Extra 2: Maid Journal I

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A maid is someone commanded by a master.

A maid is someone who serves a master.

A maid is a full-time volunteer who provides comprehensive service to her master’s livelihood.

Correct, this is a supermaid’s work journal.

Today, Princess Zhao Hanyan brought Dong Junqing here for a visit.

Come to think of it, is it still called a visit when she comes once every three days?

Master has ordered that not a single one of us Sisters is allowed to return to the Star Nest tonight. At the very beginning, Yuan’er took the lead in causing trouble. Now, she has gradually lost that fervor.

Princess Hanyan issued Lady Dong Junqing a similar command, requesting that Master order me to look after Junqing.

Without looking back, Master returned straight to the bedroom, not paying mind to the the wicked smile Dong Junqing directed towards me.

Ai, men…

“Ai, Little Sister Little Yi.” Dong Junqing made a big show of sitting on the sofa, not minding at all that her collar was opened too low, exposing a dazzling expanse of snow-white, “You will be in charge of serving me tonight, first help wipe me down.”

“As you command.” I, Little Yi, agreed expressionlessly. Elder Sister Junqing, please pay attention to that thing dribbling out of the corner of your mouth. It does not take a genius to figure out your plan.1

Be that as it may, I still bowed in acknowledgment, following Dong Junqing with my eyes as she swayed and hummed her way into the misty bathroom.

Lady Dong Junqing did not take note Gongsun Huang was in the air behind her, emerging.

I expressionlessly looked at Little Huang.

Little Huang expressionlessly looked at me.

I suddenly wanted to smile.

I think Little Huang wanted to as well.

“Suwen refined itching powder last week.” Gongsun Huang broke the silence.

I received a little crystalline bottle.

Little Huang winked, an expression that seemed to say “You understand.”

I winked, indicating “Received.”

I, Little Yi, suddenly felt very evil. In my mind, I was already bursting out in laughter, but my outer appearance was still stern and detached.

I believe Little Huang is the same.

5 minutes later.

In the bathroom: “Ah…Ah…So itchy…I can’t do this, Little Yi…S-so itchy…H-hurry and help me…I can’t…Ah…”

Calm as before, I replied: “Carefully indicate your instructions.”

In my mind, I was already rolling around in laughter.

I feel that my outer appearance is my true form. Little Yi is not some two-faced maid.

Really, I am not.

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                    Chapter List                    Part II


  1. The actual phrase here is something along the lines of “I can use my toes to operate the abacus.


  1. Tbh, I can actually see this side of them.

    Especially from these 2.

    Little Huang is quite the prankster tho.

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