Extra 3: Magical Girl Little Huang I

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Last night, Shaqing gave an evening lecture on Buddhism. Only Little Huang and Siyou lasted to the end.

Siyou tried her hardest to understand, but no one noticed that Little Huang was daydreaming.

When Shaqing said that the word “passion” was most hurtful to a person, the recently bored Little Huang suddenly had inspiration.

Out of everyone, whose lust was in excess? This was too easy.

Because Little Huang is a magical girl.

This is a se~cret~

In the dark night, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix very quickly set down a magic spell. The more lustful the person, the easier they would be caught. After they were caught, they would fall madly in love with the first person they saw upon waking up…Of course, this only lasted one day.

In the quiet curtain of night, under the guise of silence, Little Huang waited in excitement for tomorrow…

This would definitely be an interesting morning…

Before the sun rose, Little Yi got up.

She expressionlessly walked through the halls, mopped the floor, washed the laundry and prepared breakfast.

Of course, the diligent maid was not caught.

At first light, Yingmei finished washing herself, coming by herself to the backyard to practice her spearmanship. Very quickly, Siyou joined in.

…How regretful, not a single one was caught. I really wanted to see them all caught at the same time…

Little Huang very quickly dispelled her disappointment, for the Di Nü informed her a couple had been caught at the same time despite them not having got out of bed.

Zhang Yuqi as well as the visiting Zhang Feiyu, as expected, their lust was excessive. The Sisters slept together, naturally woke up together, and the first thing they saw was each other…

On their door was dangled a sign, “Intruders will die…”

It was useless, their voices were already too loud…

Shi Yuan the Little Thief did not escape either, but it was a pity the first thing she saw was the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit…While they were normally wary of each other, Yuan’er’s face full of rabbit fur was honestly adorable.

Suwen’s room had the sound of medicine concocting, Lianxin lit her furnace, and Shaqing’s was filled with the chanting of sutras…Girls relatively free of desire.

Fortunately, there was someone who was not unperturbed. Little Huang knew, no matter what, Wu Xinjie could not escape.

When the dutiful maid went to call the Knowledge Star out of bed, Xinjie opened her eyes for the first time today.

Little Huang’s brow wrinkled as she plugged her ears because a clamor instantly exploded in Xinjie’s room.

Then, Little Yi dashed out of the room with speed that did not lose out to Yuan’er, and then Xinjie chased after her with speed that did not lose out to Dai Zong.

This was the power of love. The expressionless Little Huang silently sighed.

By the time we eat breakfast, Little Yi and Xinjie must have already reached Longblood Stronghold, right?

Forget this, Di Nü has just reported even newer information. His Highness has been caught.

That His Highness would be caught was inevitable. The problem was, who would he see first?

At the same time, there was the urgent sound of someone knocking on the door. Only Little Huang was in the living room, so Little Huang did not open the door.

Come, Your Highness. The maid is not here, you must open the door yourself. 

Su Xing wobbled from around a corner in his pajamas. In the early morning living room, there was only Little Huang.

The always calm Little Huang was suddenly a bit excited. Please, open your eyes, Your Highness!

But in the end, His Highness’ eyes remained closed as he groggily felt his way to the door.

The door opened, and the visitor’s furious roar thoroughly shocked Su Xing’s eyes open.

It was Emperor Liang.1

“My Daughter was nowhere to be seen last night, is she here!”

This day was complete madness.

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                    Chapter List                    Part II


  1. LOL


      1. Especially given how quiet and passivd she tends to be, but I’m not super surprised.

        She’s a rather, passionate girl.

        Remember the Buddha Kingdom? She basically shut down any attempt to be anything but Su Xing’s wife.
        The bathe escapades that went as far as dangerously close to second base with Su Xing was all the 0roof you needed that she’s serious.

        …Oh, and the whole stalking Su Xing thing for over a 100 Chs.

        The Maid Journals pretty much outed her as a total brat though. I still love her though!

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