Chapter 120: Graceful Miaoling

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Chen Mo’s mouth hung open, flabbergasted. When did Nianyou contract a gu, he surprisingly was completely oblivious. His heart immediately stifled the fury rising in him.

The proprietress examined Nianyou closely. The Ancient Miao Clan was very familiar with gu, and after she discerned what type of gu it was, she was contrarily not worried. She sighed in relief and said: “Young hero, do not be angered. This is a ‘Companion Spider Gu,’1 nothing too detrimental.”

“Companion Spider Gu? What does this mean?” Chen Mo calmly asked.

The proprietress shook her head, “That child, Miaoling,2 is stirring up trouble again. This gu is very well-known in our Eight Receptions Miao Village.3 Our children often are infected with this gu. Nowadays, we cry when we hear this name.”

This Companion Spider Gu would make the infected naturally hyperactive, unable to stand still and fond of wreaking havoc. Only when the body’s strength was completely exhausted would the infected rest. This gu is the unique invention of one of our Eight Receptions Miao Village’s children, a girl named Miaoling. She is the Eight Receptions Miao Village’s Saintess,4 who possesses a powerful ingenuity in the creation of gu. Because of her special status, now one plays with her. Therefore, she invented this gu.”

It was said that whenever Miaoling rang the little bell in her hands,5  the Spider Gu was already drifting through the air, quietly entering a person’s body.

Chen Mo remembered. So this was why a moment ago those children’s expression changed when they heard this bell and ran as if they had seen a ghost.

However, this gu had limitations. Only children under the age of ten could be infected, and bodies could acclimate once they grew a bit. They could naturally repress it very well, so the Spider Gu would be incapable of influencing them.

Chen Mo immediately thought of that young girl.

“How do you cure this gu?” Seeing Nianyou suffer more and more, Chen Mo asked in a low voice.

The proprietress said: “Oh, child, let her run around as she pleases. We adults had never thought of a way to cure this gu.”

Nianyou had always been very gentle and quiet in Chen Mo’s impressions. Her lively and active appearance, to be honest, Chen Mo was indeed very eager to see it. Little children should naturally be a bit on the wild side. But seeing Nianyou completely unwilling to do this, clutching Chen Mo so tightly and struggling against the Companion Spider Gu, his heart was very hurt.

The proprietress was very impressed, saying she had never seen such a small child capable of such formidable willpower, to resist the Spider Gu. She said that the only way to cure the gu was to find the gu’s owner. This was Ancient Miao’s simplest method to cure gu.

Whoever started the trouble must end it.

“It would be better to let me first help you look after your little sister, young hero. You go find Miaoling.”2 The proprietress said.

Nianyou held Chen Mo. She bit her lip and shook her head.

“Many thanks for your kindness. I can still look after her.” In a foreign land, and with those sword sect disciples from a moment ago, Chen Mo could not be at ease. He asked the proprietress for the location of that girl named Miaoling and immediately rushed over there.

Holding Nianyou, he traversed between the trees and wooden houses, and then Chen Mo arrived at the place where he saw the girl beforehand.

“Miaoling, show yourself!”

Chen Mo stood out in the open and yelled angrily.

A thunderclap seemed to explode from the forest. Birds and bugs fled, and a nearby group of people covered their ears as they escaped far away.

Ding, ding, ding.

In the wind, the clear sound of a bell echoed.

“Oh, you know my name, so impolite. I don’t even know you, but you surprisingly called my name out directly.”

Chen Mo raised his head and saw that a tree already had a young girl on top of it.

The girl wore a pink vest revealing her sparkling jade arms. Her lower body was a short skirt embroidered with strange flowers, contrasted by her black stockings. Her body did not have any of the Ancient Miao Clan’s distinctive silver accessories that covered their bodies. This made the girl appear especially pure and bright. Her left hand wore a silver bracelet with a bell. With each of her gentle movements, it let out a graceful noise.

The girl was so young, but it was obvious she would mature into a graceful and elegant woman. 

A beautiful expression was written all over her charming face. Chen Mo was full of anger, but looking at this young girl who was as cute as a next-door neighbor, most of his rage vanished.

As expected, appetite and lust were only natural for men.7

“Hurry and help cure Nianyou of the gu.” Chen Mo wrinkled his brow, sternly ordering her.

“I only wanted to play with her, y’know.” Miaoling puffed out her cheeks, feeling very wronged.

“She doesn’t like to play. You forcing other people like this is very impolite. Don’t tell me no one’s ever taught you?” Chen Mo coldly said. Although the girl was cute, he would still destroy her should she actually hurt his family.

Miaoling’s eyes dimmed. She suddenly snorted. “Hmph, you have to catch me. Then I’ll help her cure the gu.”

“I am not in the mood to play with you.”

Miaoling vanished. He could only hear the sound of her bell slowly drifting own the tree.”

“Miaoling won’t play with a dummy.”

Fuck you.

“Nianyou, hang in there.” Chen Mo lowered his head and told Nianyou. Then, he used the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape to immediately pursue.

This Miaoling girl was too naughty. Once he caught her, he absolutely had to spank her.

Miaoling was light as a swallow, riding the wind through the village. She held her hands behind her, singing a song. She had learned qinggong ever since she was small.  In the village, there were very few people who were able to chase her. As a result, she often sent down gu to tease people, and they would be helpless.

Chen Mo’s cultivation did not appear to be particularly high, so Miaoling did not feel he would be able to catch up to her.

“Hmph, the Spider Gu is only a prank anyways. What’s his deal being so angry, he’s scaring me to death.” Miaoling muttered. She picked the flower of a trumpet vine and brought it in front of her nose for a sniff.

All of a sudden, the villages below let out astonished gasps.

Miaoling felt a chilling wind come from behind her. It passed through her back, and her entire body turned cold. She turned her head back and was frightened.

Oh, Heavens, that man has surprisingly caught up.

Miaoling flicked her wrist, ringing the bell, immediately moving with the wind.

Chen Mo’s Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape was but a formidable power, the escape technique of a Thunder Tribulation cultivator. His posture was nimble, the level of a cool wind passing through, a bright moon suspended in the sky. Each step was very fluid, like a stroll under the moon.

The moonlight glowed, and the man arrived a hundred meters away.

Now that his Spirit Flower had opened, this Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape had cultivated to a pretty good level by using True Qi.

Huh, how’s he so fast.

Miaoling’s mouth hung agape. She threw away the trumpet vine and accelerated. However, how could she ever have escape Chen Mo’s Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape. In no more than a few seconds, Chen Mo’s breathing was practically beside her ear.

The villagers were dumbstruck to see this chase.

Miaoling relied on the terrain to evade Chen Mo for awhile, but in the end, she was still unable to escape him. Chen Mo sent out his Divine Intent. The girl’s cultivation was too low, unable to bear Chen Mo’s overpowering thoughts.

Her little body shuddered and nearly went limp. Turning her head back, an imposing body stood in front of her, staring at her with ice-cold eyes.

Looks like I stepped in dog shit today, huh.

Miaoling exclaimed in her mind, immediately putting on her naive, innocuous, and adorably pitiful little girl trump card. “You’re so amazing, I was wrong.”

“Quickly help cure Nianyou of the gu…Or else…” Chen Mo glanced at the girl’s rear. He did not mind using the method that China’s heads of houses had traditionally employed to tell her what was right and what was wrong.8

“Yes.” Miaoling succumbed to Chen Mo’s tyranny and walked in front of Nianyou.

What kind of man is this, huh, to surprisingly be able to catch up while holding a person.

Miaoling’s finger tapped Nianyou’s forehead.

A thread of white silk seemed to be pulled out.

The bell rang. The white silk then entered the bell, and Nianyou, who had been holding on tight, finally recovered her composure, her expression beginning to warm up.

“Is it done?” Chen Mo asked.

“It’s done, don’t you see she’s fine?” Miaoling raised her chin.

“Nianyou, how do you feel right now?” Chen Mo asked.

Nianyou was dispirited.

“This is an aftereffect of curing the gu. She’ll be a bit weak.” Miaoling nonchalantly said.

Chen Mo’s tone turned cold: “Is it so fun for you to give gu to people as you please?”

Miaoling shrunk her shoulders. This man was so violent. “Hey, mister, I just wanted to play. If I really wanted to hurt you, hmph, you would already be dead.”

“Oh, so you mean I should thank you for not killing us?” Chen Mo chuckled.

“Believe it or not, that’s up to you.” Miaoling wrinkled her nose.

The Ancient Miao’s gu arts were extraordinary indeed. Just the first day in Nan Jiang and Chen Mo had experienced it. Fortunately, Nianyou was a Star General, but she still was infected with a gu without any signs. This Companion Spider Gu was merely a prank. If it truly was as that girl said, that if she actually used a lethal gu, then honestly, they would have died without an inkling as to why.

No wonder the Great Ancestor Emperor from back then was unable to take Nan Jiang even with an army a million strong. If Nan Jiang’s clans were all like the Ancient Miao Clan, who toyed with gu so abnormally, then an entire army was useless.

“My Nianyou is so cute, but you made her suffer so terribly. I can’t let you go like this.” Chen Mo thought, showing a crafty grin.

“What are you thinking of doing.” Miaoling widened her eyes: “If you take a mile when I give an inch, even if you are a Saint Of War, I will have you pay the price.”

“Since you play with gu so formidably, do you have any ways to defend against a gu. If Nianyou encounters something like this again, I definitely won’t show mercy.” Chen Mo coldly said.

“Defend against?” Miaoling did not expect Chen Mo to raise such a request.

The girl looked at Nianyou. To be honest, Nianyou was indeed very beautiful, a beauty in the works. Her long eyelashes, white cheeks, and her graceful facial features all gave a kind of carefully cherished feeling.

“Alright. I don’t know of a way to fend off gu, but my home has a kind of wine. If you take a sip, you won’t need to be afraid of normal gu for around ten days.”

“Really?” Chen Mo listened. To have such a wine was pretty good. Since he was staying in the Nan Jiang Miao Village for several days, prudence was always good.

“Of course you can give some to Little Sister Nianyou, but don’t tell me this little mister here doesn’t want a sip either?” Miaoling smiled daintily. That kind of expression was practically seduction. “It’s possible that I can gift you a bottle.”

“There isn’t such a good thing in the world.” How could Chen Mo not guess this girl’s intent: “You want to have me help you with something.”

“It’s great to talk to someone smart.” Miaoling said: “What was that body technique you used just now. It’s so fast.”

“Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape.”

“Oh. I need you to use that escape technique to fetch something for me. If you can help get it for me, I’ll send a bottle to you.” Miaoling said.

“Fetch? This simple?” Chen Mo was skeptical.

“Gotta invest to profit.”

Chen Mo looked the girl up and down: “Any way you put it, I sense your cultivation is weak. Right now, I can completely seize you, there’s no need at all for me to suffer you.”

“Don’t tell me you want to set a bad role model for Little Sister Nianyou, to be a villain?” Miaoling smartly winked.

Chen Mo grumbled for a long while.

“Fine, I agree to your terms, but I want the wine first.”

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  1. 同伴蜘蛛蠱
  2. 妙鈴
  3. 八納苗寨
  4. 聖女
  5. Just FYI, the chapter title is a pun. 亭亭妙鈴. “Ding” is the sound a bell makes, and Miaoling literally means “wonderful bell.”
  6. 妙鈴
  7. This is a phrase from Mencius.
  8. In other words, a spanking. Nothing pedophilic here.

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