Chapter 103: Bagua And The Girl

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Inside the forbidden zone was a whole different world. Inside the cave were old, gnarled pines, pure green in color. Bamboo shoots grew tall, orchids blossomed, and spiritual power was abundant. Deeper within was a sea of trees surrounded by rock, no end in sight. Chen Mo galloped into the sea of trees.

Not long after, Chen Bozhi arrived at this place. When the woman appeared, she was not as easygoing as Chen Mo was, who did not sense even a bit of pressure. Chen Bozhi wrinkled her brow, hesitating for a moment. In the end, she was unwilling to let go of Chen Mo’s Star Weapon, rushing into the forest after him.

In a grove within the forbidden zone, a throwing knife suddenly flew out. Its edge became a black python, carving open the forest. The bamboo were severed one after another. In a flash, the Black Python Throwing Knife was in front of Chen Bozhi. The woman tilted her head, and the edge brushed past her cheek, a bloody line scratched open across her supple cheek. “Brat, hand that staff of your over to me, and I shall spare your life.” Chen Bozhi restrained her anger, roaring in the forest.

The answer was another throwing knife.

Chen Bozhi cut it down with her dagger, sneering: “You have forced my hand, you utter fool.”

Chen Bozhi had continued to follow closely on Chen Mo’s heels. As expected of her, who had stayed in the Tang Sect, learning the quintessence of the Tang Sect’s assassination methods. After locking onto the target, she would pursue them relentlessly, not giving any chance to catch their breath. To make the target’s mind stuck eternally in a vigilant state of danger was the best way to waste their energy.

But Chen Bozhi nevertheless discovered that Chen Mo’s energy was oddly fine. He did not relax in the slightest under her pursuit, yet his energy seemed infinite. And after entering the forbidden zone, Chen Bozhi clearly sensed that there was an invisible pressure secretly restraining the Star General inside her body, otherwise, she would not be so haggard. Chen Bozhi was a bit impatient, even voluntarily setting a condition.

Damned brat.

Just how long can you run.

The woman indignantly cut down a portion of the bamboo forest. As a Star General, to unexpectedly compromise with a warrior was already very humiliating, but her counterpart surprisingly still did not appreciate this kindness. “Once I catch you, I will tear you limb from limb!!”

Hearing the furious roar far, far behind him, Chen Mo, who was currently running swiftly away, showed a slightly bitter smile.

This woman honestly did not know when to give up. Could it be that Northern Dipper had such strong allure?

Chen Mo pondered quickly, bringing out a Flowing Star Pill. This was something Attila gave him back when he forged her flying chariot. Because it was too valuable, he had been reluctant to eat it. Now, with his Star Energy drained, there was no choice but to ingest it. After taking the Flowing Star Pill, a clump of Star Energy would spread through his dantian like a sea.

He did not have too much time at all. His objective in this metropolitan examination was to be jieyuan.1 No matter what, he needed to leave this place before all else.

Just at this moment, everything in the cave suddenly changed. That boundless spiritual aura surged like a tidal wave, and the million stalks of bamboo let out a low hum. Then, snowflakes fluttered, and the wind gusted like a blade.

“An array?”

Chen Mo thought to himself that this was bad, immediately bringing out Northern Dipper, yet his body was nevertheless rolled into a blizzard. The surrounding things all seemed to blur. Chen Mo instinctively sensed something was wrong. Growling, he activated the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape to its limit to break out of this abnormal weather. Although Chen Mo had only just started learning it, he instantly crossed several dozen zhang easily. How could he have known with his movement just now; Chen Mo sensed an enormous power wash over him, cast as the earth itself, heavy as a mountain.

The mountain-like weight on his back nearly broke Chen Mo’s spine. He circulated his Star Energy and Northern Dipper Great Overflow to barely stand straight. Up above, a muffled clap of thunder boomed, and an arc of lightning crashed towards Chen Mo.

This roll of thunder practically was an enormous axe, cleaving the earth cleanly in two. If it had struck a person, it was doubtful they would have lived. Chen Mo could only block it with Northern Dipper, catching this strike.

Crackling, Northern Dipper was shaken by this thunderbolt, nearly disintegrating the weapon. The powerful force directly ripped up Chen Mo’s right arm, a gash more than ten inches in length was bloodily carved open. Blood gushed like a spring. But before Chen Mo could return to his senses from the pain, a flame shot into the heavens, sweeping the thunderclouds cleanly away. That cloud of fire became a gigantic fire dragon, coiling over the earth as if it was devouring everything.

The ground was instantly dried up, the temperatures suddenly soaring.

Chen Mo hurriedly stepped back, Northern Dipper continuously smashing apart those pouncing flames. Afterwards, the ground suddenly filled with sweet dew, and the ground seemed to transform into a giant bowl. Instantly, a great flood overflowed the heavens past Chen Mo’s neck. Immense waves rolled, bringing Chen Mo’s body spinning through the tumultuous flood. The torrent tore at his body, to bury his body in the depths. 


The flood became a swamp. The earth rend apart, and a clear sky crumbled.

Unprecedented scenery continuously changed. Due to the passage of time, the array was already considerably old. The change in these scenes was a mere instant, so Chen Mo was still able to barely ward it off. But if he stepped into the array, the array would gradually become endless. If he was unable to find the way to break the formation, he would be eternally stuck with no way out. Even the Human Sovereign would not necessarily be able to escape disaster if he was under the assault of this array.

To break an array, other than with extraordinary power, the only ways were to attack the array eye or to find a weak point in the formation. Every array followed a set pattern. If he was able to find the pattern, he could very easily break it.

Suffering a while, Che Mo noticed that this array was a bit familiar. Looking again, these eight metamorphoses in scenery could be split into Heaven, Earth, Water, Fire, Marsh, WInd, THunder, and Mountain.


The scene of Auntie demonstrating the Bagua instantly leapt into Chen Mo’s mind.

Could it be that he needed to use the Bagua to break the array? Chen Mo twisted his brow. Right now, there were no other options, and to sit and wait for death was not as good as fighting with all his might.

Chen Mo stowed Northern Dipper, assuming the posture of the Time Immemorial Stakes. When the marsh representing “Kan Center Full” flooded the ground, Chen Mo’s arms were like blades, beginning his routine, similarly adopting the Kan Center Full of the Bagua. Chen Mo was astonished to find the water pressure surrounding him instantly vanish without a trace, and this marsh became a clear spring that flowed endlessly into his body. The blood within him seemed to have been poured into a limpid lake, his strength abundant, surprisingly making his Bagua become even more perfect.

Chen Mo stifled his delighted surprise, beginning to step forth into the array’s center using the Bagua’s body techniques.

The mountain pressure of Gen Overturned Bowl became a boundless force that entered his bones, making them just as towering as a peak. The surging fire dragon tempered his flesh, making every muscle brim with explosive strength. The thunder of “Zhen Upright Basin” remolded him, the gust of “Xun Lower Broken” stimulated all of his pores, Dui Upper Open made his thoughts even more robust, and Qian Three Unbroken and Kun Six Broken made his upper and lower body meld together like Heaven and Earth.  

After the Bagua, Chen Mo seemed to have become a new person. His mind had somehow and unexpectedly forgotten the Bagua Chant’s manner, but each punch and kick contained the mystery of the Bagua. This sort of sensation was a mystery within a mystery. In Chen Mo’s mind, he suddenly had a slightly clearer comprehension towards Auntie’s Bagua.

After striking the Bagua, Chen Mo easily penetrated the array in one go, the final scene slowly vanishing, revealing a boundless sea of trees.

Chen Mo opened his eyes and looked.

Indistinct in the sea of trees, there was a young woman in white in a sword dance. When the sword was drawn, ice and snow filled the skies.

This is?

Chen Mo was taken aback, stupefied.

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  1. 解元, first place



    Some minor grammar changes for better flow:

    To make the target’s mind stuck eternally in a state vigilant of danger was the best way to waste their energy [in a vigilant state of]

    Hearing the furious roar far, far behind him, [the: not necessary] Chen Mo who was currently running swiftly away showed a slightly bitter smile.

    After taking the Flowing Star Pill, [a: not necessary] Star Energy would spread through his dantian like a sea.

    This roll of thunder [and lightning] practically was an enormous axe, cleaving the earth cleanly in two.

    The powerful force directly ripped up Chen Mo’s right arm, a gash more than ten inches in length [was] bloodily carved open.

    The [chance = change] in these scenes was a mere instant, so Chen Mo was still able to barely ward it off.

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