108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 66

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Hi, everyone! Schwarze, here, with the second regular chapter of 108 Maidens for the week! In this chapter, the Knowledge Star harbors suspicions that the Thief Star has betrayed them! Also, the underneath her boisterous facade, the Thief Star reveals deep-seated self-confidence issues because of her own identity!

By the way, who do you think will be his number three, and when will it happen? Why might I ask this? Because his number three will not happen for a while longer…oops, spoilers.

And here’s your chapter!


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz and Clifton E.! Well, number three must be between An Suwen and Wu Yuan right?

  2. Thanks for the chapter, maybe the little flea tries to test him in order to see if he would risk his life for a thief. Things become quite interesting.

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