Niangzi were already too exhausted, no longer threats.

Just what is this woman’s Realm?

Su Xing flipped open two Birth Outlines.

The two Birth Outlines glowed, yet she was still a mystery. “Lord Su, take Your Servant’s as well.” Song Qingci threw her own Birth Treasure Outline. Finally, with three of them, some of Shi Xian’s information was displayed.

Star Position: Slaughter Star1

Star Name: Shi Bao2

Nickname: Smiling Killing Immortal

True Name: Shi Xian

Star Number: ???

Star Weapon: Phoenix Splitter (??)

Star Beast: None

Realm: True Phoenix Tenth Stage (Peak)

Innate Skill: Phoenix Restraint3

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Technique: Broken Destiny

Dark Rank Technique: No Return

Earth Rank Technique: Super Kill

Heaven Rank Technique: Final Blood Grounds

Current Status: ????

Detailed Materials: …

True Phoenix Tenth Stage???

Su Xing was dumbstruck when he saw this. He though that the Realms only went up to Ninth Stage, but Shi Xian’s surprisingly reached the peak of Tenth Stage. Could it be that what lay above True Phoenix was Purple Rose Star?? No wonder Shi Xian killed so easily, her attacks unstoppable. The difference in Realms was honestly too large. And that Innate Skill Phoenix Restraint, from a glance, this was a very ominous existence.


Su Xing understood why Chao Wuhui used so much effort in the past, but this woman honestly was too fierce.

The Shi Xian who was struck with several Heaven Ranks in succession was already a bit less easygoing than when she first started, but she still had enough room to show her own incredible prowess. On the other hand, that Su Xing was unexpectedly able to defend against several of her strikes made her very surprised.

“There will not be a next time.” Shi Xian raised the Phoenix Splitter, narrowing her eyes, asserting with a small grin.

“Your Concubine will not allow you a next time either.” A cold and elegant figure obstructed in front of her. Wu Siyou’s eyes as deep as the cosmos could suck anyone inextricably in. The woman spoke with detachment and resolve.

A blood-light flashed, forcing Wu Siyou away again. Lin Yingmei raised her spear and advanced.

“Lord Husband!” Wu Siyou arrived in front of Su XIng.

“Be careful.” Su Xing secretly prepared the Five Dragons Lantern and the Liangshan Seal for an attack.

Wu Siyou smiled and suddenly kissed Su Xing. With their hot kiss stirring her passion, Wu Siyou was very quickly already seemingly drunk. Her cheeks were a slight red hue, her expression charming to the bone. Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill – Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield.


Seven Worthies Village, nearby, Listening Dao Mountain.

Two women were currently staring fixedly at the intense battle below. One woman dressed in golden armor was dignified and mighty, but her eyes were full of worry. The woman beside her was flippant and heedless, but she bore a domineering aura.

“Can it be that you still do not wish to intercede?” Chao Gai looked at the woman in front of her, wondering if she was actually drunk or faking. She was completely without worry at all. Song Qingci’s Uprising was nearly completely done for. If it was not for Su Xing’s timely intervention, Chao Wuhui would have been unable to endure.

“So long as you can kill Shi Xian and allow Song Qingci to scale the Mountain, the Star Duels can end.” Chao Gai continued.

“Against Shi Xian, This One fears that only you are capable of contending against her.”

“If you want me to help you, then first tell me everything about these Star Duels. Otherwise, Your Servant will not interfere in the Star Duels, even if these Star Duels cannot end…” Konghou seemed drunk, but her mind was nevertheless very lucid. Chao Gai wanted to use the phrases “Sister Qingci” and “end the Star Duels” to rattle her, but that was a bit ridiculous.

Chao Gai was silent for a moment. She watched Shi Xian’s massacre. No one could stop her.

In the end, she said: “As you have seen, Star World has millions of Star Names, but those that are Purple Rose Star can be counted on fingers. Star World’s Great Song Empress flaunts herself as the ancestor of Star World. She received the ‘Xuannü of Ninth Heaven’s Star Duel Heavenly Book,’ and thus used this book to initiate the Star Duels…”

Seeing Konghou show an interested expression, Chao Wuhui said: “But the use of this Xuannü of Ninth Heaven’s Heavenly Book was somewhat harsh. At the time of the start, she must find 108 Star Maidens from Star World who are able to inherit Star Names and place their True Spirits inside Liangshan Continent. Only in this way can their development be hastened, to reach a Realm like yours.”

“True Spirit?? You are saying our existences are Traces of True Spirit?” Konghou was a bit skeptical.

“Precisely. Now I realize I am what I am. Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Shaqing has already comprehended this idea. Star Maidens are merely True Spirits. Their True Bodies are still within Star World’s Xuannü Heavenly Book Array. After an Overlord climbs the mountain, the Empress can exploit this True Body to control these people.”4

Konghou was quiet. “Then Your Servant must be dead?”

Chao Gai was silent.

“And afterwards? Why do we Star Duel?” Wu Konghou continued to drink her wine. She wanted to intoxicate herself even further, but her consciousness was nevertheless becoming clearer and clearer.

“Song Qingci has the Heavenly Star Birth Banner and the Justice On Heaven’s Behalf Uprising Banner. If these two things appear in Star World, she can make the millions of Star Names cower in fear. The Empress’ greatest enemy is Any Place Is Home, Her Highness Fang Moujia. For a unified Star World, she will need Song Jiang’s power. The Star Duels are merely a portion of the ceremony that can actually lead to…Well, This One is not very clear about these either…”

“So this is what lies beyond.” Chao Wuhui spoke of everything she knew about the Star Duels. Now that things had reached this point that was only a step away from the final Star Duel, there was no use hiding anything anymore.

“Your Servant has another two questions.” Konghou licked her lips.

“What questions?”

“Why is this generation’s Song Jiang capable of the Uprising when the others have never shown any sign of it?”

“Song Jiang must first defeat a Sister in order to initiate the Uprising. The past Song Jiangs completely lacked any martial force, so the Uprising could not occur. However, the Xuannü of Ninth Heaven’s Heavenly Book treats nine as an end. Perhaps it was only in these Ninth Star Duels that it could finally begin.” Chao Wuhui was not clear on the particulars of this either.

Fine, this is convincing enough for the time being. Wu Konghou then asked her next question. This time, her gaze wandered unfathomably and indeterminately over Su Xing’s body.

“Then why is Su Xing able to contract with so many Sisters? Is he also something Star World has arranged?”

“…” Chao Gai looked at Su Xing. She herself honestly thought this man had come from Star World. “You will have to ask him about this…”

“Your Servant never imagined that the Star Duels would be so simple. Star World is a power struggle, meaning that the enemy the Empress fears most is that sleeping girl?” Wu Konghou’s line of sight locked onto Fang Moujia.

That peaceful sleeping posture truly made her feel restless.

Chao Gai was worried upon hearing her: “Do not be rash. Fang Moujia is a Purple Rose Star. You are no match for her. Her Realm has already surpassed True Phoenix. If it was not for Fang Moujia’s nature being on the temperate side, killing you all would be as easy as turning her hand over. Fortunately, Su Xing has brought about doubt in Fang Moujia…Only because of this will there be a chance to end the Star Duels this time…”

“Surpassed True Phoenix Realm? What Realm is that?” Wu Konghou’s eyes glimmered.

“Xuannü5 Realm. The highest Realm in Star World.” Chao Gai was stern: “The enemy before them is Shi Xian. She is Tenth Stage Peak, the one most qualified to step into the Purple Rose Stars. If you do not take action, Su Xing and the others may perish here.”

“Aiya, Your Servant knows. After so many years wasted eating and drinking at Great Circle Castle, Your Servant ought to repay a bit of that.” Konghou yawned, stretching out. She immediately shook off her indolence, her expression fiercer than a lion’s.

A glowing Star Weapon appeared in her hand. Konghou split it into two swords.

Her figure warped, immediately vanishing from sight.

Meanwhile, Deng Wude was already using her Heaven Rank to force Lu Shaqing, Xi Yue, and the others back. The woman shouted, the enormous hand of her arm as thick as a pillar about to crush Lu Shaqing, “Watch this Heaven Rank…”

Just at this moment.

A ray of black and white sword-light flashed past.

Deng Wude had already sensed it, but her counterpart’s speed was too fast. She could only barely ward it off. Sharp sword-light with incomparable ferocity surprisingly inhibited the power of her Heaven Rank entirely. Deng Wude was shocked. Then, a foot stepped on her, and enormous power abruptly sent her flying. By the time Deng Wude regained her senses, a terrifying Nine Star sword twisted from the left and right. White lotuses and black blood blossomed. Deng Wude screamed, her arms severed.

The woman felt disbelief.

She looked at the woman who had appeared.

“Who are you?”

Her slim figure had a kind of transcendental charm, full of a leisurely ease and pressure. Konghou’s hands split her twin swords, gracefully, comfortably, and lazily replying.

“Your Servant is Wu Konghou.”

“The Eighth Overlord is in attendance!!”

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  1. 天戮星
  2. 石寶
  3. 克凰
  4. In other words, she is taking their bodies hostage.
  5. Sometime in the past, I had translated this as “Mysterious Woman.” Not an inaccurate translation, but it does not convey the same level of profundity in English.


  1. ….I’m still not quite getting why you’d go through all this much trouble to pick a fight with a girl ‘WHO DOESN’T WANNA FIGHT AND COULD CRUSH YOU LIKE AN INSECT BETWEEN HER FINGERS JUST BY BRLINKING’!

    Not wanting Shi Xian to become anbEmperor Star, I get…. she’s just kinda crazy and a little too ‘dedicated’. Not a fan of the irrati9nal borderline yanderes types.

    But to think these Star Duels had such an unsavory, and honestly kinda petty truth behind them… no wonder M9ujia is so fed up with it all… A thousand years of being incessantly harassed by some Great whatever empress’s hostage army sounds like total pain in the ass…


    But, I love how EVERYBODY, except Moujia, is utterly confused by Su Xing.
    …I still wanna know why she knows him though… like, the ONPY times you see her excited or emotive is when he’s involved… and she knows he’s from Earth… something that nobody else is aware of.

    I really do think she might’ve been one of the stars that smacked into him at the very beginning of the series just before he ended up in Liangshan… y’know, when all them Star Maidens noticed him?

    1. Well, when you consider that Song Jiang poses an enormous threat to Fang Moujia, it makes sense that a bodyguard like her would rather get rid of her than let such a wild card run around and potentially hurt her master.

  2. “If you want me to help you, then first tell me everything about these Star Duels. Otherwise, YOur Servant will not interfere in the Star Duels, even if these Star Duels cannot end…”

    YOur > Your

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