108 Maidens Of Destiny: Chapter 470

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Hi, everyone! I’ve managed to stabilize my tech for now, but there’s no telling how long things will hold. If you are seeing a 403 Error, that is beyond my reach for now. It will depend on the staff who actually maintain the server to change things, and they haven’t been exactly the most responsive. In any case, I’ll continue to work on correcting that and other technical issues. I’ll try to post a couple bonus chapters over the weekend, just as thanks for your understanding.

Great Saint Starkiller. His history is filled with indignation and mystery. Now, presented with the chance of a lifetime, he manages to kill his own Sect Elder, seemingly freeing himself and Guan Ying from her mocking clutches. But just when justice seems to have been served, Su Xing’s suspicions are aroused…

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  1. I just found this series. Thank you so much for translating it. I really appreciate your work and dedication.

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