Chapter 102: The Labyrinth Forbidden Zone

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Chen Mo used the last of his True Qi to activate the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape, turning this way and that through the cavern. His prior excavation of crystals and the slaying of the Saint of War practically exhausted his Qi-blood. He was not stupid enough to go fight a Star General right now. There was an old saying – too tired of living.

Fleeing to a corner of a hidden cavern, Chen Mo stopped and meditated, using the Nose Locking Art to calm his breathing. His mind unceasingly filtered through information on Chen Bozhi.

This Chen Bozhi hated his aunt to the bone. Her words that Chen Qingzhi’s death would come within two years made Chen Mo somewhat preoccupied. Come to think of it, from the moment Chen Qinghan suddenly appeared up until now, Chen Mo knew absolutely nothing about her. Even when they signed their contract, those memories were very vague, and judging from Chen Bozhi’s words, Auntie had stirred some big trouble in the Central Star Field.

It seemed that he needed to accelerate his cultivation.

Chen Mo originally thought there was enough time. Now it looked like there was not enough time at all.

“Brat, whose Servant Star are you?? Hmph, to surprisingly not be together with your master, you truly are courting death.” A moment later, a woman’s leisurely voice came from the darkness. After a Servant Star and Star General signed their contract, for the purposes of safety and maximizing martial prowess, they would mostly be inseparable. Those like Chen Mo who were on their own were very rarely seen.

“However, it appears that the Divine Warrior Examination is the reason. Hee-hee, I truly am lucky. If I kill you, perhaps I can nearly be at Concentrated Fiend.” Chen Bozhi answered for Chen Mo.

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow, ending his meditation.

This labyrinth was very large, but the twisting passageways were simple and straightforward. No matter how complicated his movements, to think of escaping from Chen Bozhi’s deadly pursuit was a bit difficult. Just at this moment, Chen Mo suddenly felt a prick upon his skin.

Divine Intent!

Chen Mo was startled. All the cells in his body were warning him that he was spotted.

The Nose Locking Art shut all of his pores. At the same time, it was able to make a cultivator’s breathing enter a state of nothingness, capable of evading detection by even Divine Intent. It was a pity that Chen Mo still had not cultivated to such a high level. Seized by Divine Intent, he was immediately exposed. 


Following the woman’s sneer, a flute-like voice tore apart the darkness.

A Tang Sect concealed weapon attacked immediately afterwards.

Chen Mo smelled something coldly metallic.


A meticulously crafted steel throwing knife arrived at the tip of his nose. Invisible killing intent spun around the throwing knife’s tip. It was apparently capable of erasing its presence entirely, deceiving the target’s senses. Right when the throwing knife’s blade was practically touching his skin, Chen Mo slightly bent his knees, leaning his body to dodge.


The tip of his nose burned, and he felt it turn a bit moist from blood.

The second and third concealed throwing knives followed right after the first. In the dark cave, they were like vipers flicking their tongues. Chen Bozhi had studied concealed weapons for a time in the Tang Sect and was a bit proficient. Using her Star Energy, each concealed weapon’s power was enough to tear even space apart, let alone rend a warrior’s flesh.

That really hurts.

His scapula was nailed by a throwing knife. According to common sense, once the second throwing knife stabbed into a warrior’s body, it would disperse the warriors Qi-blood and True Qi. Then, the third would be enough to end the warrior’s life. But after this throwing knife sliced into Chen Mo’s body, he was like an immense sculpture, his body not budging in the slightest, not shifting even a step. There was no sign of any change at all. The concentration of his Qi-blood felt frightening, so when the third concealed weapon attacked, Chen Mo had more than enough room to lift his head and dodge.

Killing intent tore open a cut on his skin.

Chen Mo flung his hand, somersaulting about the cavern, tossing a Black Python Throwing Knife.


Concealed weapon collided with concealed weapon in the darkness, letting out a metallic clang.

Using the cover of the throwing knife, Chen Mo immediately moved again, prepared to look for a chance to leave the labyrinth. As long as he reached the surface, this woman would no longer be able to pursue him at all.

It was very evident that Chen Bozhi wanted Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper, not giving him any chances. The woman’s left hand held a concealed weapon while her right hand’s Star Weapon used Divine Intent to incessantly search out Chen Mo’s presence, always forcing him deeper.

Circling around the labyrinth for a while, Chen Mo’s path forward narrowed more and more.

A dead end appeared in front of him, an immense cavern blocking the way forward. Chen Mo cursed to himself. This place was the already the end of the labyrinth. Past this black cave was the forbidden zone he was strictly prohibited from entering.

A Thunder Tribulation cultivator once ventured into this forbidden zone, but not a single cultivator walked out alive. Nobody knew what lay inside. Chen Mo hesitated outside the entrance of the forbidden zone.

The ice-cold killing intent behind him was drawing closer and closer. Chen Mo was already close to collapsing, without the energy to fight off Chen Bozhi. They say that Star Generals were as rare as phoenix feathers or qilin horns in the Outer Star Field, so how was he so unfortunate to keep encountering them.

Looking at that pitch-black cave in front of his eyes, Chen Mo grit his teeth and no longer hesitated. He dashed towards the forbidden zone’s entrance, his figure quickly vanishing inside.

Not long after, Chen Bozhi also rushed to the entrance of the forbidden zone.

As Star Generals, the forbidden zones or whatever of ordinary people was like an abstract establishment in their eyes. The woman had just wanted to step into the forbidden zone, but the moment her foot crossed the threshold, she was suddenly jolted. Chen Bozhi’s pupils shrunk. This unexpectedly stopped her advance. In the darkness, a force seemed to tell her to not enter.1

“If that brat was able to, then how can I, Chen Bozhi, not compare to him. That staff is perhaps an extraordinary Star Weapon, and today, I must have it.” Chen Bozhi thought quickly. She shielded herself with Star Energy, infiltrating the forbidden zone at the same time.

The siblings Xi Wu and Xi Wen were outside the forbidden zone’s first layer, obstructing the advance of all the warriors. Their archery could be said to be randomly appearing and disappearing. Some warriors were struck in succession, defeated.

Gradually, already there were no warriors who dared approach this place.

Without a challenge, Xi Wen was a bit bored, asking: “Big Brother, just what sort of person would you say His Highness Chen Mo is? Isn’t he rumored to be unable to circulate Qi-blood? Then why were our archery skills unable to best him.” The girl was a bit downcast.

Xi Wu’s gaze was still focused firmly on all the surrounding passageways. Hearing his little sister’s question, he pondered, answering: “How could we ever surmise about Lord Chang’an. The Chang’an Mansion is not something we can fathom. In the future, we siblings need only support His Highness Chen Mo with our full power.”

“But I always feel that His Highness Chen Mo…”

Xi Wen was about to speak when suddenly, Xi Wu waved a hand to cut off his little sister’s sentence. “Someone’s here.”

A silhouette quickly flit by, soaring like a roc, sending dust and stone flying in the cave. Xi Wu and Xi Wen immediately felt pressure. The corner of Xi Wu’s mouth curled. He nocked an arrow and drew back his bowstring.

An arrow was fired.

Xi Wen also immediately brought out her Repeating Locust Crossbow.

The bolts were like locusts, puffing along their strange trajectories.

That figure waved its palm, and a palm-wind covering the skies like a roc flapping its wings then rolled over the bolts. Against Xi Wu’s single arrow, their opponent stepped upon the tip, a foul wind sweeping over.

The figure landed between the siblings, his fists like outstretched wings.

The brother and sister were not flustered upon seeing the other party was capable of breaking through their barrage so easily. Xi Wu caught one their opponent’s punches while Xi Wen used a body technique to avoid this attack, as nimble as a swallow.

“Big Brother Ying is still so bold and powerful.” Xi Wen smiled.

The newcomer was none other than Zongzheng Ying.

The brother and sister were no strangers to Zongzheng Ying, having traded blows many times in the past. Zongzheng Ying was also very familiar with their archery. “I heard that someone was outside the forbidden zone, preventing other warriors from picking Crystal Flowers. So it turned out to be you two.” Zongzheng Ying retracted his hands. Everyone was familiar with each other, so there was no need for a life and death confrontation. As Chen Mo thought, there was no harm between those in the top ten.

“Big Brother Ying also wants to pick Crystal Flowers?”

Zongzheng Ying shook his head, bringing out nine tokens.

“You already have qualifications to be jinshi, congratulations.” Xi Wu nodded.

Zongzheng Ying was not happy in the slightest. To be unable to become Changluo’s jieyuan2 already was defeat to the proud him. “It seems you’ve already traded blows with Chen Mo as well?” Zongzheng Ying asked.

“Yes. Indeed, he is very formidable. We were also defeated.” Xi Wu admitted.

Zongzheng Ying was surprised. “Really?”

“Of course. I even thought that our archery combined would be able to help retrieve even a bit of your face.” Xi Wu forced a smiled.

Zongzheng Ying heaved a deep sigh: “I never thought that Chen Mo would be so formidable, for even you two together to be unable to deal with him. It looks like my defeat was not a fluke.”

“His Highness Chen Mo has already gone to obtain the Crystal Flower right now. Does Big Brother Ying want to go together? Shall the three of us together compete against His Highness?” Xi Wen was eager to give this a try. She wanted to see just where Chen Mo’s limits lay.

The proud Zongzheng Ying from the very start disdained teamwork.

“No need, doing so will only make him feel that Thorntree’s people are petty.” Pausing, he added: “Since you are guarding the outside, you have also decided to follow him?”

“Of course.” Xi Wen matter-of-factly said. Chen Mo was the fourth young lord of Chang’an Mansion. Their family were also under the direct command of Lord Chang’an’s influence, so following Chen Mo was more than normal.

“However, I feel that His Highness Chen Mo’s ambitions apparently lay elsewhere.” Xi Wen said her earlier confusion.

“Something like this does not matter.” Zongzheng Ying was content to not care.

“However, right now, we ought to hurry and see His Highness Chen Mo.” Zongzheng Ying sternly said.

The siblings cast confused glanced at each other.

“I heard rumors that Changluo’s Chen Qing is determined to pass the metropolitan examination. Rumor has it that he and the Divine Warrior Governor House have a very close relationship.” Zongzheng Ying narrowed his eyes, a cold light flickering in them.

“Soon, there will be the ‘Twin Lords’ in the Title Bestowal Ceremony. The ‘Twin Lords’ this time have profound ramifications, and if His Highness Chen Mo can enter the court examination in the top three, this will be a devastating setback to the Chang’an Imperial Family’s drive. So, I fear that some people will not hope for His Highness Chen Mo to be able to distinguish himself.”

Xi Wen and Xi Wu’s expressions changed. All year long, they trained inside the army. They naturally knew of the so-called might of military authority. Not only did those Lords hold their own domains, they were also able to enlist and establish their own armies. They wielded enormous power, and if one stepped down from being a lord, everything would vanish.

“Chen Qing is also of the Chen Family. He wouldn’t repay kindness with a backstab, would he?”

“En, let alone that he is merely Qi Flower Realm. How could he be a match for His Highness Chen Mo.” Xi Wen was very disdainful. From her perspective, Chen Mo practically faced no competition from Changluo’s current generation.

Zongzheng Ying shook his head. “If someone truly intends to obstruct His Highness Chen Mo, then it would be difficult to say. We should go and look, see that nothing wrong has happened.”

“But I feel the best way is still to defeat the other warriors, so as to avoid interference with His Highness Chen Mo’s qualifications to obtain jieyuan.” Xi Wen thought. 

The other two agreed this was logical.

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  1. A Bounded Field that repels the very concept of Heroic Spirits?
  2. 解元, first place
  3. I’m not sure which World Cup this is, but it’s after on or after 2013


  1. And here I was under the impression that Star Generals could use no weapon but their life-bound one. Did this change or have others use regular weapons before?

    1. I recall in 108 Maidens that Lin Yingmei might have used a normal spear once to disguise herself, but I might be mistaken.

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