Extra 2: Maid Journal VI

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A maid is someone commanded by a master.

A maid is someone who serves a master.

A maid is a full-time volunteer who provides comprehensive service to her master’s livelihood.

Correct, this is a supermaid’s work journal.

Even among normal days, there will certainly be marvelous stories.

At the start of this story, for the sake of constructing a harmonious household, Master held an “opinion poll” at Wu Xinjie’s urging. Whatever the Sisters felt unhappy about, they need only mention it. The method was writing on paper slips. As the one and only maid, Little Yi’s assignment was to act as the “paper slip hub,” summarizing all ideas.

One morning, the paper slips were gathered in quite an abundance. First is to sort them, give Master a category, give the Sisters a category, en, split them equally.

What opinions have the Sisters raised for Master?

To: Su Xing.

Remember to lock your door at night!

– Hua Wanyue who spends two hours washing her face. Save.


To: Young Su

Don’t lock your door at night!

– Zhang Yuqi who has seen many scenes of blowjobs and debauchery, save.


To: Young Master

You must lock your door at night.

– Even Bai Yutang is curiously asking in detail. Bashful Lin Yingmei, save.


To: Dear Husband

You must lock your door at night!

– Hu Niangzi who was too late to cover Tangtang’s eyes, save.


This type of paper slip was too numerous. It seems that locking the door was a confused mess, however, this was not the only issue.


To: Su Xing

Next time, don’t have me watch over the house alone!

– Shi Yuan who has only found half a box of instant noodles, save.


(Little Yi remembers that we left you frozen drumsticks. Are you unable to cook them yourself?)


To: Su Xing

Keep on womanizing and even I will not be able to explain this to Father Emperor. Why have you seduced even my maid!

– Zhao Hanyan who has just been asked by Father Emperor about what is happening with the Immortal Hero Princess, save.


To: Big Brother

The Chaotic Tail Escape is not like a meal, nor is it something to show manliness.

– Medicine has its limits, An Suwen, save.


It seems Master has a very long path to walk…What do the other Sisters say?


To: Wu Xinjie

Don’t let Hua Xue assume Young Su’s form.

– Zhang Yuqi who has been fooled for an entire day, save.


To: Gongsun Huang

Don’t suddenly appear. You squashed my hand…

– Currently helping Dear Husband with a shoulder massage, Hu Niangzi, save.


To: Tang Lianxin

I don’t know who taught you that…But please don’t use an “up and down”1 rhythm for your forging.

– Su Xing who in a daze mistook Niangzi for Yingmei, save.


To: Lin Yingmei

While we appreciate it during summer, please do not practice “Long Blizzard Nights” during winter.

– First place in a contest of corny jokes, Shi Yuan, save.


To: Wu Siyou

Elder Sister, your Black and White Unicorn Tiger snores at night…

– Coincidental next-door-neighbor An Suwen, save.


To: Shi Yuan

That was a midnight snack Yuqi requested Little Yi personally make! You stole it when I wasn’t looking, didn’t you! Admit it! Admit it!

– Zhang Feiyu who can only nibble on Little Sister’s cold bread, save.


To: An Suwen

It is not good for a doctor to be careless! I wanted hand lotion, but I got superglue instead!

– Zhao Hanyan who held a cup for an entire day, save.


To: Zhang Feiyu

Tangtang asked me that day what “that” meant.

– Very seriously raising an issue, Su Xing, save.


To: Lin Yingmei

Excessive eating and drinking is not healthy for your body.

– An Suwen who always cares about you, save.


To: Xi Yue

I always feel that the “Sir” address is a bit wrong.

– Su Xing who suddenly recalled a certain Ximen figure while flipping through “The Water Margin,” save.


To: Wu Xinjie

Do! Not! Assault! Lin! Ying! Mei! In! Public!

– Wu Siyou, save.


To: Wu Siyou

Little Sister seems to have an opinion regarding how I spar with Yingmei. Is this the case?

– Respectfully yours, Hua Wanyue, save.


To: Hua Wanyue

When sparring with Yingmei, do not blush for no reason.

– Respectfully yours, Wu Siyou, save.


To: Zhao Hanyan

Reporting to Her Highness the princess, you have several maids who recently have been pointing and snickering at Young Lord.

– Love you, Wu Xinjie, save.


To: Chai Ling

Your Star Beast has eaten all the gold dust that Lianxin uses to forge Flying Swords.

– Tang Lianxin, who blames you and needs to reforge from scratch, save.


Ahh, most of the Sisters have left messages. Little Yi has not received any complaints. It appears that this maid’s labors have been fruitful. Sisters, the results speak for themselves.

Then, who does Little Yi have an opinion for? How about for Master then. You must change your underpants more frequently, otherwise they will not wash properly…At this moment, a paper slip was suddenly stuffed through the door.


To: Yan Yizhen…

What, Little Yi works hard everyday, how is there a complaint?


To: Yan Yizhen

Can you not raise a complaint with me?

– Su Xing, who has received too many opinions, save.

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Part V                    Chapter List


  1. Sex euphemism


  1. [To: Wu Xinjie

    Do! Not! Assault! Lin! Ying! Mei! In! Public!

    – Wu Siyou, save.

    To: Wu Siyou

    Little Sister seems to have an opinion regarding how I spar with Yingmei. Is this the case?

    – Respectfully yours, Hua Wanyue, save.

    To: Hua Wanyue

    When sparring with Yingmei, do not blush for no reason.]

    …Siyou, I empathize wigh you.
    Xinjie, as much as I adore her, is an unrepentant pervert and Wanyue is jus…. weird, like awkward schoolgirl weird.

    And wait, what’s this about Su Xing seducing Hanyan’s maids?

    All in all, a good sidestory.

  2. This maid journals looks like the author was just bidding his time while preparing his next novel, hm. Anyways, is this the end of the extra chapters?

    1. Actually not true. I just translated extra chapters at the end of everything, but from what I understand, the extra chapters were written concurrently with the main story. Anyways, there’s another extra story, Magical Girl Little Huang!

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