108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 95

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Hello, again! Everybody, a round of applause once more for Nolan N. for his kind donations! This is the first of a pair of chapters he has sponsored, and the other will be scheduled to be released tomorrow, I’m only human after all!! D:

Su Xing arrives at the Divining Star Platform, where he parts ways with the young children. Contemplating the type of token he should take, it’s obvious that he will take the hardest, but waiting for him is…?

And following this is the most steamy, and I mean HOT, HOT, HOTTEST chapter yet! Spoiler: Brief depiction of sex, and it is between who you would least expect it. Hint: Su Xing isn’t involved…not really…maybe? Please be patient, for it will be released tomorrow…just can’t make it today…

And here’s your chapter!

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