Chapter 92: Princess Ling Yan And The Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Spear

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Three months after.

You Province, Beiping County1

Endless City,2 southern part, Swallow Castle3

Acting as the Youyan’s4 Sixteen Province’s Four Great Star Cultivator Clans, the power of Beiping County’s Yan Clan influenced four provinces, being able to directly disregard all levels of society. Also above You Province’s governor-general, even if it was one of the Ten Great Sects, they would still be courteous.

However, in Star Sight Year 975, the Great Liang Dynasty Imperial Court and the Yan Clan that treated each other as honored guests constantly were met with a grim challenge.

The Swallow Castle’s training grounds and surroundings were filled with a hundred Yan Clan children. These that just recently cultivated and could be considered to have just been initiated Star Cultivators gazed steadily at the battle within the courtyard. A Yan Clan child currently was fighting bitterly with a young girl and had been beaten back to a dead end, as if he was not a match. However, the Yan Clan child seemed to forget this senior brother of his.5 His gaze, at any time, was directed to the courtside at a haughty girl leisurely sitting on a Sandalwood Phoenix Chair6 brimming with envy, with jealousy.

That girl’s red clothes covered her body. Below her slender jade neck, a piece of her soft breast, like white jade, was half-covered, half-exposed. Her white torso was bound, unexpectedly not fully clenched. A tall and long pair of sleek, shapely and graceful legs were uncovered. Even her elegant lotus feet were soundlessly alluring, giving off a captivating invitation. A bright scarlet mantle was draped over her body, the covering threads weaved into a feather garment. On her forehead was a dab of red makeup, and most notably, hanging under her ears was a pair of jade and stone Red Luan Earrings.7 One flaming, the other blue, a look told that these were not ordinary items.

Her scarlet eyes gazing at the battle in the courtyard were calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos, her vermilion lips tasting tea, her expression comfortable.

The girl battling in the courtyard also was absolutely colorful and extraordinary. Her simple and elegant white and purple palace dress gave off a delicate and graceful appearance. Her brow was covered in a bluish-green fog, her red mouth flecked with cinnabar. Her eyes were limpid autumn waters, her skin lustrously glossy, her manner refined, her lips without a speck of red8 her brows without a smudge of bluish-green, her face like a silver basin, eyes like water apricots, her character also upright, and her appearance abundant and prosperous. As her white hand danced, light moved in all four directions, a hollow and multicolored light of the horizon sparkled brilliantly, swaying.

These two girls were gorgeous and stunning. This one calm and that one moving made the Yanzi Castle’s hundred virgin males and virgin females teasingly infatuated and head over heels. Even if it was the Yan Clan’s genius Star Cultivator with the greatest prospects, Yan Feiyun,9 under the grace of that young girl, he would swiftly suffer defeat underneath that gorgeous sword.

The young girl recalled the sword, clasped her hands behind her back and stood. With her slim figure, a certain place on the watching men was hard. Her smile was like a chime in the wind, melodious and beautiful: “Senior Qingtian,10 as per our agreement, in four months, Hanyan11 has defeated four Yan Clan children. Isn’t it possible to bestow the ‘Yan Bit Spirit Sand’12 upon Hanyan.”

Sitting in the middle of the courtyard was a middle-aged man with sideburns, looking somewhat disappointedly at Yan Changyun. His gaze floated to the red-clothed girl in the courtyard, smiling: “Princess Ling Yan’s martial arts are unrivalled, her sword technique excellent, Yan admired. With the Princess being considerate this way, the Yan Clan promised four months and four battles, one defeat would already conclude our bargain. The Yan Clan lost, its strength is of no use!”

Yan Qingtian momentarily flashed into the courtyard. He fixed his gaze on his counterpart: “However, Yan has one final request.”

“Oh?” This young girl calling herself Hanyan did not change her smile.

“Four months and four battles, each initiated by the Princess. Yan very much wants to see just what Star General has an imposing manner as this. Is it possible to let the Yan Clan feast their eyes on the legendary Star General, and even better, let this Yan cheerfully cup his hands as he gifts the Yan Bit Spirit Sand?!”

Yan Qingtian uttered this, and those awestruck boys and girls all tumultuously looked at that haughty, red-clothed girl. Four months of duels, and unexpectedly, they were all initiated by Princess Ling Yan while the Star General was nearby drinking tea? This actually was too beyond their expectations.

Princess Ling Yan indeed was the Great Liang Dynasty’s First Princess.

“Junqing,13 what do you think?” Princess Ling Yan had a smile on her face, asking the girl.

The red garmented young girl set down her teacup, using her tongue to lick. Getting up, within a stride, she entered the courtyard, her rate of speed near instantaneous.

Junqing carried a kind of slightly disdainful smile as she sized up Yan Qingtian: “This Star Cultivator’s cultivation is only Galaxy Middle Stage? Princess, although you are just Galaxy Early Stage, handling him should not become a problem…”

Yan Qingtian’s brows tightened, only feeling this Star General was very egotistical. Suppressed by Princess Ling Yan’s identity, Yan Qingtian did not act.

“Junqing, don’t say it like that. Senior Yan is You Province’s number one Star Cultivator.” Princess Ling Yan, Zhao Hanyan14 gave a one-sided smile.

“Alright, then. Princess, since you’ve said as such, your servant indeed wants to move her muscles and bones.” Junqing stretched her body, her nice curves extremely enticing.

Zhao Hanyan nodded, then walked off the platform.

Yan Qingtian wore a smile on his face, but his eyes already held a trace of ice-cold: “Being able to cross fists with a Star General from legend, this Yan has the blessings of three lifetimes. I wish you will not let this Yan be disappointed.”


“Seeing this servant’s identity, you definitely cannot be afraid.”  Junqing’s smile was very arrogant. Hopping several small, quick steps, her two hands suddenly drew in the air. In her hands, rays of light glimmered, and two gorgeous spears appeared in her hand. The pair of spears measured half a zhang, their designs totally different. The left hand became a flying phoenix. Because of an indescribable crystal metal forging, it emitted an orange-red warm light, and the right hand became a soaring dragon wrapped in a ball of icy blue, cold, serene light. The two glinting stars on both the left and right spears flickered, resonating and reflecting, appearing to have an unimaginable condition of harmony.

Yan Qingtian’s expression changed, and the expressions of the other Yan Elders that also had experience facing Star Generals changed as well.

“Two Star Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear!”

“Saying that, don’t be scared…” Finishing those words, her cloak flew upwards, and a majestic Star Energy threw itself over, earth-shattering. Junqing coldly smiled as she flew over.

Yan Qingtain’s seals rushed, and a Flying Swallow Returns to Nest Sword Art15 executed.

Thirty-two Flying Swallow Brilliant Light Swords, imposing as a rainbow, forged ahead.

The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang clashed with it, and immediately, they head a swallow’s cry; the sword light fell and withered.

The disciples at the training grounds all looked stunned.

“Respectfully gifting the princess!”

The entire Yanzi Castle saluted.

“Many thanks for Senior Yan’s generosity. Hanyan will approve of Senior Yan with Father Emperor.” Princess Ling Yan smiled.

Yan Qingtian smiled bitterly, looking at the Star Maiden with some restrained fear. The Yan Bit Spirit Sand indeed was an item every generation of the Yan Clan meticulously passed down. If it was not for Princess Ling Yan’s status, no matter how indiscriminately they would be destroyed, they would not bow and give way.

“Then many thanks for the Princess’ beautiful words.”

Her Riding Sword left the Yanzi Castle. The other youngsters somewhat were reluctant to part, laying on the castle towers as they watched the two great beauties. Only until Yan Qingtian ferociously reprimanded them did they angrily restrain their minds.

“Thirty liang of Yan Bit Spirit Sand, these four months in You Province finally were not a waste.” Zhao Hanyan put away her Spirit Bag.

“Princess, you obviously did not have to go through this much trouble. Just be like your younger brother, directly take it from them just like that,” Junqing disdainfully curled up the corner of her mouth.

Zhao Hanyan snorted disdainfully: “That idiot is damaging Father Emperor’s reputation. Destabilizing the Great Liang’s foundations, he sooner or later shall pay the price. How much do we currently lack to refine to Three Stars?”


“A Three Star Destined Weapon requires ten liang of Yan Bit Spirit Sand and twelve Yin Yang Pearls. Spirit Sand is still off by thirty-five liang, Yin Yang Candles still short by ten.”

“Good gracious, This Princess heard that and actually is somewhat in despair.” Princess Ling Yan bit her lip, already stirring up terrible thoughts.

This moment, she was suddenly frozen.

“What?” The red garmented girl asked.

A moment later, Princess Ling Yan showed a cold smile: “Just now, the Sect Attendant used the Thousand Li Sound Transmission. Regarding the Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant, there’s been another new change. What do you guess happened?”

Without letting her think, Ling Yan replied: “The Blooming Water Sword Sect unexpectedly canceled the Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant to completely kill Lin Chong’s master.”

“Eh?”Jun Qing furrowed her brow. “Why, has Lin Chong’s master died?”

“Most probably, they felt the cost of issuing the Kill Warrant was too great…indeed a Sword Sect without future prospects.” Zhao Hanyan was disgusted.

“Able to sign a contract with Lin Chong, he definitely has an extraordinary position. I fear he used some kind of method against the Blooming Water Sword Sect.” Jun Qing guessed.

“The Majestic Star Lin Chong, able to kill a Galaxy Cultivator dead, I really want to meet her quickly…” Zhan Hanyan’s eyes carried a trace of excitement to slaughter: “This Princess actually wants to see what sort of person Lin Chong’s master is, and see how he compares to This Princess!”

The sky suddenly lit up with a Crimson Star.

The two people raised their hands, and looking, the sky already had fifty-one Crimson Stars rise into the sky. There was still one left until the Birth Outline commenced.

“Only one star, let’s go to the Divining Star Platform to inquire about becoming an outlaw.”

The Sword Light flit by and immediately traversed a thousand li swiftly.

And at this moment, Su Xing happened to be driving the Wind Swayed Raft rushing to the Great Liang, several beautiful and lovely ladies also heard of the news of the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s cancellation of the Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant, their period of fear overturned.

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  1.  幽州,北平郡
  2. 無終城
  3. 燕子堡
  4. 幽燕
  5. Don’t know who this senior brother is.
  6. 檀香鳳椅
  7. 紅鸞耳環
  8. Okay, so it or is it not red?
  9. 燕飛雲
  10. 青天前輩
  11. 含煙
  12. 燕銜靈砂
  13. 君卿 Now, 卿 is a way for couples to verbally express their affection to one another. This foreshadows what will happen between these two in a later chapter…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. 趙含煙
  15. 飛燕回巢劍訣


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Good thing Star Maidens can hide in their bodies, otherwise he’d stick out like a sore thumb.

  2. ” The Majestic Star Lin Chong, able to kill a Galaxy Cultivator dead, I really want to meet her quickly…”

    Is it that amazing considering that a super something realm star cultivator also died earlier?

    1. Normal Star Cultivator realms are:
      Stardust, Nebula, Galaxy, Supercluster, Supervoid, and Transforming Star of Annihilation.
      Each realm is further divided between 3 stages: Early, Middle, and Late.

      Star Maidens have an entirely different realm/stage progression though:
      Heartbeat, Heavenly Clothes, Thousand Militaries, Ten Thousand Techniques, Matchless, Extreme, and True Phoenix. These are further divided into 9 stages per realm until True Phoen8x, which has 10 stages.

      There’s an 8th realm for Star Maidens, but it’s not relevant except for one character.
      A Supercluster Cultivator was beaten, but Yingmei didn’t do it alone.

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