Chapter 765: She Did Not Understand

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Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao’s hand gripped the Seven Star Golden Qilin Lance. She mounted her Heavenly River Dragon Horse, matchlessly dignified. Because Song Qingci gave her five Former Volume Heavenly Books to refine, she was delayed for a very long time. Sensing a large scale Starfall at Maiden Mountain, she rushed over without pause before she even had a chance to refine the sixth. Fortunately, she was here in the nick of time, otherwise, Song Qingci would have already died to Xin Lao’s hand.

Jade Qilin glanced at Song Qingci and Xuan Yunshang, slightly sighing.

“This woman is our Sisters’ greatest enemy?” Lu Xiao asked Su Xing.

“I’m a man…She is Shi Xian…”1 Su Xing directly threw the Birth Treasure Outline to Lu Xiao.

Seeing the golden characters upon it, Lu Xiao’s brows rose. She felt considerably astounded.

“Sisters, leave your Husband to Xiao’er.” Lu Xiao looked around at the already heavily injured Lin Yingmei and others.

“Let’s go together!” Su Xing said.

Lu Xiao grinned: “Then you cannot drag Xiao’er down, Husband.” The Lu Xiao who had refined five Heavenly Books brought the Golden Qilin Lance to Seven Star, and her Realm had reached a True Phoenix Seventh Stage comparable to Lin Yingmei. But the only regret was that the Strength Star’s Heaven Rank had yet to be comprehended.

“You can all die together for love.” Shi Xian’s wrist quivered, and a sword-light burst forth.

The Heavenly River Dragon Horse spat a ray of light to block this attack. Afterwards, the surrounding snowflakes were completely scattered. The Heavenly River Dragon Horse galloped forth. Relying on her Star Beast’s strength, Lu Xiao’s lance stabbed directly at Shi Xian. Su Xing also stepped forth, activating an escape technique, dual wielding the Seven Colors Goose Feather and Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Sabers to attack Shi Xian.

Shi Xian closed the distance, sweeping Phoenix Splitter horizontally. Not only was the pervasive killing intent eliminated, the entire frozen ground was split apart by the sword-qi. Although she was already very injured, Shi Xian still possessed powerful qualifications to be arrogant before Lu Xiao. Even a faster figure would not be able to evade such a tidal offensive. Shi Xian’s sword was completely without any bit of room to be wielded. Lu Xiao’s attack was only an instant, but when her defensive stance was shredded to pieces by Shi Xian’s Phoenix Restraint, that was also something that transpired in an instant.

Wounds very quickly appeared over Lu Xiao’s body, and a chilling, bloody sword-light suddenly arrived.

The Heavenly River Dragon Horse did its utmost to use its powers, but it was unable to hinder the Phoenix Splitter’s might. Lu Xiao grit her teeth, quickly leaping away. Shi Xian’s attack killed the Heavenly River Dragon Horse. When her next attack was prepared to continue confronting the Lu Xiao who had lost the initiative, Su Xing’s twin sabers already rushed over to stop her killing blow.

“So this is the Phoenix Restraint Innate Skill?” Lu Xiao took a deep breath.

Shi Xian did not respond at all. She brooded over the fact that she was unable to easily kill Su Xing. Su Xing’s double sabers handled her perfectly. Though Shi Xian’s Innate Skill was the strongest, it was nevertheless unable to hinder Su Xing. Thus, he was fighting her far more smoothly compared to Lu Xiao. However, in the end, Shi Xian’s Realm was still existing at the pinnacle of True Phoenix. Ten thousand years of battle allowed her body to become completely honed. After several dozen bouts, Su Xing had even more wounds deep enough to show bone.


Shi Xian’s shoulder sustained a blow, halting her strike as she turned the blade back to repel Lu Xiao. Su Xing used Heavenly Wolf Moon Howl to injure Shi Xian again. Against the coordinated teamwork of these two, Shi Xian was very displeased.

“Husband Su Xing, can Xiao’er make a teeny, tiny request of you.” Seeing the two of them held the advantage, Lu Xiao asked slightly seriously.


“Is it possible to let Xiao’er defeat Shi Xian alone?” Lu Xiao’s dignity as the strongest martial general began to stir mischief. Seeing Lin Yingmei and the others were all defeated by Shi Xian and that Shi Xian currently had gone through a very harrowing battle, unable to even use her Earth Rank, Lu Xiao suddenly felt that defeating her with teamwork lacked any sense of victory.

Of course, the most important point was that Lu Xiao had refined five Heavenly Books. Regardless of Realm or Star Weapons, she was the strongest Strength Star in history.

She did not want to have anyone meddle in the battles she wanted.

“If I don’t agree, will you incapacitate me first so that I can’t intervene.” Su Xing said 

“How could I.” Lu Xiao laughed, but her eyes betrayed her.

“Then don’t you lose.” Su Xing knew her temperament, retreating to the side, “Otherwise, I won’t forgive you.”

“Ohhh, your words truly make Xiao’er excited.” Lu Xiao nodded.

Shi Xian once again narrowed her eyes. This honestly was too interesting. She had experienced countless battles, and this battle was truly very interesting. Under circumstances of occupying the advantage, the two of them surprisingly no longer coordinated. She did not know whether to say if this man was spoiling that Strength Star too much, or…the two of them were seeking their own deaths…Shi Xian sneered.

Without a doubt, they had chosen the latter.

Her figure rose. Shi Xian once again launched an offensive that reached the greatest heights.

Lu Xiao tightly gripped her Golden Qilin Lance, advancing.

In a world wrapped in silver and white, Shi Xian’s blood-colored figure and Lu Xiao’s sparkling gold clashed with countless sparks. The frequency of their attack exchanges was astonishingly fast. On the vast expanse of white plains in everyone’s eyes, they saw only shadows flitting back and forth in mutual clashes, swift to the extreme, with no way for anyone to interfere.

Under the previous intense fighting, Shi Xian did not occupy an absolute advantage at all against Lu Xiao.

“Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie cast a worried glance. “Xinjie fears that Lu Xiao will be unable to best her…Shuishui’s prophecy…”

Qilin blood shines red.

How could Su Xing ever forget the start of that verse – Qilin blood shines red.2 But there was no other choice now. With Lu Xiao’s prideful bearing, she would never allow him to interfere in the fight against Shi Xian. He could only do everything he could to minimize danger to her.

“How is Qingci?” Su Xing asked.

“Qingci was struck by Xin Lao’s Dream Of Golden Millet…She is still unconscious.”

Su Xing instantly arrived beside Song Qingci. The girl’s expression was in extreme pain, unclear what she was dreaming. “Will anything else happen to her?” Xuan Yunshang said. Su Xing did not hesitate to light the Five Dragons Lantern, suspending it above Song Qingci. Five golden dragons vaguely manifested from the flame, shining Buddhist light. This supreme magic weapon of Buddhism could settle disturbed minds. The Five Dragons Lantern activated, and “Dream Of Golden Millet” gradually abated. Song Qingci’s expression became peaceful. Su Xing urged his magic energy into the Five Dragons Lantern. A moment later, Song Qingci at last slowly woke up.

She saw that she was laying against Su Xing’s chest, as if she was still in a dream.

“Is it over?”

“Not yet, Lu Xiao’s here. You must protect yourself properly in order to end the Star Duels for your Sisters.” Su Xing was serious.

Song Qingci quietly answered: “Your Servant was just dreaming of the Starfallen Sisters…They hate Your Servant…”

“Whatever thoughts you have, that’s what you’ll dream. If you think all of this is your fault and want to die to atone, then they will naturally hate you. They hate your cowardice and flight. But if you can think of ending the thousand years of Star Duels for the wish of your Starfallen Sisters, I believe not a single one of Maiden Mountain’s Sisters would ever hate you. They will only help you.” 

Su Xing’s words made Song Qingci seem to comprehend something. The girl finally recovered her vigor, no longer staying in that passive gloom.

Song Qingci saw Lu Xiao fight Shi Xian, “Is there anything Your Servant can do?”

“You are the Leader Star, Maiden Mountain’s Eldest Sister. Everything follows your will, no one else can help you.” Su Xing shook his head.

“Elder Sister Lu Xiao will not last much longer.” Xuan Yunshang said at this moment.

Su Xing could also see Lu Xiao was beginning to falter. Regardless of Realm or Star Weapon, Shi Xian in the end still firmly inhibited the Strength Star. Perhaps if Lu Xiao had her Heaven Rank, then she would still have a chance at victory.

“Shi Xian still has her Heaven Rank.” This was what Su Xing was most worried about.

Shi Xian’s Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques already made them suffer enough. As for her Heaven Rank, he was unable to imagine who else could withstand it. This was already no longer the time to ponder upon this. Su Xing handed Song Qingci to Xuan Yunshang. He watched Lu Xiao gradually slow down. He needed to take action.

Just at this moment.

A hundred li away from Maiden Mountain, a Crimson Star fell. From the direction, it appeared to be Xie Zhenyuan’s. This change surprised Su Xing, but immediately, another Crimson Star fell, but this time, it landed on Su Xing’s body. It was as if this Starfall”s energy was completely deliberately presented to him.

“Duiying…” Su Xing’s heart ached.


A mighty shout that shook the world interrupted Su Xing’s thoughts. Lu Xiao and Shi Xian’s confrontation had finally proceeded to its last stage. The battered and bruised Jade Qilin somersaulted, leaping down from high up, her figure becoming an enormous qilin filled all of empty space. Everyone looked up hopefully, for the Golden Qilin Lance was just like the sharp claws of a qilin as it thrust towards Shi Xian.

The Earth Rank gathered all of Lu Xiao’s power.

Qilin Descends The World!!

Shi Xian held her claymore horizontally before her, stroking her left hand over the sword’s edge. The woman’s frightening killing intent became formless, turning the space around her eerily quiet and terrifying.

“This is bad, it’s an Earth Rank.” Su Xing’s expression changed, using the Chaotic Tail Escape without any hesitation.



The gigantic golden qilin seized Shi Xian.

No, it did not grab her at all. Shi Xian’s Phoenix Splitter blocked this unstoppable golden qilin’s claw. Lu Xiao made every effort to crush her, but the smile upon Shi Xian’s lips grew more and more savage. Devil and qilin opposed one another. Finally, Lu Xiao slowly pressed on bit by bit.


Shi Xian suddenly swung her sword.

In a split second, in Lu Xiao’s eyes, the world seemed to vanish. Countless blood-lights burst all over the girls body like bolts of lightning, their bite devastating. The qilin screamed in pain, her True Phoenix Realm destroyed. Shi Xian once again used Earth Rank “Super Kill,” but this Super Kill completely focused all of its killing intent onto a single target.

Several hundred severe sword-lights became innumerable arcs of light that sent Lu Xiao flying.

If it was not for a Star General’s indestructible body, Lu Xiao would have already turned into dust under this sword-light. Lu Xiao fell from the heavens, soaked in blood. Instantly, with Lu Xiao at the center, the hundred meters around her was stained red. The girl seemed to be in the middle of a sea of blood.

Qilin’s blood shines red?!

“Xiao’er!!” Su Xing screamed. His Chaotic Tail Escape arrived in front of Lu Xiao, deflecting Shi Xian’s incoming blow.

Time to send you two off, Shi Xian sneered. She prepared to cut both Su Xing and Lu Xiao down in one strike. At this moment, no one else present could stop her in time at all.

A sword of water abruptly fell from the sky, forcing Shi Xian back.

Zhang Yuqi, Gu Tong, Shi Yuan, and Tang Lianxin descended from the sky, obstructing her.

“I will not let you hurt my man.” Gu Tong shouted. She opened her mouth, and a Sound Lingering A Millennium immediately burst from her throat, pounding Shi Xian.

“Young Su, quickly sign a contract with Lu Xiao.” Zhang Yuqi was very worried.

Su Xing already held Lu Xiao. The girl’s silhouette was already starting to fade. This was the sign of a Starfall. “No, Xiao’er cannot sign a contract…If you truly are thinking of Xiao’er, then do not…” Lu Xiao was still maintaining her dignity as the last thousand year martial general.

“I have never forced anyone to follow me, but you will be the first and the last!!” Su Xing did not let her speak. He lowered his head and kissed Lu Xiao’s lips.

Although Lu Xiao was very resistant, her weak consciousness was completely unable to ward off Su Xing’s intrusion in the slightest. Lu Xiao felt the first time in her life being held by a man and passionately kissed. Her lips were tyrannically seized, linked and sucked. An indescribable feeling filled her entire body and every meridian.

She remembered that scene when she first met Su Xing back then at Cache Mountain. The first time she saw Lin Chong’s man indeed felt even more unforgettable.

She remembered bringing Wu Siyou to her second meeting with Su Xing.

She remembered that scene when they showed up at Crystal Dragon Palace together.

Remembering the dribs and drabs the two of them experienced, although this man was known as the strongest Star Master, he did not show a trace of fear towards her, his strongest enemy. The time the two of them spent together was even more fond than some Star Masters and Star Generals.

Lu Xiao’s heart softened. She finally parted her teeth, allowing this man to dominate her everything.

Mu Duiying was at a loss, wandering through the frozen earth in a daze, every step leaving behind a bloody print.

“Luoshui has never respected any opponent. Guardian Star Little Restrained Mu Chun, Mu Duiying, you are the first. Farewell.” Behind her, the figure of Yang Luoshui vanished following her words, only leaving behind her resplendent Frost Magnificence Shining Moon.

Mu Duiying staggered along. Her field of vision was becoming more and more blurry, and her consciousness was becoming increasingly weak.

“Elder Sister, I have finally surpassed you.”

Mu Duiying achieved her own wish and thus had no more desires.

From somewhere very faraway came killing intent and a familiar feeling. Mu Duiying wanted to walk over there and proudly tell that man – I did it. She imagined Su Xing’s shock and awe. This made her somewhat conceited.

But she was too tired. Mu Duiying crouched down to rest. She looked at her fading body. She did not know why, but tears began to flow.

She had clearly accomplished her wish, yet her heart was strangely somewhat regretful.

Mu Duiying sniffled.

Why am I crying?

The girl looked at the dripping pearls.

She did not understand.

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  1. Lu Xiao’s phrasing sort of lumps Su Xing into a “we” that is implying an all-female group, thus he protests.
  2. Originally, it was tl’d as Qilin snow shines red. But the raws here say blood. The confusion stems from the fact that “blood” and “snow” are pronounced the same. Author may not have been paying attention when inputting the text.


  1. ….I kinda really wish that lovable m9ron Duiying had signed a contract. I liked her…. and her dying l8ke that, and STILL going off to Su Xing was both very sweet… and very tragic. Damn. She really surprised and impressed me there. It sucks that so many good characters have to die like that….

    And yeah, Xiao’er and Su Xing have always had a weird relationship.
    Like, they never fept like enemies but weren’t exactly livers, butvstill m9re tgan friends? And they didn’t exactly hang out enough to be comrades in arms except when she felt like pestering him.

    Actually, what the hell was with her stupid pride!? It literally almost got her killed…! But, um…. well I guess it worked out…?

    1. Xiao’er is naturally prideful. It’s her disposition as a martial general. It’s the very same as Lin Yingmei when she and Su Xing first met.

  2. “Ohhh, your words truly make Xiao’er excited.” Lu XIao nodded.
    XIao > Xiao

    In a world wrapped in silver and white, Shi Xian’s blood-colored figure and Lu Xia’s sparkling gold clashed with countless sparks.
    Xia’s > Xiao’s

    “Your are the Leader Star, Maiden Mountain’s Eldest Sister. Everything follows your will, no one else can help you.” Su Xing shook his head.
    Your are > You are

  3. “Lu Xiao was still maintaining her dignity as the last thousand year martial general.”
    I guess she forgot that the first overlord was also a Jade Qilin, so she’s not really a thousand year general :’)

    Mu Duiying is my favorite side character, she deserved better 🙁
    She could’ve brought a lot of life and fun to the main cast, especially when paired with Shi Yuan.
    It’s a pity that the author kept adding proud and cold beauties to the harem, instead of more fun and interesting ones.

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