Extra 3: Magical Girl Little Huang II

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The Water Illusion Fairy decided to change her activity of visiting everyday, settling into His Highness’ mansion.

As a man, His Highness naturally welcomed her energetically, but he had a request: She was to change her self-address, to no longer use “Lowly Girl.”1

If she uttered it once, she was to be punished by cooking dinner. To be frank, Xi Yue’s cooking skills truly were not bad. Xinjie, Yingmei, and Yuan’er…were blessed.

After cooking 34 times, the Water Illusion Fairy gradually dropped her bad habit. Congratulations.

We must not congratulate her, Wu Xinjie said. Most recently, Little Yi has been away. If you do not cook, who will?

No matter, even if you change your self-address, it would be impossible for us to have you say “Lowly Girl.”

Because Little Huang. Is a magical girl…

This. Is a se~cret~

Wu Xinjie attacks continued all week. At the very beginning there was a certain result.

For example, that one time, the mysterious Knowledge Star sent Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue a giftbox wrapped in a red, heart-shaped ribbon. 

After the astonished Xi Yue opened it, what greeted her eyes was a gorgeous silk garment. She could not help but cry out: “What? You said you were sending me a piece of underwear!”

Little Huang took a glance. It was a see-through lace style. She had once seen it in His Highness’ manuscripts.

Xinjie and His Highness’ tastes…

However, this was not the important thing. Xi Yue uttered “Lowly Girl,” so she would cook.

After a few incidents like this, Xi Yue gradually put up her guard. However, seeing that crafty, fox-like glint in Wu Xinjie’s eyes, she was clearly in the middle of plotting something dastardly.

Wu Xinjie was a villain.

But Little Huang was very eager to see what scheme she would hatch.

Of course, her eagerness could not be written on her face.

Today, Little Huang was currently eating her most beloved iced tanghulu.

Wu Xinjie and Xi Yue walked in from opposite ends of the corridor, gradually drawing near.

Wu Xinjie let out a wisp of Divine Consciousness.

Little Huang did not pay attention to her. The tanghulu was more important.

Wu Xinjie gave her a suggestive wink.

Little Huang: I do not understand what you are doing.

Wu Xinjie winked knowingly.

Fine, Little Huang understands.

The two of them were already close. Before the Water Illusion Fairy uttered a greeting, Little Huang released a Star Magic, sending a breeze.

Wu Xinjie basically could not have worn a shorter skirt, and it was blown up.

Xi Yue saw everything.

Wu Xinjie stiffened her face, ha, ha, pretending to be stern.

“You, saw everything!”

“No, no I didn’t!” Water Illusion Fairy lowered her face and blushed.

“A liar is a bad child, Young Lord will not like that.”

Xi Yue stammered: “I saw underwear, pink…”2

Good, the cook for tonight’s dinner was decided!

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Part I                    Chapter List                    Part III


  1. 賤內
  2. 見內褲了, means that she “saw her underwear.” The bolded portion is a homophone for 賤內, “Lowly Girl.” Basically, Wu Xinjie managed to secure a meal by pulling a word game on Xi Yue.


  1. Yo! L8ttle Huang is as crafty and mischievous as Xinjie, but as pokerfaced as Little Yi!
    ….Only, Little Huang adds ‘housecat’ charm points. Basically, ‘I do what I want cuz I’m Little Huang!’

  2. Thanks for the translation! Let me see if I understood: In those two phrases Xinjie managed to pull out of Xi Yue sentences where there are sequences which are homophonous in Mandarin to “lowly girl,” is that what’s happening here?

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