Chapter 116: Flowers Bloom Silently Together

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Wang Yangming!

A Star General, the Second Sage of the Founders of the Hundred Schools. Legend said that even in the Central Star Fields, she was very rarely glimpsed, so very rarely spotted. He never thought he could first see her here in this place.

No way this is a School Of Mind illusion, right?

Chen Mo was a bit befuddled by the School Of Mind. First, focus on a few things at a time. Auntie bade him pass through this place to open the box. Afterwards, whether she was Wang Yangming, or Wang Shouren, or perhaps Lu Jiuyuan, Zhu Xi, or whoever…In short, he would run first then worry about her later. Chen Mo was nevertheless a bit self-aware. Against a top-notch Star General capable of playing with a person’s mind in the palm of her hand, it was best to keep as far away from her as possible.

Chen Mo took out the box, only to discover he was completely unable to open it.

“If This One wanted to kill you, do you really believe you would be able to stay alive walking right before me?” The woman saw through Chen Mo’s thoughts. She playfully smiled, “To see This One, ‘Higher Mind Of All Things’ Wang Yangming, are you not even the least bit astounded?”

Any warrior would be prostrate themselves in worship towards a Hundred Schools Founder level Star General like her.

“Forgive my discourtesy.” Chen Mo bowed with his hands held in front of him: “This Young Man is here on orders of my house. I have come to the depths of the Underworld Cave to open this box. Should I have offended you, I ask for your forgiveness.”

“How can you make This One believe in your sincerity when you do not kneel three times and kowtow nine.”1 Wang Yangming said.

“Since Senior is of the Yangming School Of Mind, one among the Four Great Sages,2 whether or not Junior has sincerity, if Senior requires me to kneel and kowtow, then that would appear too superficial.” Chen Mo said very calmly.

“Well said. Then if This One insists you do so?” Wang Yangming flatly asked.

Fuck you.

“Since I feel that Senior feels this is necessary, then what harm is there in Junior kowtowing. To be able to see Senior Yangming is also Junior’s honor, as it should be.” While under an eave, there was no choice but to lower one’s head. After Chen Mo finished speaking, he did not hesitate at all to show a greeting with Wuyi that followed proper etiquette.

The lips of the woman outlines in the darkness curled into a smile.

However, as Chen Mo said, given Wang Yangming’s Second Sage level status, the absolute majority of people in all of Star World would call her Teacher. A greeting according to etiquette was nothing unreasonable.

The woman knew about Chen Mo’s change in attitude like the back of her hand. She was also quite impressed his his direct and straightforward mentality.

This child indeed has some mastery of the School Of Mind.

“If you wish to open the box, you may. Answer This One’s question. Should you be able to respond, This One shall allow you to leave. If you fail, you will not open this box and shall leave it behind.” Wang Yangming reclined in the darkness, her languid voice nevertheless bearing a bit of toughness.

“Please enlighten Your Servant, Senior.” Knowing the prior trials, this next one would not be simple either. Whatever will be, will be. Chen Mo could only brace himself to face this Second Sage Star General’s question.

“What is the School Of Mind.”

Wang Yangming asked.

Chen Mo thought it over. He pointed into the darkness and said: “If you do not understand the School Of Mind, then: Not a thing under Heaven exists outside the mind. However, a flower tree blooms and withers on its own inside the darkness. How then, is it related to my mind?”3

“Thus, the School Of Mind is: Before you see this flower, this flower and thy mind are together in silence; and when you come to see this flower, its colors show up clearly at once. Thus, you can know that this flower is not outside your mind.”

Chen Mo uttered this sentence, immediately stunning the Wuyi whose head rested on the ground into looking up slightly, showing an astonished expression.

This analogy of his could even be said to perfectly describe the quintessence of the School Of Mind’s “mind is principle.” In simple terms, Chen Mo’s words meant that when you saw or heard these flowers, your mind woul also come to picture them, meaning you would understand the flowers’ colors. You would understand whether you liked or loathed them. No matter what the feeling was, it was inside your mind. And if you had no awareness at that moment, it was because you were unaware of even the flower’s existence.

“En!” Wang Yangming’s brow rose.

“What a good Flowers Bloom Silently Together!”

Wang Yangming praised him. She pointed her finger. In the darkness, a transparent, snowy brilliance slowly bloomed. “Since this is the case, This One’s School Of Mind can be imparted to you. Let us see your future developments.” Saying so, this lotus flower transformed into a white light that pierced into Chen Mo’s chest. 

Chen Mo felt his whole body go cold, and his heart was thoroughly like Black Ice. Seeds originally in his mind immediately germinated.

An incantation appeared in his mind.

Body of a mind without good or evil, action of an intent with either good or evil. To know good and evil is conscience, to pursue good to expel evil is practice.

These were the Four Lines of the Yangming School Of Mind. Only those of the School Of Mind were able to receive the inherited teachings. These four short phrases contained the life-state that Wang Yangming sought. 

“Harmonious mental cultivation is created through journeys.”

“All idly watching characters are full of life, quietly comprehending far and indistinct heavenly mysteries. The path is enjoyed through danger, the mind traveling like birds and fish.” A state of “true happiness” or “true self,” so to speak.

This kind of level was extraordinarily outstanding, breaking away to a state free of the fetters of fame, slander, wealth, and poverty. In this state of “perfect happiness,” man spreads with the “great changes,” and “freedom” lies within “life with nature.”4

This is?

Chen Mo sensed that his Divine Intent was already stirring, becoming substantial.

This School Of Mind mantra not only cultivated his mind, it could also train his Divine Intent. One thought through the universe, all things like his mind. It could be said this was the best art at cultivating Divine Intent.

Such a profound boon was perhaps unheard of.

It was the sleeptalk of fools for normal warriors to think of obtaining the direct School Of Mind teachings of the Greater Mind Of All Things, but Wang Yangming planted a seed in Chen Mo’s mind just like this.

“Many thanks to Senior. Junior Chen Mo shall definitely bring the School Of Mind to new heights.” Chen Mo gratefully touched his head against the ground once more.

“This One merely gave you a bit of a direct teaching. Whatever happens in the future will still depend on your own luck.” Wang Yangming’s voice was gentle as a cloud, “You may leave now.” After she said so, the square box in Chen Mo’s hand slowly opened, revealing a gemstone as brilliant as the starry sky all concentrated together.

This was none other than the Alpha Ursae Majoris.

As expected, Auntie had placed it inside this box. As for making him experience so much, perhaps that was for this School Of Mind.

But I wonder just how Auntie and this Wang Yangming are related?

Chen Mo looked at Wuyi, pondering before he bade farewell.

From the moment the two entered the cave until Chen Mo left, Wuyi had maintained her kowtowing posture. From start to finish, her reverent attitude was unmistakably evident.

The woman said nothing, not a single whisper, as if kowtowing to a master of the School Of Mind was the greatest honor.

Wang Yangming smiled and said: “And you have also persevered. As expected of one versed in the School Of Mind. This One is very gratified.”

“Junior does not dare.”

“How did you know This One was in this place?” Wang Yngming asked.

“Wuyi cultivated in the School Of Mind. In a dream, my true mind indicated specifically to come to Underworld Cave.” Wuyi answered.

Wang Yangming hummed: “This One sees your School Of Mind has also reached a bottleneck to have these intentions. TO be able to receive This One’s teachings about the true mind, you are exceptionally talented. What Star Name have you inherited, what is your name?” Greater Mind Of All Things could already see that Wuyi’s identity was not that of an ordinary warrior.

“Your Servant is ‘Earthly Responsibility Star,’ inheriting the Star Name ‘Reflection Of The Mind’ Gu Yanwu,5 True Name Wuyi.” To the founder of the School Of Mind, the Earthly Responsibility Star Gu Wuyi did not dare hide anything.

“Gu Yanwu.” Wang Yangming hummed, saying: “Chen Mo has more disasters in the future, so I hope you can stay at his side and help him for the time being.”

“Disciple obeys.” Wuyi bowed.

“Since you came to see This One, then This One shall impart a bit of the School Of Mind.” The woman pointed a finger. A ray of Star Energy entered Wuyi’s chest.

Wuyi once again bowed in thanks, leaving the cavern only after a bit more prudence.

The darkness returned to its original state, and Wang Yangming’s beautiful figure faded away.

When Chen Mo emerged from the last cavern, he saw Ting Nanyuan nervously pacing about. Upon seeing him, the Wuyang Princess worriedly asked: “Are you alright.”

“What about Wuyi.” Mu heavily asked.

“She’s behind me.”

“Just what is in this place?” Ting Nanyuan looked at that entrance.

After Chen Mo went in, Qin Shaoxu also wanted to take a look, but they entered only to discover a darkness of which they could not see their hands in front of their own faces. There was no way out whatsoever. Everyone had no choice but to retreat.

Chen Mo could not easily tell them about Wang Yangming. He found a reasonable excuse.

“Did you accomplish your objective here?” Qin Shaoxu asked.

“It’s done.”

“Then let us go.” Ting Nanyuan was somewhat finished with this gloomy environment.

“Wait for Wuyi, she should be coming out soon.”

Finding a place to sit, Chen Mo tried this “School Of Mind Four Verses” Divine Intent cultivation method. Normal Divine Intent cultivation methods all used the cultivator’s thoughts, but the School Of Mind had an additional kind of “true mind.” Cultivation in this manner would allow Divine Intent control to be even more natural, and it possessed very formidable effects.

With just a mere try, Chen Mo immediately felt his Divine Intent obtain a substantive feeling.

After a while, Wuyi emerged from the cavern. Seeing her unhurt, Mu breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let us leave this place first.” Wuyi glanced at Chen Mo, intentionally or otherwise.

They set out, their progress back very smooth. According to Wang Yangming’s explanation, the Underworld Cave’s Demon Beasts, Bugs, and Worms were all controlled by her “True Mind.” The events prior were a test for Chen Mo. Now, there was no need for this, so they did not encounter anything.

However, Chen Mo still grabbed a few “Corpse Hands” and placed them into his Astral Stone to use them later for training his True Mind control. The Yin Underworld’s Demon Bugs all bore ardent Yin Qi. This Yin Qi possessed corrosive properties. Using it to cultivate his Divine Intent’s penetrative power was best not missed out on.

Very quickly, everyone exited the Underworld Cave.

The outside of the cave was still dark, with a chilling wind and sinister underbrush, but it was nevertheless much more pleasant compared to the inside of the cave. Ting Nanyuan felt as if she had come back to life, taking several deep breaths.

“Then we shall part ways here.” Chen Mo cupped his fist to Wuyi.

Wuyi said a few words to Mu, who nodded.

“Since it is rare to visit the Tail Fire Star Field, I wish to look around. Ancestor has also bade that I remain at your side for experience.” Wuyi said to Chen Mo.

Since Wang Yangming said as much, Chen Mo had no reason to oppose. Furthermore, Wuyi was at a complete Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, and her School Of Mind understanding was very profound. Her aid would be indispensable.

Yet Qin Shaoxu to the side slightly wrinkled his brow, however, his unease was very quickly hidden.

When Wuyi caught sight of this beautiful man, a fleeting glint flashed her eyes.

Mu, as Wuyi’s bodyguard, would inevitably follow her. After making agreements, Chen Mo released the Nebula Chariot while Wuyi had her own Astral Treasure, a Flying Star Shuttle.6

Ordinarily, it could be used as a flight tool, but it could also become an offensive magic weapon in battle.

Seeing her Astral Treasure, Chen Mo’s brows rose. This Wuyi’s background was not simple.

After the group left, Yin Underworld, atop the cavern’s mountain.

A clump of darkness slowly dissipated, revealing an elegant figure, a gloomy woman very much like a red spider lily. Her long hair flowed like water, her beauty and bearing graceful, her eyes sparkling like the night sky.

Then, an ice-cold woman dressed in a robe white as snow appeared beside her.

“Chen Qinghan, your nephew indeed has some talent, to be able to pass This One’s trial. This One has already imparted the School Of Mind unto him, but you are certain he is capable of bearing heavy responsibility?” Wang Yangming slowly said.

“You will not be disappointed.” Chen Qinghan said categorically.

“Chen Qingzhi of the Magnificent Army Avoids The White Robe has unexpectedly placed her hopes on a Servant Star. If word got out, the Central Star Field would go mad.”

“The Central Star Field has already perfected control over Star Generals. In order to handle those girls, we must have a name outside of their expectations.”

Wang Yangming nodded. “What you say makes sense. This One is very eager to see just how this name that you have placed your faith in can surprise the Central Star Field.”

“Your Servant has faith in Elder Sister.”

Wang Yangming faintly smiled.

The woman’s gaze was turned towards the distance. Her fingers clenched, and a flower blossomed in the air. When she seized it, it became nothingness.

“Flowers Bloom Silently Together. What a surprise that he is able to come up with even This One’s thoughts. How interesting…”

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  1. A formal etiquette typically when meeting the emperor.
  2. This is going to be an original translation I’ll be using to denote the four in question, 孔孟朱王, consisting of Confucius, Mencius, Zhu Xi, and Wang Shouren, aka Wang Yangming.
  3. 不懂心學,天下無心外之物,如此花樹在黑暗中自開自落,於我心亦何關. This seems to be an adaptation of one of Wang Yangming’s dialogues.
  4. Another saying of Wang Yangming’s. I tried.
  5. 繼承星名‘人心可鑑’顧炎武
  6. “Shuttle” as in the tool used for weaving.

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