108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 260

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Hi, everyone! It’s Schwarze again, bringing you another chapter of 108 Maidens. I was surfing the web and was pleasantly surprised to find someone had created a wiki for 108 Maidens of Destiny! I have included a link in the top bar as well. Now, everyone can see a more comprehensive record of all the characters and stuff I neglect to track LOL. I make no guarantee of the wiki’s accuracy, nor do I think I’ll even have time to set things straight if errors are found. Still, Immortal Sovereign deserves a round of applause for his/her effort with the wiki!

In a massive surprise, there is a long lost Fifth Path to the trial! Su Xing is never one to fear the unknown and treads further, discovering a powerful treasure inside. However, it seems this treasure won’t be taken down without a fight! And finally, we welcome the latest addition to Su Xing’s harem…

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