108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 96

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Hello once again, everyone! It’s Schwarze, bringing you the second sponsored chapter as part of Nolan N.‘s generous contributions!

Su Xing decides that he will undergo the trial to obtain the Purple Rose Grade Outlaw Pendant! Finding himself sucked into yet another world, the task of finding the Outlaw Pendant is complicated by the sheer size of the place. Thus, Su Xing decides to practice the Divine Thunder when Shi Yuan takes him to see a wild show…Really, though, this chapter is borderline R-18 due to a brief depiction of…yuri sex.

EDIT: Just an alert, everyone, the NUF does have a Latest Chapter Discussion thread for 108 Maidens! Discuss anything related to 108 Maidens over there, too!

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  1. Shoot… I wanted to binge and catch up, but I’m at work… so maybe I should wait till I’m home to read this if it’s hot hot hot. :/

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