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Hey, everyone! Schwarze_Kreuz here. Let me begin by saying that 108 Maidens is and will continue to be my main project. I am posting this because I sometimes consult with a friend on certain aspects of translating idioms and the like that appear in 108 Maidens. As a special favor, I’m editing a series that that friend has been translating.

This series is a yaoi.

Before you grab your pitchforks or run away screaming, please note that I haven’t decided whether or not to actually pick this up. TL and ED for this is difficult because the chapters are long, use very flowery language, and the raw grammar leaves much to be desired. We put in a lot of effort into these chapters, so we would appreciate REAL feedback on whether we should continue or drop this.

The series itself is an utter hodge-podge of a time leap, second chance, zombies, an apocalypse, psychic powers, mutant powers, dimensional powers, cultivation and qi, and just about anything the author could cram into the story while using a BL story as the fulcrum. Please read the following chapters and comment here or on the chapters whether this story should be added or dropped. After I see enough feedback, I will leave my own critical comments regarding the series.

And for those of you who are here for 108 Maidens news, I will be posting a chapter tomorrow :).

Project Page

Chapter 1: The Time Jump

Chapter 2: Bygone

Chapter 3: Father


  1. Seems interesting, there isn’t a lot of bl stories being translated, glad to see one here. Too many harem stories out there. I’m open to more.

  2. Hey, I’m always up for more yaoi! I think you’ll end up attracting more female readers with this title. The people reading 108 Maidens are unlikely to run away just because a yaoi novel has tainted your site lol. But it’s your site, so up to you.

    Personally, I immediately got intrigued by this novel. One, it has zombies, my favorite. I’d read/watch almost anything with zombies in it (unless it’s like Only I Am Not Attacked In A World Overflowing With Zombies). Second, I love apocalypse stories, extra credit if there’s special powers involved. And third, I like yaoi. A hodgepodge of everything? Yes, please~ Well, I do have a certain preference for yaoi stories. I’d rather that the MC is the uke. For some reason, it helps me empathize more. But that’s a minor factor when this novel is concerned, cause, zombies.

    Still, that’s only my first impression. I’ll have to read more to say for sure whether it’s worth it.

  3. Please do continue this~ Yaoi + Apocalypse + Zombies + Psychic Powers!! What more could you ask for? Tehehe~

  4. it seem interesting im not too fond with yaoi but i like apocalypse story i hope you’ll continou this novel

  5. ^_^ Yay! This story is great. Plz, keep translating this one. Thx, translator-sama for your time!

  6. Please continue translating this novel!!
    It is very interesting and rare since yaoi novels themselves are very rare!! I LOVE it (>///<) And I really like that he always thinks and cares about Xiao Sa. Well since I like apocalypse stories with zombies what more can I ask if its combined with yaoi?! ^_^
    Thank you for your hard work and hope you will continue. d-(^_^)-b

  7. I’m indifferent to the yaoi since the story itself is good. Only complaint is that the translation is a little rough and could use a bit more editing for clarity.

    1. Later chapters improve significantly in terms of mechanics. The first three chapters were a rush job, and I keep planning to return to them but never have the time.

  8. Please continue the translation. We will appreciate the hard work you guys or you put in to find the time and translate such a wonderful novel.

  9. Please continue this novel cause i really love it. Please don’t drop it.

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