Chapter 80: Water Parting Dragon Binding Net

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The Blooming Water Sword Sect main hall suddenly erupted with abrupt anger.

“The Divine Thunder True Technique has been stolen??”

The Blooming Water Sword Sect Headmaster the Daoist Luo River was included among a group of several dozen cultivators trembling in fear, quaking as they lay prostrate where they were. The ones who could make them terrified and fearful were only the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s secluded Ancestral Masters.

Ancestor Baili’s expression was cold and detached, somewhat frightful. He had just returned from Bian City where he had his things stolen by a Nebula Cultivator that escaped and went missing before his eyes, the depressed air in his throat not yet removed, and hearing this thundering, grievous news upon his return to the school – the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s guarded secret unexpectedly had been stolen, in a moment, a terrifying pressure nearly made the disciples at the foot of the mountain all collapse.

A few clueless protectors and hall masters did not understand why Ancestor Baili would be so angry. Although the Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique was an item that was guarded, there were countless excerpts from it. Even if they lost a copy, they still had a backup. How could they know that what Ancestor Baili was furious over was the Immemorial Secret Treasure – Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book!!

“Trash, a bunch of trash! A grand Four Great Sword Sect unexpectedly let a robber steal from right over its head.” Ancestor Baili face was ashen. “Does this headmaster want to taste this old man’s Blooming Water Refining?”

“Ancestral Master, please forgive me!!” The Daoist Luo River lay prostrate, trembling.

“Ancestral Master, the Daoist cannot be blamed this time. The thief came prepared, first creating a disturbance as a diversion, and then a Star Master and Lin Chong pinned them down. The headmaster immediately rushed after them, but to no avail as this thief used some unknown magic that completely eliminated their presence. Not even a footprint was found…” Ling Xian promptly plead for leniency, otherwise Ancestor Baili really would single-handedly slap the Daoist to death.

“Lin Chong??” Ancestor Baili’s expression changed: “You said the Star General was Lin Chong?”

“Precisely the famous Panther Head Lin Chong!”

The Majestic Star’s renown shook Liangshan, and hearing that the thief unexpectedly had her, only then did Ancestor Baili quell his anger. Sometimes, people would just have such a strangely comforted psychology. Hearing that the opponent had much cause to wreak havoc was seemingly a matter of course, and Ancestor Baili abruptly recalled the final thing that Ling Xian said. His body going taut once more, he said “Completely eliminated their presence? Give this ancestor every last detail, from start to finish, of how this happened. How was the enemy’s cultivation!”  

The Daoist Luo River saw things turn for the better, hurriedly and deferentially explained. “That Star Master also used some unknown power. Only Nebula Early Stage cultivation, yet he completely disappeared.”

Ancestor Baili’s brow wrinkled tightly. His presence disappeared? Nebula Early Stage? Blooming Water True Technique? When he put together each and every one of these terms, he could not help but be alarmed – could it be that ugly man????

SFX: Ka.

The top quality jade and stone white chair was crushed to fine powder by Ancestor Baili.

The Daoist Luo River and Ling Xian looked at each other in dismay.

What was wrong with the Ancestral Master?

“Hmph. This Ancestor at the Bian City Clear Void Treasure Hall encountered a Star Cultivator just like this. He took a Blooming Water Dragon to auction, exchanging it for This Ancestor’s five Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pills. In front of This Ancestor’s and the Daoist Cool Breeze’s eyes, his presence vanished. Now thinking about it, it ought to be this thief!!”

“Ah??? Even Ancestral Master had no way to sense him??”

The entire hall’s cultivators were overwhelmed with shock. A Nebula Cultivator unexpectedly could avoid a Supercluster Cultivator’s Divine Intent; this was simply shocking.

Ancestor Baili nevertheless was not that certain. The problem was that man actually was a constantly unworthy visitor. This sort of ugly man unexpectedly contracted the Majestic Star Panther Head, and Ancestor Baili truly could not accept this fact.

But that did not matter. That person already completely disappeared in such a large Liangshan. Find? How would they go find him? If the stolen Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique was disseminated, the Sword Sect’s prestige would end. Certainly, within the Four Great Sword Sect rankings, they would rank last. Let alone a “Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book,” the Blooming Water Sword Sect would not even dare leak out half this phrase. Otherwise, the Blooming Water Sword Sect would pick up countless scheming enemies, something that absolutely must not be done.

Wishing to but unable to capture. Wanting to but not daring to yell.

Ancestor Wanli1 truly was sullen to death.

Just at this moment, a disciple came to report: “Reporting to Ancestral Master and Headmaster. At the bottom of the mountain, there is someone calling himself a Thousand Machine Gang disciple requesting an audience with the Headmaster!”

“Thousand Machine Gang? Never heard of it. Just say the Blooming Water Sword Sect has sealed the mountain and will not see visitors!” The Daoist Luo River said, annoyed.

“He says each can take what he needs!” That informing disciple hesitated.

Everyone’s gazes immediately were glued onto him.

“Could it be this matter has something to do with that whatever Thousand Machine Gang?” The Daoist Luo River turned malevolent.

“Let him enter!”

Ancestor Baili said

After a short time, a long-haired man wearing bizarre garb walked in. He faced an entire group of Blooming Water Sword Sect great cultivators, even a Supercluster Stage Cultivator, and still maintained his calm. Ancestor Baili could not help but look him over a bit more.

“This one beneath you is Gong Xu, Protector of the Thousand Machine Gang, paying respects to the headmaster and senior!” Gong Xu respectfully saluted.

At this moment, from top to bottom, each and every one of the Blooming Water Sword Sect had air they could not vent. Seeing a never before heard of sect, their faces were indifferent; it completely lacked a large school’s elegance. Gong Xu did not mind.

“What do you mean when you say each takes what he needs?” The Daoist Luo River opened his mouth to ask.

“Your Honor’s sect2 recently certainly has been visited by a thief, right. This servant knows who that thief is!” Gong Xu replied calmly.

The hall was startled. The Blooming Water Sword Sect had never mentioned this matter to the outside, how could this man know?

“Was it you who put someone up to this?” Ling Xian said.

“Of course not. If this servant truly arranged for somebody, how could he stupidly walk into a trap.” Gong Xu replied.

“State your purpose!” Ancestor Baili stared, coldly opening his mouth.

Gong Xu bowed,3 saying: “That thief a little while ago took the opportunity to steal this one’s sect’s guarded secret during the time the sect leader was in seclusion. This servant tracked and investigated for several months before finally finding that thief’s whereabouts and became aware of the matter of Your Honor’s sect.”

“Who was it?”

“The Thief Star, Flea on a Drum Shi Qian!!”

Gong Xu replied.

Everyone present was shaken.

“You speak of the Thief Star Shi Qian?” The Daoist Luo River asked, disbelieving. On second thoughts, only Maiden Mountain’s number one thief could have this class of a heavenly method, but Shi Qian stole the Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique to do what?

“Surprisingly, it’s that Thief Star?”

“No wonder she could break the Evil Smiting Array.”

“Right, if she wanted to steal it, then it really is not easy to protect!”

Everyone discussed spiritedly. The Thief Star’s reputation in Liangshan Continent was also known to everybody. This Best Thief Under Heaven could even give people a bigger headache than some of the Heavenly Stars generals could.

Baili’s imposing manner pushed down, making the hall restore its silence, saying: “Continue speaking!”

Gong Xu bowed his head, briefly telling about his business. His meaning more or less was “The Thousand Machine Gang wants to work together with the Blooming Water Sword Sect to reclaim signature techniques.”

“Why not do it yourself?”

“To be quite honest, we do not know how the Thief Star Shi Qian teamed up with the Majestic Star. She stealing Your Honor’s sect’s signature art is definitely because she was incited by the Majestic Star’s master. This servant already brought people to find Shi Qian, but we simply were not the Majestic Star’s opponent. The sect’s casualties were dangerous, and a Protector died for this reason under the blade of Lin Chong’s Master. This servant also only escaped after much difficulty.

The feeling from Gong Xu saying this were absolutely genuine. The Blooming Water Sword Sect believed seventy to eighty percent of it, after all, at that time, Lin Chong and the rest were seen. That being the case, this man’s words could actually explain many things.

“The Thief Star appears and disappears unpredictably, how could we ever find her?”

“This servant has certainty in finding Shi Qian!!”

The Daoist Luo River and the rest of the cultivators shifted their gaze onto Ancestor Baili, awaiting his final decision. This affair suddenly turned for the better, making the Daoist Luo River endlessly excited.

Ancestor Baili was apathetic. He watched Gong Xu, flatly saying: “Do you have any requests?”

“Rejoice, Senior, Gong Xu speaks forthrightly. Lin Chong’s master also has connections to an additional three Star Generals. I do not dare conceal this from senior. At that time, the Thousand Machine Gang wants two of the Star Generals, and requests senior to help accomplish this.

“What? Four Star Generals, you say? How can this be possible!”

“That’s nonsense, how could one person have four Star Generals.”


The Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Star Cultivators were incessantly stirred up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, quiet and listen to the Ancestral Master’s command.” The Daoist Luo River faked a cough, stopping the hall’s noise.

“If truly each takes what he needs, that Majestic Star Lin Chong and Thief Star Shi Qian will belong to this sect, the others will belong to you, how about it?” Ancestor Baili lightly smiled.

“Many thanks for Senior’s assistance! On behalf of the Sect Leader, Gong Xu is endlessly grateful.”

Gong Xu promptly expressed his appreciation.

“When your Sect Leader leaves seclusion, This Ancestor wishes to meet him. This Ancestor wonders what connection the Thousand Machine Gang has with the Divine Machine Clan.” Ancestor Baili’s mood had completely relaxed.

“The Thousand Machine Gang still hopes for the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s assistance.” Gong Xu seized the opportunity.

“This is easy to manage. As long as we can reclaim our things, Heaven and Earth as proof, the Sun and Moon as example, we are each other’s friends in trials and tribulations!” The Daoist Luo River laughed loudly. Compared to the initial grim and nervous atmosphere, the hall already was incomparably relaxed, as if they already saw clearly how to capture and kill the Majestic Star  

Several days later, Grindstone Mountain.

Mo Clan Ruins, a young girl sat atop an abandoned flight of stairs flipping through the book in her hands. Her entire body’s sexy, black attire clung tightly to her skin that was whiter than snow. Her adorable brows raised from time to time, and sometimes, they creased in gloom. Two massive copper men stood by her side like loyal guardians.

She, happened to be the Thief Star Flea on a Drum.

Ever since she left Su Xing, Shi Qian did not know how she returned to this once familiar place. On the basis of its reputation, she felt that researching the Mo Attack at the Mo Clan Ruins would have given her more inspiration, but she was frequently slightly preoccupied. Staring at that falling pitfall trap mechanism, opening the door, the Möbius corridor was a veil that appeared before her like yesterday.

“Don’t let your imagination run wild, he already has two Star Generals.” Shi Yuan muttered to herself, “Dammit. That bastard unexpectedly became sworn brothers and sisters with Suwen, really goddammit.”

As she thought this, the Thief Star suddenly jumped. The Mo Attack Mechanism Records in her hand returned to her Astral Gemstone, her Puppet Banners spreading out.

The two Copper Man Puppets immediately raised their fists and smashed into the forest.

A silhouette suddenly flew out, and he suppressed the puppet’s fist with a wave of his hand. Then, with a soft shout, a transparent thunder-light shout out from his palm. It seemed like a waterfall covered the two Copper Man Puppets bodies. There were dazzling rays of light and a thunderclap of water, and with the sound of a violent crash, the two imposing and terrifying Copper Man Puppets had been instantly blown like straw into a pile of scrap iron. There was not even a trace of resistance.

The Thief Star Flea on a Drum Shi Yuan secretly shouted This is bad, striking the hand seals for Wordless and Uncommunicative as she turned and fled.

“Can you escape past This Ancestor’s ‘Water Parting Dragon Binding Net’?”4 That voice like a flood jeered.


He pointed, and a white light flew out from his hand, transforming into a dark blue, giant net that closed in on the Thief Star from above.


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  1. Another mistake in the raws, probably
  2. 貴派
  3. 作揖
  4. 分水縛龍網


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