Chapter 764: An Arena With Only Two People Left

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Across all of Star World, Shi Xian was an existence those lower than Purple Rose Star were unable to defeat. Each time a martial force Star General as strong as her used a “Heaven,” “Earth,” “Dark,” or “Yellow” Technique, she would be more exhausted compared to a normal Star General. Right now, Shi Xian was finally forced to use her Earth Rank. To the Slaughter Star, this was undoubtedly something very humiliating.

But compared to using Super Kill, what made Shi Xian feel even more humiliated was that her Earth Rank surprisingly did not kill a single person.

Not a single Star General died?

Although it could be said that man used a magic weapon to suppress her, she was unable to accept that surprisingly not even one Star General died, even if those Star Generals were all heavily wounded. Not only her, even Li Shishi felt very shocked. In the Star World battles, whenever Shi Xian used her Earth Rank, extremely few Star Generals could escape with their lives. But before her eyes were these True Spirit Star Generals that, in spite of everything, tenaciously stood up, including the incapacitated Wu Siyou.

“We Sisters do not want to add to Young Lord’s burdens. To have us Starfall, just your Earth Rank is not enough.” Wu Xinjie panted, showing a tenacious smile.

A startled glint flashed past Shi Xian’s eyes, but very quickly, it was replaced by endless resentment. “You all are merely prolonging your deaths for the time being.”

“It’s time that I be your opponent.” Su Xing’s right hand held the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber. Behind him, the Five Elements Flying Swords spread like a peacock’s tail.

“Star Master…” The thing Shi Xian disdained the most in her life were Star Masters, “The men of Star World are all trash. What can you do. Let This General see just what qualifications you have to make Her Highness admire you.” The last two words practically hissed out from between her clenched teeth. When she finished speaking, Shi Xian’s figure vanished.

Blood-covered saber-light suddenly flashed.

After using her Earth Rank, Shi Xian already was no longer at peak status. To think of instantly killing Su Xing was already a fantasy. The Five Elements Flying Swords became five sword rainbows, endlessly attacking. Shi Xian’s Phoenix Splitter swept forth, easily repelling these Five Elements Flying Swords. She leapt, sword-light descending like a meteor.

Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was toppled by the sword-light. A ray of Purple Cloud East Approaches attacked but was unable to deplete Shi Xian’s terrifying ray of blood.

Killing intent pushed him directly, but Su Xing was unmoved.

Using the Chaotic Tail Escape, he hastily pulled back. Then, Su Xing released the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s Ghost Cavalry King.

The Ghost Cavalry King howled when he was released, an evil wind blowing, wicked sounds ringing. The disgusting and malevolent demon directly pounced on Shi Xian, the Ghost’s Godsbane in his hand exploding with formidable power. “What Star World’s strongest, watch This King devour you.” The Ghost Cavalry King slashed with all his might, a black ghost mist practically devouring a large expanse of space.

Shi Xian completely did not anticipate that Su Xing would surprisingly still hide such a thing. Therefore…she swung her sword.

A completely red sword-light completely shredded the ghost mist. The Ghost Cavalry King was startled, raising his sword to defend. Thus, the Phoenix Splitter’s slash carried a True Phoenix as it cut apart his body. The Ghost Cavalry King that was reputed to be immortal was suddenly vaporized by the True Phoenix of Shi Xian’s terrifying Realm and might, “No…” After a miserable scream, the insufferably arrogant Ghost Cavalry King’s soul was scattered to the wind.

Su Xing actually was not surprised. With Shi Xian’s powerful martial force, the Ghost Cavalry King could only act as cannon fodder.

A perfectly qualified piece of cannon fodder.

“Niangzi!” Su Xing shouted.

Bright Star Hu Niangzi understood tacitly.

“No one can save you.” The Shi Xian full of murderous intent appeared in front of Su Xing without wasting a breath, slicing at his neck with her sword. This time, Su Xing was completely unable to evade.

But Su Xing had no thoughts of escaping at all.

He turned over his left hand, revealing a qilin dagger as he stepped forwards instead of shrinking back.

It was too late for Shi Xian to think. She only wanted to end Su Xing’s life with this slash, to conclude this Star Duel. But a bright green light appeared on Su Xing’s body. When the Phoenix Splitter cut against Su Xing’s neck, it was unable to behead this man. On the contrary, the blade’s edge was unexpectedly unable to cut an inch further past the protective light.

“What is the meaning of this?” Shi Xian was shocked.

While Shi Xian was unable to lop Su Xing’s head off, Su Xing ruthlessly stepped forward. The qilin dagger then sunk into Shi Xian’s left breast. Although Shi Xian was already protecting herself with her powerful Realm, this dagger surprisingly ignored her defenses. The blade’s tip stabbed into her body, and Shi Xian immediately sensed she had been poisoned.

“You!!!” Shi Xian seethed in anger, finally repelling Su Xing with a slash.

“When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew!!”

From faraway, Hu Niangzi used her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow. Her Golden Wind and Jade Dew sabers danced, large swathes of saber-light falling onto Shi Xian.

Su Xing retreated a hundred paces, the light of Jade Dew very quickly dimming from his body. He stared at the Shi Xian enveloped by saber-light. His forehead was drenched in cold sweat, but he did not pay any mind to the frightening wounds he sustained on his body. Just now, he and Hu Niangzi used their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew in an all-or-nothing gamble. The result was actually very successful. Relying on the unrivalled Jade Dew halo, Su Xing stabbed Shi Xian’s chest with Qilin Destruction. Hu Niangzi’s saber-light then very smoothly and successfully struck home.

The saber-lights of Golden Wind and Jade Dew became dust, slowly dissipating.

Shi Xian remained standing, her left arm dribbling blood, the clothes on her body shredded, her armor spiderwebbed by cracks. The woman’s eyes were round and wide. She pulled out the dagger lodged in her chest. “Qilin Destruction” was refined from poison that could kill even a qilin, but to the Shi Xian who could easily slay a qilin, she was far, far more poisonous than Qilin Destruction. However, the powerful poison still instantly seeped into each meridian in the woman’s body, making Shi Xian’s consciousness somewhat muddled. The damage was not minor. 

An infuriated Shi Xian squeezed the qilin dagger to pieces. She coldly glared at Su Xing.

To think that she would be forced into this state by this man – this was honestly too unbelievable.

I will absolutely kill him, even if I must take him with me.

This was the first time Shi Xian had such thoughts in her life.

Wu Konghou watched in astonishment at Su Xing and Shi Xian’s exchange of blows, feeling shock at every move and gesture of this man. He was too powerful, to surprisingly injure Shi Xian. It appeared she did not need to worry about him. Although Shi Xian was very strong, what Wu Konghou was more concerned about was that so-called Purple Rose Star Xuannü Realm Fang La.

“Sister Konghou, go help Su Xing.” Chai Ling anxiously said.

Wu Konghou smiled: “No need to worry, your man will win for sure.”

“But that woman completely lacks any openings.” Chai Ling’s “Xing’er” had died to Super Kill, leaving her heart very miserable.

“Did you forget? That man still has you, Ling’er.” Wu Konghou shook her head.

“This Palace…” Chai Ling hesitated.

“In short, if he truly wants to end the Star Duels, then he must defeat Shi Xian.” Wu Konghou’s gaze was placed on Fang Moujia: “So just allow Your Humble Servant to first meet this Shi Xian’s master.” Saying this, Wu Konghou vanished from where she stood.

In an instant, she already reappeared above Fang Moujia.

“Falling Dragon Boundless!!” Wu Konghou’s hands slashed at Fang Moujia, an invisible suction force able to subdue any Divine Beast in the world.

Fang Moujia raised a finger. With just a single finger, she unexpectedly completely stopped Wu Konghou’s claw attack.

“Moujia does not wish to fight.” Fang Moujia indifferently spoke. She pushed through space with her palm, shaking Wu Konghou back.

“She really does not place Your Humble Servant in her eyes.” Wu Konghou looked at her numb palms, restraining the trembling in her hands. She showed a desire to fight Fang Moujia.

“Is this it?” Wu Konghou leapt forth, her swords in her hands, slashing at Fang Moujia. Her two swords became a Dual Modes Sword Array, trapping Fang Moujia at the center. Then, this space departed from the world as powerful sword-qi attacked.

Wu Konghou finally used her Heaven Rank.

Heavenly Law Dual Modes Sword!1

“You should not disturb Moujia.”

A radiant light flashed in Fang Moujia’s eyes. A Xuannü of Ninth Heaven True Spirit appeared behind her. A dazzling white light expanded and easily devoured Wu Konghou’s Heavenly Law Dual Modes Sword. Then, the white light rolled, with Fang Moujia and Wu Konghou vanishing from this place.

While everyone focused their attention on Su Xing and Shi Xian’s intense war, Xin Lao manifested her body from the frozen soil. The stone-faced woman was expressionless. Finally, she turned her gaze towards Leader Star Song Qingci.

Taking revenge for the sake of Li Taisui was the woman’s sole obsession, and destroying Su Xing’s Star Duel was included in this. Before everything happened, Xin Lao had been listening closely. She knew that Song Qingci was Leader Star Song Jiang, and she also knew that the Purple Thunder Monster was currently doing everything in his power to protect this woman.

Xin Lao’s mind immediately raised killing intent. She revealed herself and attacked Song Qingci.

“Look out.” Dong Junqing immediately noticed her presence.

But Xin Lao relied on the terrain’s advantage to move at extreme speeds. Her hand pointed, first striking Song Qingci with “Dream Of Golden Millet.” The Leader Star completely lacked any defensive measures and immediately sunk into unconsciousness. Then, Xin Lao turned her hand into a blade. Zhao Hanyan was completely unable to stop her. Dong Junqing shouted, using the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow she possessed with Zhao Hanyan. “No Pledge Dragon Phoenix Life Pledge Term,”2 the killing intent of the double spears biting into Xin Lao. Following an enormous ripping sound, the frozen earth jolted. Xin Lao unexpectedly did not die, and the woman already revealed her True Body. The skin over her entire body was like yellow Vajra Stone, impenetrable.

“Vajra Amber?” Upon seeing Xin Lao’s True Body, Zhao Hanyan was shocked. The body of Vajra Amber possessed extremely formidable defensive capability. It was practically comparable to Black Turtle Divine Iron, and this kind of Demon Spirit appeared to be even stronger. Xin lao was already in front of Song Qingci. The sole person who could stop Xin Lao, Su Xing, was currently locked in battle with Shi Xian and unable to intervene. The others were even less able to obstruct Xin Lao.

Xuan Yunshang was even prepared to use her body as a shield to buy time. Just as Song Qingci was about to die, Su Xing’s hopes of ending the Star Duels would fail at the final stretch.

Just at this critical moment.

Several rays of qilin golden light descended from the heavens and struck Xin Lao’s body. This qilin golden light’s might was powerful. Even Xin Lao’s whole body was shaken stiff. The Vajra Amber’s body split apart with cracks. “Revenge for Taisui!!” Xin Lao’s True Body Vajra Amber had been transformed by Taisui’s Cloud Dream spiritual power, so she treated Li Taisui as her own father. Her strong obsession made Xin Lao rush out from the qilin’s shackles.

A shout suddenly came from the horizon.

A bolt of golden light swift as lightning.

A resplendent lance immediately pierced Xin Lao and terminated the woman in one single movement. This golden light was like a giant qilin keeping Xin Lao in its grasp. Xin Lao was too late to struggle free when she was easily slain by the qilin. The General of Heavenly Vision Starfell, and then the golden light pivoted to attack Shi Xian.

“That is??” Zhao Hanyan and the others were shocked.

“Who else can help you!” Shi Xian’s sword once again repelled Su Xing. Her sword-light was like blood, crossing the world unhindered.

Even while injured, Shi Xian’s killing intent instead only grew stronger and stronger due to her fury.

All of a sudden, a qilin cried out.

Several qilin lights descended from the sky. Shi Xian smashed apart these flashes with a backhand swipe of her sword. She leapt into the air, her brow wrinkling.

“There is still Xiao’er!!”

Like a god, a girl dressed in golden silk clothes and magnificent colors appeared before Shi Xian. Her eyes were like that qilin’s, incomparably dignified. The surrounding snowflakes danced. Sprinkled by her golden light, they were like tens of thousands of stars, glittering splendidly.

The strongest martial general.

The Strength Star.

The qilin took the stage!

Author’s Note:

Happy Dragon Boat Festival…It’s finally time to say goodbye.

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  1. 天道兩儀劍
  2. 不誓龍鸞誓死期. It seems the author forgot that they had already made a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill for them.


  1. “You!!!” Shi Xian seethed in anger, finally repelling Su XIng with a slash.
    XIng > Xing

    His forehead was drenched in cold sweat, but he did not pay any mind to the frightening woods he sustained on his body.
    frightening woods > frightening wounds?

  2. ….What was Xiao’er doing till now, and why did Konghou attack Moujia? What’d be the point?

    1. Xiao’er’s absence will be explained next chapter. Konghou is attacking simply because she’s interested in comparing their respective power levels.

      1. …..I kinda thought K9nghou was smarter than that. Like, it wouldn’t even be a fight unless they were both of the same Realm here….

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