Chapter 99: Instant Defeat

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Capturing the Black Crystal Centipede was only the first step. The next was to think of a way to raise it, after all, it was a Demon Bug, so its tastes would be quite wicked. If he did not have Yin-Cold Qi to nourish it, it would not survive for long inside the Astral Stone. Chen Mo’s gaze shifted back to that Crystal Flower on the cave wall.

That Crystal Flower of Yin-Cold was actually very suitable.

Chen Mo tried to pick it, only to find that the stalk was rooted deeply into the wall. Wrinkling his brow, Chen Mo decided it was better to not sever the stem. It was good enough that the Crystal Flower could be transplanted and cultivated. Standing in front of the cave wall, Chen Mo adopted the Without Ultimate Stake-standing, circulated his qi, and exhaled sharply. A punch smashed into the wall.


Layer after layer of stone was peeled away.

The power of the Collapsing Mountain Style boxing’s punches were very strong, as if his fists had become excavation machinery, each punch shattering a boulder. After a dozen punches, the cave wall was finally demolished, revealing a dark blue stone.

“Crystals?” Chen Mo was surprised to see ore, a pleasant surprise.

Due to the Crystal Flower having lived for so long in the cave wall, the stone inside had slowly changed into crystal that bore the power of Yin-Cold via the nutrients from the Spirit Flower. These crystals were good materials for illumination and coolant. Of course, using them as nourishment for the juvenile Black Crystal Centipede was also not bad.

Chen Mo acted to completely excavate all of this crystal, and then he went out to search other locations for Crystal Flowers.

This was the outermost layer of the forbidden zone. Chen Mo was completely vigilant, increasing his alertness, encountering several more Rank Two and Three Demon Bugs and Demon beasts, but they were not as valuable as the Black Crystal Centipede. Under Chen Mo’s terrifying brute strength, they fled or were killed without any chance to fight back.

Finally, Chen Mo extracted several more Crystal Flowers, several lodes of crystal stone. He should have no problems feeding it for half a year.

“Cousin Chen Mo, you’ve excavated all of the Crystal Flower outside the forbidden zone. Are you afraid someone will steal your accomplishment? This is rather too selfish.” A mocking voice came from behind him.

Chen Mo already waited a long time for this. He patted off his hands and swept all the dust off himself before turning around.

As he expected.

Chen Qing.

“If Brother Chen Qing wants some, I can give you one. After all, we are family.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Ha, ha, this is a bit insulting to me, your older cousin.” Chen Qing’s eyes contained a bit of disdain. “I’ve already obtained the tokens. This time, I specifically wanted to settle the victor between us. If you win, Chuan Province’s jieyuan1 is yours. If I win…”

“Settle victory?” Chen Mo’s brows rose.

“Yes, does Cousin Chen Mo dare?” Chen Qing stared sharply at Chen Mo.

“If you have any other requests, please speak.” Chen Mo calmly said.

“Bright people do not use obscure language. Cousin should know, before you came here, Chuan Province was managed by my branch of the Chen Family. If Brother Chen Mo wants to take it, fine, but I hope you will frankly use martial prowess to speak.” Chen Qing said.

“No problem.” This was just what Chen Mo wanted. He also had enough of this guy always treacherously and deceitfully plotting things. “I also loathe being monitored by people. A stab in the back is difficult to guard against, and I’m afraid I can’t help but pluck out this backstab.” 

A threat was contained in his words, but Chen Qing did not change expressions as he smirked. “Cousin Chen Mo really is so self-restrained, I’m impressed. Then let’s begin.”

“But before this, I want to make Brother Chen Qing establish a contract.” Chen Mo slightly smiled.

“Contract?” Chen Qing showed a puzzled expression.

“Of course. Words have no basis, so we may as well write up a contract. That way, we avoid regret in the future. In the current Chen Family, Brother Chen Qing should be able to take charge?”

“But of course.” Chen Qing said. His own father’s talent was insufficient, and the only ones strong enough in the clan were a few elders. But Chen Qing was young, his future prospects endless. Changluo naturally was left to him to manage. Otherwise, Chen Qing would not brood over the possibility that Chen Mo came to seize power. He had hoped with great difficulty for the day he would wield power.

“Good then.” Chen Mo nodded: “I’ll sign the contract.”

Chen Qing pondered. Chen Mo was certain to die today anyways, for he had used much of his energy just now. Perhaps he would not need the Tang Sect to mobilize, that he himself would be able kill Chen Mo. Thinking of this, Chen Qing also easily signed the contract, leaving a blood seal.

After they each signed their names, Chen Qing swept his gaze around leisurely before retracting it.

“Is that all.” Chen Qing beamed from ear to ear, as beneficent as an older cousin satisfying his younger cousin’s unreasonable request.

“You may begin at any time.” Chen Mo responded.

Chen Qing sneered in his heart. He had broken through to Qi Flower Realm and possessed a Three Star Star Weapon and secret techniques. He knew about Chen Mo defeating Zongzheng Ying, so he did not dare be careless. This time, he was prepared to use full power to make this trash know just who Changluo’s master was.

“Now, there won’t be any regrets for what’s about to happen.” Chen Mo wore his most sincere smile and nodded, raising a fist. Then let the battle begin.

It happened in an instant.

Chen Qing had been maintaining a full-power attack posture. The martial art he had practiced to its pinnacle, the “Great Accomplishment Fist”2 was just prepared to execute. His Qi Flower and his Qi-blood were already combined, wielding his power at its maximum, and then…Chen Mo suddenly appeared in front of him.

What sort of demonic speed was that.

Before he could even get a good look, Chen Mo had already crossed the ten zhang distance between them.

An escape technique or ability???

Chen Qing raised an alarming idea, and his body instinctively adopted a defense. Chen Mo’s fist subsequently swung, pouncing along all the power in his body, like a flood held back by a dam, no stopping once he started. His swiftly flowing power was practically suffocating.

His speed was frightening, and his strength was also tyrannical to the extreme.

How was he so strong?

Chen Mo defended himself with both arms, but Chen Mo’s Bagua “Qian Three Unbroken” attacked with three palms. Terrifying pressure instantly shot out in all directions, disintegrating the already pared cave walls. Chen Qing only felt his arms go numb. The third palm-wind was about to crumble his arms. Chen Mo’s strength was honestly far outside the bounds of anything Chen Qing was able to imagine. Of course, he could never imagine that Chen Mo practiced the Northern Dipper Great Overflow’s Star Energy. The warrior that possessed three Servant Star Contracts was similarly completely ruthless, a single strike at full power was untold levels of frightening.

Qian Three Unbroken smashed through Chen Qing’s defenses. The man’s body slid backwards, Chen Mo’s strike knocking his chest wide open. All of the bones in his body were about to break from this tyrannical power and pressure. He basically had no time to put up even the slightest counterattack. Then, following closely behind was another of Chen Mo’s punches.

He was fucked.

The only thing Chen Qing was able to do was become pale in the face, watch wide-eyed as this punch approached.

Well, it could not be said he watched wide-eyed.

In truth, the speed of Chen Mo’s punch was similarly extremely fast, a fleeting black shadow. Chen Qing’s stomach was struck squarely by Chen Mo’s fist. He was nearly about to vomit. This overwhelming power scattered his Qi-blood, and his Two Flowers Overhead withered in defeat.

How could this be.

What was the point of his vigorous and spirited style.

The Star Weapon his family had so desperately casted?

The decade of arduous cultivation?

What the hell did these even count for?

His arrogance was destroyed under Chen Mo’s punch, pulled out by the roots. Chen Qing’s tears flew, his mouth hung agape, sensing that this punch had ravaged his organs, making him wish for death.

As of this moment, he finally felt that the disparity in power between himself and this so-called trash cousin was too great.

As of this moment, he was endlessly regretful.

“How can this be.”

Chen Qing blankly said, draped over Chen Mo’s arm. Following Chen Mo’s repose, the man collapsed onto the ground, fainting over. Because Chen Mo held back, he was barely alive.

In a mere blink of the eye, the Chen Qing who had only just been boasting with grand words now lay curled on the ground, defeated.

“Come out, then, no use hiding.”

Chen Mo took a deep breath, circulating qi throughout his whole body. THis punch really used up much of his energy. However, in order to resolve the fight quickly, Chen Mo could not be lenient.

He stared at a dark corner of the labyrinth, a trace of faintly discernible Divine Intent locking onto this place when Chen Qing just started. This Divine Intent perhaps would leave other Qi-blood warriors feeling uneasy without ever being aware they were under surveillance, but Chen Mo was different. The Northern Dipper Great Overflow that he cultivated was very sensitive to this kind of minute attention.

As expected, applause came from inside the darkness.

“Incredible, too incredible. Your Highness Chen Mo of Chang’an Mansion, you really are too motherfucking incredible.” Zhao Yan excitedly cursed.

Was this brat a monster?

To surprisingly defeat Chen Qing in an instant. He had even been eager to glean the limits of this so-called trash young master from the mutual slaughter of Chen Qing and Chen Mo.

Not only did he fail to see that, instead, Chen Mo left him shocked.

Was this brat truly only a Qi Flower warrior? Perhaps he practiced an unfathomable cultivation method? Zhao Yan’s eyes glinted.

Chen Mo scanned the surroundings, finally flatly gazing at Zhao Yan: “I can see your age isn’t like a juren from this Divine Warrior Examination. Did Chen Qing send you to kill me?”

“He does not yet have the qualifications to order me around.” Zhao Yan shrugged. There was no falsehood in his words. A wisp of True Qi manifested with his Three Flowers Overhead, each flower exceptionally complete in blossoming.

Three Flowers Overhead cultivated Essence, Qi, and Spirit.

With the Essence Flower, Qi-blood became indestructible. With the Qi Flower, True Qi would integrate. With the Spirit Flower, one thought could encompass everything. If these three were cultivated to the pinnacle, the warrior would reach the highest level of unity between spirit and flash, an existence the level of the Saint of War. For a warrior as strong as this, each and every move brimmed with power and was exceptionally terrifying. Warriors under Three Flowers Overhead had no way to contend for too long.

But against him, Chen Mo also sensed an intense pressure.

This was Zhao Yan using his thoughts to destroy Chen Mo’s inner mind. Against an average Qi Flower warrior, this would have been effective, but from Chen Mo’s perspective, even a Thunder Tribulation cultivator was helpless against him. The might of a trifling Three Flowers Overhead was nothing short of ridiculous.

However, Chen Mo still deliberately feigned fear, an uneasy expression.

Zhao Yan was unable to discern this, and he could not possibly tell that a Qi Flower warrior was able to ignore the might of a Saint of War. Seeing Chen Mo as fearful as a sheep, Zhao Yan disdainfully snorted.

He was a Qi Flower warrior after all. To have made Zhao Yan himself set out was honestly a big fuss over a minor issue.

“I have not offended some Daoist Master, have I. Why do you want to eliminate me?” Chen Mo asked with “difficulty.”

“With the talent you show now, dying right now is certainly a pity.” Zhao Yan facetiously grinned: “But this is your fate. You can only blame your bad luck of having been born into Chang’an Mansion.”

“As a piece Chen Zhangtian left behind, as of this moment, it’s time for your game over.” Zhao Yan beamed, revealing a row of sparkling white teeth and a small grin.


The man vanished from Chen Mo’s view. His power was like a galloping horse, carrying the intent of the trampling of an entire army. 

First-rate martial art.

Ardent Cavalry Charge!!3

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  1. 解元, first place
  2. 大成拳
  3. 烈馬衝殺


  1. Rest in peace, idiot cousin. I mean, it’s not like he couldn’t have tried to inquire whether Chen Mo even wanted to rule this province as opposed to going to Chang’an and landing a job at the Imperial Court.

    1. Well, this is what he gets for being an arrogant and envious character. He completely lacks the perspective to consider that Chen Mo had different plans.

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