Extra 1: Breakfast Table IV

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Early morning is the golden time of the day. The battle upon the breakfast table is in truth very intense.

Yan Yizhen: The last dish for this morning, cod.

Zhang Yuqi: It’s here! Yuqi’s favorite!

Lin Yingmei: Please, Little Yi, another bowl of fried rice!

Wu Xinjie (Take~)

Zhang Yuqi: Sister Xinjie, you can’t steal it and run away!

Wu Xinjie: Deep sea cod, I will not give this to you!

Zhang Yuqi: No way, even when I let you have Young Su at night! I won’t give up on the cod!

Su Xing (choking): How can I be compared to cod…

Lin Yingmei: Please, Little Yi, another bowl of fried rice!

Zhang Feiyu: Foolish Little Sister! Wu Xinjie eats as she speaks! You’re wasting your breath!

Zhang Yuqi: Ahhh! Elder Sister, why does your bowl have cod, too!


Lin Yingmei: Please, Little Yi, another bowl of fried rice!

Water Illusion Fairy: Ehh, Lowly Girl truly envies Star Generals, to be able to eat without growing fat!

Wu Siyou: Damn! The last piece of fried rice cake!

Shi Yuan: Hee-hee, in terms of hand speed, not even the famous Harm Star can compare to This Young Lady!

Wu Xinjie: Suwen, don’t be so reserved, the cod’s nearly all gone.

An Suwen: Elder and Little Sisters, unreasonable consumption of food and drink is not healthy for your bodies…

Lin Yingmei: Please, Little Yi, another bowl of fried rice!

An Suwen: It seems that was completely ineffective…

Shi Yuan: Oh! Little Sister Lianxin was quiet up until now. It turns out so many things were already placed in front of you!

Zhang Yuqi: This isn’t the scariest thing! Look at Sister Yingmei, nothing is left in front of her!

Lin Yingmei: Please, Little Yi…

Wu Xinjie: Lin Yingmei!

Lin Yingmei: Huh…

Wu Xinjie: It is not obvious, but even though it normally does not draw a person’s attention, Yingmei’s food intake is more than three persons’. Which serving is this?

Lin Yingmei: …

Wu Xinjie: Has your armor not felt tighter recently? You really can eat food. Sometimes, when we have finished eating, Yingmei is still going~

Lin Yingmei: What…This…

Wu Xinjie: Being a glutton, Young Lord would not like that!

Wu Siyou: Wu Xinjie!

Lin Yingmei (lowered head): This, this…

Su Xing: It’s okay, Yingmei. No matter how much you eat…

Lin Yingmei (teary-eyed): Young Master, Yingmei…You are too crafty, Young Master! You seized the chance to steal the last meatball!

Zhang Yuqi: What, no more meatballs?

Su Xing: Why do you say I stole it? Come on, Yingmei, open wide, no matter how much you eat, you’ll still be Young Master’s favorite Yingmei. Open up, ah~

Lin Yingmei (blushing): Ah~

Zhang Yuqi: Young Su, this move is too brilliant!

Wu Xinjie: Truthfully, Yingmei is a winner. Xinjie also wants Young Master to feed~me~

Zhang Feiyu: But to have lost the final meatball, ai…

Tang Lianxin: Big Brother, Lianxin has left you the final meatball.

Su Xing: Ah, truly a good Little Sister!

Shi Yuan: What! It turns out that Lianxin is the final boss!

Bai Yutang (a pure look in her eyes): Papa…

Su Xing: …Ha, ha, ha, fine. Tangtang, I’ll feed you the last meatball~

Wu Xinjie: This is the final winner!

Inside another room.

Gongsun Huang: Why must we eat breakfast in the living room?

Yan Yizhen: Indeed, the kitchen is also very fine.

Gongsun Huang: …

Yan Yizhen: …

Gongsun Huang: …

Yan Yizhen: I understand. Next time I cook cod, I will not serve it. I will just say I did not make any.

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Part III                    Chapter List



  1. Today’s breakfast table felt like a true battlefield which left me drunk, with laughter, upon it…

    1. That was actually the intent; my idea was to disconnect the side stories from each other.

      1. That makes sense! The only issue is that I would have missed the other two existing if I didn’t look at the novelupdates page.

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