108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 98

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Hello, everyone! It’s Schwarze again, here to start the week with an action-packed chapter of 108 Maidens! Su Xing and his Star Generals fight against the Great Liang Dynasty’s First Princess, and she is a powerful foe, practicing an imperfect version of the murderous sword technique that Emperor Liang himself made famous! Fortunately for Su Xing, he himself is also a legend in his own right with his own signature technique!

I noticed some of you did not respond well to the rather abrupt yuri scene between Zhao Hanyan and her Star General. Well, I’m going to have to spoil you that Zhao Hanyan probably will never be killed because eventually, she and Su Xing become bound together in a way that makes their lives depend on it…yes, she will become a harem member…someday…

And here’s your chapter!

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