Chapter 117: Your Servant Will Squeeze You Dry For Sure

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After returning to Changluo, Wuyi did not directly follow Chen Mo into the mansion. Instead, she first planned to tour around the Great Chong Dynasty, to first acquaint herself with the environment.

Chen Mo recently had many things to settle, so he let her go as she pleased.

First and foremost, he wanted to forge the Alpha Ursae Majoris Stone into the Northern Dipper.

The “Alpha Ursae Majoris Stone” was one of the Northern Dipper’s Seven Star Stones. This stone was unlike average Spirit Stones. Reportedly, it developed from the starry sky itself, one piece every thousand years. Northern Dipper’s Seven Star Stones contained Star Energy as vast as the ocean. Paired with a weapon, it could possess a variety of marvelous functions.

This “Northern Dipper” clearly was measured by the Seven Star Stones it would be forged with. Chen Mo wondered what effect this stone would have once forged into the weapon.

The effort to embed the stone was not very taxing, and the Book Of Casting had already introduced it. Add on that Mother had already created the Seven Star notches in Northern Dipper, the only thing Chen Mo needed to do was utilize Star Energy to inlay the Alpha Ursae Majoris Stone into the corresponding groove.

However, the Star Energy he consumed was nevertheless enormous to the point it made Chen Mo somewhat exhausted.

Seven days and seven nights.

Chen Mo was sealed all this time in the underground room of the ancestral mansion. Even when he grew hungry, he only ingested a Fasting Pill to dispel it. During this time, he expended millions of gold purchase large quantities of Spirit Grass to replenish his stamina. This completely made Chen Mo drop a waist size. Finally, he completely embedded the Alpha Ursae Majoris Stone.

Mother said in the Book Of Casting that Northern Dipper’s Seven Star Stones would be forged to form the seven stars of the Big Dipper. Each stone set would require even more Star Energy consumed than the last by several fold. Just the first stone left Chen Mo with a kind of “death from overexertion” feeling. The following second and third up to the seventh were simply impossible for a human to achieve.

Before, Chen Mo felt that with three Star General contracts that he had quite the ample reserves of Star Energy. Only now did he realize that his current Star Energy was simply a drop in the ocean in the face of Northern Dipper’s Seven Stars.

The effort to embed these Seven Star Stones was a heavy responsibility borne through a long struggle.

However, he used up so much wealth, energy, and Star Energy to finally complete Northern Dipper’s first stone. Chen Mo was somewhat eager to see how powerful Northern Dipper had become.

Taking Northern Dipper into his hand, he did not waste too much strength at all. Chen Mo channeled his Star Energy into the Alpha Ursae Majoris Stone. The stone glimmered and glowed, wrapping the Northern Dipper in light. Chen Mo felt the weapon in his hand become even more nimble.

“This is…”

The light peeled away, and Chen Mo gazed at the weapon before his eyes, showing an expression of astonishment. 

Four Ladies Mountain, Second Sister Peak.

Several thousand bandits were currently in the middle of training. These brigands had surging Blood-qi, fiery and vigorous. Far above, from the Nebula Flying Chariot, Chen Mo could feel the scorching heat assail him.

The thousand brigands saw that someone was riding a flight Astral Tool right towards them. The well-practiced bandits raised their blades, adopting a formation.

“What are you fools scared about, this is our Boss.” Fourth Sister Peak’s previous second-in-command saw that the one approaching was Chen Mo, so he immediately issued yelled some words to the brigands training below.

When Chen Mo landed, this wretched second-in-command had a never-before-seen man standing beside him.

“Boss, you’re here.” The second-in-command flattered as he stepped forward.

“This is Second Sister Peak’s previous boss, Jia Zheng, his second-in command, Jia Rong, and third…” He introduced them.

Chen Mo more or less already knew. Zhongli Sanmei should have successfully subjugated this Second Sister Peak. Chen Mo actually was not surprised at all. Any way it was put, King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Sanmei once led armies and battled against the Soldier Immortal Han Xin. She had illustrious military achievements in the Inner Star Fields. Conquering a few mountains of bandits was fundamentally nothing her.

But that Eldest Sister Peak had yet to be attacked left him surprised.

“Are you willing to surrender and swear allegiance to me?” Chen Mo stared at these big men. They came from the great barbarian tribes in the north. They had tall builds, even more majestic than a black bear. Their rippling muscles were full of explosive strength.

The disposition of the Northern Great Barbarians were fierce. The average Great Chong Dynasty warrior of equivalent Realm honestly was no match.

These big men were very proud. They were willing to submit under Zhongli Mo’s hand because this woman was indeed powerful, and they vaguely realized she was a Star General. To them, surrender was not shameful. However, when they learned that this young man in front of them was surprisingly the husband of that Star General, several of the tall and sturdy men promptly showed disdain.

Several of them subsequently cupped their fists; this was their response.

“This is our boss, the Mistress’ husband. Do you guys want to be punished?” The second-in-command’s face was a bit unsightly. He cursed them. Zhongli Sanmei had given him the authority to train Second Sister Peak’s bandits, so these men could not easily take action.

“We naturally vow loyalty and devotion to the Mistress.” Boss Jia Zheng flatly answered. The implication was, What a wet-behind-the-ears brat you are, you must be worthy of our service.

Chen Mo slightly smiled, his eyes slightly narrowing.

All of a sudden, his gaze was like lightning, striking with Divine Intent.

Several of the faster men were already prepared. The three of them glowered with their eyes wide, like a vajra baring its teeth. Each contour of muscle on their bare upper bodies became enormous serpents. Vast Blood-qi was practically comparable to a breakthrough of an obstruction. The Great Barbarian Tribes were naturally strong. Even a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator’s Divine Intent was unable to threaten them.

In the face of Chen Mo’s Divine Intent pressure, they were slightly disdainful. They even decided to give this young head of house an initial show of strength, to make him know the terror of the Northern Barbarians.

As they thought this, it was at this moment, their entire bodies abruptly shook. The depths of their hearts seemed to have something stab into them. Their minds turned blank. In their eyes, they saw the feeble Chen Mo’s height suddenly turn as imposing as a very lofty mountain. They could only look up at this tall mountain.

How is this possible?

Jia Zheng’s eyes widened. He circulated his power, trying to force a break through of Chen Mo’s DIvine Intent confinement. But the more he tried, the more untouchable Chen Mo appeared.

In the end, Jia Zheng and the others only felt themselves as insignificant as ants. In their hearts, they were deeply astonished.

Chen Mo retracted his Divine Intent. All of a sudden, he was calm, a person of birdsong and fragrant flowers.

Jia Zheng and the others seemed to have encountered a reprieve. Their expressions paled, cold sweat falling like rain. They did not dare look Chen Mo in the eye. That there was such a warrior in the world who was capable of using Divine Intent to make them feel tiny, they collapsed at the first blow.

Compared to that woman, this man was unexpectedly even more terrifying.

Carefully thinking about it, it was extremely rare in Star World for someone to be able to turn a Star General into a wife. How could he have done this without any of his own prowess.

In a flash, Chen Mo’s form towered incomprehensibly before them. Their disdainful attitudes from before promptly turned into deference as if they were walking on thin ice.

To the Great Barbarian Clans, strength was the best proof of respect.

“Your Servants had eyes but did not see. In the future, we will definitely pledge loyalty to Your Highness and follow you for the rest of our lives!!”

Jia Zheng attempted to make his voice resounding and strong, but after having experienced Chen Mo’s Divine Intent attack, he found his voice was very weak.

“En.” Chen Mo nodded, breathing deeply.

The School Of Mind’s Divine Intent cultivation method was formidable, as expected. He had barely started it a few days ago and was already at a warrior’s True Mind. Although these barbarian tribes were unparalleled in their strength and toughness, but conversely, their inner minds were weak. Having been probed like this by Chen Mo, how could they have sustained a blow.

“Cultivate properly.”

Chen Mo waved his hand, hinting to them to retire.

Jia Zheng and the others respectfully withdrew.

“Where is the Mistress?” Chen Mo asked.

The second-in-command was scared stiff by Chen Mo’s prior conduct. He still was unable to make sense of how Chen Mo suddenly made several large men submissively admit wrongdoing.

“The Mistress is in the main hall together with the Second Mistress.” The second-in-command said.

“Second Mistress?” Chen Mo wrinkled his brow.

“That Lady that gave the Brothers their weapons and armor.” The second-in-command matter-of-factly said.

“Don’t overlook a girl’s innocence. She and I are merely business partners.” Chen Mo chided.

“Yes, Little One acknowledges his mistake.” The second-in-command chuckled.


Chen Mo entered the main hall of Second Sister Peak. Zhongli Sanmei was currently meditating while the Lady Ning, who the second-in-command had referred to as Second Mistress, was in the middle of patiently carving the ancient characters of the Five Fingers Mountain tablet. The girl was earnest and meticulous, beyond perfect. No wonder those bandits thought she was the Second Mistress.

“Little Sister Xiaoyuan, you don’t need to be go to all this trouble.” Chen Mo said.

Ning Xiaoyuan pretended to not hear, her focus still placed on the ancient characters.

“Once this girl concentrates, she forgets all sound from the outside world.” Zhongli Sanmei opened her eyes. Her red pupils were like flames, her spirit very excited.

Chen Mo forced a smile.

“Big Brother.” Ning Xiaoyuan did not hear him, but Nianyou woke up. The little girl rubbed the sleep from her eyes and launched herself over.

Chen Mo caught her and then sat beside Zhongli Sanmei.

“You did it?”

“Very successfully.” Chen Mo informed her about Wang Yangming. Only after he finished speaking did he feel that he had become particularly intimate towards Zhongli Mo.

The woman pondered, “This Greater Mind Of All Things woman won’t be easy to handle.”

“She imparted the School Of Mind to you. I’m afraid things aren’t so simple.” Zhongli Mo said.

Chen Mo nodded. Actually, he also realized that there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world. However, he just happened to be in the process of cultivating his Spirit Flower. The method to cultivate the School Of Mind was profoundly significant to him. Also, Chen Mo could vaguely sense that Wang Yangming was merely testing the relationship he had with Auntie.

Perhaps it was as Chen Bozhi said, that Auntie had encountered trouble.

Thinking of this, the only thing that Chen Mo could do was to bolster his strength as quickly as possible. But a warrior and a Star General were different. Perhaps if they had an Innate Skill like Battle Doctrine, otherwise, to fight a Star General, especially a top-notch one, was extremely difficult. Although Wang Yangming’s words were not so abnormal, if he practiced it to an even more profound level, then it would be a very powerful trump card.

“How are the bandits? I see that you seem quite tired.” Chen Mo asked with concern.

“Are you looking down on me, the King Of Extinguished Ashes?” Zhongli Sanmei disapproved.

Chen Mo smiled: “If you need me to do anything, don’t hesitate to tell me. In a few days, I’ll be going to Nan Jiang.”

“Nan Jiang? This Star Field’s Nan Jiang is full of poisons and gu. Did you think of a way to deal with them?” Zhongli Sanmei asked.

“Don’t worry about this.” Chen Mo said, “I’m going because I promised a friend, and he’s quite powerful.”

“This King hasn’t assaulted Eldest Sister Peak yet, otherwise, I could have gone with you.” Zhongli Sanmei muttered.

Chen Mo’s heart bubbled with warmth. “I have a plan for Nan Jing. I await your good news when I return…Oh, right, I want to show you something.”

“Hm?” Zhongli Sanmei rose.

Chen Mo and Zhongli Sanmei walked to the underground space below the main hall. They locked the doors and lit the torches.

“What is it, so mysterious?” Zhongli Sanmei’s interest was piqued.

Chen Mo waved his hand leisurely, calling forth Northern DIpper, “I’ve already embedded the Alpha Ursae Majoris into Northern Dipper. My dear Wife, have you any interest in giving advice on Husband’s big stick?”

Zhongli Sanmei sneered: “Dear Husband, you phrase it so elegantly. Then Your Slave shall accept and squeeze Dear Husband dry!” 

Her twin spears appeared, her lustful fire attacking.

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