Chapter 99: An Infant Cries When Met With Danger

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Every two Purple Thunder Flowers went to block one golden sword. The Outer Void Flying Deities Golden Swords were powerful, and linking up with the Divine Thunder in a flash, the Purple Thunder surged forward, like an electric snake, a fiery beast, that bit onto the Outer Void Flying Deities Sword.

The eight Purple Flower Divine Thunders were just able to stop the four golden swords.

Su Xing’s throat rolled over and over with qi and blood. The entirety of his Star Energy urged all at once was only barely able to control Zhao Hanyan’s flying swords. Princess Ling Yan’s face was grim, and stepping her foot on a flying sword, she urged on her seals. The other four golden swords and Lin Yingmei intertwined into a single piece. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear was even stronger than the flying swords of Extreme Winding Essence Gold, and in addition to Zhao Hanyan’s Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword Art being only at the initial stages, Lin Yingmei could not be caught.

The Steadfast Star General of Double Spears restored a bit of her breath, and now, raised the double spears and stabbed towards Su Xing.

Ten shiny as silver flying needles suddenly flashed before her eyes. Dong Junqing’s spears blocked them, and then two gorgeous flying claws pounced from the side, obstructing her attack from proceeding another step. Although the Thief Star’s military force was average, how could she let Dong Junqing seize the chance to harm her master. Relying on Speed is a Crucial Asset in War, her body techniques were even faster to the peak, and her randomly disappearing and appearing flying claws made Dong Junqing repeatedly ward off the attacks.

Under the flying needles and flying claws, Dong Junqing unexpectedly was unable to make a breakthrough.

“One Star Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles and Hoodwinking Flying Claws!”

Dong Junqing was stunned, opening her eyes wide.

“You are the Efficacious Star An Daoquan, the Thief Star Shi Qian as well as the Knowledge Star Wu Yong!”

The Steadfast Star was dumbfounded. She disbelievingly gazed at the man barely holding off Zhao Hanyan’s flying swords. The skill that handsome man displayed was actually unusually good. For a Nebula Late Stage to be able to contend against the Galaxy Early Stage Princess Ling Yan, especially with that time he dashed forward without regard to his own personal safety to block and protect in front of them,1 made Dong Junqing have profound impressions of him.

She then giggled: “No wonder he could make you three dead set on following him. It seems this man actually has some merit.”

Wu Xinjie did not bluntly point out her mistake. This kind of matter of Su Xing signing four Star Maidens absolutely could not be revealed, otherwise it was possible he would become the Liangshan Star Duel’s first and foremost objective to root out. The Knowledge Star could make her sisters lower their posture, prevent their Star Crests from shining.

“Steadfast Star, I feel we had better withdraw!” Wu Xinjie coldly said. “Do not forget this place is the Purple Rose Grade Void Liangshan. Our goal is not to battle, but instead to find the Outlaw Pendant, the place where it is hidden, isn’t that right?”

Dong Junqing licked her lips, declining to comment on the Knowledge Star’s words. “To have four Star Generals follow him around, killing him is not a bad thing!”

“Hmph, you think you can handle the four of us?” The Knowledge Star coldly smiled: “Master could make we four sisters serve him regardless of status. You feel that merely this much will make us dead set? Master has no intention of fighting for Maiden Mountain at all, so that is why he does not strike a killing blow. We originally were the Liangshan Maiden Sisters, and Master does not want to see us massacre each other!”

Dong Junqing’s expression flashed pure radiance, actually smiling: “The Resourceful Star Wu Yong, I know you are full of stratagems, and your graceful words and flowery speech will not fool This General. If you pulled back now, it might actually work…as long as a few sisters are willing to be gentle and soft with This General for a round.”2

“Cease superfluous words with her.” Lin Yingmei said coldly. The Arctic Star Spear cut open the four golden edges, and the speartip turned around and attacked. “That is the enemy, kill without pardon!”

“Indeed, that is the enemy, kill without pardon! Sister Lin Chong, then we’ll be tender with each other first.”

Dong Junqing evilly smiled as her double spears forged ahead. Attacking, that was called sad beyond words.

“Just which sect do you pay respects to?” Zhao Hanyan said at this moment. She had already been shaken up by Su Xing’s unending stream of Star Energy. Even if her continuous and unending Galaxy Star Energy was rapidly depleting, the opponent before her that relied on Nebula Stage and could lock with her in a stalemate for so long really was unimaginable, especially the eight purple Divine Thunder Flowers formed by his Divine Intent. It somewhat resembled the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, but it was far more brilliant than the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. Her Outer Void Flying Deities Swords were unexpectedly incapable of breaking through those auspicious purple clouds.

Zhao Hanyan did not know at all that Su XIng contracted four Star Generals. That his Star Energy and Divine Intent could be this powerful was only because of this. She only took him to be a Star Master that was supported by some Great Sect, that he had a secret technique, a secret art or a secret treasure, otherwise Su Xing’s performance truly far exceeded that of a Nebula Stage.

Recalling the rumor he plundered and killed a Supercluster Cultivator, Zhao Hanyan still snorted disdainfully. Currently, it seemed certainly possible, and vaguely, she somewhat believed in the words Wu Xinjie said. This was the first time she felt pressure.

Zhao Hanyan dissolved that pressure, and assembling together the eight Outer Void Flying Deities Swords, she formed a small-scale sword array to execute Su Xing.

And at this moment, the pair of powerful and vast battles finally gave rise to a shaking of the Void Liangshan. Suddenly, a hissing weep sounded in the sky, just like an infant that had been woken by noise would cry. It brimmed with a strange and evil cold, a crying howl that seemingly possessed a magic energy that disturbed a person’s soul to no peace, a stabbing pain of Divine Intent. Su Xing, Zhao Hanyan and the rest one by one received a splitting headache, halting their techniques.

Their gazes searched for the place of the source of the sound, and they again heard the eruption of an infant’s crying howl.

The seawater admirably soared up, and a massive whirlpool rushed straight towards the shore. The surrounding mountain forest and the beach were dashed by the water into a broken and disordered state. They saw a tall as several dozen zhang massive creature rush out of the water. The creature was long and extremely ugly and monstrous, with a full mouth of sharp and bloody teeth embedded in an infant’s sort of face. Presently, because of the massive creature’s ruthless and brimming with ferocity look, its unceasing wailing noise, its four pairs of eyes on both sides, its entire body slimy without scales, it straightened its upper body. In its claws, one hand held a sword, the other a shield, and one look told these were not ordinary items.3

“It’s a Crying Infant!!”4

Wu Xinjie launched her Think Then Act, and immediately was hoarse.

The Crying Infant, a Prehistoric Sixth Rank Demon Beast, resided underneath the deep sea. It was fond of good sleep, and in the case it was woken up, it would issue an infant’s cry like a demonic owl. Thus, did it receive the name “Crying Infant.”

“How could the Void Liangshan have this kind of Demon Beast.”

“The Purple Rose Pearl has a reaction. Could it be that we have to kill it in order to get the jade pendant?” Su Xing looked at the glowing Purple Rose Pearl. It slightly changed.

Zhao Hanyan also saw her own pearl suddenly flash.

The other girls were dumbfounded. Kill the Prehistoric Demon Beast Crying Infant? This Purple Rose Rank was too exaggerated.

The Crying Infant certainly would not give them the chance to ponder. Pointing its long sword, a green light shot out, and the seawaters slowly parted. Zhao Hanyan promptly raised the Outer Void Flying Deities Sword Array to block it, and only heard a ripping sound before the sword array unexpectedly broke. Fortunately, it was forged from Extreme Winding Essence Gold. In this instance, the Flying Swords did not immediately break but withstood for a few seconds, among them, one actually was not lightly damaged.

Zhao Hanyan received the shock, vomiting a mouthful of dark red blood. She felt as if her heart was cut out: “This Princess’ ‘Golden Deity.’”5

“The Crying Infant’s Heaven Sword and Earth Shield6 are both considered Ancient Lost Treasures,7 so be careful.” Wu Xinjie hastily said.

The Crying Infant moved about its serpentine body, turning in an instant to rush at them from the front, the Heaven Sword heavily sweeping at Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan.

Lin Yingmei and Dong Junqing saw their Master in danger, and they had no choice but to give up their battle. Forging ahead quickly, their Destined Star Weapons stopped the Heaven Sword. The Crying Infant abruptly wailed, and it opened its large mouth. A black light flew out and struck upon the two Star Generals’ bodies. The two girls vomited a mouthful of foul blood but nevertheless tenaciously resisted Crying Infant’s sword chop. The Crying Infant swept its tail. That lifted a vast wave from the sea.

The other hand’s shield blocked the Star Weapons’ attacks. Aiming at the flickering shine of the Purple Rose Pearl, the Heaven Sword hacked downwards.

Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan urged on their flying swords and could only retreat to higher elevation to dodge. Although the Sixth Rank Demon Beast was only equivalent to a Galaxy cultivation, a Prehistoric Demon type was far more than being so simple.

“Evildoer, die!” Zhao Hanyan pinched her hands together into an orchid hand seal, and eight Outer Void Flying Deities Swords once again organized into a sword array.

The Crying Infant spat out its long tongue that went to wrap Zhao Hanyan.

Heaven knew that this Demon Beast could spit up such a long tongue, but Zhao Hanyan was so scared that her face was completely white, simply incapable of dodging. The long tongue’s first attack stuck the multicolored light protecting her body, and that multicolored light was on the verge of collapse. When the second one shot over, Zhao Hanyan’s face was like ash. A Water Thunder that filled the sky exploded on its tongue, sending it reeling back, and the Crying Infant loudly screamed.

“You?” Zhao Hanyan looked in amazement at the Su Xing who had acted to provide assistance.

“Hurry!” Su Xing coolly shouted. Actually, it was not because he truly wanted to save her, rather, with the current situation, he must save her. The two people fought against each other, and the snipe and the clam ended in a deadlock.8 Their Star Energies were nearly exhausted, and Su Xing also simply did not have any methods. If Zhao Hanyan died, relying on himself, he would be unable to block the Crying Infant’s attacks. Of course, Su Xing still had a thought to go about this. From the looks of the Purple Rose Pearl’s form, he had to kill this kind of Demon Beast in order to obtain the Outlaw Writ. If this was the case, when the time to kill Zhao Hanyan came again and he could pick up a convenience, he was unsure if it was practical or not.

Zhao Hanyan clearly realized this point, and reaching out her hand to point, eight Outer Void Flying Deities Swords simultaneously twisted over to attack.

The Crying Infant’s Heaven Sword and Earth Shield currently were in a tangle with Lin Yingmei and Dong Junqing and were too busy to attend to these flying swords. The eight golden swords launched, then carved out a bloody hole the size of a bowl. Fresh blood flowed directly out with a gu-gu. The Crying Infant erupted in a wail, and the sound was like a demonic noise pouring into their ears.

Shi Yuan at this time let off without the slightest hesitation two Copper Man Puppets to trample this Crying Infant to bring relief to the pressure on Lin Yingmei.

“If you have anything left, quickly use it. This Princess will let you off on her matter today.” Zhao Hanyan grasped the Outer Void Flying Deities Sword to go attack, already labored to the extreme. Even swallowing down several Return Spirit Liquid could she barely be supported.

But the Crying Infant was increasingly cunning and fierce. Its demonic noise of crying disrupted their states of mind. Wu Xinjie, An Suwen and Shi Yuan simply did not have any way to get close, and the Outer Void Flying Deities Sword’s might was ebbing little by little. This demonic noise seemed to have an effect on artifacts and magic weapons.

Zhao Hanyan’s that thing was distressing, but watching the Su Xing to the side clutching several ordinary flying swords going for the kill, she clenched her teeth and did not speak.

Su Xing actually still had a “Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident” he could use, however, he currently was not that foolish that he would bring it out and exhaust his strength. With his hands tied and waiting to be captured, he again submissively sent the Crying Infant a gift.

The Crying Infant’s sword wind suppressed, and it swept out a more than dozen zhang hurricane. The coastal rocks were smashed, the forest pulled up by the roots. The strategist and Divine Physician basically had no way to approach the Crying Infant’s attack range. If they were a little inattentive, they could be stuck and injured by the Heaven Sword’s intense wind, the consequences too horrible to contemplate. Shi Yuan relied on her excellent nimbleness to have success swimming against the blade. From time to time, she used the Hoodwinking Flying Claws to slice away several pieces of flesh, also forcing the Crying Infant to bawl with a crying expression.

An Suwen’s hand grasped several Mend Injury Pills,9 wanting to provide assistance, but the battle was risky, a heavy weight hanging by a single thread, a frontline of life and death. How could she be given the chance. “If pills could be like talismans, that would do it.” The Divine Physician inwardly worried.

The Crying Infant surrounded by six people stopped its imposing, vast and violent attack, seemingly terrifying. They actually simply were unable to inflict a mortal wound on the Crying Infant. The group gradually was somewhat unable to support themselves, and the Crying Infant began to hold the winning position.

Su Xing was just considering to prepare first catching his breath for the moment, when suddenly, he heard an intense eagle cry come from the sky above.

Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan subconsciously lifted their heads, and a massive clump of a green shadow threw itself in their faces.

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  1. His Star Maidens
  2. And there you have it. Dong Junqing really is a bit too aggressive…
  3. You are one ugly…
  4.  嬰啼
  5. 金仙
  6. 乾劍坤盾
  7. 上古遺寶
  8. 漁翁得利, an idiom which concludes with the fisherman catching both of them
  9. 補傷丹藥


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