Extra 1: Breakfast Table III

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Early morning is the golden time of the day. The battle upon the breakfast table is in truth very intense.

I still remember the first time Yuan’er cooked.1 The food was fried chicken. In Dear Husband’s words, this coal-shaped lump was quite distinct.

Shi Yuan was thus stripped of her privilege to prepare food.

An Suwen’s hands were dexterous, and her breakfast was also elaborate. Some Sichuan steamed roots, roasted licorice rootwater, chuanqiong meatballs, and a side of yellow hill. The main dish was Chinese goldthread soup with an addition of bitter oranges…an indescribably packed breakfast.

An Suwen was stripped of her privilege to prepare food. Don’t think that we aren’t aware that among the many good flavors, all of them were for ensuring pregnancy.

To speak of Elder Sister Yingmei, she actually is very talented at cooking. But on that day, we waited and waited, yet no food appeared.

Elder Sister Yingmei, it is not good to eat the food while you cook it. Even though we all know your food intake is very large, you cannot eat everything that you cooked!

Lin Yingmei, stripped of her cooking privileges.

Meanwhile, Siyou. Everyone stared at Sister Siyou’s first time entering the kitchen, very eager to experience this.

Ten minutes…

Twenty minutes…

Su XIng: “Wifey! Don’t pretend that the vegetable knife is the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, okay? Gentler, gentler…Our family already doesn’t have an intact table.”

Wu Siyou, lost the privilege to prepare food.

Wu Xinjie was very smart. She deliberately made poor food and thus no longer needed to do this work. Zhang Yuqi wanted to copy her, but her level was not high enough to avoid detection.

In actuality, Yuqi’s cooking skills were average. Back and forth again and again, she only knew a few dishes: sardines, cod, carp…However, she was quite reliable when they wanted the seafood flavor on occasion.

Unlike her Elder Sister who turned up the heat the more she cooked.

Shaqing did not need to be mentioned. Cooking? The fact of the matter was that vegetables cooked without oil was unacceptable. Cooking privileges revoked.

As for Tangtang and Little Huang…Practically no one in their good conscience would ask them to enter the kitchen.

Lianxin’s craftsmanship in kitchen utensils was first-rate, but when she cooked rice, the result was as hard as the utensils themselves…cooking privileges revoked.

As for Queen Chai Ling, the food she cooked was extremely gorgeous, its flavor absolute. A pity that she spent the efforts of at least 20 servants over 3 days…Unable to wait, that time, Yingmei was starved to insanity, nearly blackening.

Now that I think about it, to have Little Yi in the family is truly good. Otherwise, I would have to cook food everyday.

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Part II                    Chapter List                    Part IV


  1.   This story is recounted from Hu Niangzi’s point of view.


  1. …..I’m, actually… not at all surprised by the results of this mess.

    But, I’m minda surprised that Yingmei can cook honestly. Well, not ‘as’ surprised now…

    Tangtang aside, I feel like…. Little Huang’s problem is less that she ‘shouldn’t’ cook and more like, she ‘doesn’t know how’ to cook.

    Xinjie was clever though.

  2. The side stories are cute… The little problems of daily living within a battle harem…

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