Chapter 90: Four Beauties Serving One Master, Forced To Go To Liangshan (Former)

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The abilities of Liangshan Continent’s favorite magic circles stretched back to the distant past, and among them, the Transfer Magic Circle that could teleport a thousand li away was even more of an absolute. Although the Small Transfer Magic Circle could not be compared with that sort of Large Transfer Magic Circle that could flash away a million li, moving within a hundred li was sufficient to leave the Daoist Luo River with no strategy left to try.

“How could a Divine Physician have this sort of thing?”

Ling Xian was stunned.

“Hmph, I’m afraid it seems that Divine Physician is not simple.” The Daoist Luo River very fiercely recalled the Shooting Star Whip, ordering: “Immediately go search. This Daoist does not believe he can run away within a hundred li.”

Two hundred li outside of Heavenly Water City, the lower reaches of the Heavenly River, Tile Dyke Village1

A common house, and an azure light appeared within the courtyard. Subsequently and unhurriedly, several figures appeared out of thin air.

“Big Brother.”

“Young Master (Master)!”

Brimming with anxiety, there were concerned shouts.

Su Xing vomited a mouthful of blood, half-kneeling on the ground. Still, Shi Yuan deftly lent him an arm as support.

“Quickly have Young Master enter the house.” Wu Xinjie left the Star Nest, frightened and dreading.

Shi Yuan promptly carried Su Xing into the house. Do not underestimate her as seemingly slim and delicate, for her powerful strength was not the average sort.

Parting his clothes, the flesh and skin on the inside flipped out to reveal a wretched sight that made everyone’s heart ache.

That Shooting Star Whip truly was demonic. A deep and clearly visible wound from his shoulder straight to his thigh bubbled forth blood like an injection. Luckily, Wu Xinjie gave Su Xing the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor to put on beforehand, otherwise, they truly did not dare to imagine what would have happened this time. However, even if things were like this, that Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor had a ghastly hole torn into it by the Shooting Star Whip.  

“A small cut.” Su Xing forced a smile.

“Big Brother, do not speak. Little Sister will help examine you.” An Suwen’s white hand flipped, showing several small bottles, taking out one of them and pouring some powder onto the wound.

The wound immediately seemed to be on fire. It hurt powerfully, and Su Xing grit his teeth, “Little Sister, what is this medicine.”

“Connecting Muscle Powder,2 Big Brother Su Xing, bear with it for a bit.”

A white divine light condensed in An Suwen’s palm. The halo dispersed, and like warm, running water, it fell onto the wound and slowly eased the pain. Then, An Suwen again gave Su Xing several Spirit Pills to ingest. A long time afterwards, Su Xing slowly lost consciousness.

“Master, did something happen?” Lin Yingmei asked, somewhat restless.

“Sister Yingmei, you also are injured, Suwen will help examine you.” An Suwen cried out in alarm.

“This servant’s is not serious.” Lin Yingmei’s greatest concern still was Su Xing.

“Nothing will happen to Big Brother.”

The Efficacious Star the Divine Physician saying as much made the three girls relax. Shi Yuan gnashed her teeth: “That Old Daoist truly is savage. Next time, This Young Lady definitely will steal from his sect until it is overturned, and only then can my hate be resolved.”

“Fortunately, you fooled those Star Cultivators at the end.” Lin Yingmei accepted An Suwen’s treatment while saying so. If it was not for the Thief Star’s sudden bright idea to lie and bluff those Star Cultivators’ counterattack, perhaps it would be difficult to escape.

Shi Yuan sat across from and indicated to the Wu Xinjie at Su Xing’s side: “It was Sister Xinjie that wanted me to do that. The Knowledge Star asked if I had purple talismans, that saying it was the Purple Thunder Heavenly Calamity could help Su Xing break the encirclement, and it actually worked.”

“Everyone has taken Big Brother Su Xing to be the Purple Thunder Monster. They definitely have been scared stiff.” An Suwen interjected a word.

Lin Yingmei thoughtfully looked at Wu Xinjie.

“What should we do next? Those Star Cultivators seem unlikely to give up.”

“When the Master wakes, then we can say more.”

Su Xing slowly opened his eyes. Raising his body, he saw Wu Xinjie lying next to him, her head resting on her arms. Seeing her selflessly at his side caring for him, Su Xing’s heart warmed, and he brushed away the hair on the girl’s forehead.

Wu, wu.

Wu Xinjie also slowly awoke, and seeing Su Xing awakened, her exhaustion completely disappeared in an instant.

“You take a rest first.” Su Xing smiled.

Wu Xinjie smiled as she shook her head, batting her eyes: “Young Master, you’re finally up. Xinjie almost thought of taking advantage of the time Young Master was sleeping to commit atrocities.”

Su Xing sized up the bedroom. A few willow wood furniture filled with books, an old bottle, and a portrait. Seemingly simple and brimming with a literary reputation, the faint fragrance of medicine still lingered in the air.

Wu Xinjie explained once through to him what transpired.

Su Xing’s rest had used two days.

The Efficacious Star the Divine Physician An Daoquan’s medical arts were outstanding. Even if he did not die under this Astral Treasure, he would have still needed several months to recover at the minimum. Now, that wound on his body had only left behind a faint scar.

The two people left the bedroom. Entering the living room, Shi Yuan was right in the middle of meticulously studying every kind of mechanism. When she saw Su Xing, Shi Yuan put down the materials in her hands, and in a pleasant surprise, rushed over and hugged him. Her sweet, skintight, well-rounded and lovable body tightly stuck onto him, and Su Xing felt a bit embarrassed towards the Thief Star’s enthusiasm. Wu Xinjie covered her mouth, laughing up her sleeve.

Lin Yingmei and An Suwen also returned. Upon seeing Su Xing unhurt, they could not help but sigh in relief.

Ever since he had signed a contract with the Majestic Star, this was considered to be the most dangerous thing Su Xing had encountered. Astral Treasures truly could not be held in contempt. Su Xing felt around the ripped open Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor in a bout of pity.

“How have the circumstances been recently? Has that Sword Sect come to the door yet?” Su XIng asked.

“Little Sister Suwen’s plan was very thorough. This is within the range of influence of the Heavenly River Sword School. The Blooming Water Sword Sect did come, but they very quickly left.” Wu Xinjie praised.

“However, matters appear to be a bit grim.” Shi Yuan twitched her mouth. During the time Su Xing lost consciousness, the Knowledge Star had the Thief Star ask around the outside for intelligence, to understand the situation.

Rather than say that the Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant shook the Azure Dragon Territory, it would be more precise to say that the Majestic Star contracting a master in the Azure Dragon Territory raised a violent commotion. All Star Cultivators discussing the topic of Star Masters spoke of topics pertaining to Lin Chong and her master. They might as well have been paying respects to that Purple Thunder Monster’s evil reputation. Although the entire Azure Dragon Territory was smothering Lin Chong and Su Xing, just a very few actually dared to kill.

A Star Master that could successively get rid of two Star Generals and even get rid of a Supercluster Cultivator, and he was also the first master the Majestic Star had in a thousand years. Just thinking about it was terrifying. Who would easily be willing to provoke him but a few great sects such as the “Clear Void Daoists” that could act. Of course, the Star Masters that wished to throttle Su Xing were perhaps not few.

“Suwen is as bold as to say a word. Currently, the disturbance is this great. Big Brother Su Xing had better first hide for about a year and wait for the situation to cool down.” What An Suwen said had reason. Right now, the Azure Dragon Territory’s atmosphere ran high on the mood to kill Lin Chong and her master. Under this atmosphere, everywhere was a great danger. It would be better to first lay low and wait for the fuss to die down, to conceal his strength and bide time.  

Su Xing currently just happened to need weapon refinement, and he could find a weapon refinement and such sect to hone his strength. Should he be able to forge the “Wood Element” sword of the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword, that would be a great weapon.

“But there already are forty-nine Crimson Stars. We are three Stars away from the Second Phase, Birth Outline. Probably in these next few months, I’m afraid we will miss it.” Wu Xinjie knit her brow.

“The Wind Swayed Raft is at a loss. Su Xing is only a Nebula Middle Stage, and his unable to ride a sword also makes this too late, right.” Shi Yuan pondered. “If this is discovered by those Star Cultivators, he couldn’t run if he wanted to.”

Lin Yingmei nodded. She felt the top priority was not the matter of the Birth Outline.

“As long as I learn sword riding, it will be fine.” Su Xing heavily sighed. If he could ride a sword, things would not be so distressing. Refining the frail Star Energy from the two Star Generals of the battle at Grindstone Mountain, he would soon have reached the apex, but his vigor was greatly injured by the Shooting Star Whip. His current Star Energy had also reached a bottleneck, and there simply was no hope to break through to Nebula Late Stage without three months.

“Big Brother Su Xing, this kind of matter of cultivation cannot be rushed.” An Suwen said.

Wu Xinjie stared at An Suwen. Suddenly, her eyes shone, revealing a mysterious smile. “Xinjie actually has a way. It can let Young Master enter Nebula Late Stage within these few days.”

“Knowledge Star, what way is there. It definitely cannot harm Master.” Lin Yingmei and Shi Yuan nervously asked.

Wu Xinjie lightly smiled, “How could Xinjie harm Master. Xinjie indeed is preparing to let Master enjoy luck with women.”

“Just what way is this?”

The Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Yong fixed her eyes on An Suwen, showing a charming ambiguity.

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  2. 接筋散


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