Chapter 100: Killing A Saint Of War

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Having reached the level of a Saint of War, his martial arts had already arrived at the highest Realm, becoming both tangible and intangible, audible and inaudible. There already was no need to bother about the changes and techniques of his body when he had arrived at a standard of true perfection.

Just this “Ardent Cavalry Charge” was classified as a first-rate martial art, but when Zhao Yan used it, it attained a super first-rate power.

Once used, power and killing intent like a cavalry charge with bared spears thrust towards Chen Mo’s chest. An ordinary Three Flowers warrior at this moment could only watch helplessly as Zhao Yan’s stab pierced through them. But when Zhao Yan initiated, Chen Mo was already prepared. Between heartbeats, he already sensed his opponent’s arm muscles flex with power, as if a large spear was piercing straight through his heart and gouging out the blood vessels in his chest, stopping the beat of his heart.

Before the blow itself, the killing intent already stabbed.


Chen Mo’s expression changed.

Bang! Zhao Yan’s Ardent Cavalry Charge punch had already arrived, striking at Chen Mo’s heart, impacting with practically no deviation against his clothes. With success at the first blow, Zhao Yan could not help but be pleased with himself. He could already feel his Ardent Cavalry Charge assault Chen Mo, even sense the warmth of his counterpart’s chest and the cessation of his heartbeat.

This Your Highness was nothing special.

No matter how awesome he was, he was merely a Qi Flower warrior.

It was just a pity that a normal warrior would not be able to easily avoid such a Saint of War attack from the complete Three Flowers Overhead Zhao Yan. However, he had encountered Chen Mo.

An unparalleled genius who cultivated Star Energy, battled a Star General, and had the instruction of a Star General. When the killing intent of Zhao Yan’s Ardent Cavalry Charge attacked his skin, Chen Mo put his hands together, executing the Supreme Ultimate Cloud Hand. This Cloud hand was combined with the Bagua’s Gen Overturned Bowl, seizing onto Zhao Yan’s strength. The man then felt as if his arms were dexterously brushed aside.

A super first-rate martial art?

Zhao Yan had ample experience, immediately realizing that the technique Chen Mo used had a super first-rate level, otherwise, he could not possibly have deflected his attack so easily. But the next second, Zhao Yan changed his punch to a grapple, entangling Chen Mo, wrapping around him like a large piece of leather, rendering all of Chen Mo’s attacks ineffective.

This “Buried In Horse Hide”1 was a great technique he was proud of. Any warrior below the level of a Saint of War would be dead if not half-dead. Chen Mo’s figure warped, using “Li Center Empty” to intercept.

Li Center Empty’s emptiness was able to instantly evade the incoming killing blow of an opponent, and then focused all of the Qi-blood circulating though his whole body into his fist, becoming a counter-punch that shot into the sky like a cannon. This was the most ruthless technique in the Bagua Chant with both offense and defense. This shift passed by Zhao Yan’s constriction, but the opponent’s strength was honestly too strong. At a complete Three Flowers Overhead, Essence, Qi, and Spirit were one with spirit and flesh. Even a more meticulous defense could not escape the Saint of War’s pursuit.

Zhao Yan’s palm stuck to Chen Mo’s chest. He gently pressed with his five fingers, and several ribs suddenly shattered.  Chen Mo’s “Kan Center Full” and “Zhen Upright Basin” were unleashed in succession. One used softness to conquer strength, the other used strength to conquer softness. Coupling strength and gentleness finally opened Zhao Yan’s hand. Then, Chen Mo slid backwards, avoiding Zhao Yan’s attack range. 

Zhao Yan did not press the attack. He merely sneered, looking at the hand he used to attack Chen Mo, his eyes squinting into lines.

This brat was far stronger than he had imagined. His Realm that combined spirit and body could kill warriors as if they were dogs. One touch was enough to snap muscles and shatter bone. Although he had broken several of Chen Mo’s ribs just now, to a warrior that had cultivated to indestructible Qi-blood, this did not count as a major injury at all.

Zhao Yan was very dissatisfied with being unable to smash Chen Mo’s consciousness with a single blow. As he had envisioned it, indestructible Qi-blood at best was at the level of a great scholar. Perhaps the Chen Mo could assume the position of a great scholar by practicing a super first-rate martial art, but there was no possibility that he could escape from him.

“If you have any other techniques, show me. Let me see.” Zhao Yan smirked. A warrior on the level of a Saint of War was capable of comprehending one or two moves from the techniques the opponent used during battle, mixing it with their own martial learnings for study. Chen Mo’s display was far beyond his expectations. As expected, the young master of Chang’an Mansion was somewhat capable. To kill him like this was a bit of a waste. Zhao Yan had the idea to learn the quintessence of Chen Mo’s martial arts, to perhaps have a better chance when he someday entered Thunder Tribulation. 

Chen Mo rubbed his chest, his ribs broken. Fortunately, this was not a serious injury. He used his Essence Flower to maintain the movement of his Qi-blood, also using the True Qi of the Qi Flower to protect his body.

“Then I shall let you watch carefully.” Chen Mo slightly smiled, clenching his fist. He stamped his foot, and space seemed to erupt, a distorted astral wind suddenly blowing the surrounding rocks into dust.

Zhao Yan wrinkled his brow, spotting that obscured weapon in Chen Mo’s hands. All of his joints, pores, and skin jumped.

This was a premonition of danger.

As expected, this brat was able to live up to now by relying on something. Zhao Yan’s eyes narrowed, realizing that was possibly a Star Weapon. He retracted his frivolous attitude and spun on his foot, like a bucking steed, his body moving to and fro like the brilliance of stars. He barreled in a straight line with all the power of a roll of thunder, instantly rumbling over. This White Steed Passes By body technique was also wielded to perfection by Zhao Yan.

As if he really passed over a space of a hundred paces in the blink of an eye.

Chen Mo sneered. He shouted, suddenly opening the tightly shut Nose Locking Art. All of his pores opened, and his restrained aura exploded without warning like a tsunami. He had trained this “Nose Locking Art” Xiyi taught him day and night, every minute, every second. He did not know how much he had restrained, but released like this, his Qi Flower instantly blossomed to completion. Powerful True Qi emerged that was not the least bit inferior to Zhao Yan’s.

He brandished the Northern Dipper in his hand.

Astral wind gusted, surging with a thunder roll, as if heavenly thunder had boomed, using Star Energy that Northern Dipper wielded. This powerful strength made even Zhao Yan’s hair stand on end, his heart shocked.

This is bad.

Zhao Yan felt an immense airflow come at him head-on, as if heaven-supporting column was collapsing onto him, exploding all over him. Zhao Yan grit his teeth, and his arms directly grabbed at Chen Mo’s invisible weapon.


The Saint of War’s sturdy body was impervious to blades, and it could even withstand a Star Weapon, but the moment he came into contact with Chen Mo’s strike, Zhao Yan immediately sense his palms burn. A domineering power pierced through his arm bones inch by inch, splitting his muscles, flesh, and skin.

Even with his Realm, he still felt pain.

Opening his Three Flowers Overhead even wider, Zhao Yan bellowed. He thrust out his hand to directly towards Chen Mo’s forehead.

What a guy.

Chen Mo was also secretly impressed. He was deeply aware of his Northern Dipper’s swiftness and ferocity, yet this warrior unexpectedly was able to catch it, as expected of a Three Flowers Overhead adversary. But Chen Mo’s usage of the Northern Dipper signified that he would be quickly using up his stamina, energy, and Star Energy, which also signified that this was a fight to the death with no hope of return. Seeing Zhao Yan still want to counterattack, Chen Mo sneered. He swept the staff once again, a Star Crest flashing upon his forehead.


Northern Dipper’s attack power spread through a range of a few meters, astonishing Zhao Yan, who did not understand how Chen Mo’s killing intent had abruptly enveloped his entire body. Zhao Yan’s assault had no choice but to terminate. The man drew back, barely dodging. Then, he used his hand to block again. The Saint of War’s fist clashed harshly against Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper.

Chen Mo used the “Trampling” Innate Skill to increase Northern Dipper’s attack range. By doing so, each blow was able to sweep through the surrounding radius of several meters, leaving no blind spots. This Innate Skill was practically a nightmare against other warriors.

Zhao Yan was frightened to discover that Chen Mo already had no openings, that he was unable to find an opportunity to attack.

Star Crest!!

Zhao Yan continued to ward off Northern Dipper’s attacks, finally noticing the black star marking that shimmered upon Chen Mo’s forehead. This arrogant Saint of War promptly let out a scream.

This is bad.

This brat is a Servant Star.

Zhao Yan finally understood how Chen Mo was abnormal. When a Servant Star used Star Energy, they would be far stronger than the True Qi or Qi-blood warrior. Let alone a warrior of the same level, even a Three Flowers Overhead would find this unbearable.

On the other side, the Tang Sect assassins were currently hidden, watching Zhao Yan work.

Both of them appeared completely unconcerned. From their perspective, Zhao Yan setting out should have left a trifling Qi Flower warrior undoubtedly dead. There was no need to show themselves.

But the progression of events was somewhat surprising.

“This brat is somewhat skilled, and the martial arts he practices are all super first-rate. No wonder he is so strong.” The female assassin used a hand to prop up her cheek, watching the battle. The young man assassin nearby was still silent.

“It should be a bit difficult for this Zhao Yan to kill him.” The female assassin asserted. 

Immediately after Chen Mo took out Northern Dipper, the female assassin’s eyes suddenly lit up. She showed a bit of astonishment: “Is that a weapon using a Wind Concealment Divine Stone?”

“Wind Concealment Divine Stone? How do you know?” The youth finally spoke, his voice very young, but there was a trace of ruthlessness.

“This brat is a Servant Star, no wonder.” The female assassin’s smile vanished, changing into a meaningful expression.

The boy assassin watched the battle. At this time, Chen Mo had already activated the Innate Skill, using Northern Dipper to pressure Zhao Yan into retreating again and again. It was impossible for anyone to imagine that a magnificent Three Flowers Overhead warrior could be suppressed to such an unsightly extend by a Qi Flower warrior.

The astral wind coiled around Northern Dipper ripped apart Zhao Yan’s skin and flesh, leaving him covered in cuts and bruises, but in the end, the man relied on his boundless Qi-blood and power as a Saint of War to destroy Northern Dipper’s divine wind.

Upon seeing that enormous iron rod, he was very much like other people; Zhao Yan was stupefied, letting out a shrill shriek.

This was the signal that he needed help.

“Trash, truly trash. What Three Flowers Overhead is he, to be so sorry against a Servant Star.” The girl assassin jeered.

The boy assassin beside her took out his concealed weapon. It was already slinking away, prepared for a chance to kill Chen Mo.

The girl assassin did not move, watching her partner with an ice-cold gaze.

I’ll die.

Unimaginable fear flooded Zhao Yan’s heart, already with thoughts of running away for now. He saw that Chen Mo’s usage of the weapon could not last for too long.

Avoid the first wave for now.

Zhao Yan’s “Flower Viewing From Horseback”2 left a trail of afterimages as he avoided Trampling’s attack. He was ready to flee when at this moment, Chen Mo’s big stick smashed.

Power concentrated under the staff.

The black star marking became an even more complex and gorgeous snow-white Star Crest. Zhao Yan sensed only that the killing intent covering the surroundings had faded away, but before this Saint of War could feel relief, Chen Mo’s attack became even more severe.

Chen Mo’s silhouette lengthened, and Northern Dipper was deftly wielded in his hands, moving about as if through a large army, unstoppable and undefeatable.

Zhao Yan saw Chen Mo’s forehead alternate between black and white Star Crests, completely stunning him. When he went to block Northern Dipper once more, his arms were jolted to pieces by the concentrated energy.

Zhao Yan’s eyes widened as he looked at his crippled arms.

Innate Skill.


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  1. 馬革裹屍
  2. 走馬觀花

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