108 Maidens Of Destiny: Chapter 446

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Hello, everyone! It’s Schwarze here, presenting the last regular chapter of 108 Maidens for the week! Terrible week in terms of downtime, too many hackers in Rainbow Six Siege, and in FGO I had to spend too much currency to get one copy of SEKAI DE ICHIBAN TSUYOI DAKARA!!! Got spooked by the appearance of best son, though. 🙂

Su Xing consults with Chai Ling, but even the Noble Star is stumped by what the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone truly is. While she mulls over her relationship with Su Xing, Xi Yue and Zhang Feiyu are astonished that Su Xing even knows her.

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    1. :< Now, to get to NP5 Kiara. I want at least NP2 Herc, so I'll wait for the guaranteed Servant later this summer...

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