Back to the Apocalypse: Chapter 13

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And we’re back! The past month has been crappy with nonstop practice exams and review, only to fail the exam. I came, I saw, and I cried. I was sorely unprepared for that exam, but at the same time, most everyone thought it was too hard. The number of thousand yard stares I saw as I left the room was astounding. Then, I find out that the position that I interviewed for was terminated due to staffing difficulties following a merger & acquisition; the most heartbreaking part was that I was one of two candidates they were vacillating between. So, not only did I fail an accreditation exam, I also failed to get a job. Yay….This sums up how I feel

Edit: Thanks for the consolation on my test, guys. However, that still doesn’t help the fact that I basically purchased an “F” for $1000 😡 lol

In this week’s chapter, as I start to get back to normal, Bai Jing shows how big of an ass he can be!

That said, here’s your chapter!


  1. Cheer up!
    When one door closes, another one opens.
    If you fail, just study hard and try again.
    Who has the time to waste on self pity.

    1. I have tears to spill over $1000 and 6 months invested into this exam…:'(

  2. You did not get it this time, but that does not mean there will be no other opportunities, you may even feel sad or wail, but do not sink, continue to do your best in all the things you want, I wish you to find one Opportunity even better. O/

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