Extra 2: Maid Journal V

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This is an excerpt from Wuhui’s interview about a moe battle.

Yan Yizhen: Speaking of Elder Sister Yingmei, it appears she is not very capable in cooking. In order to maintain normal levels of magical energy, Elder Sister Yingmei requires large amounts of food to replenish that.

(Lin Yingmei: Another bowl!)1

Wuhui: …It seems something random has entered!

Yan Yizhen: I must return to prepare food.

Wuhui: Little Yi is truly considerate! However, we still have some time left for you to say a few more words.

Yan Yizhen: Yuan’er does not like to wash clothes. This time, she returned from a tomb covered in rotting entrails. Little Yi must go help.

(Shi Yuan: Before you wash it, give This Young Lady something to wear!!!)

Yan Yizhen: There is also Suwen. Little Yi must also clean after the residue from medicine concoction. There is too great a stench to leave it at that place.

(An Suwen: Eh, where is the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder I worked so hard to refine?)

Yan Yizhen: Lastly is Master. Master’s underpants should be changed now. This time, Little Yi fears they will not be able to be washed out. Little Yi must plead with Xinjie to go buy another dozen…

(Su Xing: Don’t say any more about this!)

Su Xing: I don’t have any choice to say this, Little Yi, but you mentioned too much inside information. It’s affecting our image.

Wu Xinjie: Only Young Lord’s image has been affected.

Yan Yizhen: Little Yi still remembers to record every night matters pertaining to cleaning the corridors. Yuan’er’s sleeping posture, how Yuqi must hug something in order to finally fall asleep…

Lin Yingmei: Damn, Young Master has never closed his door…

Yan Yizhen: Master, most recently, there has been a nosy tabloid reporter: How many Sisters are still able to return to the Star Nest? How should Little Yi answer?

Su Xing: Write Little Huang and Tangtang first of all…No! Other than Yingmei, Xinjie, and Niangzi, say everyone has a Star Nest!

Wu Xinjie: Little Sister Little Yi, tell the reporter the entire sentence Young Lord just said. They will understand.

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Part IV                    Chapter List                    Part VI


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