Chapter 104: Ice Breaker Snow Slicer

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Chen Mo thought he was seeing things, to surprisingly be able to watch a living person sword dance in the middle of this array. Furthermore, the dancing sword intent was remarkable, snowflakes fluttering.

Could it be he had arrived at the array eye?

Chen Mo cautiously approached the bamboo grove, passing through the gaps in the trees to genuinely watch the girl.

The woman wore a grey wide-sleeved girdle and hanfu. The hanfu was embroidered with exquisite and blossoming chrysanthemums, their patterns like a golden thread, vivid and lifelike. The girl’s long hair was like snow, her body delicate. She appeared feeble, but that chilling straight saber clearly informed other people what the result of underestimating the girl would be.1

That was a straight saber of white jade, carved with a white dragon. The edge was razor sharp. Just looking at it was enough to be chilling. 

The young woman sword danced in the snowfall, her technique graceful.

Each stroke of her sword seemed to drag a snowflake along the swordtip, stopping in the middle for some time with each movement. Her gestures were neither rushed nor slow, as natural as a fish in water.

When saber-light flashed, a large swathe of snow and frost blossomed from the swordtip, unfolding like a lotus flower. The snowflakes fluttering in the surroundings also disintegrated amidst the sword-light, dimming.

Chen Mo watched, stupefied, practically forgetting he was in a danger zone.

The girl’s dance was increasingly chilling, like a winter freeze.

All of a sudden, sword-light flew towards Chen Mo’s head. Snow splashed him head-on, chilling his whole body. That cold straight saber was already slashing straight at him.

Fast and cold.

Incomparably fast.

Bone-chillingly ice-cold.

Chen Mo found out he was completely unable to react in the slightest. It was as if his whole body had been frozen into an ice cube, only able to wait to be cut down by the woman.

The coldness froze all of his blood. The saber’s edge stopped a mere inch from Chen Mo’s face.

“Eh?” The young girl showed a puzzled expression as she stared at Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper. She retracted her killing intent and sheathed her sword, taking several steps back.

The ice-cold chill slowly abated from his body, and Chen Mo finally felt his Qi-blood flow. The woman’s sword was honestly too strong. When she swung, all of his Qi-blood and True Qi seemed to freeze, unable to make any counterattack. This attack perhaps was a Star General’s Heaven, Earth, Dark, or Yellow Technique.

Star General??

Chen Mo stared at her.

The woman’s hand gripped her sword’s hilt. She was expressionless, her eyes full of indifference.

“Since Your Highness has already appeared, Yanran can now leave in peace.”2

Your Highness?

Chen Mo was startled. Before he could make sense of what was going on, the girl turned around, and all of a sudden, the snowy scene covering the area abruptly vanished. The snowy forest and Bagua were already gone without a trace, the landscape once again returning to the dark cavern. However, there was a Bagua diagram carved in front of Chen Mo.

The Bagua Diagram’s center had a stone platform, upon which a spirit-light hovered, as dark as Black Ice, as glittering as a tar. It slowly emitted light.

Then the light faded, and the Bagua and the spirit-light disappeared like an illusion.

Everything before was like a dream.

“It really was an array.” Chen Mo was a bit confused. Why did the Bagua Array suddenly dissolve in the end. Just as he was about to step up to go look at that spirit pearl, the sound of a hurtling throwing knife came from behind him.

Chen Mo whirled around, deflecting it away.

Chen Bozhi walked out, looking at Chen Mo in astonishment: “You surprisingly solved this Bagua Evil Smiting Array?”

Seeing this Star General’s malevolence had not dissipated, Chen Mo was lacking in strength: “Let’s mind our own business, there’s no need for you to be so aggressive, so ruthless. Maybe, we can be friends.”

“Friends?” Chen Bozhi immediately wrinkled her face. “You, an insignificant Servant Star man, have the qualifications to be friend to me, Chen Bozhi?” The woman sneered, feeling that Chen Mo’s proposal was ridiculous to the extreme.

“Are you saying you feel that you are higher than me?” Chen Mo shrugged.

Chen Bozhi’s arrogant appearance said, Wasn’t that always the case.

Chen Mo knew that the possibility of turning hostility into friendship was already gone. “If I was at full power right now, you would not necessarily be able to kill me so easily.” In that Bagua array just now, his comprehension had increased a bit, and most of his injuries had healed. Chen Bozhi had yet to reach Concentrated Fiend, but even then, he would not necessarily have a chance to break free with full power.

Chen Mo finished, and Chen Bozhi sneered, launching an attack.

The Star Weapon dagger in her hand carved out a biting cold dagger-qi, instantly sealing off Chen Mo’s surroundings. The woman’s attack speed was extremely quick. Immediately after attacking, the dagger was already sticking into Chen Mo’s shoulder. If it was not for Chen Mo instinctively dodging at the last second, he likely would have been stabbed in the lung.

Chen Bozhi used her formidable martial force to prove her sneer towards warriors.

Chen Mo naturally was not content with this, brandishing three palm attacks. Space seemed to shrink, bringing the three palms to the verge of linking into one qi, as if the three forces of Heaven, Earth, and Man were gathered in his palm, incomparably mysterious. In the Bagua array, Chen Mo had greater comprehension of the essence of the Bagua. This “Qian Three Linked” already was in a position to return to its former glory as a super first-rate martial art.

Chen Bozhi’s right palm pushed, using powerful Star Energy to catch Chen Mo’s Qian Three Linked. Chen Mo seized this chance to step back and sweep Northern Dipper at her.

Overbearing power followed immediately after, vaguely rumbling with a roll of thunder, the shadow of Zhen Upright Basin.

His figure continued to move, and Chen Bozhi’s dagger flit by, hacking apart this tyrannical killing intent, like a phoenix overcoming all hardships, resurrecting.


Chen Mo’s feet moved, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. SIx perfect footprints were etched into the ground, and his figure instantly vanished from Chen Bozhi’s sight.

By the time Chen Bozhi sensed him, an immense might was already right before her eyes. The massive Northern Dipper became an enormous galaxy wrapped around swiftly flowing killing intent.

“Petty tricks.” Chen Bozhi continuously flickered, dragging the dagger in her hands, as if she was lifting a veil of mist from the ground.

Only when Star Generals reached Concentrated Fiend Realm and condensed Earthly Fiend Star Energy were they able to comprehend Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques. Each of these moves were very strong, and even the Human Sovereign would need to be a bit wary. Chen Bozhi’s martial arts were superb, but fortunately, she was not at that Realm yet. This was a “Tang Sect Dager Dragging Skill” at the point of perfection, and a technique propelled using Star Energy could possibly slay even a Saint of War.

Chen Mo brandished the Northern Dipper to go block.

But Chen Bozhi’s speed was too swift. Misty dagger-light coiled around his body. If it was not for his frighteningly sturdy body, this slash would have split his body in two.

Chen Mo endured the cut, his Qi-blood not dispersing. His next attack, “Li Center Empty” was subsequently used.

Li Center Empty was fiery, Kan Center Full was gentle. One was active, the other still; one hard and the other soft ot the extreme.

Bang, bang, bang.

Pop, pop, pop.

The ground was carved up by rays of True Qi. Chen Bozhi’s dagger once again cut into Chen Mo. Her objective was his Northern Dipper, doing her utmost to cut off Chen Mo’s arm.

But Chen Mo’s willpower was terrifyingly formidable. A normal warrior, no, even a Three Flowers Overhead Saint of War would have already died, yet this brat was still able to persist without falling over.

As expected of a Servant Star.


Once I kill you, you Servant Star, then I’ll kill your Star General. And then I, Chen Bozhi, will be one step closer to Heavenly Star. Chen Bozhi sneered complacently in her heart.

Her assassination dagger techniques became thousands of dark lights that blossomed upon CHen Mo’s body.

“Brat, do you still dare to say you want to be friends with me, Chen Bozhi, right now?” Chen Bozhi roared with laughter. “Today, you will become a ghost.”

Chen Mo knew that defeating Chen Bozhi was not very possible. A Heart Furnace Realm Star General possessing an Innate Skill already surpassed a Saint of War, and her usage of Star Energy was such that every attack carried an overwhelming advantage. Chen Mo also had Star Energy, but compared to a Star General who naturally inherited a Star Name, there was a disparity in all cases.

However, Chen Mo would not foolishly sit and wait for death, let himself be killed.

“Xun Lower Broken.”

Following a leap from Chen Mo, he raised and swung Northern Dipper down heavily. The astral wind filling the area roared, twisting apart the ground.

Chen Bozhi used her own Star Weapon to block Xun Lower Broken’s killing intent. From her perspective, Chen Mo’s Star Energy was negligible.

“The Bagua’s eight techniques have already all been used. Brat, do you have any last words?” Chen Bozhi asked, icily arrogant.

“I do, I want to ask about Chen Qingzhi. You said something about her death in two years.” Chen Mo landed on the ground, his stomp jolting the ground.

“Chen Qingzhi, hmph. What’s your relationship to her.” Chen Bozhi disdainfully answer. “You had better worry about yourself first.”

Her hand shook, and Star Energy wrapped around her dagger.

With her next move, Chen Bozhi was confident she could behead this boy.

“Since you hate my Auntie so much, don’t blame me.” Chen Mo said.

“Auntie?” Chen Bozhi was taken aback, asking in astonishment: “Don’t tell me that you are Chen Qingzhi’s Servant Star?”

Seeing the white Star Crest on Chen Mo’s forehead, it was no wonder. Only with Chen Qingzhi’s “Invincible” Innate Skill that this brat was able to borrow this might to prolong his dying moment. The woman laughed: “I never imagined the high and might Chen Qingzhi of ‘Magnificent Army Avoids The White Robe’ would surprisingly have a Servant Star.”

“Indeed the rumors are true, she is being chased by Four Lords of the Warring States. Even Chen Qingzhi would need to find a Servant Star to be able to stave off death.”

“Very good, too good.” Chen Bozhi became more and more fervent: “I will kill you, and then I will follow your death qi to kill your Auntie. Henceforth, I, Chen Bozhi, shall be above that so-called White Robed God Of War Chen Qingzhi.”

Enormous Star Energy suddenly burst out, capable of toppling mountains and overturning oceans. The entire space seemed to freeze.

Chen Mo sneered. All of a sudden, he stuck Northern Dipper into the ground, his last bit of Star Energy unleashed from the staff. Like a bolt of lightning, it split open the ground, attacking CHen Bozhi.

Chen Bozhi easily sidestepped, avoiding this final attack.

“What else has Chen Qingzhi taught you, show me everything.” The woman jeered: “Let me see how the man she chose struggles at death’s door.”

“See for yourself.” Chen Mo took a deep breath.


The landscape changed all of a sudden. The woman was startled. She looked down and was flabbergasted to discover that a perfect Bagua Diagram had been carved into the ground at some point in time. That attack just now happened to force her into the Bagua Diagram’s center.

If this was the only thing, it was still insufficient to make Chen Bozhi feel fear.

When that last ray of Star Energy struck the Bagua Diagram’s center, however, the landscape abruptly transformed. A world of ice and snow somehow replaced the cave.

Chen Bozhi’s whole body shuddered from the cold. In her eyes, a bright spirit-light flashed forth.

That spirit-light then became a delicate girl in white hanfu.

The girl’s hair was like snow, her eyes like frost.

“An Evil Smiting Hall True Spirit…” Chen Bozhi screamed.

“You who entered this array, die!” The young woman spoke, chilling to the bone.3

He got me.

Chen Bozhi turned to flee.

But this turn was the most mistaken decision of her life.

The girl drew her saber.

As the white dragon straight saber in her hand left its sheathe.

Saber-light hovered, passing by the lake’s surface and the ice like light, reflecting a most beautiful splendor. Then, very naturally and righteously, it blossomed on Chen Bozhi’s back.

A terrifying Star Energy suddenly tore into Chen Bozhi’s organs, making her soul and spirit nearly freeze then shatter.

This is!!!

As a Star General, Chen Bozhi sensed the frightening Star Energy on this saber. That was an icy arrogance and judgment above even her.

That was a legendary icy saber intent from ancient times.

Yellow Rank Saber Technique.

Ice Breaker Snow Slicer!!

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  1. As if the title isn’t enough of a hint, this physical description is also a callback…
  2. Yep, it’s Zheng Yanran from 108 MOD
  3. Basically, I imagine this scene to be the same as when Raiden Shogun attacked the Traveler as they left her palace.


  1. Holy shit! It’ really was Zheng Yanran!
    I mean, she died such a lame ass death with her brave, pretty boy but still pretty cool Star Master at the end of MoD… as a meh tier but unsually strong Martial type Earthly Fiend Star General.

    But here? She’s a bad ass ancient Array Guardian.

    Damn what a shocker!

  2. Nice! She really got the short end of the stick back in the Azure Dragon Territory; I’m not sure how her True Spirit got transferred back to Star World, but it’s nice to imagine the others that perished there were able to be brought back (and hopefully not used to power arrays for a thousand years).

  3. “Very good, too good.” [Chen Qingzhi] became more and more fervent: “I will kill you, and then I will follow your death qi to kill your Auntie.

    Chen Qingzhi = Chen Bozhi [ONE Character!!! WHY is EVERYONE confusing ME w/ that ‍ ]

    1. Whoops! Thanks for pointing this out. Anyways, Chen Bozhi and Chen Qingzhi are definitely different characters who have a single difference of one character in their name. Sounds confusing doesn’t it, XD?

  4. I’ve always been a bit confused over whether breaking the ritual and entering star world or actually climbing maiden mountain was the condition to meet the ritual starfallen. Since history of star world has it that he had the full set of maidens during his period of conquest, the former I guess? But then I’m not sure why they still aimed for the true maiden mountain in star world.

    Idk. I had a couple misunderstandings until near the end, and by the time I fixed them I couldn’t remember in detail what the story had previously said, and had trouble building a new understanding of what was happening before it ended.

    1. Well, ending the Star Duels and entering Star World should mean the same thing for Song Jiang. Whether or not they are able to meet those that had already Starfallen is anybody’s guess, but I’d assume that it was a package deal. As for why Su Xing went to Maiden Mountain in Star World, that is a pretty big spoiler.

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