108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 155

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Hi, everyone! Before you read the chapter, I do have an announcement to make. Next month, I will be taking an actuarial exam, so like before, I will be on hiatus for the entire month of October. I will still release sponsored chapters when I can, but regular chapters will be put on hold until after the exam. Thank you for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience!

After confirming Yingmei’s relationship to Wu Song, Su Xing and Yingmei have just a tiny bit of sexy time with each other! However, the moment is ruined by eavesdroppers, which kills the mood. While pondering how to go about the Purple Rose Birth Outline, it is increasingly obvious Su Xing does not have a chance…Unless he asks for assistance from another of the 108 Star Maidens, who is renowned as the richest person in Liangshan.

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  1. Eeeeeeeeeshh… May the Goddess of dedication, perseverance, hard work and maybe some luck help you.


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