Extra 2: Maid Journal II

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A maid is someone commanded by a master.

A maid is someone who serves a master.

A maid is a full-time volunteer who provides comprehensive service to her master’s livelihood.

Correct, this is a supermaid’s work journal.

Today, everyone is very abnormal.

Perhaps there is a conspiracy afoot.

Yuan’er is washing clothes. She is washing clothes herself. Washing clothes herself?

Suwen tidied up her bottles first thing in the morning. There was no need for Little Yi to raise a hand. Can it be she is afraid of Little Yi finding something? Lovemaking Powder?

Lianxin was the same, cleaning the iron fragments in her room on her own. Is she afraid of Little Yi intruding?

Even Zhang Yuqi and Wu Xinjie both organized all the CD’s they borrowed. Are they afraid Little Yi will see something when sorting those out.

Yingmei does not even bother Little Yi anymore when she wants to eat a midnight snack. She drags Siyou together down to the kitchen. The result was that they broke 3 chopping boards.

The scariest was master. Little Yi knows that he now locks the door while sleeping.

Absolutely, there is a problem!

Can it be…Everyone is being controlled…by Maiden Mountain?

This will not stand. Little Yi shall ask during dinner.

Dinnertime. The normal bustle is entirely missing, leaving only pitch-darkness.

In this pitch-darkness, there were people, Little Yi nevertheless can sense them via Star Nest.

Today, everyone is too abnormal.

There is definitely a plot.

Can this actually be Maiden Mountain’s counterattack.

The Sisters, are they still the Sisters Little Yi is familiar with?

Why? Are they all staying in the darkness?

Little Yi walked into the dining room very vigilantly. She could not see her own hand in front of her, but she reckoned everyone was here…

No! There is another presence to the left, but Little YI was unable to sense this one through the Star Nest! Enemy!

Swallowflash Samsara!

The enemy seemed to be caught completely off guard, being tossed directly to the ground. However, Maiden Mountain’s lackeys are not simple, as expected. In the darkness, they surprisingly used something to wrap around Little Yi’s arm. Little Yi’s center of balance was unsteadily tossed forward…

Wait, this is a familiar move…

Just at this moment, the lights came on…

Little Yi guessed correctly. The one that was attacked by me just now was Niangzi indeed.

In the room, there were lots of streamers waving, and a banner with “Happy Maid Day” was hung. On the table were cake and winecups…

But all of this was not important. What was important was that Little Yi noticed she and Niangzi were both on the ground, their arms wrapped around each other. Little Yi’s left hand seemed to be inserted into someplace soft, and Little Yi’s knees seemed to be on top of someplace important.

The surrounding Sisters stared wide-eyed. After a second, everyone broke into hearty laughter.

What an unfortunate day. If we were to insist on the lucky side of things, although we fell down together, the one who wound up on top was nevertheless Little Yi.

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