Chapter 87: Gains

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Entering inside the city, Su Xing discovered people everywhere were discussing the “Purple Thunder Monster” incident. Inquisitively listening briefly about this matter, he found this Monster was truly ferocious. It extinguished a hundred Galaxy Cultivators at once in a single move, and he also heard it could get rid of several Star Generals in a flash. Seeing those people turn pale at the mention of a tiger, yet having a longing and admiring expression, Su Xing said to himself, Strange, just what day was this that would turn out a frightening monster as this.

“Xinjie, have you heard of what the cause was behind this Purple Thunder Monster?” Su Xing asked. Hearing from these people’s words, this monster made the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Sects issue a Kill Warrant, truly something extraordinary.

The Knowledge Star thought for a long time and still could not figure anything out, “I have heard of the Heavenly Yin Monster,1 however this is really strange. Listening to their description, it is somewhat familiar.” Wu Xinjie gloomily could not think up of anything.

“Could it be those different tribes of Devil Schools the Vermilion Bird Territory or the Black Turtle Territory are again preparing to assault the Azure Dragon Territory?” Shi Yuan eagerly suggested, her excited voice seemed to have been anticipating this for a long time.


“In short, just be careful.” Su Xing wrinkled his brow, looking all around. His alert manner made the girls puzzled. “Su Xing, what’s going on?” Shi Yuan asked. Even if she had signed a contract, she still liked to directly call out Su Xing’s name. However, these two words “Su Xing” were very sweet, making Wu Xinjie quite jealous.

“I feel that after we entered the city, lots of people are paying attention to me?” After Shi Yuan became his Star General, Su Xing’s current Divine Sight was considerably keen. Even though he had not practiced any sort of martial art pertaining to the exercise of Divine Sight, his pure Divine Intent as before was in the same realm, lofty and outstanding. The ill gazes of several visitors were somewhat sharp. Su Xing already painstakingly used a qi hiding art when he entered the city, but he did not expect he would still be locked on to.

Might as well mention: Every Star General possessed her own unique abilities. After Star Masters signed a contract, they would share in the Star General’s Star Energy and a few of her abilities. The Thief Star Shi Yuan’s ability was “Hide Qi,” and even if Su Xing did not use the Oneness of Heaven and Man, the Hide Qi’s capabilities were also very good.

“Be careful, the Blooming Water Sword Sect definitely will go mad. If they issued an Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant, then that will not be easy to manage.” Wu Xinjie suddenly recalled something, saying so seriously.

“Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant?” Su Xing was just not that interested when he heard this name.


Su Xing carefully hid towards the Efficacious Star’s residence. On the road, Wu Xinjie briefly introduced the usage of this Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant. The so-called Alliance of Ten naturally was the ten schools of one clear, two halls, three palaces, and four sword sections. Previously the Devil Cult tribes spied on Azure Dragon Territory’s resources and several times launched Star Cultivator Wars. The Azure Dragon Territory once was in a crisis for a time, and the current “Heavenly Spirit Holy Master”2  established this “Alliance of Ten.” By means of these ten great sects as heads, more than a hundred schools were administered, forming an integral whole joined in opposition against the invading tribes.

Ordinarily, if this Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant was transmitted down, the other allies necessarily had to fulfill their obligation to chase to kill.

“It can’t be? Chase to kill?” Shi Yuan was speechless.

“Although the Ten Great Sects harbor ulterior motives nowadays, if they really issue an Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant, that will be more troublesome.” Wu Xinjie muttered to herself. Even if the other factions disregarded it, they would at least inform the Blooming Water Sword Sect as a special favor.

“It’s a bit thorny.” Su Xing did not hope to get rid of a hundred disciples from the Four Great Sword Sects. A meticulously nurtured Star Master and a Supercluster Ancestral Master was unlike anything that had happened before.

A Supercluster Cultivator’s death definitely would make the Blooming Water Sword Sect violently change. Even if it really issued one, it was an unworthy accident.

Thinking to here, Su Xing added even more caution and speed to his pace.

When he reached the residence, he entered from the back.

The one who opened the door was An Suwen. Seeing Su Xing, her eyes right away brimmed with tears, and she restrained her excitement. “Big Brother, quickly come in.”

Locking the door, An Suwen led Su Xing to a private room.

“Is Little Sister Shi Yuan alright?” An Suwen was nervous and restless. She both did not want to see something happen to Su Xing and did not want something to have happened to Shi Yuan, but seeing Su Xing return alone, the Efficacious Star Divine Physician had an ominous premonition.  

“Thanks, sister, for your concern. I am exceedingly fine.”

Several lights flashed forth, and three maidens appeared in succession at Su Xing’s side.

“Ah,” An Suwen covered her mouth, amazed as she pointed at the Thief Star that fantastically emerged from the Star Nest.

The Thief Star hugged Su Xing’s arm, intimately saying: “Suwen, introducing this servant’s Master to make your acquaintance…”

“Big Brother Su Xing, you contracted Shi Yuan?” An Suwen very quickly regained her calm. Wu Xinjie secretly admired how quickly she could calm down. If it was someone else who was aware that Su Xing contracted three Star Maidens, perhaps there would be a moment of first-rate blankness.

Su Xing nodded.

“Congratulations, Big Brother Su Xing. Congratulations, Little Sister Shi Yuan.” An Suwen smiled, her eyes slightly holding a trace of envy. “Big Brother definitely is very tired. Suwen shall go help Big Brother. Elder Sister and Little Sister, please bring a few pills over.”

“I’ve really troubled you some.” Su Xing was sorry. Grindstone Mountain’s battle made the three wasted and exhausted; recuperating for several days, they still had not recovered. Currently, thinking of that Supercluster Cultivator brought bits of lingering fear. If it was not for relying on the Knowledge Star’s Heavenly Calamity Talisman, that truly was difficult to say.

Shi Yuan deeply was aware that Su Xing went to save her facing an unbelievable risk. In her heart, she was filled with sweet happiness and was moved. Her gaze towards Su Xing was indeed full of tender feelings, but it was difficult for her to express that.

Lin Yingmei very helplessly sighed towards these two sisters.

Master’s virgin body seemed to be anything but reassured.

“Right, quickly look at what harvest we had.” Shi Yuan excitedly rubbed her fists and wiped her palms. As an accomplished robber, she treated the spoils of war with quite the expectations at any moment.

Su Xing threw out several Astral Bags.

Battling at Grindstone Mountain, Su Xing lost the Pure Gold Shield, the Heaven Concealing Parasol, more than fifty Thunder Fire Bullets, and the Star Energy of the Blaze Refining Saber that had been warmly nurtured for a long time was completely exhausted.3 Of course, these were tolerable. The most regretful perhaps was the Knowledge Star Wu Yong’s life-saving talisman – Heavenly Calamity Talisman. This Supreme Grade Talisman’s value naturally did not need more mentioning; just the power to rapidly dispatch a Galaxy Cultivator was enough to intimidate Liangshan Continent.

What a pity the sole copy would be used up just like that.

Wu Xinjie actually was not that distressed. Compared to Su Xing’s safety, never mind that it was the Heavenly Calamity Talisman, even if it was the Heaven Concealing Star Feather Fan that was tossed, it was only but so.

Compared to their losses, laying out the gains this time would make anyone stupefied.

The pile of things from the several Astral Bags included knives, forks,4 swords and halberds, jade, stones and pearls, letters and books, long banners and prayer flags, as well as a large amount of rare and colorful talismans, mechanisms and materials.

More than a dozen black bronze flasks of all sizes faintly emitted a medical fragrance.

Further, there was a top quality crystal carved and chiseled to completion. A large bottle more than one che high, sealing charms added to its top, was filled on the inside with a few fantastic spirits, illuminating the inside of the bottle like fireflies.

“It’s a Soul Sealing Bottle!”5 Shi Yuan’s eyes lit up.

The Soul Sealing Bottle, the special bottle that the Divine Machine Clan used when it manufactured Mechanical Beasts, and it could urge spirits to be enclosed within the bottle. Shi Yuan manufactured mechanisms, and she happened to wonder about what to do with those spirits. Now, this Soul Sealing Bottle was truly a great help.

Worthy of being called the Thousand Machine Gang’s Star Master, it seemed the sect cultivated Gong Xu without sparing anything. Other than this, Shi Yuan also found a “Soul Wug.”6 Putting all the souls into the wug could make these souls mutually devour one another to advance them to a higher rank soul. The Divine Machine Clan in those years exploited Soul Wugs to manufacture powerful energy sources for Commander Mechanical Beasts.7 Otherwise, how could legend say a tenth rank Commander Soul Wug8 could be found by the Divine Machine Clan. However, this Soul Wug seemed to be somewhat coarse. It was a Basic Grade Magic Tool, in the end manufacturing Fourth Grade souls.

With the material to manufacture, the souls and such naturally could not do without exercising the Divine Intent Great Technique of controlling Mechanical Beasts. Powerful Divine Intent happened to be the Divine Machine Clan’s greatest characteristic. Relying on these powerful Divine Intents could they order about countless inconceivable and magical mechanisms and large objects. The “Spread Intent Divine Art”9 Gong Xu brought also was considered not bad.

Besides Gong Xu’s, Chen Zhonglin’s items were also not few. The Blooming Water Sword Sect had even more fame than the Thousand Machine Gang, rich and overbearing. Inside his Astral Bag, they found twenty liang of Relic Blade Sand. It seems it was Ancestor Baili that specially procured this for Chen Zhonglin’s Star General to refine. It was just that the second refinement that needed forty liang did not refine in time, and that shortage of twenty liang was currently inside Su Xing’s pocket.

“Water Turned to Sword Art,”10 “Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique Chant”11 and such, as well as the artifacts actually were far more impressive than Gong Xu’s. Just a Galaxy Artifact Blood Ran Pot was enough to make up for Su Xing’s artifact losses.

Finally, everyone’s line of sight all went towards Ancestor Baili’s things. A Supercluster Cultivator evidently made them even more inquisitive, and how could the things carried on the body of the nearly peak cultivator in the Azure Dragon Territory be inferior. Just the assorted sizes of black bronze vials of medicines was more than a dozen bottles. Forty-five Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pills was sufficient to let Su Xing’s Blooming Water Divine Thunder to progress like it was flying.

Inside the Heavenly Calamity Talisman, Ancestor Baili wasted away nearly all of his artifacts and magic weapons to resist the Heavenly Calamity. Only a Nine Dragons Ice Seal Painting and a Galaxy Supreme Grade Artifact Water Parting Dragon Binding Net were left. Other than this, Ancestor Baili had hoarded some of many rarely seen materials.

Two Dark Red Six Petal Little Grass,12 its leaves had a dark colored heart symbol linking its six leaves into a single whole, mutually shining, faintly emitting a sort of fantastic reaction. A stalk of verdant and succulent bamboo sparkled like jade, with pure and magnificent light. Its interior was like jadeite, dark green colored glass, and the bamboo emitted a clear and charming air, seeping into the soul. Smelling this was incomparably soothing, more profound than a panacea.

“Do you recognize this?” Su Xing asked.

The three girls all shook their heads. They were not adept at crystal and stone materials.

“Wait for Little Sis Suwen to come and then ask her. She’s the Divine Physician, and will be the most expert towards this.” Wu Xinjie said.

“It really serves them right.” Shi Yuan hummed.

“The future will still be more worrisome. The Blooming Water Sword Sect will not be prepared to let this go.” Wu Xinjie said. Stealing the Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique was considered unwise, and originally losing it was but so. She had never thought it would draw the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s counterattack, only naturally because of a Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book. The Knowledge Star was not at all regretful, and even if she was given a second opportunity to choose, the outcome would still be this way.

“Eh? This jade strip??” Lin Yingmei suddenly let out a bewildered voice. Upon her emotionless face, she revealed a rare trace of astonishment.

“What’s the matter? Is something inside.”

Su Xing asked, smiling.

Lin Yingmei lifted her head and looked at her Master. This was the first time she had a kind of startled expression of being shocked.

“Master, you take a look!”

She threw the jade strip over. The Majestic Star pursed her lips, somewhat carrying a trace of pity.

“This cultivator perhaps died but will not close his eyes…”13

Author’s Note:


These two days I want to renovate the city, and the renovations have slowed some. Tomorrow, I’ll compose the following outline. At the same time, I want to thank the Blue Dome of Heaven for bestowing this, unable to satisfy this unexpected service. ==!

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  1. 天陰魔頭
  2. 天清聖主
  3. It seems to be a running gag for Su Xing to break valuable stuff. First his jet, then a couple of good artifacts, and now even more artifacts.
  4. Not the dinner utensil, but a polearm
  5. 封魄瓶
  6. 魄蠱
  7. 驅使機關獸
  8. 十階驅使靈魄
  9. 衍念神訣
  10. 化水劍訣
  11. 癸水神雷真法口訣
  12. 暗紅色六瓣小草
  13. 死不瞑目, having lingering grievances after death.


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